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Wood Chip Fired Steam Boiler Models

DZL wood chip boiler for sale
DZL best wood chip boiler has a horizontal chain grate design with an automatic feeding system. It is specially engineered for large-scale industrial use and offers efficiency up to 94%
SZL wood chip burner for sale
SZL has a double-drum horizontal design with fully automatic feeding system. It has extra-large furnace and FD fan for efficient combustion process.
DZH Best Wood chip boiler prices support
DZH wood boiler has additional safety features and comes with manual feeding system. Compared to other types, this one is cheaper and has an efficient design for industries.
LHG homemade wood chip boiler
LHG wood fired boiler has a vertical drum design with a vertical automatic chain grate system. Its a perfect wood chip fired boiler for compact places in industries.
Large Capacity Best Wood Chip Boiler
Yongxing extra-large wood fired boiler for sale provides high-steam capacity for large industries. It has a very low fuel consumption rate while being our one of the best eco-friendly boilers.
400 Kgs Best Wood Chip Boiler
Our 400Kgs small steam boiler has a vertical design that can fit in any corner of your industry. Despite being small-sized, it has the ability to fulfill your industrial requirements.

Our Wood Chip Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Wood Chip Boilers Top Standard

Yongxing boiler group is certified by State Quality Inspection Administration and has been an award-winning wood pellets steam boiler manufacturer. We have top-quality internationally recognized biomass boilers and got 5-star wood chip boiler reviews.

Our best wood chip boilers are very environment-friendly and are your industry’s best economical friend. It has an automatic fuel feeding system that will supply the right amount of boiler wood chips into the furnace.

Moreover, the dual air supply design ensures that the wood pellets for biomass boilers burn completely. Our wood pellet boiler has an advanced exhaust system that fully removes exhaust gases from the system.

We have over 50 models of the best wood chip boilers with different client requirements. However, generally, there are four different models; SZL, DZL boiler, LHG, and DZH wood chip boilers. All of them provide 94% efficiency with minimum-to-zero CO2 emission.

The fully automatic control systems ensure your and your industry’s safety. Their design is safe from the explosion and is certified as 100% safe by CSBTS too. We are responsible for your boilers’ quality, transportation, maintenance, and installation.

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Best Wood Chip Boiler Details Explained

Do you want to burn wood pellets in your boiler’s combustion chamber? Yes, it is possible and you can generate steam using Yongxing’s best wood chip boiler. We have a wide variety of wood chip pellet boilers. Each one of them is specially designed to utilize wood and the waste plant’s flue gases to generate steam.

It is a perfect environment-friendly boiler available in both sizes; commercial wood chip boiler and residential wood chip boiler. For more information, keep reading the below FAQ guide and learn what models of best wood chip boiler are available and their in-depth details.

What Is A Wood Chip Boiler?

Yongxing wood chip steam boilers have a unique furnace design that can support the combustion of wood chips. As wood is easily available at low prices in many regions, our highly-skilled engineers have decided to design a wood chip burner boiler.


The burning of wood chips produces heat for converting water into steam. At Yongxing, first, we have a concern to double the profits of your industry with our high wood chip boiler efficiency. Second, environmental protection.

Therefore, we have utilized advanced technology to burn woods as fuel. Compared to oil-fired boilers, our wood pellet fired steam boilers have almost zero carbon emission rates. How so? The biomass fuel that includes plant and animal waste, rice husks, wood chips, etc., emits a small amount of CO2.

When burned, they emit the carbon which was absorbed in their life cycle. In simple words, the carbon absorbed from the environment is released back. So, there is no extra emission.

In addition, our best wood chip boilers have a low fuel consumption rate. Different advanced designs are incorporated in order to reduce fuel consumption. First is the economizer.

The economizer absorbs the heat of exhaust gases before it exits the environment. The heat absorbed is then transferred to the cold feedwater. Thus, the warm heat water will need less energy to convert into steam. And, the best wood chip boiler will consume less fuel.

Secondly, the hot exhaust gases may damage the exhaust pipelines of your wood chip biomass boiler. Therefore, the economizer reduces its temperature so that it lasts longer.

We have different types of biomass boilers; they have different thermal efficiency, feeding system, fuel consumption rates, automation, etc.

We have large and small wood fired steam boilers for residential and industrial use. In this guide, we will have an in-depth look into all of them.

What Types Of Wood Pellet Boiler For Sale Are Available?

We have more than 50 models of the best wood chip boilers that have specific clients’ favorite requirements. You can check them out on our website. However, in general, we have the following four types of wood chip boilers for sale:

Types of wood chip fired boilers:

  1. SZL wood chip steam boiler

The SZL wood pellet steam boiler has a horizontal double drum design which is a perfect option for industrial use. It comes with a horizontal chain grate with the combustion chamber covered with 100% insulation material. Thus, you get high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.

It is one of the auto-feed wood chip boilers which won’t need additional staff for feeding. Moreover, an air supply is crucial for efficient combustion. It burns more fuel that is meant to be unused.

Therefore, Yongxing’s best woodchip boiler comes with an additional FD fan design to help the combustion process. It gives additional air supply to the combustion chamber from both the rear and front sides of the walls.

In addition, the best wood powered boiler size can variate too; You can order a small wood chip boiler or an industrial biomass boiler that fits your requirements.

The burning wood chips in the boiler ensure low CO2 emission – your best eco-friendly choice. Using these boilers, you no longer need to worry about national laws for environmental protection. Plus, you are directly promoting your products by showing your concern for the environment.

SZL Best Wood Chip Boiler
SZL Best Wood Chip Boiler
  1. DZL wood chip steam boiler

Now, onto the next best wood chip boiler; DZL, It is a horizontal boiler with a horizontal chain grate. The wood pellets are their primary fuel source. However, you have the option to use other biomass fuels too including rice husks, bagasse, plant and animal wastes, etc. You can choose different boiler grate bars to support fuel firing.

It is one of the large industrial size wood chip fired boilers that have an extra-large furnace and FD fan support. Its large furnace is one of the main factors for its high thermal efficiency because the fuel gets a space to burn completely.

Furthermore, the ID fan support won’t allow the fuel to pass through exhaust pipes without burning. Therefore, you get full fuel utilization with 0% waste.

On top of that, our best wood chip boiler has three pass water design for maximizing the thermal efficiency even more. When the water flows three times through passes, it will absorb maximum heat. Hence, your best wood chip boiler will use less fuel.

Moreover, your best wood chip boiler must have a unique ash removal design. When the fuel burns, the exhaust gases produced contain ash. You cannot allow these ashes to pass through the economizer and chimney for an efficient process.

Therefore, DZL’s best wood chip boilers have a unique dust steering chamber through which the dust is extracted easily from the exhaust gases.

DZL Best Wood Chip Boiler
DZL Best Wood Chip Boiler
  1. DZH wood chip steam boiler

DZH has unique features which make it one of the best wood chip boilers for industrial use. It comes in a horizontal double drum design for additional water capacity. Large water volumes mean that you can fulfill the high steam requirement in a shorter time.

Its furnace has top-quality refractory walls that provide 100% thermal insulation. No matter what the outside temperature is, the DZH maintains the temperature successfully. For that reason, it is one of the best wood chip boilers with a very low fuel consumption rate.

Additionally, it has a full automation control manageable by a single panel. The inside temperature can be automatically controlled. It has a manual fuel feeder and will require labor to feed fuel into the system.

High fuel feeding results in more fuel consumption. Therefore, our automatic design feeds only the required amount – not an ounce more than that. Plus, you won’t need any labor to constantly feed the wood chips – choosing it is your best economical decision.

Needless to say, it is extremely eco-friendly and saves you from the hassle of getting a use-of-boiler license. And it will comply with your national environmental rules and regulations.

DZH Best Wood Chip Boiler
DZH Best Wood Chip Boiler
  1. LHG wood chip steam boiler

LHG wood chip steam boiler has a vertical drum design with a vertical chain grate. It is one of our small biomass boilers which is your best choice for limited space. Despite being small, it can be your industrial wood pellet boiler. Plus, it is your best choice for residential use too – a two-in-one boiler.

It has high fuel compatibility however; biomass boiler wood chips prove to be the perfect fuel for it. It comes in two water tubes design; two and three-pass water tubes that enhance your best wood chip boiler thermal efficiency.

For further enhancement, it has a top-quality economizer that absorbs the waste heat and warms the cold feedwater. On top of that, it has a fully automatic system controllable by one single panel. And it has an installed water-steam separator for you to get high-quality steam conveniently.

LHG Best Wood Chip Boiler
LHG Best Wood Chip Boiler

How Does A Wood Chip Boiler Works?

Our best wood chip boiler working principle is very similar to other boilers except for the fuel.

Firstly, the wood pellets for biomass boiler burns in the furnace and produce heat. The water tubes inside the furnace, in which the water is flowing, absorb the heat and flows in their specific passes.

After fully absorbing heat, the water converts to steam. Then, it passes through the superheater to convert into saturated dry steam.

The waste flue gases pass through the economizer to warm the cold feedwater. Afterward, the ash-removed exhaust gas goes out of the system through a chimney.

Finally, the ash removed from the exhaust gases drops down to the ash collector from where it can be easily removed.

How Much Does a Wood Chip Boiler Cost?

The wood chip boiler prices variate as per its types. As per the client’s requirements, Yongxing engineers have designed unique boilers with unique features. For that reason, the biomass wood chips price is different. We can’t give you an exact price but to give you an idea about it, here are the price ranges.

SZL wood chip boiler $28000 – $350000
DZL wood chip boiler $10000 – $100000
DZH wood chip boiler $2000 – $55000
LHG wood chip boiler $2000 – $15000

SZL wood chip boiler

You will find this wood chip biomass boiler price between $28000 – $350000

DZL wood chip boiler

It is available from $10000 – $100000

DZH wood chip boiler

This wood chip biomass boiler price is between $2000 – $55000

LHG wood chip boiler

You can buy the boiler at $2000 – $15000

Yongxing wood chip boiler manufacturers and engineers assure you of the best quality and promise that you will buy boilers at very affordable prices.

Wrapping Up

Yongxing provides the best wood chip boilers at extremely reasonable prices. There are different models with different specifications. However, you are free to send us your specific requirements. Our highly-skilled biomass boiler manufacturers will design as per your requirements.

All of the above-mentioned best wood chip boilers offer an efficiency of up to 94%. They have a 100% safe and reliable design that lasts for more than 25 years. In addition, we can send the boiler to your shipping address and will install it as an after-sales service.

For more information about prices and the best wood chip boilers, contact our active customer support team online.


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