2 Ton Steam Boiler Coal Fired Steam Boiler Data & Price

The DZL2-1.25-AII 2 Ton Steam Boiler type chain grate boiler is a three-pass water-fire tube hybrid boiler with a horizontal boiler drum and vertical water tube. It adopts new energy-saving technology and has good parameter values.

  • DZL2-1.25-AII coal fired steam boiler

2 Ton Steam Boiler DZL2-1.25-AII Product Parameter

Rated evaporation capacity: D=2t/h

Rated steam temperature: t=194℃

Rated steam pressure: P=1.25MPa

Feedwater temperature: t gs =20℃

Exhaust smoke temperature: t py =157℃

Excess air coefficient at smoke exhaust: 1.65

Boiler efficiency: η=78.4%

Boiler hydraulic test pressure: 1.65MPa

Safe and stable operation range: 80%-100%

Design fuel: Ⅱ bituminous coal

Fuel consumption: 333.4Kg/h

Steel structure consumption: 5658 Kg

Steel consumption of grate: 6752 Kg

Consumption of body metal: 4827Kg

Total power consumption: 21.5KW

DZL2-1.25-AII 2 Ton Steam Boiler Basic Size:

Large boiler transportation size (L×W×H) 5400×2400×3480mm

Boiler installation dimensions (length×width×height) 5400×3960×4100mm

Elevation of the centerline of the drum: 2660mm

Elevation of the highest point of the boiler as a whole: 4100mm

Net width of grate: 1040mm

The effective length of grate: 3400mm

The Auxiliary Machine Included In The 2 Ton Steam Boiler Shipment

The first part of the boiler host. The DZL boiler will ship in one piece. The main engine has a boiler drum, down tube, refractory brick, furnace arch, chain grate base, coal hopper, fire viewing door, fire viewing hole, front and rear smoke boxes, insulation layer, stainless steel packaging, spray paint, etc.

DZL traveling grate boiler

The second part: mechanical speed control accessories or named gearbox/grate reducer. You can use electromagnetic speed regulation of frequency conversion speed regulation. Choose the type according to the electric control cabinet.

The third part is the boiler blower and induced draft fan, the blower body, the motor, the blower seat, and the air inlet receiving port—induced draft fan body, engine, bearing base, flue interface, etc.

The fourth part is the scraper slag remover. Or you can customize the screw slagging machine—The motor made in China or Siemens.

The fifth part: the coal loading machine, which is the tipping bucket coal loading machine is affordable and easy to use. The lifting type coal feeding machine can customize.

The sixth part: water treatment system. It has a softened water tank, resin, imported machine head, fully automatic sodium ion exchange system.

The seventh part includes chimneys, flues, boiler ladders, platforms, valves, meters, and pipe parts.

The eighth part is the control cabinet: semi-automatic control cabinet, support frequency conversion output.


The operation console is equipped with electric control devices for the start and stop of the blower, induced draft fan, boiler water supply equipment, coal loading machine, and slag tapping machine. In addition, there are electric control buttons for a start and stop of the blower, the induced draft fan, the boiler feed water, the coal loading machine, and the slag tapping machine on the control panel.

Work Process And Characteristics

The new type VII water-fire tube steam (VII hot water ) boiler is our company and China’s well-known boiler expert, Harbin Institute of Technology professor, Beijing Zhiguang Boiler Research Institute.

Professor Li Zhiguang, after 30 years of painstaking research and testing, innovative development to adapt to China’s national conditions A new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving product.

It hails as “a revolution in industrial boilers” by domestic and foreign experts.

Main Features Of DZL2-1.25-AII 2 Ton Steam Boiler Operation

  1. Stable and continuous steam output

The use of high-efficiency heat transfer threaded smoke tube and the application of heat transfer and flow resistance technology of Harbin Institute of Technology.

The actual output of this type of boiler is generally 10-15% higher than the nameplate output: due to the geometrical size of the threaded smoke tube and the choice of smoke speed Reasonable.

The threaded smoke pipe does not accumulate dust or wear during the regular operation of the boiler.

Therefore, the output and thermal efficiency of the boiler will not decrease with the extension of the operating time ;

  1. DZL2-1.25-AII heats up quickly and has a high thermal efficiency

The central heating surface is set in the boiler shell, so there is no cold air leakage to the flue gas side, and nearly half of the boiler shell surface is heated.

The heating time of the boiler is 1/3 shorter than other furnace types, and the operating thermal efficiency of the boiler is in various furnace types. The highest in the middle ;

  1. Low dust content at one time, energy-saving and environmental protection

The new furnace arch is adopted, and the furnace volume is large. And a dust separation turning chamber is set at the back of the furnace.

The unburned dust particles fall into the stove for secondary combustion. At the same time, it is equivalent to a dust removal in the stove.

To ensure the initial dust concentration is lower than the allowable value of the national standard. A reduction in fuel consumption. While protecting the environment ;

  1. high steam quality

Optimal design water supply means. Makes boiler shell high-temperature zone, due to overheating risen too high water level is reduced ;

The optimized design of the steam separation device is conducive to the gravity separation of steam and water so that the steam humidity is lower than 1%, which is significantly lower than the national standard of 4%.


What Are Your 2 Ton Steam Boiler Design Performance & Characteristics?

The DZL2-1.25-AII 2 Ton Steam Boiler Uses 10 Leading Technologies:

  • threaded smoke pipe
  • wing-shaped flue
  • convex tube sheet
  • return water to a high-temperature tube sheet
  • simple circulation loop
  • large-size downcomer and lower header
  • ejector tube
  • smoke and dust separation
  • self-supporting
  • New furnace arch
  • optimized design CAD
  1. Yongxing DZL2-1.25-AII coal-fired steam boiler is a horizontal Skid-mounted water/fire tube boiler with natural circulation.
  • Main complements of boiler body
  • Boiler drums
  • Boiler Left and right header
  • Water walls on the side
  • Bundles of convectional tubes
  1. Supreme design of boiler body

2 Ton Steam Boiler boiler’s central heating surface is made of 20# (GB3087-2008) seamless steel pipes, which are generally used on low and medium-pressure boilers.

Boiler drum materials are special steel plate 245R. Our left & right headers also use 20# seamless steel pipes.

  1. For better heat insulation performance, all boiler arch, furnace, two wings flue, and sidewall bricks are professional refractory bricks and refractory sand. Especially the back arches of the boiler are low and long, making the coal burn more fully.
  2. 2 Ton Steam Boiler chain grate stoker has equitable air distribution, a supersize burning chamber, and extensive range coal type applicability. You can use all kinds of bituminous coal, anthracite, and mixed coals.

The DZL2-1.25-AII boiler has a good design for exhaust and dust removal. The flue gas with higher temperature is discharged into the settling chamber and then enters the flues on both sides and the front smoke box.

  1. The water circulation inside the boiler is natural circulation, safe and straightforward. There is a softened water treatment to ensure water quality, and a softened water tank is provided.
  2. 2 Ton Steam Boiler coal fired steam boiler. We successfully manufacturer all auxiliary equipment parts in our factory. Therefore, you can prepare the boiler foundation in advance, and then you can directly sit on the foundation.


Due to the rationality of the design, the steel consumption is reduced, and the size becomes smaller, which is much more advanced than the ordinary boiler design.

The Working Process Of 2 Ton Steam Boiler Boiler:

The coal with roughly uniform particles is dropped into the coal hopper by the automatic coal loading machine. It enters the front arch for preheating area under the rotation of the chain grate.

Fall into the slag pool after being burned out in the fire area. The high-temperature flue gas generated by the furnace’s combustion enters the back of the stove through the arches at the lower part of the two-wing flue.

Then the two-wing duct conducts heat exchange, flows forward through the front smokebox, enters the convection tube bundle, and enters into the coal-saving tube at the end of the boiler.

The filter and dust collector are sent into the chimney through the induced draft fan and discharged into the atmosphere.

The boiler feedwater pump completes the boiler feedwater, and the softened water is fed from the economizer of the feed pipe, enters the drum, and then enters the left and correct headers from the downcomer.

The water-cooled walls on both sides absorb heat and vaporize to produce steam. The steam enters the steam-water separator in the drum and enters the heat-requiring process through the main steam valve after separation.

DZL2-1.25-AII 2 Ton Steam Boiler After-sales Installation Service

The first solution: use our local agents to provide you with installation services.

The second solution: Find an installation service company by yourself to carry out installation services.

In the context of the new crown epidemic, our company is temporarily unable to discharge installation engineers for installation after-sales. Beg to be excused. Thanks.

DZL Coal Fired Steam Boiler Tech Data

Model Rated steam output Rated pressure Rated steam temperature Rated efficiency Fuel Max weight Max size for shipping
T/h)   ( Mpa          (℃)      (%   (KGS             (MM
DZL0.5-1.25-T 0.5  















biomass Fuel

11000 3300x2000x2656
DZL1-1.25-T 1 15000 5200x2100x2600
DZL2-1.25-T 2 23000 5650x2400x2700
DZL3-1.25-T 3 24000 5700x2600x2800
DZL4-1.25-T 4 29000 6850x2700x3200
DZL6-1.25-T 6 32000 6800x2900x3400
DZL8-1.25-T 8 35000 7200x3200x3800
DZL10-1.25-T 10 40000 7900x3400x5500

CDZL Coal/Biomass Pressured Hot Water Boiler

Model Rated Power Rated pressure Out/Backwater temperature Boiler efficiency Fuel max weight max size for shipping
(MW) (Mpa) (℃) (%) (KG) (MM)
DZL0.35-1.0/115/70-T 0.35  
















coal and etc

11000 3300x2000x2656
DZL0.7-1.0/115/70-T 0.7 14500 4800x2150x2960
DZL1.4-1.0/115/70-T 1.4 25000 5280x2380x3030
DZL2.1-1.0/115/70-T 2.1 26000 5500x2420x3250
DZL2.8-1.0/115/70-T 2.8 28000 6000x2500x3400
DZL4.2-1.0/115/70-T 4.2 30000 7200x2600x3800
DZL5.6-1.0/115/70-T 5.6 35000 7600x2800x4200
DZL7.0-1.0/115/70-T 7 40000 8000x3200x5580

CDZL Hot Water Boiler

Model Rated Power Rated pressure Out/Backwater temperature Boiler efficiency Fuel max weight max size for shipping
(MW) (Mpa) (℃) (%) (KG) (MM)
CDZL0.35-85/60-T 0.35  
















coal and etc

9000 3300x2000x2656
CDZL0.7-85/60-T 0.7 14500 4800x2150x2960
CDZL1.4-85/60-T 1.4 25000 5280x2380x3030
CDZL2.1-85/60-T 2.1 26000 5500x2420x3250
CDZL2.8-85/60-T 2.8 28000 6000x2500x3400
CDZL4.2-85/60-T 4.2 30000 7200x2600x3800
CDZL5.6-85/60-T 5.6 35000 7600x2800x4200
CDZL7.0-85/60-T 7 40000 8000x3200x5580


Superior 2 Ton Steam Boiler For Different Industry

For food prodessing factory, we can provide industrial steam boilers for drying, cooking and so on..
High quality dzl coal fired steam boiler can meet the harsh working conditions of chemical plants.
High temperature steam from industrial boiler is used in distillation, extraction, purification and other processes for chemical industry.

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