4 Ton Steam Boiler

4 Ton Steam Boiler Single- Drum Vertical Chain Grate Stoker Boiler

DZL 4 ton chain grate boiler system is consist of the following parts:

  • boiler drum
  • boiler left & right steam headers
  • Steam boiler water walls

4 Ton Steam Boiler main heat surface includes a chamber water wall, part of the boiler drum, and the convection tube bundle in the drum.

This product is composed of five parts when it leaves the factory: the main body of the boiler, economizer, flue duct, dust collector, and the piping system.

Except for the piping system, others are all manufactured and packaged well in our boiler factory. They are shipping separately and could easily install in your working shop. Besides the civil work, pipe system, we could shorten your time to 10-15days.

4 ton steam dzl coal steam boiler
DZL coal steam boiler

DZL4-1.25-AII 4 Ton Steam Boiler Characteristics

(1). The boiler you buy has a horizontal drum & steam header, vertical water pipes. Because we use new technology design, produce it a compact structure, reasonable burning chamber, which will full fill the flame.

(2). DZL4-1.25-AII boiler hearth adopts the form of curved water-cooled wall tube, boiler tube, and left and right headers, which can expand upwards freely.

(3). The water-cooled wall adopts smooth seamless tubes water-cooled wall. You can get the boiler in more shorten the time.

(4). You are getting rolled threaded smoke tube inner boiler drums. They are all convection tubes. With this, you will have a high-efficiency steam boiler, improve the orbiting of the working medium and heat exchange rate.

(5). Stainless steel outer packaged plate adopts the pressed guard plate, and the appearance is beautiful.

SZL10-2.5-AII 4 ton steam boiler

(6). High thermal resistance material is used as the heat insulation layer, and the heat preservation performance is good.

industrial boiler insulation

Brief Introduction Of DZL4-1.25-AII 4 Ton Steam boiler Structure

Main specifications :

Rated evaporation capacity: D= 4t/h

Rated steam temperature: t= 194 ℃

Rated steam pressure: P=1.25 MPa

Feedwater temperature: t gs = 20 ℃

Boiler efficiency: η= 7 8.5 %

Pollutant discharge rate: 5%

Exhaust smoke temperature: 1 6 5.1 ℃

Excess air coefficient at smoke exhaust: 1.5

Rated hydraulic pressure: 1.65 MPa

Safe operating load: 80%-100%

Designed fuel: AII bituminous coal

Standard Fuel consumption per hour: 1034 Kg/h

Steel consumption of grate: 5420 Kg

Metal consumption: 7156 Kg

Total power consumption: 38KW

4 Ton Steam Boiler Basic Dimensions:

boiler Max transportation size ( length × width × height ) 6886 × 2870 × 3680 mm

Boiler host installation dimensions ( length × width × height ) 7280 × 3210 × 4935 mm

The highest point elevation of the boiler as a whole: 4 935 mm

Grate net width: 1496 mm

The effective length of travelling grate stoker: 5166 mm

4 Ton Steam Boiler Structure Description:

1. Our 4 ton steam boiler was assembled by upper part and lower part.

Upper part: The upper part of the DZL4-1.25 boiler, which is also the main pressure part of the boiler, including the drum, header, water wall tube, downcomer, and the threaded smoke tube in the drum.

Lower part: The lower part is the main combustion part of the steam boiler, including chain grate, furnace arch, coal charging equipment, and slag removal equipment.

4 ton steam boiler furnace

They build into one whole set by refractory cement. The whole boiler is manufactured by our boiler factory and can be transported as a whole.

2 Boiler drum length of 4780 mm, an inner diameter φ600 mm, wall thickness 1 . 6 mm, material Q245R, with internal water supply, the bottom blowdown steam separator, and other means;

3 Boiler drum cartridge straight segments total length 4780 mm, an inner diameter φ 1600 mm, wall thickness 16 mm, material Q245R, fitted inside the bottom of apparatus sewage. Outfall pipe diameter the DN . 4 0mm ;

4 Drum lower part with a left, a right header configuration, the header length of 5330 mm, an outer diameter of φ 159, a wall thickness of 6mm, # 20 boiler tube material,

5 Drum left, and right header by a water-cooled wall of the tube is connected to the water wall tubes φ51 × 3.5, φ60 mm, a total of 123 roots

6 Waterwall tubes 3 × using φ51.5, No. 20 steel pipe manufacturing.

7 The water supply of the header is supplied by the downcomer, and the downcomer is connected to the drum and connected to the header. Downcomer using × φ133×6 mm, 20# steel pipe manufacturing.

8 In the furnace arch of the rear portion is provided with a 350×350mm of the inspection door, to facilitate cleaning and inspection in the furnace.

DZL industiral boiler working

4 Ton Steam Boiler Scope Of Working Conditions For The Safe And Stable Operation

DZL4-1.25-AII steam boiler operating pressure of 1.25MPa, in the middle of the upper drum 2 is provided PN1.6, the DN . 8 0 DN50 A48H 1.6 full-open spring valve, overpressure protection effect from the boiler.

Two spring pressure gauges with a dial diameter of 150mm, a range of 0-2.5Mpa, and a level of 1.6 are installed at the upper front end of the boiler to monitor the pressure of the boiler.

An upper portion of the front end of the drum is provided with a pressure gauge stem, the stem and the pressure gauge with the trap are connected between the tables.

water tube boiler efficiency

Two flat-plate water level meters and electrode type water level controllers with a measuring range of 350mm are respectively installed on both sides of the upper front end of the drum, which play the role of monitoring the water level of the boiler.

The middle level shows the normal water level gauge inside, +50mm at the highest security level in the boiler, -50mm at the minimum security level for the boiler; Electrode level controller from low water level alarm, and interlock protection effect of low water.

A pressure gauge and a flow meter are installed between the boiler and a stainless steel feed water pump to monitor the pressure of the boiler.

4 Ton Steam Boiler Circulatory System:

Circulation system:

After external water is treated by the water supply control valve device enters the boiler through the drum, drum boiler water from the drop tube into the left header tank and a right header.

Steam system:

Boiler combustion chamber water wall tubes (ascending pipe) generated steam directly into the upper drum, into the sub-cylinder from the moisture separator through the steam piping. Then enter the heating system from the sub-cylinder.

Combustion system:

The fuel ignition combustion in the combustion chamber. High-temperature flue gas generated from the outlet of the furnace through the outside of the bottom of the drum arch into the flue wings, into the threaded pipe before the smokebox of the boiler, the flue gas in the threaded pipe by the heat of the circulated.

By the flue gas through the flue outlet, Economizer, dust collector to the induced draft fan, and then sent into the chimney by the induced draft fan to be discharged into the atmosphere.

combustion chamber

6. Coal Fired Boiler Safety accessories

The safety accessories of the DZL 4 -1.25 -AⅡ boiler have three safety devices: a safety valve pressure gauge and a water level gauge.

7. Electrical Control System

In the boiler front part of the boiler visually, the installation of a controlled console.

Station within the provided mounted with blower, draft fan, boiler water supply equipment, the coal, slag machine start and stop the electric control means.

There are electric control buttons for the start and stop of the blower, induced draft fan, boiler feed water, coal loading machine, and slag tapping machine on the control panel.

industrial boiler parts2
Electric panel

4 Ton Steam Boiler Product List

Henan Yongxing Boiler Group Co., Ltd. DZL4 -1.25-AⅡ page 1
Ancillary equipment checklist A total of 1 page
Serial number Model or code Part name and parameter quantity Remark
1 4-72 – 12NO 4.5A Blower 1
Air volume: 5730-10580 m /h
Wind pressure: 1667-2530 pa
Speed: 2900 r/ min
Motor model: Y132S- 3
Motor power: 7 .5 KW
2 The Y- 9 – 38-7.1D Induced draft fan 1
Air volume: 18439 m /h
Wind pressure: 1803 pa
Speed: 2 9 00 r/ min
Motor model: Y180L- 3
Motor power: 18.5 KW
3 1×1/2GC5× 8 Boiler feed pump 1
Head: 1 84 m
Power: 11 KW
Speed: 2950 r/min
Flow rate: 6m /m
4 Slag machine GBC-3 1
5 Speed ​​control box J50B 1


Whole set boiler with boiler fuel feeder, slag removal, dust removal, FD fan, ID fan, boiler economizer, gearbox and etc.

Economizer and boiler auxiliaries


Double chain scraper slag machine          2T H-65T H Grate speed reducer chain grate gear box for boiler travelling grate

Slag removal                                                                                           Gearbox

bag filter        wet film scrubber

Ceramic multi-cyclone dust removal                                  Wet film dust removal

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