Thermal Oil Boiler Manufacturers In China - Top 3 Supplier

  • Thermal Fluid Heating System 320~350℃
  • Very Stable Heat Source
  • Supply coal, biomass, Natural gas, Oil and etc.
Thermal Oil Boiler Manufacturers In China - Top 3 Supplier

High Quality & Good Price Thermal Oil Boiler

Yongxing all thermal oil boilers use professional tools to compact the coil pipes, and install as many circulating oil pipes as possible in a limited space.To improve oil recycle volume.
You can find the thermal fluid boiler key characteristic is that the bottom uses a chain grate as the combustion base, and the upper body is a vertical coil pipe similar to an oil and gas boiler.
For larger power, our YLW horizontal coal-fired thermal oil heater boiler is the most suitable. it is designed with a large number of coils inside, which can provide you most stable heat energy.
The main component of the fuel gas heat conduction oil furnace is the coil. According to the latest design, we use 3 coil pipes to make the thermic oil boiler small in volume and large in capacity.
Yongxing YYQW thermal oil furnace will be installed as a skid-mounted system and equipped with a complete boiler system. The max working temperature can reach to 320℃.
7MW thermic oil boiler has high requirements for factory skills and workers. Fortunately, Yongxing has advanced production experience, allowing you to buy boiler with big confidence.

Our Thermal Oil Boiler Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Thermal Oil Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing is one of the top 3 thermal oil boiler manufacturers in China. Use biomass, bituminous coal, and oil (gas) as fuel. It is a new thermal oil boiler with low pressure but high temperature working characteristics. The heating temperature can reach 340℃ in the liquid phase or 400℃ in the vapor phase.

A uniform and stable heat source is required, and direct flame heating cannot use. The process’s final heating temperature is between 150°C and 350°C,We guarantee that our thermal oil boiler can perfectly meet your various production situations.

According to different fuels, our thermal oil boiler can divide into the following two categories. The first is a coal or biomass thermal oil boiler, and the second is a light oil or natural gas thermal oil boiler.

Yongxing thermal oil boiler working principle uses coal, biomass, oil, gas, etc., as heat sources or fuels to provide heat sources for the entire thermal oil boiler system.

With thermal oil boiler YD-340 as the medium, Yongxing’s thermal oil can provide your thermal fluid heating system with a high temperature of 320℃~350℃.

At the same time, our thermic oil boiler uses a high-temperature circulating oil pump to forcefully circulate the heat transfer oil in the furnace, which can transfer heat to your different heating equipment through pipelines. After the heat transfer oil complete, it will return to the thermal oil boiler for secondary heating and work.

Our thermal oil boiler is a high-temperature, low-pressure, energy-saving equipment, which can provide your system with stable thermal energy and steady pressure.

Yongxing divides the coal-fired thermal oil boiler into a vertical thermal oil boiler and a horizontal thermal oil boiler. Our heating range of the vertical thermal oil boiler is 120KW-1000KW, and the heating range is 1400KW-7000KW.

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Yongxing Thermal Oil Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Thermal Oil Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Thermal Oil Boiler Reliable Quality
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Thermal Oil Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

Our vertical model is YGL biomass, coal-fired thermal oil boiler. It adopts a three-pass coil design and a fixed-rate at the bottom. Its heating surface makes by China’s A-level 20 (GB3087-2008) seamless steel pipe.

The superb welding process can ensure that the thermal fluid heating system you buy has an accurate temperature supply. 

The advantages of Yongxing Vertical thermal oil boiler are as follows:

1) The heating surface of Yongxing’s vertical coal-fired thermal oil boiler adopts circular coils. Our workers use professional tools to make the circular coils tightly. It ensures that the thermal oil boiler system adequately arrange. Simultaneously, it can also reduce the heat load on the tube surface. Make your thermal fluid heating system the highest thermal efficiency.

2) Our combustion chamber is designed for adiabatic combustion, making it easier and more sufficient for your fuel to catch fire. If you buy our vertical coal-fired heat-conducting oil boiler, you will significantly save space and fuel

3) To ensure your thermal oil boiler’s quality, we have designed an excellent heat transfer oil process. The heat transfer oil flows from the flow inlet to the high outlet to quickly discharge the gas generated during the thermal fluid heating system’s operation. New design to protect the boiler top, even your boiler runs a long time, the thermal oil boiler top will not burn out.

4) Yongxing vertical thermal oil boiler occupies a small area because of its compact design. The integrated or skid-mounted design makes your installation convenient and short installation without foundation.

The second model is the use of a coal-fired horizontal thermal oil boiler. Our horizontal thermal fluid boiler mainly uses in higher power models.

YLW series organic heat carrier furnace is an assembled forced circulation chain grate boiler. The upper part of the thermal oil heater boiler is the boiler body, including the chassis, steel frame, square coil, shed tube, space elbow, serpentine tube bundle, and various headers.

The lower part uses high-silicon heat-resistant chain grate or uses a reciprocating grate as combustion support. At the tail, an air preheater is set up, which can heat the air required for the thermic oil boiler combustion. 

It can effectively improve thermal efficiency. Yongxing thermal oil boiler inside is a furnace wall made of refractory bricks and refractory concrete and front and rear arches; Our thermal oil boiler outside is a steel frame, and a skin board in the middle is an insulation material.

The horizontal coal-fired thermal oil boiler system has many advantages:

1) Because your boiler body is all completed in the factory, as long as the upper body and the lower boiler are closed, so your installation cycle is concise.

2) Unlike the vertical thermal oil heating system, the furnace of Yongxing horizontal thermal oil boiler adopts double-closed coils, which have a sufficient heating surface. It can also help users reduce the heat load on the pipe’s body, and the use of heat transfer oil is safer.

3) Our furnace arch design is significantly increased, the residence time of flue gas in the furnace is extended, making your fuel combustion more complete.

4) The heating surface is arranged in the smoke-turning chamber. The partition wall avoids the natural erosion of high-temperature smoke, which prevents the smoke partition wall from falling off virtually.

The third type is a horizontal gas thermal oil boiler that uses diesel, natural gas, and city gas fuels. The model is YY(Q)W fuel gas thermal oil boiler.

We adopt a horizontal three-pass structure. The thermal oil boiler’s heating surface mainly comprises the inner coil, and the convection heating surface is composed of the middle and outer coils. The structure is very compact. Yongxing thermal oil boiler has high system utilization, convenient operation and maintenance, complete control system, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety. It is currently the first choice for ideal heating equipment.

Other advantages of Natural gas thermal oil boiler

1) The horizontal gas thermal oil boiler adopts intelligent control, making the boiler operation incredibly convenient and simple. Design your controller as an analog screen display, centralized control by the central processing unit, with automatic ignition and shutdown program control.

Realize the automatic combustion control, the circulating pump can be automatically switched and controlled, and the failure can be automatically handled and alarmed.

2) The integrated boiler’s design attentively makes installation more convenient and faster. No unique foundation requires for all the boilers you buy.

Thermic Fluid Heater Manufacturer - Whole System Supply

Yongxing thermal oil furnace produced is widely used in different industries. The scope of application includes:

1) Chemical industry-oleochemical industry, polymerization industry, reaction tank, distillation, concentration.

2) Plastic industry-plastic firing, extrusion molding, paper lunch box high-temperature molding

3) Textile industry-resin setting machine, dyeing machine, drying chamber, high-temperature machine, drum machine.

4) Rubber industry-dynamic vulcanization of tires, rubber vulcanization heating.

5) Food industry-cooking, drying, vegetable oil refining.

6) Forest products industry-heating and shaping plywood, polystyrene board, and fiberboard.

7) Paper industry-multi-layer cardboard for packaging cartons and drying.

8) Others-heating of metal electroplating tanks, coating condensation, drying, medical industry distillation, reduction, concentration, dehydration, etc.

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