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About Yongxing Boiler Group

Yongxing is your professional & large-scale industrial boilers manufacturer. Covers an area of 660,000m2, total assets of 330 million yuan, production equipment 336 sets. With around 40 years boiler experience to supply you a good price, high efficiency steam boiler. Get Certifications of ASME, CE, China 4A,SGS,BV,DOSH and etc. You could choose your requirements from 240+ boiler types. All the boiler you want can deliver in 30days, as we have a complete set of advanced, highly automated boiler production lines. You could find a lot of real cases successfully in more than 130 countries.

Yongxing Boiler Honors & Awards

First one is Yongxing China A class certifications for boilers & pressure vessels. We are China seldom Doube-A class steam boiler & generator manufacturer. Second one is ASME certifications for our brand JINMA. With “U” and “S” Mark for boiler, we could supply you with ASME standard industrial boiler with best steam boiler price. Third one is CE certifications from Italy ECM institute. We could supply you 238 models CE products. ISO9001 quality system control certificate. Yongxing induced advanced steam boiler companies management system, our management is more advanced, systematic, and reasonable.

Yongxing Boiler Group Factory History

Yongxing Factory History
In 1981s, Yongxing industrial boilers manufacturer was established and make the first industrial steam boilers for customer. Our former name is Taikang Yongxing Boiler Co., LTD. In the next 2 years, we get the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
Yongxing Factory History
  • Yongxing obtains the national High grade A boiler manufacturing license.
  • Passed ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification
  • Officially renamed Yongxing Boiler Group Co., LTD
  • An annual output of 4000 tons of steam has been established, supply you any type boiler within 25days.
Yongxing Factory History
  • Yongxing obtains ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification
  • Signed representative agreement with FATEH GROUP of Pakistan
  • Introduce EPR management system
  • Establish, improve R & D center and system
Yongxing Factory History
  • Yongxing has successfully applied for a famous trademark of Henan Province
  • Yongxing Boiler Group invests in 3 boiler brands
  • Set up the e-commerce department in Zhengzhou and successfully realized the strategic change of industry
1981 ~ 2000
2001 ~ 2010
2011 ~ 2015

Yongxing Boiler Quality Control Process

To make a high-quality boiler requires a strict quality control system. In order to ensure that every customer in Yongxing can get 100% quality industrial boiler products, our company adopts a strict quality control system.
Please refer to them below.
Materials Cutting Control
Materials Cutting Control
  • Raw material specification and their surface quality
  • Material cutting geometry size, groove direction size for seamless welding.
  • material mark, product number control for trace.
Automatic Welding Quality Assurance
Automatic Welding Quality Assurance
  • Forming quality, girth, edge angle, straightness are all well controlled
  • Control of welding quality, welding technology with an unequal thickness
  • Timeless of test board, try our best to ensure 0 repair
  • With welder’s steel seal
Argon ARC Welding
Argon ARC Welding
  • Same with #2 control process
Draw The Line & Drilling Hole
Draw The Line & Drilling Hole
  • Yonxing worker strictly control the position, diameter, quantity, fear, center line of drilling holes, and mark them properly.
Bending Pipes
Bending Pipes
  • Do the first bend pipe inspection and spot check in the steam boiler manufacture.
  • Control the size and position, and make marks.
Final Assembly
Final Assembly
  • Assembly quality control, boiler tube end extension length, manhole inspection.
  • Welding quality control and inspection

Yongxing Boiler Media Center

Biomass steam boiler
Shipment of DZL6-1.25-AII biomass steam boiler
Oil/Gas steam boiler
Shipment of WNS2-1.25-YQ oil/gas steam boiler
Natural gas boilers
Shipment of 3sets WNS1.-1.25-YQ natural gas boilers

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