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  • Chain Grate Boiler Capacity Range 2Ton/h~150ton/hr
  • Different Furnace Grate For Various Fuels
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High Quality & Good Price Chain Grate Boiler

DZL2-25 ton per hour chain grate boiler
For DZL 2-25ton coal-fired boiler, we will use passive bars, drive bars type as shown in the picture. It is compact and offers zero fuel leakage, but perfect ventilation for your chain stoker boilers.
DZLSZL2-50ton per hour flake type travelling grate boiler
Yongxing flake type travelling grate is excellent for big power boilers. You can change wear out bars without stopping the chain grate boiler operation.
Live cor fire bar chain grate
When your fuel is special, such as rice husk, other stoker system won't work because rice hush are extremely light-weighted. So, for such fuels, this stoker is the best option..
SZL15-1.25-AII coal stoker boiler systems four jaw
This four jaw chain grate system has a big shape fire grate bars. When your fuel are coconut shell or palm shell, this system will best-suit your industry.
DZH active grate for wood log boiler-1
Yongxing DZH active grate has a special design for fuels like wood logs. No matter what the wood size is, this chain grate door size could be as big as 800X10000mm and will burn wood efficiently.
crossgirder grate stoker
Our DHL is a kind of CFB boilers for power boiler. It has a customizable design. So, if you have special requirements, tell us, we will design it as per your industry needs.

Our Chain Grate Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Chain Grate Boiler Reliable Quality

The modern era industries have already replaced their old industrial steam boiler with chain grate boilers. Not only because our chain grate boiler systems serve you a 25-35 years long lifetime, but also because the coal-fired stoker boiler costs you less on fuel. Plus, our priority is that you have many choices for combustibles.

What is included in our travelling grate steam boiler? If you purchase the travelling grate boiler system, you will get the following components:

  • Travelling grate or named chain grate stoker
  • Boiler drums and downpipes, steam headers, refractory wall, thermal insulation material
  • Economizer system
  • Dust collector system
  • Forced draft FAN, Induced draft FAN ventilation system
  • Ash conveyor
  • Chimney, gas duct, special for hot gas
  • Processing water softener
  • All kinds of valves & instruments
  • The electric cabinet control pane


In the boiler system, a traveling grate is the chain grate boiler system’s main part. It supports the burning of your entire system.

To Know more about Boiler Grate Bars: How Do They Work In A Boiler? Just click here.

Consider it if you want to increase your boiler’s thermal efficiency. Get their prices, and send us your inquiry now!

travelling grate stoker
chain grate stoker boiler
boiler chain grate stoker water pipes
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Chain Grate Boiler – All Questions Answered


The growing trend of chain grate boiler requires perfect literature of chain grate stokers, their types, and their working principle. Therefore, we have compiled the most asked questions about the chain grate stoker boilers and provided expert answers to all of them.

Apart from that, it is a fact that the chain grate stoker can boost your boiler’s thermal efficiency. For that reason, knowing it and its alternatives may turn out to be beneficial, especially when buying a boiler. So, without any further ado, let’s start from the very start of the chain grate boiler.

What Is A Chain Grate Boiler?


A chain grate boiler is a type of industrial boiler that burns solid fuels such as coal or biomass to produce heat or steam for use in various applications. You can find the chain grate boiler is a mechanism design, which automatically feeds the fuel and takes the ash out of your boiler.

Sometimes, the chain grate boiler refers to the steam boilers with a chain grate or reciprocating grate feeding system. The chain grates are the fuel’s support inside the furnace. It feeds solid fuel to the furnace automatically. You won’t need labor to provide fuel continuously. Rather, you fill the boiler hopper and let the chain grate system feed fuel automatically.

boiler travelling grate chain

In a chain grate coal fired steam boiler, coal resides and burns on the chain grate stoker. It travels inside the furnace like a conveyor belt and sends burned coal to the other side.

The chain grate stoker has holes in order to allow air for combustion. It is fully automatic and works without any operator. The travelling speed of the traveling grate boiler is adjustable. However, for the best performance, you should ask our experts. It also depends on the coal size you are burning on it. So, make sure you consider these factors before adjusting the chain grate stoker speed.

Chain Grate Boilers

Following are the chain grate coal fired steam boiler series. They all have a highly-efficient design with an efficiency of more than 90%.

Characteristics Of Chain Grate Boiler

  • Even a small chain grate boiler can bear a temperature of up to 1100 o
  • The chain grate stoker boiler has a longer operation life.
  • It automatically feeds fuel. Thus, reducing the need for labor.
  • It offers straightforward and cheap maintenance without even turning off the boiler.

Auxiliaries Of Chain Grate Boiler

  • Slag machine
  • Chain grate
  • Valves
  • Pressure gauge
  • Steam header
  • Chimney vent
  • Control panel
  • Economizer
  • Water tank
  • Water softener
  • Pumps

Chain Grate Boiler Applications

  • Chemical processing industries
  • Textile industries
  • Food processing mills
  • Power production
  • And all industries that require 100% dry steam for their products

What Are The Types Of Grate Stoker?

There are multiple types of chain grate stokers. However, two types are most common in the industrial boilers:

  1. Travelling grate stoker
  2. Spreader stoker

1. Travelling Grate Stoker

The travelling grate stoker, also known as chain grate stoker, is a mechanical moving grate. It consists long chain which can move linearly. When the grate moves, it drags the coal or other solid fuel to the boiler furnace. It has two ends. At one end, you feed the solid fuel, and at the other, the solid fuel drops in the form of ash.

DZL biomass boiler

The chain grate stoker boiler system is common in most industrial boilers due to its advantages. Following are some of the main advantages of chain grate stoker

  • It increases the thermal efficiency of the boiler’s furnace.
  • It requires no fireman or stoker to feed the fuel manually.
  • It has a robust design and can tolerate very high temperatures of flue gases.
  • It comes with an automatic cleaning feature.
  • It has convenient and cheap maintenance.
  • High automation level.

2. Spreader Stoker

Spreader stoker has an automatic system of separating solid fuel according to their size. It has two parts; Suspension and grate burning. The small pieces of solid fuel separate and fall into the suspension. On the other hand, the larger size fuel falls into the grate burning.

Furnace Grate Chain

chain grate stoker diagram

The spreader stoker automatically feeds the fuel from above using a rotating drum. It consists of moving blades. When the solid fuel drops on them, it rotates and sends fuel to the furnace. Many factories prefer a spreader stoker boiler due to its distinct properties. Following are some of its advantages:

  • It is compatible with different size solid fuels.
  • It can quickly cool the ash because the air comes from under the ash.
  • It has cheaper operating costs.
  • It is the best option for fluctuating loads.

What Is The Difference Between Travelling Grate Stoker And Spreader Stoker?

The spreader stoker and travelling grate stoker are most commonly used in industrial boilers. But how do they differ? Following are their differences:

Travelling Grate Stoker Spreader Stoker
Feeds fuel at one end and removes ash from the other. Feeds fuel from the above using a gravitational force and ash leaves from under the grate.
Must have a consistent size of solid fuel. Compatible with different size solid fuel.
The travelling grate constantly moves linearly. The spreader stoker has two sections; suspension and grate burning, which are stationary.
It does not need dust-removal equipment. It requires a dust-removal component in order to burn fuel.
Large coal size won’t burn properly; however, it can burn to some extent. Large coal size isn’t compatible with these systems.

How Do Primary Air And Secondary Air Work In A Furnace?

The furnace in boiler requires air for combustion. Therefore, the boiler chain grate stoker has holes to allow air. For complete combustion, we commonly use two types of air; primary air and secondary air.

Primary Air

The primary air in the boiler chain grate stoker is the air coming from the environment. It decides the amount of fuel burning. If reduced, less fuel will burn. Likewise, if increased, more fuel will burn.

Secondary Air

Sometimes, the fuel does not burn completely due to insufficient incoming primary air or leaks. Therefore, it takes the help of secondary air from forced draft fans. Generally, the chain grate boiler working is normal in its absence. However, providing secondary air can improve combustion efficiency dramatically.

What Is The Maintenance Of Chain Grate Stoker?

Chain grate boiler, either fire tube or water tube boiler, has the highest thermal efficiency compared to other grates. However, they require maintenance in order to maximize their performance. Following are the sections of the chain grate stoker boiler that will require timely maintenance:

Feedwater System

For high performance, you should check the condition of the water supply tank from time to time or at least annually. Moreover, you should check your water treatment plant and the temperature of feedwater to ensure they are according to your settings. Feedwater plays a vital role in impacting your boiler’s thermal efficiency.

Exhaust System

The exhaust gases must completely exit the boiler, or else they may damage your boiler’s grate and chimney pipes. Therefore, timely check of the blower, ID fan, and gate opening intervals are according to the factory settings. Poor de-slagging will cost your boiler’s efficiency and other boiler components.

Combustion In Furnace

It is incredibly crucial to check whether your fuel reserves supply a sufficient amount of fuel to your boiler hopper — insufficiency results in damaging the boiler chain grate stoker and other chain grate boiler parts.


The chain grate steam boiler has automatic settings and alarm settings. It is crucial to calibrate alarm settings of water level, water temperature, overpressure, interlock, etc. Even after calibration, you must check whether the alarms go off on your specified settings.

What Are Your Chain Grate Boiler Types?

Yongxing has the ability to equip you with various models:

They have a similar design from the outside, but the internal furnace design, the fire grate bar choice, and the travelling grate length are fully unique and customized in the best settings.

However, the reciprocating grate and the pulsating grate have a little bit different structure from the others. They usually use a 10-25 degree inclined grate angle to push the fuel back and forth. This design is to make your boiler burns the coal efficiently even in complicated conditions, such as too high humidity and too low heating value.

How Does Your Chain Grate Boiler Working?

As long as the fuel burn in your chain boiler furnace, a big sum of fuel ignite immediately. That is how the coal stoker boiler generates a large amount of heat energy instantly.

These heat energy and convective radiation energy are all absorbed by your boiler drum & downpipes. Finally, softening water inside your boiler changes into saturating steam or hot water to use.

How About Your Chain Grate Boiler’s Furnace?

Yongxing’s chain grate coal boiler furnace design can reduce your flue gas emission concentration immensely. A refractory wall appears at the tail of the chain furnace, that perfectly blocks the particles in your flue gas. Therefore, your bottom chain grate will transport the slag to the ash conveyor efficiently.

What Is Ash Handling?

Ash handling refers to the process of managing the waste resulting from the burning of solid fuels. Different types of ash remain by various solid fuels. Some of the most common are:

  • Fly ash
  • Bottom ash
  • Ash clinkers
  • Bed ash

In order to manage these solid fuel wastes, industrial steam boilers employ various techniques. They may adopt pneumatic or mechanical ash conveying systems depending on the type of ash.

Fly ash refers to the fined or powdered ash of the solid fuel. It is usually gathered from the dust collectors or other components in the boiler’s ash handling system.

On the other hand, the large or coarse size ash isn’t directly sent to the ash collectors. Instead, the boiler ash handling system sends it to the crusher (ash clinkers), where they reduce to the fine-size ash. Afterward, after reducing their size, the ash collector gathers them and ready them for removal.

Best Chain Grate Boiler

Undoubtedly, a chain grate boiler has more thermal efficiency than boilers with other grates. However, it is important to consider if it fits your industrial requirements. Besides that, it is more important to know whether the chain grate steam boiler you are buying is worth the cash you are spending on.

So, to get rid of all these puzzles, we introduce you to Yongxing chain grate steam boilers. We have world-class steam boiler systems that come with futuristic chain grate stokers. It has a very low fuel consumption rate and is pre-set to burn each coal piece completely. Plus, we have pre-determined the compatible coal sizes in the chain grate boiler operation manual so that you get complete fuel utilization.

If you have other queries regarding our chain grate steam boilers, we have a 24/7 active customer support team to answer all of them. So, contact us now!


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