6T DZL coal/biomass fired steam boiler ordered by Thailand customer was delivered


6T DZL coal/biomass fired steam boiler ordered by Thailand customer was delivered


This export product: DZL6T-1.25MPa coal/biomass fired steam boiler

Export country: Bangkok, Thailand

Use industry: Chemistry factory

Number of purchases: 1 units.

Transport: Shipping


The 6T DZL coal-fired boiler produced by the company is exported to Bangkok, Thailand. The customer runs a chemical plant in the local area. The original boiler has been used a long time and has reached the end of its service life. At the same time, considering the safety of the boiler, the customer decided to purchase a 6T coal-fired boiler with automatic loading. The company has worked with this customer before and ordered some auxiliary machines. Considering the excellent quality and good technical service of our products, customers choose to continue to cooperate with the company. At present, the main engine of the boiler has been successfully transported to its destination, and the installers have started the assembly work.

The technical data are as follows:

1. Type of Boiler: 6t DZL steam boiler

2. Rated Capacity: 6t/h

3. Working Pressure: 12.5 Bar

4. Steam Temperature : 193.3℃

5. Feed water Temperature : 20℃

6. Boiler Heating Area: 216.4㎡

7. Gate Area: 7.54㎡

8. Exhaust temperature: 125℃

9. Fuel: Coal

10. Design Thermal Efficiency: 80.32%

11.  Max Freight Size(L×W×H): 7.42*3*3.67


The matching auxiliaries list are below:

1.chain grate: travelling grates or flake type chain grates

2. Induced Draft Fan:  GY1-18 4#Right 0° Electro-motor Y 132S-4B3

3. Forced Draft Fan : 4-72-3.2A Right 315° Electromotor Y 90L-2

4. Electric Pump: JGGC2-8X13 Electromotor Y 90L-2

5. Governor: Stepless speed governor Electromotor YCT112-4A"

6. Ash Extractor: Screw type Electromotor Y 90S-6

7. Dust Collector: Multi-tube XTD-1