Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler Quality

  • 86% Efficiency
  • 15 Years Life Expectancy
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Perfect For Medium-scale Industries


oil steam boiler

Yongxing Steam Boiler Models

burnham steam boiler
Yongxing natural gas boiler offers efficiency up to 94%. It uses less fuel and proves to be a cheaper alternative to Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers - A perfect match for areas where oil is unavailable or expensive.
burnham high efficiency gas boiler
Yongxing round drum gas boiler has extra safety features. Its round drum design proves how safe the boiler is from explosion. The round structure means that it can bear more pressure compared to other gas boilers.
residential steam boiler
Our industrial-scale gas boilers are specially engineered to produce high steam while saving on fuel costs. It has a very high capacity and extremely cost-friendly -  your industry's best choice. 
megasteam boiler
Our vertical oil-fired steam boiler is a perfect option for limited spaces. It comes with a automatic vertical stroke and can fit in any corner of your industry. Its efficiency is 94% proven, which is far better than Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers.
Oil fired steam boiler for sale
Our condensing steam boilers have a proven record as being the lowest-fuel consumption boiler. It has a marvelous internal system which is 100% safe from corrosion - Best for high steam requirements.
100 Hp Psi Steam Boiler Vertical Heat Exchange Tubes Wireless
Yongxing large vertical oil fired boilers are specially designed for large industries. Its your best choice if you have high steam requirements. With its full automation system, you won't need more than one operation staff.

Yongxing Boiler Manufacturing Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boilers Vs Yongxing Oil-fired Boilers

Yongxing boiler group have more than 40 years of quality experience. From the raw materials to the final outside cover, each process is monetized by our skilled engineers and metallurgy experts.

As the boilers play a vital role in your industry profits, we have specially added cost-friendly features like low fuel consumption rate, 94% efficiency, ID fans, economizers, etc. In comparison to the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers, our oil-fired boilers operate more efficiently and boost your industry profits.

Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler-1

Like Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers, we have also different models of oil-fired boilers. Each one of them is perfectly designed as per our clients’ specifications. Moreover, we provide custom design oil fired boilers to all our customers worldwide.

We have a very simple mission, your safety and 100% satisfaction from our equipment. Therefore, we have a separate expert team ready to install the boilers at your facility. Plus, they can help you solve all technical issues regarding our oil-fired boilers. It is a one-time investment because our oil-fired boilers can last for more than 25 years if maintained annually.

If you have particular requirements, contact our support team and we will mail you back within minutes.

Awaiting your inquiry!

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Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler FAQ Section

Burnham is one of the U.S top leading boiler companies. They have varieties in boilers that includes the famous Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers.

Undoubtedly, their product has a high-quality design and are very efficient. But, can Yongxing oil steam boilers compete with the Burnham mega steam boiler?

That’s what we are going to discuss today. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the basics of Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers.

What Is A Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler?

Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers are basically residential steam boilers used for heating homes. Its unique design and ingenuity make it one of the most famous boilers in the U.S. How is it so efficient?

The Burnham boilers have a three-return heat exchanger where the water absorbs heat completely.

Thus, their mega steam boilers offer 86% AFUE efficiency with a pass way unique design. Moreover, Burnham steam boilers are extremely energy-saving.

Since it is a residential boiler, its installation is super simple and time-saving. As water is the key element in the Burnham oil steam boilers, there are high chances of corrosion.

Therefore, Burnham engineers have used corrosion-resisting raw material for manufacturing the oil-fired boilers’ waterside. They guarantee that their boiler won’t corrode for years.

In addition, the heat exchanger has high-quality 3 inches of insulation for maintaining its temperature.

Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler

For reducing corrosion chances and producing dry steam, the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers have integrated the completed heat exchange surface below the waterline.

Thus, you get high-quality dry steam from these systems. Dry steam plays a vital role in the steam generation cycle. It won’t cause wear to your boilers’ pipes and fittings.

Premium Accessibility

The Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers have a unique design promoting convenient installation and cost-friendly maintenance. It has reversible burner doors and offers easy access to the exhaust passages through removable rear plates.

Simple Exhaust System

Efficiency greatly depends on the efficient exhaust system. Therefore, Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers have integrated stainless steam exhaust passages. It means that the flue gases won’t damage the flue passages in the boiler.

Raw Material

The Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers are long-lasting and corrosion-resisting. How so? It has a cast-iron heat exchanger which is not just corrosion-resisting but also allows lower temperatures of return water.

burnham steam boiler
Yongxing’s burnham steam boiler

What Is The Lifetime Of The Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler?

The Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers operation greatly depends upon its maintenance. If you are using one of Burnham commercial oil boilers, you must schedule annual maintenance. Otherwise, it may fail within 10 – 13 years.

However, with proper maintenance, the life expectancy of a Burnham mega steam oil fired boiler is 15 years. If you are still utilizing it after 15 years, then you may have noticed a high decline in its efficiency. Plus, you never know when it is going to stop operating.

Therefore, it is best to replace it, or else, you should ready yourself for an emergency failure and production breakdown.

In addition, after 15 years of life, the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers will start consuming more energy. As a result, you will get huge bills.

An expired Burnham oil steam boiler may create the following problems:

  • It will start leaking water
  • The Burnham residential boilers may overheat the buildings’ rooms
  • You may see yellow flames on the burner which is a sign of inefficient combustion. As a result, it will produce carbon monoxide – a deadly gas for human beings
  • It may fail time-to-time and will impact the production rate.

For these reasons, upgrading to a newer system is a good idea. Or else, you should buy a Yongxing oil-fired boilers which offers long-lasting operation compared to the Burnham boilers.

residential steam boiler
residential steam boiler

Is Your Oil-fired Steam Boiler For Sale The Same As Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler?

Yes and no.

Yes, Yongxing oil fired boilers for sale have the same extraordinary energy-saving features as the Burnham boilers. Both have very low fuel consumption rates and have additional cost-saving features.

However, the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers are mostly residential oil fired boilers – used for home or building heating. There are very few models of Burnham that are compatible with industries.

In contrast, the Yongxing oil fired boilers are mostly for industrial applications. Its steam generation capacity exceeds the limits of even the Burnham MST396 model steam boilers.

And the best thing about Yongxing oil fired boilers is that there are residential models too.

In addition, our oil-fired boilers offer efficiency up to 94% whereas the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers offer 86%. In the same way, our oil-fired steam boilers have a life expectancy of 25 years.

If maintained well, it can serve you for more than 25 years which is comparatively a huge advantage over Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers.

As being the customer’s first choice, we provide varieties of oil steam boilers that includes two-way and three-way return boilers. Hence, we deliver equipment specially designed as per your requirements.

Can Your Boiler Replace Burnham Steam Boiler?

Yes, Yongxing oil fired steam boilers won’t just replace Burnham oil burners but also give you several additional advantages.

Want to know how our oil-fired steam boilers are better? Following are the factors making us a better alternative to Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers.

Oil-fired Steam Boiler
Oil-fired Steam Boiler

Fuel Consumption Comparison

Yes, the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers are efficient and use less fuel however, our oil-fired boilers are better. Yongxing unique oil-fired steam boilers have a design that even utilizes the exhaust gases’ heat through an economizer.

As the economizer warms the cold feedwater via waste exhaust gases, the system will consume comparatively less fuel.

Additionally, our systems have integrated ID fans for supporting the combustion process – it helps burn the unburnt fuel mixed with flue gases.

Efficiency Comparison

The Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers offer AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) up to 86%. It is marvellous, however, not when you can get higher efficiency.

Yongxing oil-fired steam boilers can provide efficiency of up to 94%. It means that you will save more money and earn more profits from your business.

Reliability Comparison

Undoubtedly, the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers are highly reliable and can provide service operation for 10 – 15 years. If annually maintained, it will serve for 15 years.

After this time period, it may start creating problems such as leakage, overheating, high fuel consumption, utilizing more energy, etc.

On the other hand, Yongxing peerless oil-fired boilers offer a service life of 25 years at a minimum. If annually maintained and used as per its guidelines, it will serve for more than 25 years with 0% risks.

Considering these factors, we consider our oil-fired boilers a perfect alternative to Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers and even better than peerless steam boilers.

Oil fired steam boiler for sale

How Much Will It Cost To Replace A Mega Steam Oil Fired Boilers?

If your Burnham mega Steam oil fired boiler has reached its days, it is time you start thinking about a replacement. But installing a new boiler isn’t free. Apart from the cost of a boiler, you will be charged for installation too.

In general, the installation staff will charge you on average $3500 – for a small boiler. If it is an industrial-scale boiler, you may end up paying up to $8000. Want to know how you can save this money?

Yongxing boiler group is one of China’s best boiler’s manufacturers and suppliers. If you buy our oil-fired steam boiler, we will install it as an after-sales service.

Also, choosing our oil fired boiler won’t just save your money on cutting installation costs but also on fuel. Comparatively, our oil fired boilers have a lower fuel consumption rate and high efficiency. Thus, saving your hard-earned cash.

Are Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boilers Heating Cheaper than Gas Fired Boilers?

If it is the comparison between the oil prices and gas, no doubt, the Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers are comparatively expensive.

It doesn’t matter how low the fuel consumption rate is, the Burnham high-efficiency gas boilers have a cheaper operating cost. The efficiency does not count when comparing the gas and oil prices.

However, if you are living in a rural area and the gas units are expensive due to the short supply, the Burnham oil boilers suit you best. It gives 86% efficiency and high-quality steam compared to gas-fired boilers.

On the other hand, if you are comparing Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers with our oil-fired boilers, then the above comparison makes it a clear choice.

Our oil-fired boilers have higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption rates, more life expectancy, and free installation. Therefore, there is no room for comparison between Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers and Yongxing oil-fired boilers.


The Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers are the products of the U.S leading boiler company. However, they are no longer providing long life, high efficiency, and the old fuel consumption. Plus, they have still not adopted the advanced technology designs for their boilers.

Yongxing is one of China’s leading boiler companies that have adopted the latest technology for their boilers. Comparatively, they offer very high efficiency and are certified as the less oil-consuming brand.

Our designs have additional safety features and are extremely reliable. You can expect it to last for more than 25 years when annually maintained.

In addition to other cost-saving features, we give you multiple after-sales services so you save your investment for the business.

The latest ID fan and three-way return design proves how low fuel-consuming our boilers are.

Considering the above factors, you can easily make a choice between our oil-fired boilers and Burnham mega steam oil fired boilers.

If you want technical information about our oil-fired boilers, we have the latest catalogs available on our website. Also, for more information, you can contact our support team online.

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