Boiler screw remover drag chain conveyor 2ton-65ton deslagging machine manufacture

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Posted : 2015-10-02 19:37:57
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Detail:Boiler screw remover drag chain conveyor 2ton-65ton deslagging machine manufacture,High quality & Good Price!
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Boiler screw remover drag chain conveyor 2ton-65ton deslagging machine manufacture

    boiler screw remover drag chain conveyor 2ton-65ton deslagging machine manufacture

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    Deslaging machine usage is to discharge the mechanical boiler coal cinder,to maintain a clean and tidy boiler room, reduce air pollution,reduce labor intensity to fire workers,making negative pressure boiler combustion,improving heat effect.It's an integral part of the boiler,and boiler room indispensable machinery.


    Boiler slag extractor also named boiler deslagging machine.It mainly include slag bucket,bottom cap,carling,main bearing,water sprayer,limiting stopper and etc.

    Characters of slag vonveyor:

    1)Screw slag conveyor

    Srew slag machine equipped with broken slag machine, which can complete ash broken,cooling,and transportation at the same time.From the discharge chamber of a stove or furnace high temperature ash after the first roller broken slag machine to break it into small pieces and easy to cooling and transportation;After breaking the ash water cooled spiral slag into the machine and screw blade and sufficient heat transfer between external cooling back out.If necessary, in the export of slag cooler can also configure the lock degasser (star discharge valve).Ash inlet temperature < 900 ℃, clinker size < 100 mm, conveying distance 4-7m,horizontal installation.


    2)Double chain scraper slag machine

    Product synopsis:Double chain scraper slag machine,applicable to all slag notch arrangement in the following industrial boiler furnace slag.

    *The product use:

    Double chain slag machine equipment for producing steam furnace, heating furnace of boiler room with hot water to remove ash, slag machine with four tons 4-75 tons, horizontal boiler, fast loading boiler in single or many sets of series parallel use, through the chain cycle rotation,iron ash pulled out of the tank to the outdoor.

     *Product advantage:

    1,slag machine adopts double chain device can reduce labor intensity, slag to improve the working conditions of the boiler room, the use of the normal operation of the boiler, guarantee the production and living in hot water in steam, double chain slag machine belong to all different from other type of enclosed slag machine, can be omitted Martin type, the size of the slag can be directly emitted, better than the scraper, box chain, screw, now is used more than the national.

    2,cover an area of an area small, reliable operation, long service life, etc.


    boiler slag removal cleaning boiler slags,it includes screw conveyor and drag chain conveyor.Welcome for your inqiury.
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