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Detail: Industrial AAC Autoclave 0.4mpa-2.5mpa Autoclave Machine Steam Kettle, High quality & Good Price!

  • Industrial Autoclave Kettle Boiler 0.4mpa-2.5mpa Autoclave Machine Steam Kettle

AAC Autoclave 0.4mpa-2.5mpa For Blocks

When you buy an AAC Autoclave, one most important parts is the autoclave temperature and pressure. Normally use pressure is 1.25Mpa and 1.6Mpa. You can buy customized autoclaves for sale in our factory.

An AAC Autoclave is a horizontal unit made of steel, the kettle cover is made by the whole steel plate of 16Mn. It covers the flange, kettle body flange forging process made use of 16Mn as a whole.

The weld of the compression parts has been heating treatment and strict non-destructive testing in accordance with the relevant standards.

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AAC Autoclave Characteristic

1. The raw material of the FGZSS series AAC Autoclave is steel equipment, and its appearance is a horizontal tube device. The end sockets on both sides of the autoclave are made of a Q345R (16MnR) steel plate. With higher requirements for factory equipment, Yongxing is currently the only manufacturer in Henan that can make end sockets by itself.

The AAC Autoclave cover flange and the body butt flange are also forged from a single piece of steel plate, model Q345R (16MnR steel).
The pressure parts of the autoclave you buy will all undergo pre-heat treatment, strict production control, and NDT non-destructive testing.

2. In order to save manpower, you can purchase autoclave doors that open automatically. The louver structure is adopted. We have two ways to open the door, the top-opening door and the sideways opening doors. For large autoclaves, we recommend top-opening the door, you can save the space around the autoclave, you save foundation space.

3. At the door of the AAC Autoclave, a safety interlocking protection device is installed. As pressure-bearing equipment, we ensure that it enjoys the same safety protection device as the boiler. It enjoys our A2-level pressure vessel design standards.

4. The airtightness of the autoclave door directly affects the work effect. By buying our products, you will get an autoclave with very good airtightness. It is sealed by a professional imported rubber sealing strip, which is easy to install and long in use.

If you use it in a different place, the sealing strip should also be purchased in different forms, such as fixed brackets, mobile brackets, and end brackets.

5. You will buy a complete AAC Autoclave system, including safety valves, intake valves, exhaust valves, sealing ball valves, traps, and drain valves. Pressure gauges, water level gauges, thermometers, etc. You can also choose to buy a sewage tank, we can provide all of these.


Industrial Autoclave Kettle Boiler 0.4mpa-2.5mpa Autoclave Machine Steam Kettle

Professional AAC Autoclave 0.4mpa-2.5mpa Vedio

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AAC autoclave is a kind of bulky, large pressurized vessel that weight is heavier. In addition, the autoclave is used in a wide range of applications, and it is widely used for aerated concrete blocks, concrete pipe piles, lime sand bricks, fly ash bricks, microporous calcium silicate boards, new lightweight wall materials, thermal insulation asbestos boards, high-strength gypsum, etc. The autoclaved curing of building materials completes the hydrothermal reaction of Cao—SiO2—H2O in the kettle. Simultaneously, it is widely used in rubber products, wood drying and anti-corrosion treatment, heavy metal smelting, refractory brick oil penetration, and coal seepage, in accordance with glass steam curing, high-pressure treatment of chemical fiber products, high temperature and high-pressure treatment of canned food, pulp cooking, cable vulcanization, fishing net shaping, the chemical industry, medicine, the aerospace industry, thermal insulation materials, and the textile industry, military industry and other production projects that require pressure steaming production process.


There are two main pressure components: the simplified kettle cover is made of 16MnR steel plate, and the steel plate is compliant with the GB6654 standards in terms of the thickness of the steel plate.

Kettle bodies as well as lids of the kettles are forged from 16Mn billets that are integrally forged into the kettle body. There are a number of forgings that meet the requirements of the JB4726 2000 standard, and they are each subjected to ultrasonic non-destructive testing one by one. I have checked that the indicators meet the requirements of JB/T4730.3-2005, the corresponding regulations.

Door opening method: through type or end type. The through type means that the kettle cover is installed at both ends, and the end type means that the kettle cover is installed at one end.

Kettle lid opening method: gear-type quick-opening structure, driving methods are divided into manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission. It is also equipped with a safety interlock device for opening and closing the kettle door.

The main part of the autoclave is mainly composed of kettle body device, kettle cover device, swing device, hand reducer, safety device, support, insulation layer, sealing device, pipeline valve instrument and so on. The accessory parts include drainage device and electric control box.

1. Kettle body device: It is mainly welded by the cylinder body and the kettle body flange. Tracks are laid on the bottom of the kettle body, which can walk or park a steaming trolley. There are various pipe sockets and connecting pipes that are arranged on the kettle body for the intake and discharge of steam, for the discharge of condensate, as well as for the installation of valves and instruments.

2. Kettle cover device: It is mainly welded by the kettle cover flange, bevel tooth plate, and spherical head; the flange teeth of the kettle cover coincide with the flange teeth of the kettle body, and play the role of closing the autoclave.

3. Swing device:

(1) The side-opening door is composed of a main shaft, a cantilever beam, a support plate, a pull plate, and a pull rod to enable the door to be opened from the side. Located on the top end of the kettle, it is connected with the lid handle using a pull rod, and it functions as a suspension and rotation device for the kettle lid when it is attached to the top end of the kettle.

(2) Opening the door: It is built with a counterweight box, a swing arm, a support plate, etc., all of which are arranged in such a way that the kettle’s lid can swing back and forth as needed.

4. It is a hand-operated reducer that is fixed on the side of the flange of the kettle body in order to drive the lid of the kettle around its central axis by means of the toothed plate of the gear, which allows the teeth of the kettle body to be snapped or disengaged through the flange of the lid of the kettle.

5. It consists of a safety handle, a sleeve, a connecting rod and a ball valve that is attached to the side of the kettle body by the manual interlock device. The manual interlock device is mounted on the side of the kettle body’s flange.

6. There are three types of supports: intermediate support, movable support, and end support, which are used to support the kettle body when it is placed on the ground. By using rollers, all of the other supports, except for the fixed one in the middle, move axially when they expand with heat and contract when they cool down as a result of temperature changes.

7. Layer of insulation: reduces heat loss from the autoclave when it is in use, and the thickness of the insulation layer can be adjusted by the user based on the properties of the insulation material, and the insulation of the kettle body can be adjusted by the user).

8. The sealing device consists of a rubber sealing ring, a stop valve, and an elbow for the steam inlet inlet. As an example, a rubber sealing ring is embedded in the sealing groove of the flange of the kettle body, and the sealing steam enters the sealing groove during operation, and the rubber seal ring is close to the end surface of the kettle cover in order to achieve the sealing effect.

9. Observation of the operation of the autoclave is accomplished by the use of instrumentation such as a pressure gauge, a safety valve, thermometers, thermocouples, ball valves, etc., used to track the operation of the autoclave.

10. The drainage device consists of several components such as drainage pipe connectors, steam traps, sewage valves, etc. In order to prevent solids from blocking the steam trap, the condensed water is discharged through the steam trap following the condensing process in the connector. The drain valve can be set to discharge condensed water and sludge regularly or irregularly depending on the circumstances.

11. A safety interlock system is an electronic device that includes a control cabinet, a pressure controller (or an electric contact pressure gauge), and a lock for the kettle door or pressure alarm device. In order to ensure that the autoclave is used safely, it must comply with TSG R0004: “Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Stationary Pressure Vessels” requirement 3.20.


① An autoclave is a horizontal cylindrical device made of steel. The lid of the kettle is pressed from a single piece of 16MnR steel plate. The flange of the kettle lid and the flange of the kettle body are made of 16Mn integral forging. Heat treatment and strict non-destructive testing have been performed on the welds of the pressure parts.

② In order to open and close the autoclave door, a hand-operated reducer is used to open and close the door that is a movable quick-opening structure. According to user requirements, it can also be opened and closed by electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic means. Having a complete safety interlock protection device installed in the autoclave, the hidden danger of misoperation can be avoided to the maximum extent possible, ensuring the safe operation of the autoclave and the safe production of the operators. As part of the opening type of the kettle door, there are two different types of openings: a side opening and a top opening for the user to choose from. In the side-opening type, the door opening mechanism is a rotating arm type, which makes it flexible in rotation, has a low position operation, and is easy and convenient for users to open; in the top-opening type, the door opening mechanism is a lever type, which makes it simple and convenient to open. In the lower part of the lever, there is a connection to the kettle door, while in the upper part, there is a counterweight device that is fitted with a steadying force.

③ There is an imported rubber sealing ring of a professional manufacturer which is used for the door seal of the autoclave, which is easy to install, has a good sealing performance, and has a long service life. In order to support the different parts of the kettle body, we can distinguish three types of support: fixed support, movable support, and special support for the end of the kettle body. In this way, the autoclave is better adapted to the thermal expansion and contraction of the kettle body, ensuring the smooth operation of the machine and the long life of the components.

④ A wide range of safety valves, pressure gauges, temperature measuring components, inlet and exhaust valves, sealing ball valves, steam traps and other necessary valves and instruments are fitted to the autoclave, and a decontamination tank is available for users to select and use according to their own preferences.

⑤ The autoclave is manufactured with the traditional steam distribution pipes and guide rails, as well as a sealed steam anti-shock cover, as well as a hydrophobic cover that is specially set up to cater to the needs of the users.


When choosing the thermal equipment for your industry and business, besides the industrial steam boiler, for example, coal fired steam boiler, biomass steam boiler, thermal oil boiler&heater, condensing steam boiler, and electrical steam boiler, you can also consider the acc autoclave. If you have any problems when you need a solution about products, please contact YONGXING company and we will give the professional and excellent service.


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