WNS diesel oil gas fired boiler industrial boiler for food factory textile chemical

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Posted : 2019-11-06 15:22:21
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Detail:WNS diesel oil gas fired boiler industrial boiler for food factory textile chemical,High quality & Good Price!
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WNS diesel oil gas fired boiler industrial boiler for food factory textile chemical

    WNS diesel oil gas fired boiler industrial boiler for food factory,textile,chemical
    steam boiler,natural gas,fuel oil,fire tube

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       Our WNS type oil gas fired boiler is a horizontal fire tube boiler.The second and third return smoke pipes are washed by the high temperature flue gas, then the rear smoke chamber is discharged into the atmosphere by chimney.

      The oil gas fired boiler is equipped with the front and rear smoke box cover to make the boiler easy to overhaul. boiler burner configuration technology performance is good, the combustion proportional control automatically, automatic feed water adjust, start-stop, fully automatic operation and other advanced technology, and has high and low water level alarm and low water level, high steam pressure and flameout automatic protection function. The boiler has the characteristics of compact structure, safe and reliable operation, rapid installation, low pollution, low noise and high efficiency. 


    Main features:
    1. The overall structure is reasonable, compact, and belongs to boiler island type.
    - The product is made up of three parts when leaving the factory;
    - Boiler host, chimney and pipeline system, in which the host and the chimney section has been made in our factory finished, the host pipe valves, instrument has form a complete set of random loading, shipped to the site will host and chimney can be assembled.
    -The site will be connected with gas source, power supply and water pipe.The installation cycle is shortened greatly, and the product quality can be guaranteed.

    2.The design performance is advanced. The boiler host belongs to the whole structure, the burner is assembled in the hood of the former smoke box, the body mainly decorate the heating surface and the combustion chamber part.

    With reasonable structure, compact, low steel consumption, furnace with offset waveform furnace, thermal insulation layer choose new lightweight heat insulation material, outer packing uses color sheet, appearance packaging for cuboid, the boiler performance, weight, structure size and appearance modelling and compared with the capacity of the domestic product has obvious advancement and the look and feel.
    The boiler feed water equipment is configured on the boiler base on the right side of the boiler to be integrated with the main engine, without any other foundation.

    3. The water cycle is simple, the structure of the compression part is reasonable, and the water quality can be safely run.

    4. Complete auxiliary auxiliary machines, comprehensive technical performance advanced.

    The working process of the boiler, fuel by the outside air into the combustion chamber through high temperature flame automatic adjustment, automatic ignition function, from the furnace front end to burnout indoor, in the burning room back into the upper convection heating surface, through the upper smoke box before entering the second convection heating surface from the smoke box at the back of the left after the boiler to the chimney into the atmosphere.If the wind is not suitable to produce smoke and dust can be separately settled before, after smoke box body, combustion, open the door of inspection can be cleaned completely.The working medium produces saturated steam by heat and the main steam valve outputs to the operating system

    We need to ask you some details for sending you the more suitable quotation
    1.what is the application of the boiler?(for food industry ,textile industry, chemical industry or others )
    2.what is the capacity per hour do you need?(1ton ,2ton ,4ton ,6ton ,8ton ,10ton 15ton ,20ton or others)
    3.which fuel do you want to use for your boiler?(coal, biomass, gas & oil, or others)
    4.what is the pressure of your boiler?(6bar ,8bar,10bar ,13bar,16bar or others)

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