Cast Iron Fire Bars 24Mm 0.6Kgs High Hardness

  • Category: Boiler grate bar
  • Size: 24mm, or 18mm and etc.
  • Materials: Cast Iron. Also supply Malleable Iron, HT150, HT200, HT250
  • 24mm driven bars

Cast Iron Fire Bars 24Mm 0.6Kgs High Hardness Malleable Iron

high-temperature resistant grate bar, good toughness grate bar

Product information

Weight: 0.6kgs                                  material: Cast iron, malleable iron
specifications: 24mm                         model: 118 * 80
Origin: CHINA

Ductile iron casting ductile iron manhole cover for travelling grates

Material: gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, cast steel.

Active piece: 35 # steel casting (80 mm) the pitch of a kilo

Attached to the piece: HT150 / KT350-10 (12 * 80)

Four claws grate: HT150 (L = 210, 250, 270, 250, 320, 350, 370, 380, 400, 380 mm)

Sprocket: YX35 -75, 100-150 (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 teeth, 16, 18 teeth)

Seal: Iron RTCr 0.8 (360/400 mm)

Scales: RTCr0.8 (L = 318, 330, 340, 367, 390, 400, 390 mm)

We supply customized services for the grate bar. Coal boiler grate bars factory ex-stock selling US$0.5 link bars

China chain grate factory 28years, supplier more than 200 boiler factories.

fire grate bar

HT150,200 cast iron, gray iron fire bars for coal boiler chain grate stoker

What Is Chain Grate Stoker?

Chain grate stoker is mechanization equipment applied mostly in coal/biomass fired steam boiler, hot water boiler, and thermal oil boiler

Chain Grate stoker Features

reasonable structure, reliable performance, and convenient installation

Series products adapt light chain grate stoker and reasonable air distribution device and also strengthen seal at both sides of chain grate as well as configuration reasonable front and back arch. Features strong suitability in combustion and reasonable air distribution for combustion and quick-fire starting.

Operation practice provided that combustion heat value is about 18840 kJ/kg Soft coal with more than 20% of the volatile amount and mixed coal can be combusted normally. Moreover, it can also combust waste industrial materials such as woodblock, sugarcane residuals.

normal chain grate stoker

Where Does Cast Iron Grate Bars Use For?

When you are running a traveling grate stoker, except its basement, the main part is cast iron grate bars. They support different kinds of fuels to firing on their surface. Then your boiler could generator heat here.

And in a different environment, you need to use different material fire bars.

Cast Iron & Gray Iron Fire Bars Features

  1. high hardness
  2. high temperature resistant
  3. wear-resistant features
  4. high tensile strength
  5. good toughness
  6. long service life
  7. Matching for 1-65T industrial boiler
  8. Fuel could be soft coal, soft coal, and anthracite coal mixed, wooden pellet
  9. The chain grate bar is used in the chain grate stoker. The thickness should be 18mm, 24mm, 28m, etc
  10. all kinds of boiler chain grate bar
  11.  Material: malleable iron, cast steel, grey iron
  12. Good quality with competitive price, many different models
  13. Heat baring.

grate bar gray iron bar

grate bar gray iron bar

grate bar gray iron bar

Cast Iron Grate Bars Usage

Purpose: industrial boiler

Suitable for all of the chain grate boilers.

Cast Iron Fire Bars 24Mm 0.6Kgs High Hardness

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