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1 t/h Boilers Famous Designs

1 ton steam boiler price
Yongxing oil fired 1 ton boiler maximizes your industry profit because it has very low fuel consumption rate. It has the best round-drum compact design best-suited for industries with limited space.
SZS 1 ton steam boiler price
Our SZS 1 ton boiler has adopted latest technology and has a horizontal design. It has complete automatic controls features. Therefore, it cuts on labor costs and has additional safety.
coal/biomass 1 ton boiler price
Yongxing biomass/coal 1 ton industrial steam boiler prices are highly competitive. It has been an environment savior for worldwide customers. It has dual fuel compatibility; coal and biomass fuel.

Our 1000Kg Boilers Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing 1 t/h Boilers Standard

Yongxing’s one of critical objective is to provide highly effective solutions for reducing cost energy. We aim to double your industry profits by cutting energy bills, fuel consumption costs, and production losses.

In addition to that, you have the option to choose a 1 ton steam boiler price range as per your industry requirements. And if you couldn’t find the one you need, you can order a custom design and will get a customized 1 ton steam boiler price.

Moreover, our 1 ton boilers come with different fuel compatibility options. If your region has more gas, buy our 1 ton gas fired steam boiler. On the other hand, you can buy our oil fired 1 ton boiler if your region has cheaper oil.

Furthermore, our 1 t/h boilers design offers an efficiency of up to 94%. Therefore, it is your best option if you want quality products at less manufacturing costs. With a life expectancy of up to 25 years, our 1 ton steam boiler price range is a lifetime investment.

From start to finish, it is all about you and your industry. So, there is no best time than this to send us an inquiry.

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1 Ton Steam Boiler Price And Technical Information

Want to know 1 ton industrial steam boiler prices? Fortunately, we have brought a guide where we will tell you 1 ton steam boiler price and if it can fulfil your industry requirements. In addition, we have included technical information along with a boiler diagram. So, spare some minutes and give it a thorough reading before purchasing your favourite 1 tph boiler.

How Much Water Can Your 1 Ton Steam Boiler Have?

In general, people think that a 1 ton boiler means that it requires 1000kg of water. However, that’s not the truth. The steam heating systems water consumption depends on three factors; boiler feedwater, blowdown water, and amount of condensed water quantities.

You must compensate for water loss due to condensation. Undoubtedly, the difference is not that much but it’s something you should be aware of. For example, if we consider a 1 ton steam boiler for sale, it will require 1% higher feedwater to produce 1 ton steam.

1 ton boiler price

The reason for explaining this detail is to update you about what’s the reason for your steam boiler uses a lot of water. Because we know boiler water consumption calculation is important when you use treated water.

But the main question is how much water can 1 ton boiler hold? Well, it varies from one manufacturer to another but is usually in between 8 – 13 gallons storage. If you want more or less water storage, at Yongxing, we offer custom designs.

So, you can fulfil your industry requirements. And our package boiler price are extremely affordable compared to other manufacturers.

What Is Meant By Boiler TPH?

In the boiler’s market, TPH terms define how much steam can the boiler produce. Tph or t/h stands for ton(s) per hour. For example, a 1 ton boiler can convert 1 ton water to steam per hour. It is the boiler’s capacity to help people choose the boiler they need.

If you have industry and your requirement is 1 ton of steam every hour. Therefore, there is no need to buy a 2 ton/h industrial boiler because it will be expensive compared to the 1 ton steam boiler price. Plus, you have no use for this extra capacity. So, so there is no need to spend extra on it.

What Is The Steam Boiler Cost Per Ton?

A small steam boiler costs around $3,500 on average. A more expensive steam boiler installation may cost up to $8,000. They rely on simple mechanics, making them quite dependable to deal with. Nonetheless, they are neither very efficient nor silent when compared to other types of hot water boilers on the market today. Average $5,750 (low end $3,500).

What Amount Of Fuel Is Required For 1 T/H Boilers?

The 1 ton boiler fuel consumption depends on its output energy. For instance, a gas steam boiler’s fuel consumption depends upon its BTU output. Each one has its own specific method for calculation. However, for your understanding, let’s take natural gas fired boiler for example, and calculate its fuel consumption.

1 ton steam boiler price

There are two ways to find a gas boiler’s fuel consumption; approximate and exact gas consumption. You can find the exact gas consumption only if you are aware of the furnace efficiency. Otherwise, go for approximate fuel consumption.

Approximate Gas Consumption Method

  • Find the furnace rating output, it will be in BTU. Usually, it is mentioned in the user manual.
  • Suppose the burners’ output rating is 50,000 BTU.
  • All fuel gases have their conversion factors. For instance, natural gas use 1000 as a conversion factor whereas propane use 2516.
  • Now, divide the 50,000 BTU by the conversion factor of 1000. It turns out that the natural gas fired boiler with 50,000 burner rating output consumes 50 ft3 natural gas per hour.

Exact Gas Consumption

  • Find the furnace rating output in BTUs from the user’s manual.
  • Suppose it is 50,000 BTUs.
  • Now, divide the furnace rating output by the natural gas conversion factor; 50,000/1000. You get 50 ft3 gas consumption hourly.
  • As we know the furnaces can’t possibly be 100% efficient. If you consider our gas fired boilers, the efficiency is 94%. So, divide 50 by 0.94, you get 53.2 ft3 fuel consumption every hour.

We have different boiler models with different fuel compatibility. It includes natural gas fired boilers, coal fired boilers, biomass and bagasse fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, etc. So, calculate fuel consumption for each one using the above-mentioned methods.

What’s Your 1 Ton Steam Boiler Price?

At Yongxing, you will find 100+ models of 1 ton steam boilers with different fuel compatibility and designs. Plus, there are different used steam boilers and new boiler costs. Therefore, it isn’t possible to give exact prices for all of them. However, for a general overview, here are our 1 ton steam boiler price ranges:

Coal fired 1 ton steam boiler price range: $3000 – $10000
Oil fired 1 ton steam boiler price range:    $4000 – $12000
Gas fired 1 ton steam boiler price range:    $5000 – $10000
biomass 1 ton steam boiler price range:     $3000 – $10000

1 ton steam boiler price
Oil Heater Diagram

For exact prices, send us your favorite model’s name and design with all other industry requirements. We don’t have just a highly efficient and wide variety but also our 1 ton steam boiler price is lesser compared to other manufacturers. So, send us an inquiry now.

What’s The Connection Between Chimney And Your 1 TPH Boiler?

The water boiler chimneys are attention-grabbing due to their heightened visibility. However, it makes one wonder what is the boiler connection to the chimney?

The chimneys are one of the most important boiler parts contributing to its overall effectiveness. Its main purpose is to provide a natural draft. What is a draft? The difference between environmental pressure and the exhaust gas passage is known as the draft.

The pressure inside the furnace or the flue gas vent is higher than the atmosphere’s pressure. Therefore, the flue gases or toxic gases will flow to the environment naturally.  Still, for a more effective draft, Yongxing engineers have provided a Forced Draft (FD) fan that pushes the flue gases outside the system.

Now, the next question is why are they heightened? The reason for installing heightened flue gases pipes is to protect the local environment. How so? If the exhaust gases leave the system at normal height, they will mix up with the normal air and affect the health of the local public.

The heater boilers’ chimney’s vents are perfectly heightened as per the calculation provided by our top-class research department.

So, you can install them with no worries. If your country has strict environmental protection regulations, know that Yongxing manufacturers are well known for their biomass boiler manufacturing. When burning biomass fuels, you will be doing a favor to the environment and yourself.

What Is The Reason For Starvation In A Steam Boiler?

The reason for starvation in the steam boiler is the insufficient water level. In the residential or industrial boilers, the water is the heat transfer medium and converted into steam. Therefore, the overall boiler system fails if there is not enough water to convert into steam.

To prevent starvation, you must keep the boiler water drum level above 50%. Otherwise, lack of water will result in damaging the water tubes. How does it damage the water tubes? Well, if there isn’t enough water in the tubes, the heat generated inside the furnace will start overheating.

Thus, the water tube goes into plastic deformation and you will have a serious work breakdown. In general, starvation occurs due to the following reasons:

  • If there is heavy leakage in water tubes.
  • If the water level goes down due to insufficient water supply to the drum.
  • If the water level drops below 50% of its total storage.

In the case of starvation, you can’t repair the water tubes. So, you have only one option; install new water tubes or buy a new boiler. Considering the above fact, it is best if you buy Yongxing top-quality steam boilers.

Our boilers have a fully automatic system even for water levels. It will automatically complete the boiler’s water requirements to prevent it from starvation. In the case of water insufficiency, we have integrated alarms that set off when there is an urgent need for water.

Furthermore, we have top-quality grate stoker systems with different boiler designs that include water tube and fire tube steam boilers. In addition to that, you will find our 1 ton steam boiler price far more reasonable than others.

How Can I Calculate Boiler Efficiency?

You can calculate boiler efficiency by considering two main efficiencies; combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency. Other than these two, there are other factors like radiation and convection losses, on-off and blowdown losses, etc. to get more accuracy. However, Generally, you can use the following two methods for the boiler’s efficiency calculation:

1 ton steam boiler price

Direct Efficiency Calculation

It involves the basic efficiency formula for calculation. i.e., the ratio of energy output to energy input.

Direct Efficiency = (output energy/input energy)x 100

For Energy calculation:

Energy =  [Q(H – h)/q . GCV] x 100

H = Steam enthalpy
h = Water enthalpy
Q = Amount of steam generated
GCV = Fuel’s Gross Calorific Value.

Indirect Efficiency Calculation

Finding indirect efficiency is a little complex compared to the direct efficiency calculation. In this method, you must find the magnitudes of all boiler losses that includes stack losses, convection losses, radiation losses, etc. Sum up all the losses magnitudes and subtract it from 100%. This way, you will get accurate boiler’s efficiency. However, the blow valve wall must be kept closed while calculating losses.

1000kghr Steam Boiler IBR Approved

The 1000KGH steam boiler is a horizontal type water tube steam generator that is mainly used in power plants, the chemical industry, and food industry. It can be used to produce high-pressure saturated steam or superheated or subcooled low-pressure steam. It has different type of grate bars.

The 1000KGH steam boiler is equipped with a pilot burner, internal circulation pump, and fan. The pilot burner heats the furnace tube wall and heat transfer oil to raise the furnace temperature to about 800℃ for preheating, then the internal circulation pump and fan are started to achieve high pressure heating to produce saturated steam. When the input water temperature reaches about 100℃, 1 tph steam boiler IBR approved starts to supply cold water directly into the furnace to cool down so that it can be discharged with low pressure saturated steam through the discharge valve.

Final Thoughts

We have designed a solution for every boiler problem by adopting the latest technology and high-quality manufacturing techniques. We have multiple models and hence different 1 ton steam boiler price ranges for each of them. Unlike others, we promise to provide highly affordable 1 ton steam boiler price ranges along with the best reliable quality. However, for the exact 1 ton steam boiler price, you have to contact our highly supportive team.

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