Steam boiler WNS1-1.25-YQ export to the Philippines for hospital

steam boiler WNS1-1.25-YQ export to the Philippines for hospital
Boiler model: WNS oil gas fired steam boiler
Boiler pressure: 1Mpa,10bar,150psi,10kg/cm2
Fuel: Oil or gas, Or dual fuel
Boiler capacity:1ton, 1000kg/h,0.7MW
Applicable: Hospital, Steam boilers also have a wide range of uses in hospitals.
   Steam boilers can provide sufficient steam for hospital disinfection, preparation, laundry, heating, air conditioning, bathing and other aspects. Disinfection is very important in the hospital. Steam boilers are very important in hospitals for sterilizing medical equipment, hospital bed sheets, quilts, etc. 
  The quality of steam directly affects the entire system operation of the hospital. Once the hospital's steam boiler operation fails, it not only affects the normal operation of the hospital, but also poses a major threat to the lives and safety of patients and employees. 
Therefore, the steam boiler selected by the hospital must be safe and reliable.
For steam boilers used in hospitals, we recommend gas boilers. Gas-fired steam boilers use clean energy, which is important for protecting the atmosphere, reducing pollutant emissions and protecting people's health. 
The energy-saving control technology is applied in the gas boiler system, which not only ensures the safe operation of the boiler, but also helps the system to reduce the internal consumption, and plays a role in guaranteeing the economy and operation of the gas boiler.
We again recommend our WNS series steam boiler from yongxing boiler group, with the capacity from 0.5 tons to 25 tons.The SZS series reaches 50 tons.
Yongxing boiler has obtained the production license certificate of grade A boiler and the production license certificate of grade A pressure vessel.At the same time, obtained the eu CE certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, environmental system certification, and a series of certificates.With more than 50 years of boiler experience, we provide you with high quality boiler products.
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