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5 Ton Steam Boiler

5000 kgs Steam Boiler Famous Models

DZL5-1.25-YQ coal biomass steam boiler
DZL 5 ton coal-fired boilers have a unique horizontal design with an automatic chain grate stoker. It has a 100% explosion-safe design with additional safety and control features.
5 ton steam boiler price
Yongxing SZL 5 ton biomass steam boiler comes in a double drum design. It serves as an environment-friend and will comply with your national environmental protection standards. Best-suited for high-steam requirements.
5 ton steam boiler purchase
Our DZH 5 ton biomass steam boiler comes with a manual fuel feeding system. These are comparatively cheaper and best-suited for large industries. With high biomass fuel compatibility, you get a large fuel-feeding door as a part of a convenient feeding system.
SZL Best Wood Chip Boiler
Yongxing 2 – 5 ton wood chip boiler has a highly fuel-saving design. It is extremely eco-friendly and is compatible even for irregular shaped wood chip pellets. The capacity can variate in between 2 to 5 tons.
3000000kcal hr steam boiler price
Yongxing biomass fuel-fired boilers have multiple fuel compatibility that includes the wood logs - even large size logs. It has very high efficiency with very low fuel consumption.
Lowest 5 ton steam boiler cost
Our 5 ton vertical steam boiler has various models that include, coal-fired, biomass pellet fired, and oil-fired steam boilers. It has a compact design and a vertical chain grate - a perfect option for small spaces.

Our 5 Ton Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Steam Boiler Quality Guarantee

Yongxing boiler group has been designing 5 ton steam boiler for over 40 years. We have a top-class research and development center where our scientists research on enhancing boiler’s efficiency.

Moreover, we have steam boiler CE/ASME(IBR)-approved certificates proving that our steam boilers are 100% safe, reliable with no risk of explosion.

We have several testing departments where all the raw materials are inspected before approving for manufacturing use.

In addition, our 5 ton steam boilers are tested multiple times for giving our customers high-quality boilers so they can use them with peace of mind.

Our steam boilers are classified on the basis of types of fuels. You get different models that use different boiler fuels for heat production because we know some fuels are not accessible in some regions.

However, no matter what fuel you use, our steam boilers will have up to 94% efficiency. And the best part is that these boilers can serve you for more than 25 years if you follow its operational guidelines.

With the collaboration of Yongxing engineers and scientists, we promise 0% explosion risk, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, and top-quality steam generation. For us, your safety comes first.

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We manufacture each boiler from scratch in our factory. If you have doubts about our manufacturing techniques, we invite you to visit our factory and give us suggestions. We will be glad to hear your feedback.


Yongxing 5 Ton Steam Boiler For Sale Quality Control

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All You Need To Know About 5 Ton Steam Boiler

Are you looking for low boiler fuel consuming high-efficiency 5 ton steam boiler? Introducing Yongxing affordable 5 ton steam boiler for sale. These steam boilers use extremely low fuel and come in different models.

Each model has its uniqueness and produces steam using a different fuel. As the name suggests, it has 5 ton capacity. However, it can variate as per your requirements.

To know more, keep reading this guide and it will answer all your questions about our steam boilers. So, without any further ado, let’s start by explaining 5 ton steam boilers’ models.

What Are Your 5 Ton Steam Boiler Models?

Yongxing 5 ton steam boilers have the latest technology components and design that boost their efficiency. However, for your convenience, our 5 ton steam boiler is classified into different types. Based on the fuel type, following are the available models:

Oil Fired 5 Ton Steam Boiler

Our oil fired 5 ton steam boilers use oil as fuel in order to obtain heat. The oil includes diesel, petrol, oil, etc. When the oil starts burning in the steam boiler furnace, it starts to emit hot flue gases.

As our oil fired boiler’s furnace has enclosed water tube or fire tube designs, the heat transfer between hot flue gases and warm feed water occurs.

Mostly, in such boilers, the efficiency depends on the steam boiler oil. Oil with a high calorific value produces a large amount of heat compared to oil with a low calorific value. Therefore, you should ask our contact support team about the right fuel when buying our steam boilers.

Moreover, it has a 100% safe oil reservoir for supporting the automatic fuel feeding system. Once filled, our 5 ton steam boiler automation system automatically feeds the furnace the required amount of fuel using a highly-efficient fuel pump. You can place the tank above or below the ground as per your necessity.

In the case of efficient fuel burning, it is crucial that the fuel remains uncontaminated. The contaminants impact the flue gases heat.

For that reason, Yongxing skilled engineers have installed a fuel filter into the steam boiler feeding system. Prior to moving from the oil tank to the furnace, the oil passes through the filter that removes debris, sediment, or any other contaminant.

Oil Gas LPG Steam Boiler For Rice Mill

Hence, you get pure, uncontaminated oil that promotes an efficient combustion process and produces a large amount of heat.

In general, Yongxing oil gas fired steam boilers are cost-friendly compared to the other gas fired boilers and for a good reason. Our oil 5 ton steam boilers have an intelligent oil feeding system that provides the right amount of oil into the boiler’s furnace.

Gas Fired 5 Ton Steam Boilers

For people who finds it hard or costly to use other fuels, Yongxing engineers have introduced 5 ton natural gas steam boilers. In the industrial sector, our gas fired boilers are very common because of their high efficiency and convenient operations.

The gas fired boilers are simply boilers that burn natural gas in order to produce steam. Put simply, it uses natural gas as fuel.

Natural gas has additional qualities compared to coal; It is easily available and, in some places, cheaper than coal. Additionally, it won’t produce harmful emissions and unpleasant smells. Hence, it is an eco-friendly alternative to coal.

Mainly, natural gas consists of >86% methane. The remaining 14% are butane, ethane, propane, nitrogen, CO2, and helium in balanced proportions.

The Yongxing gas fired steam boilers have multiple features; It saves energy and consumes less fuel compared to oil fired or electric steam boilers.

In addition to cutting down fuel costs, these boilers have very high efficiency and will further reduce gas consumption. In other words, it is one of the best economical steam engine boilers that will save your hard-earned cash.

Moreover, Yongxing gas fired 5 ton steam boilers have a very simple working principle. You can give it a gas connection either from the main pipeline or from a reserve tank. Inside the furnace, there is a pilot light warming the combustion chamber.

It is one of the factors promoting low fuel consumption because the chamber has already a maintained temperature.

After you or the thermostat turns on the boiler, the natural gas flows inside the chamber and ignites. Usually, you will find a gas pipe filled with holes for creating a flame jet effect. As the fire heats up the water, the thermostat signals the electric pump which then sends the hot water through a series of pipes.

Coal Fired 5 Ton Steam Boiler

Our coal fired 5 ton steam boilers use coal as fuel and ignite it to produce heat. As the coal produces hot flue gases, the water inside the furnace will absorb and convert to steam. Yongxing coal fired steam boilers are unique because they can burn all bituminous coal or anthracite.

Coals have different calorific values. Low and high calorific value impacts the boiler’s thermal efficiency, but not when you have Yongxing steam boilers.

If are burning coal with low calorific value in our steam boiler, it won’t impact the boiler’s thermal efficiency because we have designed large furnaces for efficient combustion.

Additionally, our 5 ton steam boiler has an extra-long grate stoker and ID fan to burn coal efficiently even if it has low calorific value.

After the coal burns, our equipment has an automatic ash removal system where the ash drops to the ash collector. When filled, empty the ash collector for continuous steam generation.

Wood/Biomass Fired 5 Ton Steam Boiler

Yongxing engineers have specially designed biomass fired 5 ton steam boilers for our environmental protection. It uses biomass pellets as fuel and burns them to produce heat. With a long chain grate, it also has a large furnace volume to burn the unburnt fuels in the flue gases.

Our wood fired 5 ton steam boiler can generate steam in less than 30 minutes. It can burn rice husk pellets, wood, corn cob, bagasse, bamboo, etc.

You will find these biomass models in two different fuel feeding systems; automatic and manual. Both have different price ranges but deliver steam at the same high efficiency.

Primarily, there are two reasons behind designing these biomass steam boilers. Environment protection and low fuel costs. By burning biomass fuel, you are almost producing zero COemissions.

Thus, your facility meets your local environmental standards. And since biomass fuels are not expensive, you will have huge cuts in fuel costs.

To meet your requirements, we have different types of biomasses fired 5 ton steam boilers. Choose one that fits your industry’s requirements.

So, this was a short overview of our different types of steam boilers. If you want to know 5ton steam boiler technical data, you can check their latest catalog on our website. Moreover, you can also ask our active support team for any technical issues.

biomass boiler 5000kgs

What Does Your 5 Ton Steam Boiler Cost?

Usually, you will find it costly to buy and install the boilers at your facility. However, at Yongxing, we provide extremely affordable prices for all types of 5 ton steam boilers.

Plus, our installation guidance team will come to your facility to install the boiler as an after-sales service.

Since there are various types of 5 ton steam boilers, their cost also differs. You can get the exact price after you tell us your requirements. However, to give you an overview, following are the 5 ton steam boiler pricing ranges:

1.     Oil Fired 5000Kgs Industrial Steam Boiler Price

At Yongxing, you will find the oil fired boiler in between $4000 – $7000. However, you should also add other expenses like shipping or additional components costs. If you want an exact price, give us your requirements and shipping address and our support team will give you an exact price for the oil fired 5 ton steam boiler.

2.     Gas Fired 5 Ton Steam Boiler Price

Yongxing offers extremely reasonable prices for all types of steam boilers. As for the 5 ton gas fired steam boiler, you will find it in between $20000 – $25000. However, with extra auxiliaries and shipping, the price will exceed this range.

The price ranges highly depend on several factors like furnace size, additional components, etc. Therefore, for the exact 5 ton/hr natural gas steam boiler price, send us an inquiry or contact our 24/7 active support team online.

Gas Fired Steam Boiler

3.     Coal Fired 5 Ton Steam Boiler Price

Our coal fired 5 ton steam boilers are highly efficient and at a very affordable price. We can’t provide an exact price for it. But to give you an idea about it, it lies in between $6000 – $100000. The coal fired steam boiler price variates as per your requirements, shipping address, additional auxiliaries, etc.

4.     Wood/Biomass Fired 5 Ton Steam Boiler Price

Apart from offering extremely eco-friendly and cost-friendly biomass boilers, we will also give you a very reasonable price for them.

The wood or biomass fired 5 ton steam boilers are available at $20000 – $120000. The prices are negotiable and may differ as per your requirements and order of extra components.

How To Make a 5 Ton Steam Boiler Purchase?

At Yongxing, you can buy a 5 ton steam boiler easily online or by visiting our factory. If you are buying online, follow these steps:

  • Visit our website,
  • choose your steam boiler as per your requirement,
  • Click on “Send Inquiry Now”
  • You will be directed to the page of your desired steam boiler
  • Then, click on “Get Quote Now.”

When you click on “Get Quote Now”, you will see a dialogue box. Fill in your name, email, and what you want to tell us. Our team will contact you and tell you the exact price for your 5 ton steam boiler.

On the other hand, if you want to visit our factory and buy in person, we are offering a vehicle service to pick you up from the airport. We will give you a full survey of our factory so that you are fully satisfied with our boiler’s quality prior to purchasing.

Do You Have A Skid-Mounted 5 Ton Steam Boiler?

Yes, the Yongxing boiler group offers top-quality skid mounted 5 ton steam boilers. These are specially designed for facilities with less space for the equipment. In simple words, it is one container with all auxiliary components integrated inside of it.

The skid mounted 5 ton steam boiler has a fuel tank, furnace, control panel, valves, feedwater pumps, and all other components covered in an enclosed vessel. You can easily move, install, and use it even in compact places.

You are only required to connect the feed water supply line, output steam pipeline, and power connection to it. How is it beneficial? Here are some of its unique advantages:

industrial steam boiler less than 6ton


  • Reduction in construction workload and decrease in construction time
  • East-to-operate and convenient maintenance
  • Requires one individual to operate it
  • Needs fewer installation resources and saves on installation costs
  • High mobility and reuse value
  • No complex piping and cable systems
  • Components are safe from dust, moisture, and corrosion
  • The furnace does not lose its heat to the environment.

How Long Can You Use A China 5 Ton Steam Boiler?

Unlike other manufacturers, our steam boilers are not just highly efficient but also long-lasting. It can serve you for 25 years and even more if you use it according to our guidelines.

In order to know the guidelines, you should contact our support team or read the guidelines in the operation manual.

For high efficiency and long life, you should give it annual maintenance. This way, we guarantee that our steam boilers will generate steam heat for more than 25 years.

What Is The 5 Ton Used Steam Boiler Price?

Yongxing used model steam boilers are relatively cheaper than the new ones. Still, it operates with high efficiency with no compromise on steam generation quality.

For the used steam boiler price, you should contact our support team and tell them your requirements. Our prices for used 5 ton steam boilers are negotiable.

Can We have A Good 5 Ton Steam Boiler Rate If We Buy From You?

Yes, you will get not just good, but excellent and competitive prices for all 5 ton steam boilers. In addition to reasonable prices, you will get a water boiler heater with 94% efficiency and a 0% risk of boiler explosions.

Just give us your shipping address and we will deliver the boiler directly to your facility. Plus, we offer an installation service after you buy from us.


Yongxing steam boilers offer 94% efficiency and are one of the low pressure steam boilers. These are 100% safe and long-lasting equipment. It can produce large amount of heat; 5000kg/h = 3000000kcal/h.

Furthermore, all models of 5 ton steam boilers are available at very reasonable prices. We guarantee that our prices are lower than other companies. We have an easy buying procedure and give a delivery and installation service.

With a low fuel consumption rate, high fuel compatibility, high thermal efficiency, and other unique features, we promise that you will save thousands of dollars on fuel.

So, select your favourite model and send us an inquiry to know the exact price along with the shipping fee.


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