Biomass Boilers Reduce Your Energy Bills by Up to 100%

How Opting For Biomass Boilers Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Bills by Up to 100%

Nowadays, there are many different forms of “green” or renewable energy available, and as people pay more and more attention to global warming and greenhouse gases, people have been looking for more energy-efficient green energy.

For those who want to get rid of their dependence on foreign oil, and those who are interested in reducing the impact on foreign oil, one source of energy is the best of other sources of energy:

Biomass Boilers Energy

Biomass energy is energy from organic, usually, waste materials.

Here, biomass supplies 15% of the worldwide energy. Biomass can meet 70-90% of Africa’s energy needs, 32% of China’s, and 33% of Brazil’s.

Biomass boilers’ fuel comes from a wide range of sources and is renewable green energy. It contains almost no sulfur and low ash. In the growth process, it can absorb all the CO2 produced in the combustion process and achieve zero CO2 emissions. Biomass energy will gradually replace coal and become one of the main energy sources.

Biomass fuel includes straw, wood branches, bamboo and wood processing waste, grain shell, fruit shell, sugar residues, oil residues, and so on. According to its shape and size, it can be divided into three types: chip (size 3mm), sheet (size 50mm), and strip (> 50mm).

Since 2003, our company has joined forces with domestic well-known colleges and universities, absorbed the technology of advanced counterparts at home and abroad, gradually developed biomass boilers, and continuously improved them in practical operation.
According to the characteristics and shapes and sizes of different biomass, we have developed four combustion modes:

  • Fixed Grate

DZH hand type chain grate stoker

  • movable grate

chain grate stoker

15ton capacity 12.5kg m2 Pressure Chain Grate Biomass Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler for Pakistan

horizontal water tube boiler, single longitudinal and double longitudinal structures, and four series of biomass fuel boilers.

What Is The Different Between Biomass Boilers And Coal-Fired Boilers?

Different from the coal-fired boiler structure, the main characteristics of our biomass fuel boiler are as follows: through the secondary air designed and arranged in the furnace, disturb the flue gas power condition, replenish the oxygen combustion volatile in time, improve the thermal efficiency and reduce the emission.
Durable packaged boiler equipped with single drum and chain grate
The reasonable design ensures the protection of the arch and the rear gate and avoids the periodic micro-explosion of the furnace. For moisture-containing waste, increase the length of the preheating section, provide an effective heat source for heating, or directly put it into the hot flue gas high temperature section.

If the peak load of gas consumption is prominent, or the waste contains glue and other easy coking components, a large number of heating surfaces will be arranged in the furnace to solve the problem.

For various states of scrap, such as block, strip, sheet, chip, and powder, a variety of feeding methods and a single feeding mode are designed for users to choose from.

Compared with coal-fired boilers, the cost of biomass fuel is low and the operating cost is greatly reduced.

Our company can be designed separately according to the requirements of different biomass fuels to provide users with the best value products.

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