AAC Autoclave Industrial 0.4mpa-2.5mpa For Blocks

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Detail: Industrial AAC Autoclave 0.4mpa-2.5mpa Autoclave Machine Steam Kettle, High quality & Good Price!

  • Industrial Autoclave Kettle Boiler 0.4mpa-2.5mpa Autoclave Machine Steam Kettle

AAC Autoclave 0.4mpa-2.5mpa For Blocks

When you buy an AAC Autoclave, one most important parts is the autoclave temperature and pressure. Normally use pressure is 1.25Mpa and 1.6Mpa. You can buy customized autoclaves for sale in our factory.

An AAC Autoclave is a horizontal unit made of steel, the kettle cover is made by the whole steel plate of 16Mn. It covers the flange, kettle body flange forging process made use of 16Mn as a whole.

The weld of the compression parts has been heating treatment and strict non-destructive testing in accordance with the relevant standards.

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AAC Autoclave Characteristic

1. The raw material of the FGZSS series AAC Autoclave is steel equipment, and its appearance is a horizontal tube device. The end sockets on both sides of the autoclave are made of a Q345R (16MnR) steel plate. With higher requirements for factory equipment, Yongxing is currently the only manufacturer in Henan that can make end sockets by itself.

The AAC Autoclave cover flange and the body butt flange are also forged from a single piece of steel plate, model Q345R (16MnR steel).
The pressure parts of the autoclave you buy will all undergo pre-heat treatment, strict production control, and NDT non-destructive testing.

2. In order to save manpower, you can purchase autoclave doors that open automatically. The louver structure is adopted. We have two ways to open the door, the top-opening door and the sideways opening doors. For large autoclaves, we recommend top-opening the door, you can save the space around the autoclave, you save foundation space.

3. At the door of the AAC Autoclave, a safety interlocking protection device is installed. As pressure-bearing equipment, we ensure that it enjoys the same safety protection device as the boiler. It enjoys our A2-level pressure vessel design standards.

4. The airtightness of the autoclave door directly affects the work effect. By buying our products, you will get an autoclave with very good airtightness. It is sealed by a professional imported rubber sealing strip, which is easy to install and long in use.

If you use it in a different place, the sealing strip should also be purchased in different forms, such as fixed brackets, mobile brackets, and end brackets.

5. You will buy a complete AAC Autoclave system, including safety valves, intake valves, exhaust valves, sealing ball valves, traps, and drain valves. Pressure gauges, water level gauges, thermometers, etc. You can also choose to buy a sewage tank, we can provide all of these.

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