WNS3-1.25-YQ natural gas fired boiler condensing boiler shipped to mongolia

WNS3-1.25-YQ natural gas fired boiler condensing boiler shipped to mongolia
This export product: WNS3-1.25-YQ natural gas fired boiler condensing boiler
Export country: Mongolia
Use industry: industrial machinery factory
Number of purchases: 2 units.

Purchasing process:
The natural gas fired boiler is an important production equipment of a machinery factory in Mongolia. It mainly provides power source for industrial production. In the past, the company mostly used coal-fired steam boilers for production.
Due to the increased environmental pollution, the company chose the gas fired
steam boiler after the inspection. After two time visits, the customers believed that the integrated condensing boiler produced by Yongxing had reliable quality and superior performance. Therefore, two WNS3-1.25-Q integrated condensing steam boilers were purchased.
Our condensing boilers have the following advantages:

Performance characteristics
1. Horizontal full wet back structure, integrated design, reducing the floor space.
2. The design of the large furnace and the threaded pipe increases the heat absorption of the furnace and reduces the energy consumption.
3. Built-in various protection devices, such as over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, etc., to ensure safe and reliable operation of the boiler
4. The use of threaded pipe and corrugated furnace to enhance the heat transfer effect and save fuel.
5. The LCD screen shows the working conditions, which is convenient for mastering the operation status of the boiler and system.
6. Equipped with explosion-proof door, it will automatically rebound after pressure relief to ensure the safety of the boiler.
7. The condensing waste heat recovery device can repeatedly absorb the smoke and gas discharged from the boiler, thereby improving energy utilization. Make it reach 100.9%.
8. The structure of the heated surface is reasonable, and the smoke resistance is reduced and controlled.
9. The protection function is complete to ensure the boiler runs safely and efficiently.
10. Multiple boilers can be used in a network, and the number of operating units can be automatically selected to allocate the load of each boiler.
11. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and has good steam quality, which has been favored by many customers.

Customer feedback
After our in-depth understanding of the boiler manufacturers, we finally reached a cooperation with Yongxing Boiler. The integrated condensing boiler they provided for our company has a small footprint, perfect protection function and sufficient output. We are very satisfied. In addition, Yongxing's service is also very good, professional and systematic training has benefited us a lot.