Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler WNS8-1.25-YQ China

gas fired steam boiler
Gas Fired Steam Boiler

I. What Is The Preface Of Your Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler WNS8-1.25 – Y(Q)?

To meet the environmental protection requirements & energy saving, in recent years, the demand for all forms of WNS oil gas boilers is increased.

With the continuous improvement of technology and the request, the fuel gas boiler in structure gradually matures, based on this, our company designs the type of gas fired steam boiler.

II. How Is Your Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler Design Basis?

We total to comply with follow the design items, with an A-level gas fired steam boiler and pressure vessel license:

General Technical Conditions for Industrial Boilers JB/T10094-2002

Calculation of Strength of Pressure Components in Boiler Shell

GB1921-2004 Industrial Steam Boiler Parameters Series

Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulation TSGG0001-2012

GB50273-2009 Code for Construction and Acceptance of Boiler Installation Works

GB13271-2001 Boiler Atmospheric Pollutant Emission Standard

TSG G0002-2010 Boiler Energy-saving Technical Supervision and Management Regulations

GB/T1576-2008 Water Quality for Industrial Boilers

III.How To Promise A Safe And Stable Natural Gas Fired Boiler Operation?

First, you need to operate your gas fired steam boiler within the load of 80% ~ 110%.

Meanwhile, you have to promise following key parts are choosing with right parameters:

Check our natural gas steam boiler parameters, and Be sure that your fuel characteristics and water quality requirements are like the following.

(1) What Is The WNS8-1.25-YQ Natural Gas Fired Boiler Parameters?


The serial number project Specification Remark
1 Rated evaporation 8 t/h
2 Rated steam pressure 1.25 MPa
3 Rated steam temperature 193 ℃
4 Feed temperature 104 ℃
5 Condenser outlet temperature 45 ℃
6 Emission rate 3%
7 Cold air temperature 25 ℃
8 Design the exhaust temperature The fuel gas 92 ℃
fuel 101 ℃
9 Design of fuel Natural gas, 0# light diesel
10 Heating area The boiler radiation 22.81 m2
convection 157.55 m2
The condenser The fuel gas 128.87 m2
fuel 109.67 m2
11 Designed fuel consumption Natural gas 543.7 Nm3/ h. Thermodynamic calculation
0 # light diesel oil 451.9 kg/h Thermodynamic calculation
12 Design boiler thermal efficiency Natural gas 94.4% Thermodynamic calculation
0 # light diesel oil 94.2% Thermodynamic calculation
13 The burner model The fuel gas GL1000LX Burner back pressure 0 ~ 30 mbar
The output power 1500 ~ 10850 kw
traffic 150 ~ 1085 nm3/ h.
Electric power 22 kw
fuel GL1000DSPG Burner back pressure 0 ~ 21.5 mbar
The output power 2500 ~ 10500 kw
traffic 212 ~ 890 kg/h
Electric power 26 kw
14 The water pump model CDL8-16 Electric power 5.5 kW
traffic 9.6 m3/ h.
lift 148 m
15 Excess air coefficient 1.1 Boiler Calculation Manual
16 Boiler body metal weight 13144 kg
17 Boiler metal weight 17500 kg
18 Boiler transport size (length × width × height) 6750 * 2480 * 2986 (mm)
19 The total power consumption The fuel gas 27.5 kW
fuel 31.5 kW

(2) What Are Your Natural Gas Boiler Fuel Requirements?

  1. Gas fuel

Natural gas (China Natural Gas) composition:

CH4 CmH.n H.2 CO CO2 N2 O2 H.2s. s. H.2O Qnet,v,ar
(%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (mg/Nm3) (mg/Nm3) (mg/Nm3) (kJ/Nm3)
95 2.4 1 0.1 0.5 1 0 400 100 0.2 ~ 2.0 35588
  1. Liquid fuel (oil), propone gas fuel

0#Composition of light diesel oil:

Car Oar Nar Qnet,v,ar
(%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (kJ/kg)
85.55 13.49 0.66 0.04 0.25 0.01 0 42915

 (3) How About Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler Water Quality Requirements?


According to GB/T1576-2008 Water Quality for Industrial Gas Boilers

Feedwater (softened water) Pot water (softened water)
turbidity 5.0 FTU or less Total alkalinity The tendency of 6.0 ~ 24.0 / L
hardness 0.03 or less tendency for L Phenolphthalein alkalinity The tendency of 4.0 ~ 16.0 / L
PH (25 ℃) 7.0 ~ 9.0 PH (25 ℃) 10.0 ~ 12.0
Dissolved oxygen (do) 0.1 mg/L or less Dissolve solids 3.5 x 10 or less3Mg/L
oil 2.0 mg/L or less Phosphoric acid root 10.0 ~ 30.0 mg/L
All the iron 0.3 mg/L or less Sulfurous acid root 10.0 ~ 30.0 mg/L
Conductivity (25 ℃) 5.5 x 10 or less2   Mu s/cm The relative basicity < 0.2

gas fired steam boiler water treatment

IV. How About Your Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler Structure?

(see ur 8-1-0 general drawing and body drawing for details)

fire tube boiler in direct heating

WNS8-1.25-YQ  is a horizontal wet back three-trip oil fired and gas fired boiler. The main pressure components of the body include tube plate, furnace bladder, return chamber, and threaded smoke pipe.

In the design of the furnace bladder, a corrugated furnace bladder is adopted. The matching between the diameter and diameter of the flame of the burner and the diameter of the flame is fully considered in the design so that it is suitable for the shape of the flame to ensure full combustion.

fire tube horizontal tubes

Moreover, the adoption of a corrugated furnace bladder not only strengthens the disturbance of flue gas but also increases the radiation heat transfer area.

It not only reduces the rigidity of the furnace liner but also effectively weakens the expansion stress of the furnace liner. The body is equipped with a 300×400 manhole, G88×102 handhole, and 426 explosion-proof inspection door, which is conducive to the safe operation and maintenance of the boiler.

corrugated furnace
Curated furnace

In addition, the end of the gas fired steam boiler is equipped with an atmospheric pressure condenser, which can effectively make use of the waste heat of the flue gas in the rear end of the boiler.

The hot water heated by the condenser can be put into the soft water tank for the boiler, which improves the water inlet temperature of the boiler and can also be used for other living purposes.

At the same time, it can reduce the exhaust temperature of the boiler, making the boiler environmental protection and energy saving.

oil gas fired steam boiler system

Note: the condenser is under normal pressure. It is strictly prohibited to use under pressure.

V. How Is Your Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler Pressure Parts Material?

The metal materials used for gas fired steam boiler pressure components are strictly controlled with the requirements stipulated in the <Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Steam Boilers>:

Furnace crust 2304×14  Q245R      GB713-2008

Tube plate DN2300× 16  Q245R     GB713-2008

Fire box tube plate DN1400× 16     Q245R GB713-2008

Fire box 1600×20                               Q245R GB713-2008

Cone 1100/ 900 =16                          Q245R GB713-2008

Furnace 900×10                                Q245R GB713-2008

Tobacco tube 63.5×3.5                     20# GB3087-2008

Straight tie rods 35                           20# GB/T699-1999

Oblique ties 40                                 20# GB/T699-1999

VI. Boiler Valve Instrument And Control System

The natural gas fired steam boilers furnace is equipped with two Y150 0 ~ 2.5mpa M20×1.5 accuracy grades not less than 1.5.

Proportional control burners: a (Danfoss) pressure controller, overpressure interlock, a pressure transmitter to control combustion;

There are three pressure controllers: one overpressure interlock and two combustion controllers.

Two A48Y-16C PN1.6 DN80 safety valves, the setting pressure range of which is 1.3 ~ 1.6mpa to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, the boiler flue gas outlet is equipped with a WSS-401 ≤400℃ thermometer, and there is a measuring hole for boiler flue gas analyzer. Your condenser outlet is equipped with a WSS-401 ≤200℃ thermometer to measure the boiler exhaust temperature.

High pressure steam boiler flow guage

The meter for measuring fuel quantity, steam flow rate, and feed water flow rate of the boiler requires that the flow meter installed by you must have the functions of indicating, integrating, and recording.

The gas steam boiler is equipped with an electronic control system, boiler safety control in line with national regulations and relevant industry standards.

In addition, the gas small steam boiler for sale economic performance indicators meet the requirements of “Boiler energy-saving technical supervision and management Regulations”.

high efficiency steam boiler


VII. Natural  Gas Fired Steam Boiler Flue Gas Flow Is As Follows:

Fuel → burner → furnace bile → back combustion chamber → first convection tube bundle → front smoke box → second convection tube bundle → rear smoke box → condenser → chimney → atmosphere.

Advanced 6Ton steam boiler with big front door for replacing tubes in boiler furnace oil boiler

If you are interested in our WNS8-1.25-YQ natural gas fired steam boiler, just contact us to get more information!


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