Best LPG Boiler Manufacturers: 4 Must-Have Features


Do you know that almost 40% of the world’s population does not have a natural gas supply? Their boilers consume electricity or oil, which is quite costly compared to LPG. This increases the demand for the best LPG boiler manufacturers. They work to provide a relatively cheap alternative for central heating systems.

The best LPG boiler manufacturers provide a boiler system that uses liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a heating media. They are inexpensive, easy to handle and come with several other advantages. Considering these advantages, we have assisted you in choosing the best boiler in this blog. Stick till the end to make the right choice in terms of purchasing.

LPG Boiler: An Overview

LPG boilers are used for domestic as well as industrial heating systems. These boilers ignite the LPG. LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a mixture of gases such as propane and butane. It is 250 times denser than other gases and thus can be stored in large amounts in smaller tanks. So, the boiler will take up less space in your industry while providing total efficiency.

LPG boiler overview

This LPG burns in large burners that heat the water in boiler shells or coils. The heat exchange occurs between water and heat media that convert the water into steam. This steam production serves functional for different domestic and industrial purposes. But the making of steam isn’t that simple. It involves several components of LPG steam boilers and greatly depends on the design.

So, let’s read below to understand the design and working principle of the best LPG boiler manufacturers.

Design And Working

LPG boilers work in mostly the same way as conventional boilers. But the best LPG boiler manufacturers offer highly efficient condensing boilers that save you money on heating bills.

Instead of being connected to a central gas pipe, the LPG boilers are connected to the LPG tank on a central heating system with radiators, room thermostats, and a timer. The burners burn LPG in the boilers. The heat produced in this procedure is transferred into the circulating feed water through heat exchangers. The water absorbs the heat and converts it into a gaseous state (steam). This steam then serves as the basis of different heat-based tasks.

Detailed LPG boiler design

Regarding the design, the best LPG boiler manufacturers offer various components that help in its proper functioning.

Working fluid

The significant component of an LPG boiler is its working fluid. Its working media is water that is transferred from the liquid to the gas phase (steam). We mainly use water in this kind of boiler because it is readily available all the time at a low cost and has a specific heat capacity. It has low resistance, making it flow smoothly, thus increasing its efficiency. It is also known as feed water.

Rotator Water Feed Pump

Rotator water feed pumps are used to force the water into the boiler. The water enters and leaves the boiler shell through the inlet and outlet in a balanced ratio. These pumps work only when the engine is in the working phase. The best LPG boiler manufacturers offer velocities of water and steam from 15-25 feet per second to 400 feet per second, as it helps to distribute water in the burner in a balanced manner.

Combustion Systems

The combustion system composes of a burner, which is the key component of this system. It deals with preparing heat media (LPG), the necessary supply of LPG fuel, and enough oxygen for combustion. It is essential because incomplete combustion of LPG reduces the boiler’s efficiency. Another crucial task of the combustion chamber is to properly mix up the fuel and oxygen (air) that produce a stable flame for heating.

Heat Exchanger Coils

These are the spiral-shaped coils present in the combustion chamber. The heat exchange takes place between the water and these heat exchanger coils. This heat exchange occurs without contact between the water and burning natural gas. These coils are properly laminated and enclosed in steel to avoid the excessive heat release produced in the outside environment. These coils have three parts serving a particular function. Let’s have a look at them.

Upper Water Wall Section

It is a single envelope around the outer part of generating section. It prevents contact between the outer shell and the hot inner gases from the outer shell.

Main Generating Section

It consists of 16 twisted coils. They have an increased diameter that is helpful when the water vaporizes.

Lower Water Wall Section

These are the envelopes around the inner part of generating section. It is used as insulation to control the exchange of heat.

Steam Separator Or Moisture Separator

The next step is to separate the steam from the water. For this purpose, the best LPG boiler manufacturers use a 99.5% quality steam separator to absorb maximum moisture. The water that is separated then returns to the water tank. The steam is then transferred for different purposes in industries.


These include many flow-controlling valves (feed checker valves) and safety valves that serve their specific functions. For example:

  • The feed checker valve is used to control the flow of water. It also prevents the back movement of water from the boiler to the pump.
  • The safety valves are used to avoid the over-pressurization of the boiler. These are placed on the boiler shell.

Piping System

The best LPG boiler manufacturers use specific metals in their piping systems to enhance the working efficiency of their boilers. These tubes are mostly made of steel alloys with elements such as molybdenum, chromium, nickel, 9-12% chromium steel, and stainless steel. These are budget-friendly, and one can easily convert these into the desired structure.

Pressure Meter

Another critical step is to keep a check on water pressure and steam pressure. The pressure meter handles this crucial task of monitoring pressure. These are used to keep a controlled pressure of water. This is mainly located near the separator.

Identifying The Best LPG Boiler Manufacturers 2022

There are a lot of LPG boilers due to their demand, and it is estimated that the global LPG boiler value will be USD 13665.11 million in 2022 and USD 160811.2 million by 2027. But there is always a question about choosing the best LPG boiler manufacturers. Here are the features they must have:

Best LPG Boiler Manufacturers 2022

1.     Boiler Efficiency and Boiler Capacity

LPG has established a reputation as one of the most efficient fuel sources worldwide. It is highly flammable and has a higher caloric value of about 55000kJ/kg. LPG boilers show higher efficiencies when the LPG is used properly. The best LPG boiler manufacturers offer an efficiency rate of 90.9%-98% in their boilers. Yet, its efficiency may vary according to its size and customer requirement. So if you are looking for a customized boiler with a high-efficiency rate, our company provides a similar efficiency rate, thus meeting our customer’s needs.

When choosing an LPG steam boiler, in addition to the efficiency of the boiler, consumers are concerned about the boiler capacity, another important parameter for the boiler. Now there is the common capacity like 1t/h, 2t/h, 4t/h, 6t/h, 8t/h, 10t/h, 15t/h, 20t/h, and so on. Users need to decide the effective power of the boiler according to the actual use occasions, such as laundry room, food processing factory, pharmaceutical processing factory, textile factory, hotel, chemical factory, etc.

2.     Per Hour Fuel Consumption Of Gas By Boiler

Another feature that distinguishes the best LPG boiler manufacturers is their boiler’s consumption of gas per hour. Gas consumption by a boiler is inversely proportional to the quality of a boiler. Less consumption of LPG, giving high amounts of output energy, is an excellent feature of the best LPG boilers. An ideal LPG boiler consumes around 0.11kg of gas per hour. But this can also vary according to the size of the LPG boiler.

3.     Fuel Emission System

The best LPG boiler manufacturers offer eco-friendly boilers because they do not emit large amounts of toxic gases, as in the coal boiler or thermal oil boilers. An LPG boiler emits almost 11% less Nitrous oxide with a complete reduction of CO.  LPG boiler can produce CO due to incomplete combustion. But the best LPG boiler manufacturers have sorted it out with a well-defined system of almost complete combustion of LPG. These boilers do not produce any ash or soot in the environment. Hence, LPG boilers have a cleaner emission system.

4.     LPG Boiler Run Cost

The best LPG boiler manufacturers also excel over other manufacturers regarding the run cost of their boilers. Their boilers have relatively lower run costs because of the excellent services, including higher efficiency and a cleaner emission system. Plus, fuel (LPG) is cheaper than electricity and oil. The run cost of the best LPG boiler is 18% less than an electric boiler. This means that LPG boilers can save you cost up to 18 times more than an electric boiler.

Moreover, the heating bills of electric boilers have increased by 6% since the last year. This is mainly because of worldwide inflation and rising costs of generational distribution. In contrast, the price of LPG remained the same. Also, the installation process is much cheaper and does not cost you an arm and a leg.

Comparison Between LPG Boilers And Oil Boilers


Features LPG Boilers Oil Boilers
Efficiency LPG boilers are more efficient than oil boilers because they produce a large amount of energy with less gas consumption. It is due to their higher calorific value. These have extraordinary efficiency of about 97%-98%. These are less efficient than LPG boilers because the input rate is greater than the output. These have an efficiency of about 92%-93%
Eco-friendly LPG boiler does not emit many hazardous gases such as carbon dioxide, a compound of sulfur and nitrogen. These boilers produce 30% less carbon dioxide than oil. In an oil boiler, the burning oil produces many toxic gases that pollute our environment.

Oil boilers are a significant source of carbon dioxide emission, a major Green House gas.

Cost In comparison, LPG is expensive(15.5p/kW). But they consume less capital on later services and installation. Oil boilers are less costly (11.8p/kW). But there are increased expenditures on heating processes and installations.
Installation cost The installation cost of LPG boilers is less compared to oil boilers. The cost of installing an oil boiler is higher. For example, it required about $7,500 for a geothermal heat pump.


Final Thoughts

The best LPG boiler manufacturers excel over other manufacturers highly because of their outstanding features. They have become a principal source of providing clean energy. Their high-quality boilers have replaced oil and electric boilers that are less efficient, expensive, and a source of environmental pollution. Whereas LPG boilers give higher output results as compared to input. Their heating media is a liquefied petroleum gas that is both environmentally and economically friendly. These have an incredible working efficiency rate of about 98%.

This was all you need to know about the outstanding features of a boiler. Now you must identify the best LPG boiler manufacturers in the market. But if you still have a query, we are always here to answer you. Don’t hesitate to shoot your question. And remember to check our LPG boilers.

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