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  • Robust Design for High-Pressure Steam
  • Customizable Length
  • 100% Safe and Reliable
  • Additional Safety Features
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Premium Quality Autoclave For AAC Blocks Design Features

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The body of our Autoclaves have been designed with top-quality raw materials. Therefore, it can bear high-pressure steam at high temperatures with 0% leak. The work operation has passed the trials multiple times at different operation conditions.
Flanges of autoclaved aac concrete block
Our Autoclave for AAC blocks has a unique flanges design that promotes the door's quick locking and unlocking mechanism. It has been designed with forged steel to provide superior strength to the doors and offer leak-free operation.
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We are one of China's largest Autoclaves Manufacturer and Supplier. Therefore, we offer on-time shipping of our autoclave for AAC blocks worldwide. Just drop us your shipping address, the equipment will reach your address safe and sound.
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FJZCS Single Socket Autoclave For AAC Blocks has a single-door design that is used for both loading and unloading of products. It is a perfect option if you have a small space at your facility. In addition, it offers easy and quick installation for user convenience.
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FGZCS Double Socket Autoclaves have a double-door design for fast and convenient loading and unloading of products. At both ends, there is a leaf-free door design that helps users load from one side and unload from the other. It's a perfect option for increasing your production speed
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At Yongxing, we offer our customers an installation service in case they are inexperienced. We will send our installation expert team to your facility for installing our Autoclave for AAC blocks. They will install the autoclave and leave your facility once the equipment operates.

Our Autoclave For AAC Blocks Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Autoclave For AAC Blocks Safe and Reliable Quality

Yongxing is one of China’s leading certified Autoclave manufacturers with over 40 years of experience and a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate. Our autoclaves for AAC blocks are perfectly designed to provide 100% safety to their users. We conduct more than ten hydrostatic and quality tests to ensure that our customers receive reliable and long-lasting equipment.

From the selection of the raw materials to the design parameters, we have a professional engineer team for inspecting each and every aspect of our autoclave operation. Our inspection team checks the quality of raw material before approving it for the production of autoclaves. On the other hand, our design drawings comply with CSBTS standards and are certified to be safe for production.

Yongxing offers two different models of autoclaves; single socket and double socket autoclaves. A single socket autoclave has a single door for loading and unloading the products. It is a perfect option if you have limited space in your industry.

In contrast, the double socket autoclave for AAC blocks has two doors; one for loading and the other for unloading. It saves your time and speeds up the production process of aerated concrete blocks. Both are available in the lengths that you require.

Furthermore, our autoclaves have additional safety features that prevent the system from over-pressurizing. We have installed an accurate pressure gauge, highly-sensitive thermometer, and safety valves to avoid the system’s malfunctioning. All of them have passed the safety tests and comply with China’s safety regulations.

The Yongxing autoclave for AAC blocks has a 100% safe internal chamber that is designed with top-quality raw materials. It has a high-pressure bearing design that can hold high-temperature pressurized steam for hours. We have conducted multiple tests to be fully certain about the pressure-bearing ability of our autoclaves.

Our autoclaves are not just unique in structure design but also in the curing process. Its saturated steam holding is extraordinary and completes the hydrothermal reaction of CaO – SiO2 – H2O in less time. As a result, you will get top-quality autoclaved aerated blocks in less time.

If you have no experience installing the autoclaves for AAC blocks, we will send our professionals to install the equipment in your place as an after-sales service.

We are waiting for your inquiry! To know more, navigate to bottom FAQ guide.

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Autoclave For AAC Blocks in Our Factory

You can visit our factory for a better analysis of our top-quality Autoclaves for AAC blocks. We have a vehicle service available for our customers to attain their full satisfaction.

Yongxing Autoclave For AAC Blocks Quality Guarantee

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Autoclave For AAC Blocks Complete FAQ Guide

Are you looking for a 100% safe and long-lasting Autoclave for AAC blocks? You have come to the right place. The Yongxing designs a top-quality AAC autoclave that comes with automatic safety control features. Moreover, our skilled engineers have used high-quality raw materials to design these rigid, high-pressure, and temperature tolerating AAC plants.

As compared to other AAC block plant manufacturers, our design has several additional features for extra safety and high-quality curing. Plus, the Yongxing AAC autoclave price is reasonable compared to other manufacturers.

Do you want to know more about our autoclave for AAC blocks? Here is a detailed FAQ guide that covers the design details to the Autoclave AAC plant working principle.

So, let’s delve in and understand how our autoclaves functions.

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What is Your Autoclave For AAC Blocks?

The Yongxing autoclave for the AAC Plant is a large horizontal vessel with a rigid structure. It is a mechanical device used for steam curing concrete aerated blocks and wood preservations.

For concrete curing, this autoclaved aerated concrete AAC plant uses a hydrothermal reaction that occurs inside the vessel. For your comprehensive understanding, here is the design of the Yongxing autoclave for AAC blocks:

Doors Design

Yongxing autoclaves have a unique door opening design that comes in two types; automatic and manual door opening. As per your requirements, our design engineers can manufacture both.

Automatic design door

Our autoclave for AAC blocks has an upper open-door design that uses a lever to open and close. The upper side of the lever has a weight on its end to help open the door. And the lever’s lower side has a firm connection with the kettle door.

On the other hand, the design of the door at the backside has a rotating lever for closing and opening our autoclave for the AAC plant. The door-opening has a convenient design that requires only one person to do the operation. In addition, the rotating lever provides flexible rotation for further user convenience.

And for maintaining the internal temperature and pressure, our autoclave doors has unique sealing rings. It helps seal the chamber entirely without leaving a space for any type of leakage.

Yongxing hebel aerated concrete

Cylindrical Structure Design

For the curing and wood preservation process, the autoclave for AAC blocks must have a rigid and robust design to bear high temperature and pressure steam. Therefore, the Yongxing engineers have adopted advanced processing technology for the top-quality and high-strength design.

Our AAC block plant project report shows that the weld joints of the cover head and flange are designed with automatic submerged arc welding. Moreover, to further increase the strength of our autoclave, the weld joints are processed with several heat treatments.

And for ensuring safety, multiple non-destructive tests were processed for all weld joints. As a result, Yongxing autoclave for AAC blocks achieves optimum strength level, and the forging and welding stresses reduce to the minimum.

Furthermore, the Yongxing autoclaves have a unique cover designed with a monoblock Q345R steel plate. This material helps to improve compression molding. And the autoclave cover flange also uses the Q345R steel plate for enhancing integral forging.

All these design features are integrated for producing high-quality AAC concrete and aerated blocks.

Autoclave For AAC Blocks Internal Chamber

The internal structure design is crucial as the aerated blocks curing occurs inside. The Yongxing have specially engineered the internal chamber of autoclave for AAC blocks with integrated additional safety features.

Inside the chamber, there are over hundreds of thermocouple ports, vacuum source ports, and vacuum transducer ports. Each of them has a unique number that is identifiable by the computer.

Yongxing autoclaves automatically control the temperature and pressure using these unique numbers. Plus, in the case of any leak, the operator can know which port has malfunctioned using the unique port number.

Safety Features

The Yongxing autoclave for AAC blocks offers 100% safe interlock protection. This one AAC panel ensures the safety of the overall AAC autoclave processes and protects the equipment from over temperature and pressure.

When the autoclave’s inside pressure increases to its pre-defined limit, the AAC panel automatically releases some pressure and reduces the temperature. And the AAC panel cladding has a solid covered structure that does not allow dust and water to disturb the internal electronic systems.

Last but not least, our unique autoclaves have a pressure gauge and a thermometer on the tank’s outer side. It helps you monitor the chamber’s inside pressure and temperature to provide additional safety.

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What Types Of Autoclave For AAC Blocks Do You Offer?

As per the customers’ demand, Yongxing engineers have designed two different types of autoclaves for AAC blocks. Here is a detailed overview for each of them:

1. FGZCS Autoclave – Double Sockets Design

The FGZCS double socket autoclave is a large vessel for high-quality concrete curing. It adopts advanced technology to attract customers worldwide. The double socket autoclave for AAC blocks has a quick-opening feature that reduces operation time. It has a double door design for fast loading and unloading of products.

The Yongxing engineers have designed this autoclave for producing aerated cement concrete, lime sand bricks, new lightweight wall materials, coal ash bricks, pipes, microporous calcium silicate boards, and solid high-strength gypsum.

The double socket autoclave has a simple structure that includes a large autoclave body, support stand, kettle cover, safety panel, and valve instruments. The complete body has been designed by highly-skilled engineers using top-quality raw materials for efficient and safe operation.

To make these products, the autoclave supplies high temperature and pressure steam to complete the hydrothermal reaction. The reaction CaO – SiO2 – H2O occurs inside the autoclave for AAC blocks that produce the rigid autoclaved cement concrete. However, you will need to integrate a boiler with it to supply the required steam for producing autoclaved concrete blocks.

The Yongxing double socket autoclave for AAC blocks has a wide application that includes rubber manufacturing, glass curing, heavy metal smelting, corrosion treatment, wood drying, etc. We have included its catalog on our website if you want to know the technical parameters of our double socket autoclaves.

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2. FJZCS Single Socket AAC Autoclave For Blocks

The FJZCS single-socket autoclave for blocks has a single-door design on the end of it. It has an advanced open-lid door design that allows the product to enter and exit from the same side. Inside the vessel, the same reaction, CaO – SiO2 – H2O, occurs that produces high-quality autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete.

Besides, the overall autoclave structure has the same design except for the single door, which is perfect if you have limited space at your facility. And as compared to the other types of autoclaves for AAC blocks, it offers a much easier installation.

The Yongxing autoclave single door has a perfect interlock protection feature. It helps reduce the chances of malfunctioning and eliminates any risk of a steam leak. The overall structure has been analyzed on the ANSYS finite element for a safe and reliable design. It means that all the risks of malfunctions are already taken care of.

In addition, our autoclaves have a pressure gauge, thermometer, and safety valves on the outer side for additional safety. It means that your workers can monitor the inside pressure and temperature all the time. Plus, you can easily de-pressurize the system using safety valves in an unwanted situation.

And Our autoclaves have a wide scope in industries like rubber manufacturers, corrosion-treatment plants, wood drying, medicine, heavy metal smelting, etc. However, if you want to know the technical specifications, we have already uploaded the autoclave’s catalogue.

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How Does Autoclave Work In AAC Blocks?

The autoclave for AAC blocks has a simple working principle. For the production of aerated autoclaved concrete, steam curing is required. The autoclave supplies saturated steam and surrounds the concrete body until the calcium oxide and calcium silicate start reacting.

After a particular time in the saturated steam at high temperature, the fly ash’s calcium oxide and silica quicklime’s calcium silicate react. It results in hydrated calcium aluminium gel that, in return, produces aerated autoclaved concrete blocks.

Note that you must set a certain pressure and temperature for an effective curing system. And you must know how long to cure for producing a high-quality AAC concrete block. Too long and too short curing may result in ineffective curing and produce low-quality aerated concrete.

If you are not experienced, we suggest contacting our engineers. As an after-sales service, they will help you analyze the perfect parameters for producing high-quality aerated cement blocks when installing our autoclave for AAC blocks.

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What Is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete?

The AAC aerated autoclaved concrete is a precast building material that has lightweight, are fire and mould-resistant, and has excellent insulation properties. Generally, these autoclave blocks are used in the inner leaf of a cavity wall. However, due to their wide range of properties, you can construct a complete house with these autoclaved lightweight concretes,

It comprises of cement, lime, quartz sand, aluminium powder, and water. These reinforced autoclaved aerated concretes are manufactured with the help of autoclave for AAC blocks using high temperature saturated steam curing.

Most people think that the autoclaved aerated blocks and dense concrete are the same. But that’s not true. The aerated cement blocks and dense concrete differ in their properties; even their production method is different from each other.

Dense concrete is just a cement and water mixture with some percentage of PFA and coarse and fine aggregate. Its full strength comes from the cement hydration that usually takes months.

On the other hand, the AAC concrete for sale has a comparatively much lower density and is extremely light weighted. In comparison to dense concrete, the aerated cement concrete production process takes less time. When it comes out of the autoclave and gets cooled, it is ready to use – no need to wait for months.

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What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Autoclaved Aerated Blocks?

Autoclaving AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks involves placing the blocks in a chamber or autoclave, which is then pressurized with steam. The process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Loading: AAC blocks are stacked inside the autoclave, ensuring there is enough space for steam circulation around each block.
  2. Pressurization: The autoclave is sealed, and steam is introduced to raise the internal pressure. This pressure helps to cure the blocks and achieve the desired strength.
  3. Heating: The temperature inside the autoclave is raised to a specific level, usually around 190-200°C, and maintained for a set period.
  4. Curing: The combination of heat and pressure cures the blocks, leading to a chemical reaction within the material that gives it its final strength.
  5. Cooling: After the curing process is complete, the blocks are cooled down slowly inside the autoclave before being removed.

Autoclaving is a critical step in the production of AAC blocks as it helps ensure the blocks achieve the desired strength and other properties.

The AAC has a completely different manufacturing process. Unlike other concrete, it is produced using aggregates the size of sand particles. The AAC thermalite blocks manufacturing process includes the involvement of binding agents. The lime, calcined gypsum, quartz sand, water, and cement are the binding agents in this product. And it involves the addition of aluminium at rates between 0.05 – 0.08%

After the mixing, multiple chemical reactions occur, which is responsible for AAC’s high thermal insulation properties and its lightweight. After the reaction of calcium hydroxide and aluminium, the foaming process starts. As a result, the foaming process starts, and hydrogen gas starts producing in the form of bubbles.

When the autoclave for AAC blocks foaming process completes, the hydrogen gas exits and gets mixed with the air.

After foam removal, it softens, which are then cut into different shapes. When it’s perfectly sized, these materials are placed into an autoclave for the curing process.

During the curing process, calcium silicate hydrate forms due to the reaction between calcium hydroxide and quartz sand.

At the end of the autoclaving process, the high-strength aerated cement blocks with excellent insulation properties are ready for use.

reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete
reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete

What Is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Used For?

The autoclaved lightweight concrete has extensive thermal insulating properties that can be used both for interior and exterior construction. In addition to its thermal insulating ability, it offers easy installation because it can be cut to size and routed in the same facility.

Since the autoclaved aerated cement blocks have very low density, it’s beneficial for huge buildings. Plus, the buildings constructed with AAC building blocks require less steel and cement without compromising the building’s standing strength.

As the number of joints decreases, more miniature mortars are required for laying aerated building blocks. In the same way, it reduces the rendering cost due to dimensional correctness. Although common cement mortars are useable, most buildings with AAC erection use thin-bed mortars with thickness 3mm – 3.2mm.

Besides cost-friendliness and strength, the autoclaved aerated cement blocks offer extreme thermal insulation. It makes these aerated thermal blocks highly beneficial for areas with extreme temperatures because you won’t need to use two different materials for construction and insulation. Why use two different materials when one can provide both advantages, right?

For long-lasting use, you can use a stucco or plaster compound to coat the aerated lightweight concrete blocks. It helps guard against other elements. Additionally, you can use brick or vinyl cover for extra benefits.

Industrial Insulated AAC Autoclave

Are you an AAC block plant manufacturer?

Yes, Yongxing is one of the largest certified manufacturers of autoclave machines for AAC blocks. We have a skilled engineer team behind every design that complies with the State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision (CSBTS) standards. After their approval, our design is sent for production.

Even the raw materials of our autoclave come with inspection certificates. At the factory’s gate, we inspect the raw material’s quality. After approval, it goes for the production of our autoclave for AAC blocks.

To be double-sure about the welding joints, we conduct a hydrostatic test to ensure no leakages in our autoclaves. The overall equipment system has additional safety features, which are tested several times before keeping in the store.

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Direct manufacturer autoclaved aerated concrete blocks for sale

Should AAC Plants Use Steam Boilers?

The autoclave for AAC blocks requires saturated steam to produce lightweight aerated blocks. Therefore, you must connect the steam boiler’s system with it. The steam boiler will produce high-temperature saturated steam and supply it to the autoclaves.

After reaching the autoclave, it will be used for the curing process of AAC concrete blocks for sale. For the system to work efficiently, you must provide a leak-free connection between the steam boiler and the autoclave body.


The autoclaved aerated blocks are extremely useful construction materials and provide additional advantages over regular dense cement. It can save you cost and provide excellent thermal insulation without compromising strength. However, you must use a high-quality autoclave for the material’s curing process.

If you want top-quality and reasonable autoclaved aerated concrete blocks price, Yongxing high-quality autoclaves for AAC blocks are the perfect option for you. Both types have unique designs and additional safety features for you and your facility environment to be stress-free.

If you have any queries regarding autoclaves, you can contact our 24/7 active customer support team. We will gladly help and answer all your queries instantly.

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