Air-cooled stepped reciprocating grate incinerator

Air-cooled Stepped Reciprocating grate Incinerator

If you are looking for a high-quality reciprocating grate with the same technical quality as the American GTS, then you are lucky that we can provide you with such a high-quality, affordable reciprocating grate system.
Our air-cooled stepped reciprocating grate combustion furnace is the main key equipment of the thermal energy center.
Normally, we assume that your wood-based panel project will take industrial waste, sawn wood, slicing, bark, sawdust, and sanding powder as the main fuel.
In the production process the main fuel, such as hot air, hot oil, steam, and other heat carriers produced by the combustion furnace, will supply the heat for the production of your enterprise.
Here, our company can provide different solutions according to your different industrial needs, such as the common wood-based panel industry with the same specific heat needs.
1. To have better efficiency, our combustion furnace adopts a hydraulic oblique push reciprocating grate and air cooling as the cooling mode of the grate.
Therefore, our main thermal oil boiler design for burning wood waste will be YGW reciprocating furnace square box type organic heat carrier furnace. Picture and principle as follows:
Leaning reciprocating grate
2. In order to provide high-quality grate bars, our grate bars are made of high-temperature resistant alloy steel resistant to 1100 ℃, which is suitable for the combustion of wood waste and straw waste.
Leaning reciprocating grate
A special fuel here is sanding powder. We use air-cooled nozzles to inject it through a high-pressure fan.
Among them, a total of four nozzles are sprayed in a tangential direction to form a vortex flame in the furnace to increase the combustion stroke and disturb the turbulence of the sanding powder, so that the sanding powder is completely burnt out, and at the same time, the sand particles (the sandbelt falling off) are settled in the adiabatic furnace to increase the rear dust removal effect.
3. If you have granular fuel edges, bark, wood chips of different sizes, etc, don’t worry.
These can be sent into the front hopper through a belt feeder, into the grate, and then pushed into the furnace through the hydraulic device.
At this time, the reciprocating grate will push the fuel forward and form a uniform fire bed on the grate surface.
4. By the way, adjusting the stoke and reciprocating grates times is also affordable. Because our reciprocating grate is composed of several groups of the fixed grate and movable grate, which is driven by a hydraulic cylinder.
5. We design the reciprocating grate with an inclination angle of 20 ° to the horizontal to help the fuel moving fluently and efficiently.
Under the action of the movable grate, the fuel gradually moves to the back of the grate, and then burns out gradually in the disturbance.
6. Finally, the air needed for fuel combustion will be sent into each air chamber of the grate by the blower and enters the furnace through the small holes and air grooves in the grate bars to ensure the oxygen needed for correct combustion.
Each air chamber is provided with an adjusting air door, which can adjust the air distribution according to the amount of air needed in different combustion stages.
Leaning reciprocating grate

You should want to know what we can do?


Yes, we could provide you with the following solutions:
  • 1. Various supplies of thermal oil boilers (high-temperature hot oil), steam boilerhot water boilers, waste heat boilers, and hot air boilers.
  • 2. Support coal-fired, biomass particles, oil, and gas thermal energy equipment to provide.
  • 3. Provide a full set of technical exchange, design, and optimization, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, delivery, and operation to after-sales tracking services.
Follow is a system drawing for your reference. If you have any requests, kindly contact us to know more.
400t d Leaning reciprocating grate Municipal solid waste incineration boiler
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