8000kg/hr Fuel Gas Steam Boiler Used for Food Processing Industry

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Posted : 2017-04-12 16:36:28
Item : WNS8-1.25-YQ
Detail:8000kg/hr Fuel Gas Steam Boiler Used for Food Processing Industry,High quality & Good Price!
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8000kg/hr Fuel Gas Steam Boiler Used for Food Processing Industry

    8000kg/hr Fuel Gas steam boiler Used in for Food Processing Industry
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    Boiler capacity: 8000kg/h,8ton/hr
    Use: Food processing

    Technical datasheet:

    SN Item Unit Number
    1 Rated evaporating capacity Ton/hr 8
    2 Heating surface area 200.7
    3 Rated working pressure Mpa 1.25
    4 Test Pressure Mpa 1.65
    5 Boiler feed temperature 20
    6 Steam outlet temperature 194
    7 Moisture in steam 3
    8 Temperature of smoke exit 230
    9 Boiler designed efficiency 89
    10 Boiler test efficiency 90
    11 Diesel consumption kg/h 517
    12 Flue oil blackness Ringelman 1
    13 Applicable fuel Diesel /light oil
    14 Boiler water capacity Kgs 11200
    15 Motor kw 18.5
    16 Transportation Dimension(mm) 5900x2700x3148
    17 Transportation Weight  (Ton) 21

    Features of boiler:

    1. The structure of boiler is compact and reasonable. This product is composed of three parts: boiler body, chimneys and piping systems. And body and chimney have been manufactured in the factory. Piping systems will be installed, when it was transported to the site. At the site we connected to the gas source, power, and water mains and can guarantee product quality.
    2. The design performance of boiler is advanced. The boiler body is the overall structure. The burner was assembled in the first smoke cover. The body arranges heating surface and combustion chamber with a reasonable, compact structure .so the structure has a low consumption in steel. Packaging shape is rectangular, and makes the boiler performance, weight, structure, size, appearance more advanced and beautiful than domestic products. The boiler feed water equipment is integrated with the body, so it do not need another foundation.
    3. The water cycle is simple, and water quality can be guaranteed.
    4. The techniques are advanced

    1 0il recevier     2 filter    3 oil pump    4 filter       5 oil tank for daily use
    6 oil pump         7 filter     8 burner       9 blow-down valve     10 pressure gauge
    11pressure controller    12 pressure gauge    13 safety valve       14 main steam valve
    15 air release valve        16 vice valve                17 steam outlet      18 gas outlet
    19 boiler proper          20 feed water pump       21 water softner tank           22 water softner
    23 feed water inlet     24 air release valve        25 steam to user system     26 steam header

    Burner shipping and installation:

    ADD:industrial area,Taikang county,Zhoukou city,Henan PR,China


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