Boiler grate drive bar,vice bar,grate bar


Boiler grate drive bar,vice bar,grate bar

All specifications:
Material: one kind is malleable iron grate, malleable cast iron grate piece is made of steel pouring water chestnuts after molding, in on the annealing kiln, burning 5 to 7 days, after coming out is malleable iron grate

Features: malleable iron grate piece, high hardness, high temperature resistant, wear resistant, the service life of the general between 3 to 5 years.
High density of molding sand castings with basic features are: high clay content, moisture content is low, the amount of the pulverized coal is low.Therefore, should grasp the following points when with sand.

(1) clay content and silt content.High content of clay molding sand, as the strength than the pressure also increased, usually effective control of bentonite in 7% ~ 10%.Effective and dead lump of clay in sand equivalent to the sum of silt, silt content general control in 12% ~ 16%.Silt content is too high or too low will affect the technical specifications of the sand.

(2) water.Epc casting manufacturing the plastic of moulding sand moisture is decided to clay and the main factors of bond strength.When moisture content is too high, easy cause deterioration of compressive force of clay, sand, less liquidity, not uniform density of mold.When moisture content is too low, sand blender not easily, low sand strength, large brittleness, poor stripping and apt to produce adhering sand castings defects.General moisture should be controlled in wet strength than the peak of 10% ~ 20% higher than that of water.

(3) the original grain size.When high density high density of the sand mold during molding, casting expansion, so the original grain size should not be excessive concentration, the original sand particles assumes the circular or polygonal, usually selected three four sieve sieve sand or sand
Between 2-3 years service life.
Thoroughfare: chain link is mainly suitable for all kinds of boiler row above.