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SZL10-1.25-AII is a horizontal double-drums, vertical membrane wall 10 Ton Steam Boiler. Coal or biomass particles get in the chain grate stoker from the front, then into the chain furnace row. After the combustion is completed, the boiler slag machine discharges them at the end.

  • SZL 10 ton steam boiler

What Is The Design Of 10 Ton Steam Boiler?

Fresh air from the blower enters to chain grate stoker air chamber partition through the air ducts on both sides of the grate base and enters the furnace through the fuel layer.

Hot flue gas after fuel combustion passes through the furnace, combustion chamber,  convection tube bundle I,  convection tube bundle II, and the economizer. Then it exits the boiler, passes through the dust collector, and is exhausted into the atmosphere by the induced draft fan to the chimney.


Furnace front walls are arranged on both sides of the wall radiation heating surface. A front header leads 15 roots φ51 is × 3 rises water wall tubes front fence. Each lead from both sides of title 100 root φ51 is × 3 rises spacer water wall tubes.

The secondary air ducts are arranged under the front arch, the left, and right sidewalls, and the secondary air converges into a tangential circle in the middle of the furnace.

Between the upper pine and the flower pot, we arrange two pairs of flow tube buttons. Size is φ 51 × 3mm, 20 # seamless pipes no.20 boiler. These tube bundles are arranged in series, with a horizontal pitch S 1 =120mm and a longitudinal section. Distance S 2 =85mm, 18 rows in the horizontal direction, 21 rows in the vertical direction and 14 rows in the vertical direction.

pipes welding to drums

A cast-iron economizer is arranged in the boiler, which can further reduce the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler. The flue gas temperature at the economizer outlet is lower than 170 ℃, and the economizer tube length is 1500mm.

High quality boiler economizer economiser to suit 12ton water tube steam boiler

What Is The 10 Ton Steam Boiler Pros?

 1. SZL10 – 1.25 – AII 10 Ton Steam Boiler has an efficient design that occupies a small volume. You can control civil construction investment in a very reasonable range.

2. The chain furnace row is configured with a separate wind chamber equipped with a sticker. The amount of air can be adjusted according to the combustion situation so that the hint is the best flame effect, promoting the combustion of coal and biomass particles.


3. Design different fresher according to other fuel characteristics. For example, the coal-fired furnace is low and can extend, and the biomass boiler uses a shorter furnace, a higher furnace, to promote effective fuel combustion.

4. To facilitate transportation, our factory can produce boilers into two parts, easy to install and move. After the boiler reaches your designated location, you can install it after assembling two parts of the host. Then, pour the upper and lower stove wall, install the slag machine, blower, air blower, flue gas, and other auxiliary systems, boilers can operate.

5. The water wall tubes of this boiler are arranged tightly to effectively reduce the temperature of the furnace walls on both sides. Therefore, the furnace wall behind the water walls on both sides can be lightweight, which can effectively reduce the transportation weight and have the characteristics of fast start-up and rapid-fire-up.

Double-drums natural circulation hot water boiler with economizer chain grate and gear box

What Are Your 10 Ton Steam Boiler Efficiency? 

Brief introduction of boiler operating conditions:

Our product design fully complies with TSG G0001-2012 “Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations” and TSG G0002-2010 “Boiler Energy-saving Technical Supervision and Management Regulations”.

10 Ton steam boiler can operate stably under 70% -100% working conditions. Under 100% rated load, the boiler operating parameters are feed water temperature of 20 ° C, boiler rated pressure of 1.25 MPa, and 10 tons of steam at a temperature of 193 ° C.

10 Ton Steam Boiler efficiency is 81.22%, adding air preheater, and theoretical efficiency reaches 84% after the oxygenator. And The Exhaust Gas Temperature IS 155 ° C.

The boiler fuel consumption of the boiler is 2267.4kg / h. You can use fuel type to use Biomass Pellet Fuel, and the coal-fired particles are controlled at 4-30 mm.

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What Are Your 10 Ton Steam Boiler Specifications?

10 Ton Steam Boiler Boiler parameters

1. Boiler evaporation capacity 10t/h       

2. Steam pressure 1.25 MPa         

3. Steam temperature 194 ℃         

4. Water supply temperature 20 ℃         

5. Design efficiency 81.22 % (calculated value of thermal power)           

6. Design fuel biomass briquette         

7. Fuel consumption 2267.4kg/h       

8. Heated area 462.94 m 2         

9. Exhaust smoke temperature 155 ℃ (calculated value of thermal power)         

10. Excess air coefficient at the exhaust point is 1.65 (calculated value of thermal power)  

11 . Boiler water volume 10.6 m 3       

12 . Boiler full water weight 78200 kg     

13. Boiler body metal consumption 14881 kg            

14. Metal consumption of boiler steel structure 35581 kg 

15. Metal consumption of boiler grate 20324 kg 

16 . Most large transport weight 28000 kg      

17. Total power consumption 100KW          

18 . The maximum transportation size of the boiler is 8992×3440×3536 ( L×W×H mm) 

2. Fuel characteristics: peanut shell molding fuel

C y =38.45% H y =5.81% O y =33.14% N y =0.84% S y =0.16%               

A y =2.3% My =19.3% V r =73.16% Q y DW =13500KJ/Kg             

1 ) Fuel consumption B=2464.6 kg/h

2 ) Calculate the fuel consumption B j =2267.4 kg/h

What Is Your 10 Ton Steam Boiler Auxiliaries? 

The 10 ton steam boiler is equipped with two pieces of A48H-16Y full lift safety valve DN80 specification, one piece of A47H-16C type micro lift spring safety valve DN50, one YX250 ( 0-2.5MPa) electric contact pressure gauge, and two Y150 pressure gauges. 

The shipment contains each piece of Y-250 pressure gauge, X49F-1.6, D49X-1.6 water level gauge, UDG33B-G water level alarm, UDG32K-G water level controller, and necessary valves and instruments. 

10 ton steam boiler is also equipped with a double color flow meter and a steam flow meter to indicate the boiler feed water volume and steam generation volume, It also has an oxygen meter to detect the exhaust smoke. The boiler fuel metering is achieved through the boiler coal totalizer to fulfill the consumption indication, accumulation, and recording.

Our safety accessories can effectively monitor and control the water level and pressure, with low water level automatic water filling, high water level automated stop water pump work. 

Our system contains high & low water level alarms, low water level interlock protection, overpressure alarm, and interlock protection function. 

At the same time, the 10 ton steam boiler can send out alarm sound and light signals to remind the furnace workers. As a result, you can adjust the equipment operating conditions in time, which effectively prevents sudden accidents.

Serial number Name called Model/Specification unit quantity Remark
1 Host SZL10-1.25-T tower 1
2 match




Spring safety valve DN80 A48H—1.6C indivual 2
3 Gate valve DN150 J41T—1.6 indivual 1
4 Globe valve DN50 J41T—1.6 indivual 1
5 Globe valve DN20 J41T—1.6 indivual 1
6 Drain valve DN40 Z41H—1.6 indivual 6
7 Drain valve DN50 Z41H—1.6 indivual 2
8 Check valve DN50 H41F—1.6 indivual 2
9 Ball valve DN25 Q41F—1.6 indivual 4
10 Three-way cock DN25 X41A—1.6 indivual 2
11 2.5-level pressure gauge Y-150 Piece 2
12 Water level alarm 440 set 1
13 Flat water level gauge DN25 UBC-1LC440 indivual 1
14 Two-color level gauge UPC1LC440 indivual 1
15 Pressure gauge bend DN15 indivual 1
16 auxiliary


Speed ​​governor LP1000 type tower 1
17 Slag machine LXL-10 tower 1
18 Coal machine XGS tower 1
19 Blower 22KW G5-50-8D right 180° tower 1
20 Induced fan 55KW Y7-36no10C right 0° tower 1
21 Centrifugal pump 18.5KW DG12-25*8 tower 1
22 Water treatment 10T package tower 1
23 Electric control cabinet CKC-10V indivual 1
24 screw M12×50 set 40
25 Sub-cylinder YX426*10 tower 1
26 dust collector Matching tower 1
27 Flue Matching set 1
28 Arts




Name, said A / D quantity / single bit Serial number Arts




Name, said A / D quantity / single bit
29 1 copy of the total picture 34 Supervisory inspection certificate (original) 1 copy
30 1 copy of the body picture 35 1 copy of product quality certificate
31 1 copy of pipeline valve instrument diagram 36 1 copy of installation manual
32 1 copy of the foundation plan 37 Manufacturing license (copy) 1 copy
33 1 summary table 38 Energy efficiency test report (copy) 1 copy

What Are Your 10 Ton Steam Boiler Auxiliary Equipment Specifications?

Serial number Model or code Name called quantity
1 Y6-41-11№11.2D right 0° Induced draft fan (with damper) 1
Air volume Q=30000 m /h, wind pressure P=3573 Pa
Motor model Y250M-4B3, speed n=1480 rpm
Power N=55 KW
2 G6-41-11№8.5A left 270° Blower (with damper) 1
Air volume Q=14500 m /h, wind pressure P=3050 Pa
Motor model Y180M-4B3, speed n=1470 rpm
Power N=18.5 KW
3 9-19№4.5A Secondary blower 1
Air volume Q=2504 m /h, wind pressure P=4112 Pa
Motor model Y132S1-2, speed n=2900 rpm
Power N=5.5 KW
4 JGGC12.5-15×11 Feed water pump 2
Flow rate Q=12.5 m /h, head H=165 m
Motor model Y160M1-2, speed n=2950 rpm
Power N=15 KW
5 GL-16P Grate reducer 1
Motor model YCT132-4A output torque 10000N.M
Grate speed 0.02267~0.2267r/min (stepless)
Power N=1.1 KW
6 SGC10 Scraper slag machine 1
Slag output 1500Kg/h chain speed 0.1m/s
Power N=2.2 KW
7 XL-10T Granite dust collector 1
Resistance <900 Pa , efficiency >95%
8 FS10 Lifting the coal machine 1
Lifting weight 500Kg power N=3.0 KW
9 Electric control cabinet 1
10 YC10A Chimney φ900 H=35 m 1

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