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Biomass Steam Boiler, Biomass Fired Steam Boiler With CE

High Quality & Good Price Biomass Steam Boiler

Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing all biomass steam boiler have been got the CE standard and can be directly supplied to the European region. The DZL 4-ton boiler is a packaged boiler and can be used on site.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
This type biomass steam boiler can produce 8000kgs of steam per hour, and pressure can reach to 2.5Mpa. We will built it in the factory, and installed and used directly by hoisting.
Steam boiler
Yongxing biomass furnace design adopts the secondary air intake arrangement. So, our boiler combustion efficiency is greatly improved, and the operating cost is saved by 5-10%.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
The 15-ton steam boiler can support Multi Fuel Biomass Boilers. For Concrete Curing, Yongxing recommends the SZL series, which can provide the steam you need during high-load operation.
SZL 10 TPH With Reasonable Biomass Steam Boiler Cost
If you are boiler agent, then we are happy to cooperate with you. We can guarantee to provide you with the most reasonable biomass steam boiler cost and reduce your overall investment.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
Our small vertical biomass steam generator is very energy-saving and highly efficient. CE patented energy-saving technology, thermal efficiency> 95%, fuel saving> 10%.

Our Biomass Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Biomass Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

Now the biomass steam boiler have been well-known by the public. Yongxing’s biomass boiler cost and design are close to the coal steam boiler system.

  1. Within the scope of Chinese A-class biomass boiler manufacturers, Yongxing will provide you the lowest price biomass boiler with CE, ASME, SGS, 4A-CLASS, BV certificates.
  2. Yongxing can produce different types of biomass boilers. Capacity from 1tons/h to 50tons/h. Structure with Vertical and horizontal. According to the purpose, it also divides into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, and biomass thermal oil heater.
  3. For the combustion equipment, Our biomass steam boiler equipped with a fixed grate or chain grate burns biomass particles, or biomass pellets, wood logs, rice husks, coconut shells, etc.

Whatever you request, we could design or choose a suitable biomass steam model for your project.

Send inquiry right now to get your biomass steam boiler the best price.

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biomass steam boiler
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Yongxing Biomass Steam Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Yongxing biomass steam boiler drum chooses Q245R, GB7132008, φ1600×14 Front & back tube plate use same as steam boiler drum. To meet different customer, we can also supply ASME standard in
dustrial bio-mass boilers, and use ASME standard for them.
Thread Pipes
Our thread pipes use 20g, GB3087-2008, φ57×3. Biomass steam header, downpipe, membrane wall also use 20g, GB30 87-2008. These first class raw materials will promise the best biomass boiler quality for you.


Biomass Steam Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ


Yongxing Boiler Group provides you with efficient biomass steam boilers. Biomass boiler efficiency allows you to run many industrial applications. In this guide, we’ll talk about different aspects of biomass-fired steam boilers.

We provide you with efficient and low-cost boilers that offer you many advantages. This guide includes FAQs to provide you with information and remove your queries about Biomass Steam Boilers.

What Is A Biomass Steam Boiler?

Steam boilers powered by biomass fuels, such as municipal and industrial waste, are known as biomass steam boilers.

The steam-water mixture is the heat receiving media in the biomass steam boilers. In the steam water system of the boiler, it converts the water into steam.

A small amount of ash is transported by the high-temperature smoke and deposits on the rear arch’s transverse wall during combustion.

What Are Your Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale?

Yongxing is a biomass steam boiler manufacturer that provides you with the best industrial biomass steam boilers at the lowest prices.

The different industrial biomass boilers’ different models vary in different aspects like capacity, shape, and purpose.

Our list of biomass steam boilers includes four different types. Boilers come in different types, including LHG, DZH, DZL, and SZL.

Discussion on these types of biomass boilers is as follows:

1. LHG biomass steam boiler

LHG type biomass fired steam boilers are vertical in shape. We provide you with the ones that adopt unique advanced combustion technology. The advantages our boilers offer you include high combustion efficiency.

You will also find a solution to the problem of burning black smoke in this book. As well as an integrated boiler body, it comes with an economizer as well.

You can easily install and transport this small-sized boiler as it is quite convenient to carry anywhere you want.

Providing an intelligent automatic controller allows you to start and operate the boiler easily and conveniently. They are highly efficient and energy-saving to provide you with easy operation.

Biomass fuel for the boiler cuts the biomass steam boiler cost much lower than electric ones.

The LHG biomass-fired steam boiler type we provide includes LHG 1 TPH Vertical Biomass Steam Generator.

2. DZH biomass steam boiler

Yongxing provides you with a DZH biomass steam boiler that has a horizontal shape. You get a horizontal three-pass fire tube boiler mixed in the drum. The light water-cooled wall is on the left and right sides of the furnace.

When you add biomass fuel, it spills onto the grate into the combustion chamber. Flame gets refracted through the arch upward through the body. It goes on both sides of the burning ember to go to the front room of the smokebox.

industiral boiler working

After this, it turns back to the former pot smoke box control. It evacuates through the chimney into the atmosphere. The furnace structure offers you high efficiency.

You may find it suitable for many manufacturing processes and industrial applications. You can use these boilers in medicine, chemicals, light industry, textile, and building materials.

Some other applications are cultivation, food, plastic foam, printing washing, rubber processing, etc. We provide you with DZH biomass fired steam boilers that include:

  • DZH2-1.25/6/2.5-T 2tons, 1.25mpa/2.5mpa Biomass Steam Boiler
  • DZH4-1.25/6/2.5-T 4tons, 1.25mpa/2.5mpa industrial biomass boiler
  • DZH6-1.25/6/2.5-T 6tons, 1.25mpa/2.5mpa coal steam boiler

3. SZL biomass steam boiler

SZL biomass boiler is a horizontal automatic steam boiler. It comes with a whole membrane water tube wall and a three-pass wet-back.

You can see a secondary cyclone burnout chamber and automatic cleaning design. It provides you with 15% bigger furnace combustion and helps in enhancing thermal transfer.

You can save energy, get low emissions, and increase the efficiency of your boiler all at the same time.

You can use it in the applications of biomass boilers to refer to every industrial production. It has applications for heating, drying, food & beverage, starch, tea, feed mill, and many others.

The circulating water system and larger water content provide you with good steam quality. You get a smooth operation because of a large convection surface. We will reduce your cost and overall investment.

The SZL biomass steam boilers we provide you includes:

  • SZL10 TPH with reasonable Biomass steam boiler cost

4. DZL biomass steam boiler

DZL Biomass Fired Steam Boiler adopts a single drum structure. It includes a water tube and fire tube mixed design with a full heating surface. You get high thermal efficiency and mechanized combustion in this boiler. With biomass as fuel, it will be environmentally friendly and energy-saving for you. It provides you with complete auxiliaries and high self-control. You can get it at lower prices and install it with ease.

You get sufficient and steady capacity and high heat efficiency. The heating area is on the sides of the furnace. You can use it in different industrial applications. The applications include Food and Beverage, Cement Plant, Garment manufacturing, chemical plants, and Textile plants. Some other applications are Fertilizer plants, Feed mills, Paper Plants, Printing, dyeing mills, etc.

Some of our DZL biomass steam boilers include:

  • DZL4-1.6/2.5-All/T biomass steam boilers
  • DZL8-1.25-1.6- T Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

What Is Your Design of Biomass Steam Boiler?

Yongxing biomass steam boiler ensures raw material quality control. We provide you with drums, front and back tube plates of the same material. The material we choose for you is Q245R, GB7132008, φ1600×14/16 according to different pressure.

We use thread pipes including downpipe, membrane wall of the material 20g, GB3087-2008, φ57×3/φ76x6mm, etc. We ensure the reliable and best biomass furnace design and quality control of the biomass steam boiler with these materials.

  • Grate types

We provide different travelling grate types that include:

  1. Active grate bar chain grate
  2. Travelling chain grate stoker
  3. Step grate/Reciprocating grate
  • Arch design

The design of our biomass steam boiler is an arch having a conventional refractory wall. There are two arches, with one in the middle by a folded flame wall and the other at the rear by a transverse wall.

  • Ash removal door

Your steam boiler furnace does come with ash-removal doors on the rear wall. During the combustion of biomass fuel, the ash deposits on the rear arch’s transverse wall. The ash moves with the high-temperature smoke and then deposits on the wall. You can remove the deposited ash and dust easily through the door.

  • Multi-fuel combustion

The design supports multiple fuel combustion that means you can use different fuels for the combustion process. It provides you with better combustion conditions with different fuels, too, unlike others. The design is better than coal steam boilers because of being ventilated at the bottom and adaption to the Biomass steam boiler furnace.

  • Heat exchange surface

You get steam boilers that equip a radiant heat exchange surface. This surface helps in effectively improving the heat utilization rate of your boiler. The heat exchange surface in your boiler can adopt a particular anti-wear structure. Besides this, you can use the boilers with confidence for two decades.

  • Feeding method

You can feed any fuel such as wood strips, wood chips, biomass particles, or any biomass mixture in the boiler. The feeding methods are of different types. You can feed the fuel manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically in the boiler for combustion.

What Are The Biomass Steam Boiler Heating Advantages

Some of the advantages of biomass steam boiler are as follows:

Environment friendly

You may have an idea that biomass is an environmentally friendly source of energy. Unlike coal, it doesn’t take a much longer lifetime to re-generate. With the replacement or growth of new plants and trees, you can get it relatively quicker than coal. Biomass fuel in the boilers is a renewable source of energy that makes it environment friendly and best as a fuel for your boiler.

Carbon neutral form

Biomass is a carbon-neutral form of energy. The growing plants absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide that they release after the burning process. It supplies you with energy and helps in the disposal of wood and other materials’ waste.

Reduce carbon dioxide output

With biomass as fuel in your boilers instead of others, you can reduce carbon dioxide output. It allows you to reduce your carbon dioxide output by up to 9.5 tons annually.

Dispose of waste wood

If you want to know a great way of disposing of the waste wood, it is biomass energy. The system will be even more sustainable even if you burn your wood. Instead of getting or delivering it from somewhere else, you can use your own.


The prices of other fuels like oil and gas vary and increase steadily. Biomass has stable pricing and doesn’t make you spend more. It is close to gas prices but much cheaper than electric heating and solid fuel.

This fuel can be a great replacement for such systems to provide you with benefits in cost without compromising efficiency or performance.


Our design of biomass steam boilers offers you an efficiency that is as high as 90%. You can get this efficiency by cooperating with the boiler economizers, preheaters, and other energy-saving equipment. It allows you to save money on water dust scrubbers in large boilers because of their high efficiency and low sulfur emission.

Heat transfer

The design increases the flue gas heating transfer and reduces the exhaust temperature of the biomass steam boiler. You can reduce heat loss and optimize the thermal field in our biomass steam boiler furnace. The design improves the burnout degree of fuel in the boiler and the stable combustion ability.


You need to clean the biomass steam boilers regularly or once a week. In modern models, the process is simple and automatic, so it is not a cause of worry.

Off-grid locations

You don’t need to have a connection to utilities if you go for industrial biomass boilers. These boilers can be a perfect off-grid solution for both hot water and heating.

Automated Ash Removal

In modern steam boilers, you get automated ash removal. You don’t need to do it as the boilers remove the ash from the unit automatically. The ash goes into self-contained ash bins that provide continuous operation and reduce operational costs.

How Does Your Biomass Steam Boiler Work?

In a biomass steam boiler, the fuel is the biomass that can be from different sources. You need to burn the biomass or biological matter in the boilers to output and result in heat. The heat is for use in heating systems.

You need to feed the fuel in the combustion chamber for ignition. The hot gas and air produced go to a heat exchanger to convert water into steam through heat. The excess heat goes to the thermal tank or buffer vessel.

Coal fired boiler system

Do You Have a Small Biomass Steam Boiler?

Yes, we have small biomass steam boilers, but on an industrial level, not for home use.

One type of small biomass steam boiler is a biomass steam generator. It is a superior biomass steam boiler of our factory. This biomass steam boiler ability is around 100- 1000kg/h, vertical drum, also suitable for manual or automatic combustion. The structure is vertical, which makes it small in size.

If your biomass steam boiler is set on a smaller project, we can also provide you with support at the most favorable factory price. 

Yongxing also has a square biomass steam generator. This price will be slightly higher than the vertical round one, but the design is more advanced, and the output is more abundant.

What Is Your Biomass Steam Boiler Capacity?

We provide you with industrial biomass steam boilers varying in capacity. The capacity of the steam boilers varies from 1tons/h to 50tons/h. You can get biomass steam boilers varying in this capacity range.

To Know more about our Biomass steam boiler datasheet, please click here.

What Is The Difference Between Biomass Steam Boiler And Coal Steam Boiler?

The main difference between them is in furnace design. The biomass steam boiler’s combustion chamber design is very advanced.

  1. Yongxing biomass steam boiler designed a new secondary air system. This secondary air assists your biomass steam boiler creates a near-circle airflow disturbance above the chain grate stoker.
  2. Yongxing design helps your biomass steam boiler prolong high-temperature flue gas’s residence time in the 1st combustion chamber. It will bring the following advantages to your biomass steam boiler.
  • Enhance your flue gas heating transfer.
  • Reduce the exhaust temperature of the biomass steam boiler.
  • Reduce heat loss.
  • Optimize of thermal field in biomass steam boiler furnace.
  • Improve the stable combustion ability and the burnout degree of fuel in the boiler.
  • Yongxing biomass steam boiler furnace uses a full furnace arch design, a conventional refractory wall, a folded flame wall in the middle as the middle arch, and a transverse wall as the rear arch.

3. The Biomass steam boiler arch divides the furnace into three areas:

# 1, # 2, # 3 combustion chambers, to prolong the stroke of high-temperature flue gas in the Biomass steam boiler furnace.

Get in Biomass steam boiler’s # 1 central combustion furnace
the flue gas is reduced dust in # 2 combustion chamber and twice combustion
the flue gas reduces dust again in the # 3 chamber

They will help your fuel burnout efficiency and reduce soot emissions.

4. Our biomass boiler system has ash removal doors on the rear wall of your Biomass steam boiler furnace.

During the combustion of biomass fuel, a small amount of ash will move with the high-temperature smoke and eventually deposit on the rear arch’s transverse wall. The deposited ash and dust can be removed regularly by the ash removal door.

5. Yongxing’s biomass steam boiler efficiency can be as high as 90%. It requires you to cooperate with Yonngxing steam boiler economizers, preheaters, and other energy-saving equipment.

Because it is high efficiency and low sulfur emission, you can save a lot of money on the water dust scrubber once you buy a large boiler.

5. Yongxing multi-fuel biomass boilers can also support multiple fuel combustion. Biomass steam boilers can provide better combustion conditions for different fuels than coal steam boilers. Whether it is ventilated at the bottom or adapted to the Biomass steam boiler furnace, it is entirely superior to coal-fired steam boilers.

6. Yongxing furnace design is equipped with a radiant heat exchange surface, which can effectively improve your biomass boiler furnace’s heat utilization rate.

7. Besides, the biomass boiler convection heat exchange surface adopts a particular anti-wear structure, you can use the boiler with confidence for more than 20 years.

8. Our biomass steam boiler fuel supplied wood strips, wood chips, biomass particles, or any biomass mixture you can find. The feeding method can be manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically filled into a biomass steam boiler for combustion.


Yongxing Boilers Group takes care of the customer’s needs. We provide you with an industrial-level biomass steam boiler with a large capacity. The boilers vary in different aspects like the type, size, shape, capacity, etc. You can choose the right one that you might find good for your applications. Every model comes with its pros and cons. Checking out the details of the different models above can help you choose the right one according to your needs.

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