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  • Steam Capacity:    0.5 Ton/h, 500kg/h
  • Steam Temperature:   170℃
  • Type: Natural Circulation
  • Suitable Fuel:  Oil, gas, LPG, City Gas
  • High Light: vertical fire tube boiler, vertical tube boiler
  • Pressure: 7bar,0.7Mpa
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500kg Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

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500 kg steam boiler have been as efficient as contemporary boilers since they were first developed.

A steam boiler furnace size, fuel, and dimensions vary depending on the work it’s meant to do and the industry in which it’s utilized. The cost, environmental friendliness, and efficiency of the fuels vary.

A steam boiler system is a closed cylindrical steam boiler design made of steel that is used to heat water and produce steam using an energy source such as fuel combustion.

The vapor created can be given at low pressure for industrial boilers in industrial units and for creating steaming water that can be used for low-force heat-up fixing.

The 500kg steam boiler should have a minimum capacity of ten liters of water and operate at a density of 3 -4%.

A 500kg steam boiler system is a highly used boiler in the textile industry. It heats water and then sends hot steam or hot water to steam boiler design through a pipe system.

Use of steam in textile industry is for dry-clean clothing in a textile industry. Hot water is given to faucets while steam is delivered to radiators.

500kg steam boiler in the textile industry are classified as central heating systems. Most hot water boilers, whether condensing or non-condensing, use natural gas or heating oil to create steam or hot water.

Electric 500kg steam boiler must be at least 80% efficient, but they can achieve efficiencies of up to 98.5 percent.

Industrial boilers can be costly to install, but they always have a 15-to-30-year service life, and reading the boiler’s instruction documentation can help you prevent costly repairs.

To know more, please refer more to the bottom FAQ Guide.

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500Kg Steam Boiler Defination FAQ Guide


What Kind Of Fuel Does Your 500kg Steam Boiler Use?

A steam generator 500kg steam boiler is enclosed, thus providing a means for combustion heat to be transferred into liquid until it becomes heated steam.

The type of fuel used by a 500kg steam boiler is important for a variety of reasons, but it has a direct influence on running expenses and the environmental impact of your business. As a result, it’s critical to know and comprehend all of the many kinds of steam boiler fuel.

Steam boiler system are powered by natural gas, fuel oil, propane, or electricity. The kind of fuel to use is most influenced by the availability of the fuel in the area.

A 500kg steam boiler that gets its energy from a model steam boiler that runs on oil, gas or wood. This type of boiler is capable of producing large amounts of steam at low pressure and temperature.

It is designed to run fluctuating loads with a quick start-up or reaction time. Process steam for industrial, chemical, or power generation using a steam generator boiler is the most common use for this boiler.

It’s challenging to manage a 500 kilogram steam boiler that runs on wood. This is because wood fuel materials are by-products of trees. It has G type grate bars.

These boilers are designed to burn wood and a variety of other solid biomass fuels such as wood shavings, sawdust, and wood chips efficiently.

Because wood fuel burns quickly, it must be refilled regularly. When compared to other boilers, using a wood-fueled 500kg steam boiler is far more demanding.

Steam Generator Boiler Diagram

In a gas 500kg steam boiler that is gas-powered, a variety of tubes can be used to deliver the hot gases in this sort of boiler. In a sealed container, these tubes are absorbed into the water.

The heated tubes are sent through a single closed container in this sort of 500kg steam boiler. The water in these tubes is heated to the point of vaporization, and the vapor is collected in a similar container.

A firewood steam boiler cannot create vapor at high pressure when both the water and the vapor are in the same container.

In general, it can create up to a density of 17.5 kg/m3 of steam and has a 9-metric ton capacity per hour under low pressure.

The gas 500kg steam boiler is one of the boilers used as an industrial boiler especially as a steam boiler in textile production.

LHG vertical boiler

Natural gas steam boiler

The water tube steam boiler‘s main function is to heat the water in the tube in order to create vapor. The primary advantage of this boiler is that it may be employed for large industrial steam boiler use. A large heating surface can be achieved by combining many water tubes.

Because water moves at a considerably higher pace, the rate of heat transfer is quite high, resulting in excellent efficiency. To maintain the required quality of water tube steam boilers, clean water, as well as treatment systems, are required.

WNS oil gas boiler system


Is Your 500 kg Fire Wood Boiler Horizontal Or Vertical?

Various types of 500kg steam boiler are shaped differently, some types of steam boilers are shaped horizontally and others vertical as per suitability and efficiency of their use.

The vertical steam boiler design has a large water capacity, great thermal efficiency, plenty of steam, and extended service life, which are all advantages.

Vertical 500kg Steam Boiler

It has ample combustion, timely water delivery, and low noise since it is equipped with a high-quality brand burner and a booster feed pump. It is safe and dependable because the protective device is comprehensive, and the combustion machine can set up the cleaning device after a high temperature.

To ensure the safe functioning of the 500kg steam boiler, several protective mechanisms such as a high-quality safety valve, pressure regulator, low water level, and overheating protection are installed.

This makes it suitable to be used as an industrial steam boiler. The high thermal efficiency, quick gas generation, and long service life of the three-return 500kg steam boiler are due to the optimization of the furnace body construction, the large heating area, and the large heating surface.

In terms of gas consumption, a horizontal steam boiler has a cheaper initial investment cost. The 500kg steam boiler’s gas consumption is mostly affected by its efficiency. The price of a horizontal boiler is mostly determined by the installation location.

Horizontal 500kg Steam Boiler

A horizontal 500kg steam boiler may be easily managed on a large site. In terms of comparison, it all depends on your demands because the two types of boilers have distinct scopes of usage.

For example, if they needed to heat 100,000 square meters, a vertical steam boiler would not be enough and if the heating boiler cannot stand erect, a horizontal steam boiler must be used.

water tube boiler 500kg steam boiler

horizontal steam boiler

How Should I Choose Between A Gas Or Oil Steam Generator For Half A Ton?

Half a ton oil fired boilers work in the same way as gas steam boilers, except that instead of gas, oil is ignited in the combustion chamber.

The exchanger, which heats the water, is heated by the burning oil. Oil steam boilers have a high efficiency of more than 90%.

Despite being more expensive than gas steam boilers, they have double the service life as 500kg steam boilers.

gas fired steam boiler system diagram

Horizontal Oil Gas Steam Boiler

One issue with oil steam boilers is the requirement for an oil tank, either inside or outside, that must be supplied on a regular basis to provide a steady supply of fuel. Gas 500kg steam boiler is more efficient than regular boilers since they are fueled by natural gas or propane.

The fuel for a gas steam boiler is piped in from an outside source that is directly linked to the 500kg steam boiler. The way a gas steam boiler distributes heat is determined by its configuration. Oil gas 500kg steam boiler is suitable for both industrial and low-pressure applications.

Integrated Electric steam boiler With A Capacity Of 500 kg/hr

An electric steam boiler creates heat using electric components, which is a speedier and more efficient heating technology. Because it does not require the burning of fuel, it is a more environmentally friendly and cleaner technology and efficient in use for industrial boilers.

Electric steam boilers last longer, require less cleaning, and do not require any maintenance.

The formation of scale in the water reservoir is the one issue that must be addressed with electric 500kg steam boiler especially in industrial boiler in dyeing.

Vapor power electric steam boilers employ electric resistance components to generate rapid, efficient, and cost-effective steam for heating and processing.

To maintain the correct steam pressure, the 500kg steam boiler manages the energize/de-energize stages of components automatically.

electric steam boiler maintance 500kgs Electric steam boiler

Electric steam boiler is a contemporary heat producer that operates on electricity rather than fuel combustion. Electric 500kg steam boiler work by transferring heat at a steady pressure to produce steam.

The body of these electric steam boilers is constructed with electric resistors, and all of the valves and instruments required for process connectivity will be compatible with the electric supply.

Electric steam boilers feature a horizontal design and come in a variety of electric power types ranging from 25 to 2500 kW. Because they produce exceptionally pure steam, this type of 500kg steam boiler is frequently utilized in the development of clean surroundings.

Consumption Of Your 500kg Steam Boiler And Diesel Steam Boiler?

Diesel steam boilers are a little noisier than gas steam boilers, and they also cost more to run. A 500kg steam boiler consumes approximately 132 kg per hour. However, not everyone has access to a petrol station.

Placement in a weatherproof shelter or garage is recommended to maintain peace and quiet and to avoid oil mixing with water. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need a gasoline station on-site to replenish.

It’s nearly a no-brainer to choose a 500kg steam boiler. Natural gas is a fantastic alternative in terms of both affordability and reliability.

Individuals in more remote regions can also access LPG gas variants, albeit they are more expensive to fuel. A gas boiler consumes approximately 165.04 kg/h.

Condensing Gas Steam Boiler

Oil fired boiler

condensing gas steam boiler

A condensing gas steam boiler is around 30% more efficient than older non-condensing types. It utilizes heat that would otherwise be lost through the flue. You might also want to consider using your gas steam boiler to heat your home’s water. An efficient gas steam boiler, when combined with double glazing and insulation, can result in significant long-term savings.

The demand for wood boiler supplies is broken down into three categories. The demand for the latter two commodities is forecasted based on predicted wood boiler prices in the market developments.

The needed wood boiler supplies are calculated using a trend in the conversion efficiency of coke ovens and other industrial wood furnaces.

Total 500kg steam boiler fire consumption may therefore be calculated by projecting the usage of wood boiler supplies in the industrial wood furnaces. In cases where wood boiler supplies are considerable, the wood boiler supply model may easily be changed to account for them.

How About Your Solid Fuel Fired 500kg Steam boiler?

A gas steam boiler furnace has a high ash content, which creates a hostile environment for the hot gas path sections of a gas steam boiler. This has so far prevented the direct use of such fuels in industrial gas steam boilers, despite the fact that their cheap prices, widespread availability in many countries, and comparably significant global supplies of solid fuels, would be compelling reasons for their adoption.

Furthermore, before such fuels can be used in a gas steam generator, they must be treated by gasification or conversion to liquid fuel, as well as raw gas purification.

The conversion of such fuels into clean gaseous fuels would allow them to be used in highly efficient combined cycle technologies, despite their low cost and inferior quality.

The conversion procedure, on the other hand, depletes efficiency and dramatically raises the needed investment.

Finally, for the firewood steam boiler applications, the whole plant layout must compete with the traditional small wood-fired steam boiler.

large steam boiler

Firewood steam boiler

Natural gas, whose principal component is methane and hence acts similarly to methane, is the typical fuel for stationary 500kg steam boiler.

Because high-quality natural gas is not readily available in all areas, only lower-quality gases containing considerable levels of inert components are available.

Low-LHV natural gas provides an appealing alternative. The demand for increased fuel mass fluxes, as well as the reduced chemical reactivity, must be considered for natural gases with lower heating valve.

Price of A 500kg Steam Boiler

500kg Steam Boiler

Price: US $1500-5000 / Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

500kg Steam Boiler Conclusion

The 500kg steam boiler’s manner of operation is highly reliant on its intended function. The model, however, is the same in all types of steam boilers.

Steam is used because of its fast mobility rate and ability to transport large amounts of energy. Steam, unlike water, flows quicker and does not require an external propelling force to get from point A to point B within a pipe.

The basic components of the 500kg steam boiler steaming process are temperature, pressure, water, and fuel. However, when combustion happens in a furnace or combustion engine, heat cannot be delivered directly to the target destination.

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