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Best Gas Boiler 2021
Yongxing 2021 best gas boiler model has 100% safe design and provides highest efficiency. It meets the steam requirements of industries.
Best Modulating Boiler
Our natural gas fueled boilers are compatible with natural gas. It can provide steam at pressures 1 to 10bars with 100% guarantee of safety.
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Yongxing vertical gas boiler has super easy installation and has a fit-in-everywhere design. It has affordable high efficiency gas boiler prices.

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Why Choose Our Gas Fired Boilers?

Gas boilers and furnaces have the versatility to be powered by either natural gas or propane, requiring straightforward adjustments to accommodate the distinct properties of the fuels.

After more than 30 years in the boiler industry, Yongxing has gained rich experience in manufacturing and maintaining industrial boilers. We are a professional enterprise that provides the best gas fired boilers in the industry.

Gas-fired boilers generate heat by burning gas. They can operate using natural gas, propane gas, or LPG. Gas boilers are much more effective than oil-fired boilers. They emit lower amounts of greenhouse gases which is beneficial for the environment. Gas-fired boilers have reduced fuel costs and are more economical than other types of boilers.

Our condensing boilers can achieve 98% efficiency and are the best boilers in the market. They come with advanced systems that minimize heat loss, hence increasing productivity. Furthermore, Yongxing manufactured boilers are environment-friendly as well as they have reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

You can also get commercial oil steam boilers at affordable prices. Moreover, you can purchase convertible oil-to-gas boilers at cheap rates from us.

For more information about gas fired boilers, send us inquiries.

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What Are The Best Gas Fired Boilers – FAQ Guide


Are fuel costs for your boiler is becoming a problem for you? The solution is to buy the best gas fired boilers that will not only reduce fuel cost but will also provide efficient combustion. The gas-fired boiler also reduces carbon footprints that are beneficial to the environment.

They are the most common and preferred type of boilers due to their low maintenance rates and fuel costs. In this guide, you will be able to learn everything about a gas boiler that will help you select the best gas fired boilers for you:

What Is a Gas-Fired Boiler?

As the name suggests, it is a boiler that uses gas to generate steam. They are high-efficiency steam boilers that run on gas. A gas-fired boiler can bear different loads and pressure. They come with an automatic control system for heating.

Gas-fired boilers commonly use natural gas, LPG, and propane as fuel.

Natural Gas Fired Boilers

Most of the gas-fired boilers burn natural gas. Natural gas consists of methane, ethane, propane, and a little bit of nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The boilers burning gases other than methane may produce an unpleasant odor. But you do not have to worry about it if you are using natural gas as input.

Best Gas Fired Boilers Features


Propane Gas Fired Boilers

Let’s say you have to install your gas boiler at a place where natural gas is in short supply. In such a case, propane gas is a much better option. Although propane is expensive, propane-fueled boilers are the best gas fired boilers. It is because they provide better performance and time consumption. It can provide you with benefits that can prove efficient for you.

Top Rated Oil Fired Boilers

LPG Gas Fired Boiler

Except for natural gas and propane, gas fired boiler furnaces can also burn LPG to generate heat. LPG is a more efficient fuel than natural gas and even propane. It has fewer carbon emissions than other fuels such as oil. Low carbon footprints and reduced heating cost are what makes it the best LPG boiler.

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Which Are The Market’s Best Gas Fired Boilers?

A boiler has several features that make it one of the best gas fired boilers. If you are looking for the

market’s best gas fired boiler, it must have the following features:

Best Gas Fired Boilers Have Reduced Heat Loss.

Usually, low-quality boilers lose heat from their surface due to convection or radiation; however, not when you choose the best gas fired boilers. They come with high-quality insulation, which won’t allow even 1% loss.

Best Gas Fired Boilers Have Maximum Heat Transfer

In the best boiler, the maximum amount of heat is transferred to the water tubes. It is possible by using a steam economizer. A steam economizer uses the heat of the waste flue gases to warm the feed water. In this way, almost all the heat of the flue gases is used to convert water into steam.

Best Gas Fired Boilers Excrete Lesser Greenhouse Gases

Lesser carbon and greenhouse gas emissions make a boiler better than others. A typical boiler emits more waste gases that are harmful to the environment. But the best boilers have reduced waste gases’ and thus are eco-friendlier.

To say that boiler is one of the best gas fired boilers, it has to check all the boxes. Although according to the price, some qualities may be missing from the boiler.

How to Buy Best Gas Fired Boilers?

Several deciding factors contribute to making the best gas fired boilers. Following are 5 factors you should consider before buying a gas boiler.

1.     Type of Fuel

First of all, you should consider which type of fuel will be economical for you. It depends on whether the fuel is available in the area or not. Although natural gas is relatively cheap, propane is a better choice if natural gas is not available in the area. You can also opt for LPG to get higher efficiency.

2.     Size

The size of the boiler is as much important as the boiler’s efficiency. An undersized boiler works inefficiently. On the other hand, an oversized boiler will be expensive for you. Therefore, you should choose the size of the boiler, keeping in mind the installation site and the amount of heat you require.

3.     Regional Climate

The climate of the area decides how frequently it will be used. If the site is in an area that experiences warm weather most of the year, then you can buy a small water heater to get steam. But if the installation site is in a cold climate, you must purchase the best gas fired boilers that will give you the heat necessary for heating.

4.     Pricing

Besides all the other requirements, you should also consider your budget before buying a boiler. The selling costs primarily depend on the boiler’s size and the area for its installation. You should buy the best gas-fired steam boiler for you, even if it costs a little more than your budget. It will prove fruitful in the long term, and you will not regret it.

5.     Steam Boiler PSI

Before purchasing a boiler, you should also check for the pressure of the steam it generates. You can get a boiler that produces steam at a high psi and a low-pressure steam boiler psi as well. You can opt for one of the two depending upon the steam psi you want.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind all of these factors and your requirements before buying a gas boiler for sale. You should buy one of the best gas fired boilers that checks all of your requirement boxes and will prove to be economical for you.

What Are New Condensing Gas Boilers?

A new condensing boiler uses the process of condensation that maximizes efficiency. These boilers are equipped with technology to recover the heat from vapors that otherwise would have been lost. Thus, the reduced heat loss makes them high-efficiency gas boilers steam heat generators.

The combustion process creates water vapors that transfer heat to the water tubes. After that, they have some of the heat remaining in them. Rather than wasting the remaining vapors, they are moved into the steam economizer. The economizer extracts the heat by condensing them back to a liquid and makes them one of the most efficient steam boilers out there.

Condensing Boilers Best Buy

Following are some of the advantages of a condensing boiler that makes them better boilers than non-condensing boilers:

1.     Increased Efficiency

The condensing boilers recover the heat used to warm the feed water, thereby increasing the efficiency by 10 – 12%. Thus, it can achieve an efficiency of 98%, which makes them one of the best gas heating boilers.

2.     Environment Friendly

The condensing boilers have a design that reduces gases and heat going to waste. Hence, it lowers greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why they are more eco-friendly than other good gas fired boilers.

3.     Cost-effective Operation

As the condensing boilers have reduced waste, they will consume less fuel. Therefore, the fuel costs are reduced by not allowing the energy to be lost.

What Factors Affect Gas Boiler Efficiency?

The major factor affecting the gas boiler efficiency is its design. Apart from inefficient design, there are four other elements involved in decreasing the gas boiler’s efficiency. Identifying them can help you increase the efficiency of the boilers. Below are the crucial factors that affect the efficiency of the boiler:

Flue Gas Temperature

Flue gas temperature is the temperature of exhaust gases leaving the boiler. Providing that the temperature of these flue gases is high, most heat is being lost. This can be reduced by using steam economizers. These devices ensure that most of the heat transfers to the steam and make the best gas fired boilers.

Quality of Fuel

The type or the quality of the fuel also affects the efficiency of the boilers. Mostly, the gas comprises hydrogen that converts water into steam during the combustion process It wastes the energy that could have been used to create steam. Therefore, using gases with a high proportion of hydrogen impacts efficiency.

Excess Air

The air contains oxygen which is the main ingredient for combustion. Therefore, the boiler requires air for burning. Air also reduces the production of carbon monoxide. However, the air may absorb some of the heat from the combustion. For that reason, it will also reduce the efficiency of the boiler.

Heat Loss Due To Radiation and Convection

The system loses some of its heat due to radiation and convection. Heat loss decreases the efficiency of the boiler significantly. It is avoidable by insulating the boiler. Moreover, reducing the heat loss will also cover the boiler from the environment’s cold winds and improve the airflow control of the boiler.

Can I Convert My Oil Steam Boiler to Gas Boiler?

Converting an oil steam boiler to a gas steam boiler is technically possible, but it involves several considerations and steps. Here is a structured breakdown of the process and factors involved:

Feasibility Assessment:

  1. Boiler Compatibility: Check if the existing steam boiler can be converted to gas. Some boilers are designed to allow conversion while others are not.
  2. Local Codes and Regulations: Confirm with local building codes and regulations to ensure that a conversion is legally permissible.
  3. Availability of Natural Gas: Ensure that natural gas is available in your area and that you can establish a connection to your home.

Conversion Process:

  1. Professional Evaluation: Have a licensed HVAC technician or a plumber evaluate your system to determine if the conversion is possible and cost-effective.
  2. Cost Assessment: Consider the costs of conversion which may include the gas burner, gas line installation, permits, and the technician’s labor.
  3. Safety Inspection: The system will need a thorough inspection for any safety issues before and after the conversion.
  4. New Burner Installation: If the boiler can be converted, a gas burner specific to the make and model of the existing boiler will need to be installed.
  5. Gas Line Installation: A new gas line will need to be run from the street to your boiler.
  6. Venting Modification: The venting system may need alterations to meet the requirements for gas combustion.
  7. System Testing: After the conversion, the system will need to be tested for proper operation and gas leaks.


  1. Efficiency: Determine if the conversion will provide the desired increase in efficiency and cost savings.
  2. Cost vs. Benefit: Weigh the immediate costs of conversion against long-term savings on fuel.
  3. Environmental Impact: Natural gas is less harmful to the environment than oil, so consider the implications before switching. 
  4. Future Heating Needs: Assess whether the converted system will meet your future heating needs or if a new system might be a better long-term investment.
  5. Warranty and Insurance: Ensure that the conversion doesn’t void any existing warranties or affect your home insurance coverage.

Before proceeding, it’s crucial to consult with professionals to get a detailed understanding of the costs, benefits, and potential complications of converting your oil steam boiler to a gas boiler. Depending on various factors, including the age and condition of your current boiler, it might sometimes be more economical in the long run to replace the entire boiler with a new, high-efficiency gas model.

Yes, it is possible to convert oil fired boiler to a gas boiler. For that purpose, you will need to install a converter. The conversion can prove economical and safer for you. Nowadays, the best gas boiler brands are manufacturing convertible oil-fired boilers.

You can convert oil fired boiler into a gas-fired boiler in case fuel costs become a problem for you. The conversion can be very beneficial for you. It will decrease your heating bills and reduce harmful gas emissions. Moreover, the fuel, i.e., natural gas, is quite cheaper than oil. In addition to that, gas boilers save space and are much more efficient than oil boilers.

Are Gas Boilers Phasing Out Due To Government Ban?

Gas boilers usually use natural gas, which is extracted from fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are becoming extinct. Therefore, governments are banning the use of gas-fired boilers to save fossil fuels.

Moreover, gas-fired boilers have reduced carbon emissions than other boilers. Despite that, they still emit a large amount of carbon and other harmful gases. To reduce these emissions, the government is encouraging people to switch to better and more efficient alternatives.

Which Is Best Gas Fired Boiler Brand/Manufacturer?

Choosing a boiler is a considerable investment. Therefore, you should do due diligence and buy the market’s best gas fired boilers in the first place. In a matter of boilers, Yongxing boiler group has been China’s certified boiler manufacturer and supplier. Their unrivaled quality products include the best gas fired boilers, most efficient oil fired boilers, eco-friendly coal/biomass boilers, etc.

Furthermore, the gas boiler prices are comparatively lower than other manufacturers. So, it is a place where you get affordable prices and quality even better than the Thermax oil boiler.

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