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Top Quality Certified Biomass Pellet Steam Boilers

DZH1-0.7-1.25-T Fixed Grate Pellets For Pellet Stove
In addition to high-energy saving features, Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers have low fuel consumption rate and are eco-friendly – A perfect alternate for oil-fired and gas-fired boilers.
DZL2-2.5-T Chain Grate Stoker Pellet Heater Malaysia
We have different models specially designed as per customer’s requirements. All the products are CSBTS certified and are 100% safe and long-lasting.
SZL2-40 ton Biomass Pellet Fired Water Tube
SZL biomass pellet steam boilers have advanced technology design compatible even with foreign requirements. It is one of the best high-efficiency boilers with horizontal double drum chain design.
Home Depot Wood Pellets Boiler 100 - 1000 Kgs Vertical Type
The vertical type biomass boiler has been designed in different models. After the boiler starts, it will take 3 minutes to start producing steam and create 10Kg pressure.
400kgs Automated Biomass Steam Generator
The 400kg automatic biomass boiler has a very low fuel consumption rate. Plus, its fully automatic system reduces the labour costs, production speed, and low annual maintenance.
Advance Features Compact Structure Small Body
Yongxing SZL 35ton biomass boiler has extra-large furnace for efficient combustion and use of less fuel. Also, the high-quality ID fans will burn the unburn fuel in exhaust gases thus, increasing thermal efficiency even more.

Our Pellet Fired Boiler Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying top-quality biomass pellet steam boiler. Our products’ designs are 100% safe and comply with the CSBTS rules and regulations.

In addition, the raw materials required for boilers manufacturing passes through several tests before approval. Our highly-skilled staff design each and every biomass pellet steam boiler with a simple objective in mind; your satisfaction.

Apart from the top-quality design and customer-caring team, we have the vision to consider our environment too. Therefore, Yongxing engineers have designed highly eco-friendly biomass pellet steam boilers. Additionally, it has advanced efficient technology and provides very high efficiency.

For additional thermal efficiency, Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers have integrated top-quality economizers. First, we use the waste plant to produce heat energy and then the waste exhaust gases to warm the cold feedwater.

Furthermore, our biomass pellet steam boilers have a dual feeding system; manual and automatic. Choose one that fits your requirement. And don’t forget our fully automatic control system that is manageable by a single panel. It means, simple operation control, less staff, and saving – all in one place.

What’s more? Our biomass pellet steam boilers have advanced ash removal techniques for extracting ash from the flue gases. It is easy and convenient to remove ash from the ash removal doors. Despite the additional auxiliaries, our biomass pellet steam boiler prices are extremely affordable and reasonable.

And the best thing about them is their power-saving features. Some models are even suitable for your homes.

So, show your concern about the environment. You could check more in the bottom FAQ Guide. Send us your inquiry now!


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Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Is contributing to the environment and saving on fuel costs your concern? You have found the right boilers. The Yongxing biomass pellet steam boiler has an efficient design for generating high-quality steam.

It uses biomass pellets as fuel and has wide industrial compatibility. Moreover, our prices are far more affordable than other biomass pellet steam boiler manufacturers.

Apart from high efficiency and reasonable prices, Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers have a lower fuel consumption rate. Our built-in economizers increase the biomass steam boiler’s efficiency by 10 – 15%.

And by using the latest technology tech, our biomass steam boiler tests showed extremely low fuel consumption rates. If you want to know more, here is a comprehensive FAQ guide to help you choose the best biomass pellet steam boiler that suits your requirements.

What Is Your Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler?

The Yongxing biomass pellet steam boiler has a horizontal and vertical single-drum design. It has horizontal tube arrangements for high convection between water and flue gases’ heat. For generating steam, our biomass pellet steam boilers burn biomass pellets and use their heat energy to convert water into steam.

Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler

Our biomass pellet steam boiler is an environment-friendly alternative to the coal fuel-fired boilers because it uses industrial and urban plant or animal waste. Since these wastes have no other use and emit CO2 on their natural death anyway, it is better to use them as a medium to generate steam.

The industries’ main objective or you can also say a problem is high CO2 emissions. It forces them to lower their production as the CO2 is harmful to the environment. Therefore, Yongxing has introduced a biomass pellet steam boiler that reduces CO2 emission and saves our atmosphere.  The water is a heat medium in our biomass steam generator that absorbs the fuel’s heat and converts it to steam.

After the fuel burns, the exhaust gases have some amount of ash in them. For extracting the ash from flue gases, we have designed doors at the backside of the biomass pellet steam boiler.

It absorbs the ash from the flue gases during the combustion, leaving just exhaust gases.

Ash removal is crucial as we will use the exhaust gas’s heat further in our system to increase thermal efficiency even more. We will discuss it in the biomass pellet steam boiler working principle.

Explain Your Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler’s Design?

Yongxing biomass pellet steam boiler has additional auxiliaries that even fulfill the foreign client’s requirements. These additional components are specially designed to increase the overall efficiency.

In addition, it has been designed with top-quality raw materials for long-lasting operation life.

In order to give you a clearer image, we have divided the biomass pellet steam boiler’s design into several parts. So, let’s start with the raw materials.

Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler's Design

Material Selection

Yongxing engineers have thoroughly researched and selected the most-suited material for manufacturing each component of biomass pellet steam boilers.

The drums, back, and front tubes are designed with Q245R low alloy carbon steel material. And we have used 20g steel for designing our biomass pellet steam boiler’s membrane wall, threaded pipes, and downpipe.

Our design engineers have chosen specific materials which can bear high-pressure steam. Plus, these materials will act as corrosion-resisting agents.

Design Of Combustion Chamber

Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers have extra-large combustion chambers for the high-intensity combustion process. The furnace has a steel tubes coil for the water to absorb heat energy.

These tubes have high heat-absorbing properties and are resistant to corrosion. It allows smooth water flow throughout the furnace where it gets heated and converted to steam.

In order to support the combustion process, we have integrated an additional air source for the boiler’s furnace.

The Yongxing biomass pellet steam boiler’s furnace has been designed for bearing high pressure and temperatures. It will constantly transfer the biomass pallets’ heat energy to the water in tubes without malfunctioning. We have tested its limits several times and the thermal efficiency got better and better with time.

combustion chamber

Moreover, the biomass pellet steam boiler’s furnace has multiple refractory walls for maintaining a high temperature inside. The walls are totally thermally insulated with high-quality refractory materials. It is one of the factors revealing why our biomass pellet steam boilers consume less fuel compared to others. Our boiler’s furnace does not lose heat to the environment. Therefore, it will not consume a lot of fuel for heating the water.

Convenient Doors Design For Ash Removal

Our wood pellet steam boilers offer dual doors designed for flue gases treatment. They absorb the flue gases’ ash and do not allow it to flow out with the exhaust gases.

When the combustion occurs, the arch transverse wall absorbs flue gases’ ash flowing with the exhaust gases. After the ash sticks on the door, you can easily open and clean them.

Fuel Compatibility

Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers support the combustion of multiple fuels. It has an induced fan (ID Fan) that supplies the right amount of air into the combustion chamber. You can use straw pellets, wood, peanut shells, corncob, rice husk, bagasse, and any other biomass mixture for generating steam in our biomass pellet steam boilers.

Fuel Feeding

Our biomass pellet steam boilers come in different models with different feeding methods. As per your requirement, our boilers support manual feeding, semi-automatic feeding, and fully automatic feeding. Choose one that meets your requirements.

Are Biomass Pellet Steam Boilers Cost-Effective?

Yes, the Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers are cost-friendly in many ways. It has a worldwide accepted design with proven 100% customer satisfaction. Want to know how our biomass pellet steam boilers save your hard-earned cash? Here are the reasons why our biomass pellet steam boilers are cost-friendlier than the others.

Biomass Fuel

Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers generate steam by burning biomass pellets. Biomass wood pellet chips shells are way cheaper than coal, gas, or other fossil fuels. Therefore, you can save a lot on fuel costs.

Additionally, by using our biomass pellet steam boiler, you are contributing to saving the earth’s environment. The world is moving towards alternates that are eco-friendly since the rise in global warming. Also, they support facilities that have an earth-saving production approach.

Therefore, we have introduced the advanced technology of biomass fuel boilers. These fuels only emit the CO2 they have inhaled as plants. However, the fossil fuels emit CO2 they have absorbed for decades. So, biomass fuel is a better option due to the balanced CO2 emission compared to fossil fuels.

Efficient Design

Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers use a unique technology that reduces fuel consumption. Our biomass boilers have an ID fan that supports the combustion process.

Plus, our automatic control system supplies the right amount of air into the chamber which helps in burning the unburnt fuel in exhaust gases. As our system has a controlled ID fan, it consumes less fuel compared to other boilers.

Furthermore, our biomass pellet steam boilers have top-quality economizers that use the flue gases’ heat. When the fuel burns and produces exhaust gases, it has sufficient heat to warm cold feed water.

For that reason, our biomass pellet steam boiler has a design that passes the flue gases through an economizer. The flue gases’ heat passes through the economizer and the heat transfers to the cold feedwater. As a result, our biomass pellet steam boiler furnace will not consume a lot of fuel for converting water to steam.

What Is Your Biomass Pellet Steam Boilers Working Principle?

Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers have a simple working principle. Its main objective is to create steam using the heat of biomass pellets. So, for better understanding, we have divided the working principle of our biomass pellet steam boilers into different parts. Let’s start with the fuel feeding.

Fuel Feeding Phenomena

Our biomass pellet steam boilers have different fuel feeding systems as per their model. However, some of them are fully automatic and some are manual with the primary objective of feeding fuel to the furnace.

In the case of an automatic fuel feeding system, the fuel feeder reservoir automatically feed biomass pellets as per the furnace requirement.

There is no need for a worker – the total operation performs by itself. Our biomass pellet steam boiler’s automatic fuel feeder feeds fuel to the furnace grate at the bottom where they burn.

Combustion System

After the feeder feeds the fuel, it starts burning in the furnace of our biomass pellet steam boiler. The furnace has different tube arrangements; vertical or horizontal depending on the biomass boiler’s model.

Inside these tubes, the water flows and absorbs heat. When the biomass fuel starts burning, it emits hot flue gases with a bit of ash. The water flowing in the tubes section starts absorbing the heat.

Steam Generation

As the main purpose of biomass pellet steam boiler is to convert water to saturated steam. Therefore, Yongxing engineers have adopted three-way and two-way designs for heating the water in the boiler’s furnace.

When the flue gases heat transfers to the water, the tubes made them pass two times or three times in the furnace for water to absorb maximum heat.

After absorbing heat, the water in our biomass pellet steam boiler converts to steam and then to saturated steam.

Exhaust System

When the biomass fuel burns, it emits heated flue gases through which the water converts to steam. However, there is a system needed for taking out these gases.

Therefore, Yongxing highly-skilled engineers have introduced an advanced ash removal method in our biomass pellet steam boiler. It has one purpose; extracting out the ash from the flue gases.

After the ashes are extracted, the flue gases that remain are just waste. But the idea is getting wasted into use. So, the Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers have integrated economizers to increase thermal efficiency.

The waste flue gases are made to pass the biomass pellet steam boiler’s economizer. The economizer has water tubes inside through which the feedwater enters the furnace. Before allowing it to the furnace, the economizer warms up the cold water with the help of flue gases. This way, you get extra thermal efficiency with our biomass pellet steam boilers.

After passing through the economizer’s water tubes, the flue gases exit through the chimney and complete the cycle of our biomass pellet steam boilers.

What Model Biomass Steam Generator Can I Buy?

Here at Yongxing factory, we manufacture various models of biomass pellet steam boilers. Our main objective is to meet the customer demands worldwide. Therefore, you can choose the model that fits your requirements.

1.     Steam Output Biomass Pellet Steam Boilers

This model of biomass pellet steam boilers uses steam as a heating medium. It is one of the most commonly used boilers for industries. It is because the steam has a high heat-absorbing rate compared to other heat mediums. In addition, it promotes the perfect use of waste biomass as fuel to run boilers. And with extremely low carbon emission rates.

Our output biomass pellet steam boilers have been further classified as per their specifications.

  1. LHG Output Vertical Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler:

It is a vertical-type biomass pellet steam boiler with horizontal tube arrangements. As per its unique design and use of advanced technology, it has energy-saving features. Additionally, it has top-quality ID and FD fans for supporting the combustion process and blowing fuel into the chamber respectively.

Since these are extremely power-saving boilers, you can use them both for industry and at home. In addition, due to its compact and covered design, it is safe to use these boilers indoors and outdoors.

Capacity: 100Kg/h – 1000Kg/h
Pressure: 0.09MPa – 0.9Mpa

  1. DZL/SZL Output Horizontal Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler

Yongxing DZL/SZL biomass pellet steam boiler has a traditional vertical design. It is a perfect option if your temperature requirements are between 1.6 – 176 and you want full automation control.

Furthermore, these are one of the smallest biomass pellet steam boilers in our stock with a large steam output. And it takes less area and offers convenient installation – an excellent choice for investment.

Capacity: 1ton/h – 50ton/h
Pressure: 0.4MPa – 3.82MPa

  1. DZH Output Horizontal Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler

Yongxing DZH biomass pellet steam boilers have a horizontal design with horizontal high-convection tube arrangements. It is a perfect middle-sized biomass pellet boiler that has a manual feeding system which will require a worker to constantly feed the biomass into it.

Therefore, you will find this biomass boiler cheaper compared to others. It is a perfect industrial boiler option that abides by your local environmental protection standards.

Capacity: 1ton/h – 6ton/h
Pressure: 0.4MPa – 1.25MPa

Are You A Wood Pellet Steam Boiler Manufacturer?

Yes, Yongxing is one of leading China’s wood pellet steam boiler suppliers and manufacturers. We offer top-quality biomass pellet steam boilers with additional auxiliaries and extra thermal efficiency.

In addition, we send our expert installation team to help you install the boiler as an after-sales service in case you are inexperienced. All we need is your boiler’s requirements and shipping address. You will receive your biomass pellet steam boiler at your facility.

For further help, we have a 24/7 active support team who will help you with all your queries. We are awaiting your inquiry.

What Are Your Wood Pellet Steam Generator Prices?

Yongxing wood pellet steam generator’s price differs depending on the auxiliaries supplied with it. Following are the factors that will affect our biomass pellet steam boilers prices:

Dust Collector

Our biomass pellet steam boilers offer different types of dust collectors that impact their prices. The normal small biomass boilers are usually equipped with spray dust removal, water-film dust removal, etc. In such cases, the biomass pellet steam boiler price will be $1500 – $10000.

In contrast, a large biomass pellet steam boiler requires a more efficient dust removal system to comply with your environmental standards. In such boilers, we have a bag filter, water-film dust collector, multi-tube cyclone dust finishing system, etc.

The biomass pellet steam boilers with these dust removal systems are a bit more expensive than the above-mentioned ones.

Industrial Boiler, Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Item: 5 Dust Colloctor

Fuel Feeding System

Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers have several fuel feeding systems due to which their prices fluctuate. Undoubtedly, all of them have automatic fuel feeding systems but they differ in their design. For instance, a biomass pellet steam boiler with a common tipping bucket or lifting finger feeding system is available at $2000 to $200000.

On the other hand, biomass boilers with fully automatic unique conveyor belts or a screw fuel feeding system have higher prices. These boilers are the perfect example of automatic fuel systems. You will find such biomass pellet steam boilers at a price range of $3000 – $250000.

The prices are totally negotiable for our worldwide customers. For the exact price, send us your boiler’s requirements and we will tell you, its price. One thing we can guarantee is that our biomass pellet steam boilers’ price will be far more reasonable than other manufacturers.


The Yongxing biomass pellet steam boilers are the perfect example of giving back to our environment. It is important to give back to the environment in the same way we are getting from it.

Apart from that, our biomass pellet steam boilers save your hard-earned cash as these have a very low fuel consumption rate, high thermal efficiency, 100% safe reliable operations, and power-saving features.

All the different models have a unique design purpose and as per the customer’s demands. If you have particular requirements, we will suggest the perfect biomass pellet steam boiler as per your facility’s needs.

Do you want to know the biomass pellet steam boilers’ specifications? We have a catalog ready on our website for your reference.

For any other queries, you can contact our 24/7 active customer support team. They will gladly answer all your questions.


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