Why the boiler grate burnt out ?How to repair it?


Why the boiler grate burnout ?How to repair it?

The reason for boiler grate damage:

1.The coal seam in the chain grate is nonuniform,furnace with too high temperature, too many imperfect combustion coal accumulation in the end of the grate slag trap keeping on burning.

2.The dam-board doesn't make regular ash-discharge,the small size coal follow down and still burn in fine ash bucket,which result in chain grate stoker framework deformation,or worse lead to burnout of chain grate link.

3.When banking fire,the bottom of chain grate loss cooling and cause the link and grate bar damage.

Handling method,How to handling the problem?
1.Change work method,bulldozed flat coal seam
2.Dislagging regularly.
3.To improve banking fire technology