Changes to rules on Small Waste Oil Burners (SWOBs)


Changes to rules on Small Waste oil burners (SWOBs)

Defra has announced changes meaning all Small Waste Oil burners (SWOBs) will be classified as incinerators from April next year. The changes will mean that anyone wishing to use Small Waste Oil Burners will have to comply with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) which includes requirements to gain a permit from the Environment Agency. The changes will likely mean it is no longer cost effective to operate a SWOB using waste oil, however, non-waste fuels such as kerosene, gas oil or fuel oil can still be used without needing to comply with the IED. If you would like further advice on how the change will impact your business as well as the legal requirements for waste oil disposal please contact Yongxing for more information.