15T Diesel Oil Fired Industiral Steam Boiler Low Pressure Fire Tube Boiler

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Posted : 2019-03-12 10:21:20
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Detail:15T Diesel Oil Fired Industiral Steam Boiler Low Pressure Fire Tube Boiler,High quality & Good Price!
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15T Diesel Oil Fired Industiral Steam Boiler Low Pressure Fire Tube Boiler

    15T Diesel Oil Fired Industiral steam boiler Low Pressure fire tube boiler


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    Product Range

    Steam boiler Rated evaporation: 0.5t/h-20t/h 

    Rated steam pressure: 0.7MPa-1.6MPa

    hot water boiler Rated thermal power: 0.7MW-14MW


    Applicable fuel


    Natural gas, LNG (liquefied natural gas) CNG (compressed natural gas), light oil, natural gas / light oil, city gas, heavy oil, biogas and other gaseous fuels;

    It can also be designed according to the type of fuel supplied by the customer.  

    1.Oil burning boiler is similar to the overall arrangement and coal-fired boiler, fuel boiler furnace is tilted more than make it to the back wall at the bottom of the 10°to 30°holding furnace bottom to obtain good combustion characteristic.

    2.In order to atomize fuel oil, there are two types of nozzles for oil burners: mechanical centrifugal nozzles and steam atomized Y-nozzles.



    Structural features and performance advantages 

    1. WNS boiler products adopt horizontal three-return wet back corrugated furnace structure. It is mainly composed of boiler shell, wave furnace, steering chamber, and threaded pipes.

    2. The structure of wet back and corrugated furnace is adopted, and the heated surface is symmetrically arranged. Effectively reduce boiler thermal stress and improve the safe use and life of the boiler.

    3. The efficient heat transfer thread pipe is adopted to improve the heat transfer effect of the pipe. At the same time, it has good thermal expansion and contraction performance, which can prevent deformation of the heated surface.

    4. The steam boiler adopts the combustion chamber with low position, which makes the boiler water level safer, the boiler steam space is also larger, and the steam quality is well guaranteed.

    5. The steel fined type economizer is arranged at the tail, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the exhaust gas temperature after the economizer is ≤150 °C, which reduces fuel consumption.

    6. The boiler is made of high-quality aluminum silicate encryption and insulation to reduce heat loss.

    7. The boiler is heated enough to be arranged, the boiler starts fast, and the lifting time is short.

    8. There is a maintenance door for easy maintenance.

    9. The whole quick-loading structure is adopted, the boiler has compact structure, small floor space and quick installation.

    10. The use of internationally renowned brand burners to achieve efficient combustion of the boiler, save fuel, reduce pollution, noise and exhaust emissions.

    11. The boiler adopts advanced electromechanical integration automatic control technology. Remote human-computer interaction and data sharing via the computer Internet.

    12. The use of comprehensive low-nitrogen (NOx) control technology including flue gas recirculation (FGR) to achieve high combustion efficiency, low pollutant emissions, and ensure that NOx emissions meet the environmental discharge requirements of boilers.

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