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Product model: SZL15 -1.25 – T

I. Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Product Introduction

Biomass is a kind of clean energy, and its promotion and application have an important role in promoting the development of energy utilization technologies in China, protecting the environment, and improving ecology. It not only reduces fuel costs but also reduces pollutant emissions. At the same time, it has good energy-saving and environmental protection benefits. In order to meet market demand, our company designed and developed a biomass chain grate boiler.

SZL15-1.25-T type assembled water-tube boiler, with the double-drum vertical arrangement, chain grate for combustion equipment. The rated evaporation capacity is 15 t / h. Rated steam pressure. 1.25 MPa, the rated steam temperature 193℃, boiler design fuel is biomass briquettes. There is an economizer at the end of the boiler. The flue gas enters the tail flue through the furnace, the ember chamber, the convection tube bundle, the economizer, then is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, induced draft fan, and finally chimney.

Wood fired steam boiler is divided into two parts: the upper part includes the boiler body, the upper steel frame, and the upper furnace wall, the lower part includes the coal hopper, chain grate, lower furnace wall, and internal ventilation channels, except for the front and rear arch pipes and their connections The tube is assembled on-site, part of the brick wall is built outside the site, the rest of the components are assembled and shipped out, and the tail economizer and flue are shipped with the furnace.

SZL10-1.25-SCI Wood Pellet Boiler Manufacturers For Plywood Industry
SZL15 Biomass Steam Boiler

II. Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Design Overview

1. Water cooling system: including front water wall tube, side water wall, convection tube bundle, upper and lower boiler tube, down tube, and header.

(1) Drum: the drum outer diameter 932 mm, thickness 16 mm, length 8610 mm (not include both sealed ends), the drum inner diameter 932 mm, thickness16mm, length 4670 mm (not include both sealed ends), the material is Q245R. The lower boiler tube rests on the chassis through two steam drum supports, and the rear one is movable support. Down drum center distance of 2250mm, supported on an upper water wall welding drum convection bank. Inside the upper pot, there are devices such as a steam-water separator, a vent plate, and surface blowdown. The lower pot is equipped with a blowdown device.

 (2) Water wall:

Using both furnace water walls, the tube is φ51×3 .5mm, root pitch is 53mm. The front wall of the water wall. φ51 .5×3.5 mm tubes are 18pcs, root pitch is 150mm.

pipes welding to drums

(3) Ember room:

Two sidesφ51×3.5 water-wall tubes connected between both sides of the drum and the collection box, tube spacing 9 0 mm, attached to the back wall of tube 18 has two rows, are connected between the upper and lower drum, a transverse tube pitch of 120mm, diameter. φ51×3.5.

(4) convection bank: has upper and lower drum 882 roots. φ51×3.5 convection tubes are connected by welding to the upper and lower drum, there is a wall between the tube wall, and the flue gas flows into two circuits of lateral erosion.

(5) Economizer adopts stream lined fin-type cast iron economizer, the length is 2000 m, and the material is HT200. The economizer consists of a total of 80 economizer tubes arranged in an 8 × 10 structure.

High quality boiler economizer economiser to suit 12ton water tube steam boiler

2. Part of the combustion system:

The combustion system includes a feed hopper, chain grate, and grate transmission.

The industrial biomass boiler chain grate is a large piece of grate bar. The front and rear wheelbase of the grate is 8.46m, the effective width is 2.1 m, and the designed coal burns 3504.731 kg / h.

big shape chain grate stoker
Chain Grate Stoker

The grate is divided into 8 independent air chambers, and the air is distributed according to the combustion situation. The air intake method is double-side air intake, and the air intake is uniform. The front portion of the furnace is provided with a feed hopper, and the shutter release material means for adjusting the grate into the material layer thickness. The reduction gearbox controls the grate speed. The burnt slag is discharged into the slag hopper.

III. Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Safe and economic operation

1. Our biomass boiler is equipped with various measuring instruments in order to test the economic operating conditions.

2. Our boiler furnace wall and the insulation layer double insulation material, the thickness up to 140 mm, away from the door 300mm furnace other than the surface temperature ≤ 50 ℃C, the top temperature ≤ 70℃.

3. The temperature of the surface of the valve and thermal pipeline is lower than 50 ℃ after being insulated by thermal insulation materials.

4. Equipped with economizer

10ton h fin tubes boiler economizer steam boiler parts boiler accessory

IV. Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Technical parameters

1 . Model:        SZL15  -1.25 – T

2 . Rated evaporation:      15T / H

3 . Rated steam pressure:   1. 25 MPa

4 . Rated steam temperature:   193℃

5. Feed water temperature:         104 ℃

5 . Stable operating conditions range: 80 – 100%

6 . Hydrostatic test pressure:   1.65MPa

7 . Radiation heating area:  35.8 m convection heating area:  32 5.47 m 2       

8 . Economizer heat transfer area: 236m 2

9 . Design Thermal Efficiency:   8 3. . 6 %

10 . Blowdown rate:        5%

11. Grate area:      17.77 m 2

12. Exhaust gas temperature:      161. 74 ℃

13. Design fuel requirements: the low calorific value of biomass forming fuel ( 13980 M J / Kg )

14.Total power consumption:      13 8 .7KW

15. Excess air coefficient:  1. 475

16. Fuel consumption:    3504.73kg / h

17. The present steel consumption thereof:  19959.5kg

Grate consumption:    23765.2kg

Steel consumption of steel structure:  5421.7kg

1 8 Water volume of:  13.85m 3

19. A large transport dimensions (upper / lower) : 9530 × 3300 × 344 8 /10691 × 3126 × 2200mm

V. Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Vales and instruments configuration

In order to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler, various instruments are equipped in accordance with the requirements of Appendix B of TSG G0002-2010 “Boiler Energy Conservation Technical Supervision and Management Regulations”.

1. Valve model the A48 the Y – 16 C the PN 16   the DN 100 1. . 3 – 1.6 M P A 2 the A47H- 16 the PN 16   DN40 1. . 3 – 1.6 M P A

2. Gauge choose the Y ZT -150 range ~ 0 4.0 M P A 1.6 stage (remote)

Y-250 Range 0 ~4.0 M p a 1.6

3. Water level selected color gauge the PN 25 the DN 25 L = 440. and B42H-25 level indicator the PN 25 the DN 25 L = 440. , assurance level clearly safe to use.

4. Water level alarm PN 25 DN 25 L = 440 (one set)

5. The internal standard mercury thermometer selection WNG- Ⅱ range 0 –  3 00 deg℃, for measuring the exhaust gas temperature.

6. Metal sleeve mercury thermometer selection. 11 WNG 0 – 20 is 0 ℃ the M27 × 20 is L =1 60, for measuring the water temperature.

Steam boiler with economizer
Boiler With Economizer

VI, Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Electrical Control Panel

1. In order to effectively monitor and control the water level and pressure, the boiler is equipped with a UBC-ILC two-color water level gauge and B42H-25 flatwater level gauge, water level controller, water level alarm, with low water level automatic filling, high water level automatic stop pump Working and high water level alarm, low water level alarm interlock protection device, at the same time can also monitor the feed water flow. In addition, it is equipped with an electric contact pressure gauge, which realizes the overpressure alarm interlock protection.

2. The boiler is equipped with a feedwater flow meter, a steam flow meter, and an oxygen meter to detect the amount of feed water, steam generation, and oxygen content in the flue gas. In addition, to realize the fan speed indication, the boiler is also equipped with a fan speed controller.

3. The measurement of fuel is achieved by the number of times the feeder rises and falls.

industrial boiler parts2
Electric panel

VI, Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Boiler Auxiliary Configuration

Blower     G 4 – 73 is – 9 D  and right 225 °

Total pressure: 2668 – 2559 Pa

 Air volume: 23003 – 32079 m 3 / H

Supporting motor: Y 200 L -4

30 KW 14 5 0r / min

Induced draft fan Y 5 -47 N0 12D

 right 0 ° total pressure: 3609-2471 Pa

Air volume: 37100 – 68250m / H

Supporting motor: Y 280S -4

7 5KW    14 5 0 r / min

Centrifugal DG25-30×5  22KW

the flow rate of  25 m  3 / H

Head: 150m

Steam pump       QS- 4.8 / 1 7 Flow rate  3 -6 m / h

Grate a gearbox  GJ 2- 00 type torque 20000 Nm

Speed 125 ~ 1250 rpm 1. 5 KW

Dust collector X D -1 5

Scraper slag machine   the GBC-4B     1.1KW

Lifting coal machine  TM-3 3KW

Electric control box       DKC-1 5 2.2KW


chain grate stoker diagram

Economizer and boiler auxiliaries

VII. Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale Design basis

1 . ” Boiler Safety Technology Supervisory Regulations” TSG G0001-2012

2 . ” Water Boiler” GB / T 16507 .1 ~ 16507.8 – , 2013

3 . “Industrial boilers technical conditions” JB / T 47034 -20 13

4. “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Boiler Installation Engineering” GB50273-2009

5. “Industrial Boiler Water Quality” GB / T1576-2008

6. “Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standards” GB13271-20 14

7. “Boiler Energy Conservation Technical Supervision and Management Regulations” TSGG0002-2010

 8. NB / T47062-2017 “Biomass Shaped Granular Boiler”

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