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  • chain grate coal fired steam boiler capacity 100kgs/hr ~ 40000kgs/hr
  • Horizontal wood pellet steam boiler 2-50tons/h


chain grate steam boiler

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Yongxing Supply The Most Affortable Travelling Grate Boiler

Yongxing chain grate steam boiler is a leading product in the steam boiler industry. We have been making it for more than 40 years.

You can use travelling grate boilers, reciprocating grate boilers, and any other industrial steam boiler. You save time and money by having them run automatically.

Particularly, Yongxing sends you different maintenance parts with your cargoes, which helps you keep your cargoes running longer.

As you found us, you have access to factory wholesale prices, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get the cheapest price. You can count on us to be available 7/24 hours a day.

To know more about the product, please check the bottom Definitely FAQ Guide. You can find all the questions you want to know here.


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Yongxing Chain Grate Steam Boiler Process Overvie

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Yongxing all drums and tubes will use China GB high standard materials. The welding shall be 100% NDT test and Hydraulic test. We promise all your pellet fired boiler is well quality controlled.
Membrane Wall

Once your Pellet Fired Boiler is a bigger capacity, our factory will use a membrane wall for you. You can catch a higher efficiency with this compact design in the burning furnace.


For pellet fired boilers, we suggest you use the small scale chain grate. For rice husk fuel, we suggest using the Live core boiler grate bar.




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Chain Grate Steam Boiler Definitely Guide FAQ

Boiler selection plays a significant role in optimizing the general effectiveness of your facility. When selecting a chain grate steam boiler, there are several factors you should weigh in, like the heat/fuel source, design, and combustion technology that’ll meet your heating needs.

Here we take a closer look at chain grate steam boilers, from what they are to the different types.

Here we go!

What Is The Chain Grate Steam Boiler?

A chain grate steam boiler is a level three-pass boiler featuring a water-fire tube and multiple threaded smoke tubes inside. The furnace is fortified using light pipe walls that are water-cooled on the right and left sides. The furnace’s front and back arcs are the latest energy-saving technology arches.

Fuel in a chain grate or reciprocating grate boiler normally flows from the coal hopper and gets inside the grate, then to the furnace where it burns. The flame deflects upwards via the rear arch and moves through the combustion compartment on either side of the build headed to the smokebox at the front. From here, it turns back to the tube bundle inside the boiler and goes through the back smoke box.

From here, it accesses the economizer and is tugged by the fan via the flue and to the chimney, where it is released into the atmosphere.

What Type Of Chain Grate Steam Boilers Do You Have?

There are different chain grate steam boilers to choose from; however, today, we focus on coal biomass-fired steam boilers. If you’re looking to trigger the eco-warrior within, here are some chain grate coal biomass-fired steam boilers:

DZH Coal Biomass Fired Steam Boiler


DZH coal fired steam boiler

Coal Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Description

This chain grate boiler biomass fired steam boiler is a single-drum erect type and is a new product from YongXing company that follows the environmental protection policies. It can be fueled by biomass pellets from crop wastes like peanut shells, sawdust, and straw. The discharge of flue gas is significantly lessened than coal fired boilers; it meets the National Environmental protection standards.

Furthermore, waste from crops is easy to find, thus transforming waste into treasure, which can establish reusing of energy at an affordable rate, thus attaining economic and social benefits.

Again, this horizontal three-returns chain grate steam boiler features a new furnace build which significantly boosts fuel combustion and reaches the thermal efficiency of 83%. The water-fire tube boiler comes in handy in attaining this effectiveness. After fuel combustion, smoke is released into the air via the heat region, economizer, dust remover, air preheater, and chimney.

Lastly, as fertilizer, the remaining tiny ash drops inside the slag discharge hole.

Performance features

  • This traveling grate boiler applies a cutting-edge grate design to lessen the maintenance and installation cost of the grate.
  • It runs without any hitches and has a reduced failure rate.
  • The exterior sports 304 stainless steel for a magnificent and sleek look
  • Self-cleaning in the threaded pipes significantly lessens the cleaning workload.
  • The ash left behind after burning can be handy farmyard manure, reducing expenses and corporate investment.
  • There’s no slagging or ash build-up during the burning and heat exchange processes in this chain grate steam boiler, which guarantees long-term secure operation.
  • This traveling grate stoker boilers‘s rear flue has a dust remover that ensures the dust released meets the environmental protection requirements.
  • The control system of this chain grate steam boiler features several protection applications, like high steam pressure safety, low & high-water level notification, water storage shield, motor overload safety, and automated power failure shielding.

SZL coal biomass fired steam boiler


chain grate stoker diagram

How Is The Working Principle Of Chain Grate Stoker?

This chain grate steam boiler features twin-drum upright organization with a steam boiler chain grate, and it’s fueled using pure energy biomass. This means it cannot release waste, smoke, and gas when burning with cheap and effortlessly attainable fuels to achieve waste recycling.

Furthermore, it meets most trends on the market and client requests. This chain grate steam boiler comprises the lower combustion compartment and the upper boiler, which is the body.

The fuel burns in the chain grate stoker combustion compartment and the flue gas that’s produced enter the rear flue via the furnace, combustion compartment, convection tube, and so on. Finally, it is released into the atmosphere through the dust remover, the fan, and the chimney.

These two chambers of the chain grate steam boiler feature membrane throughout the wall, which promotes the sealing process of the boiler and surges the heating surface and volume.

Again, this transversal chain grate boiler with double boiler barrels has the back and front walls organized with secondary air regulated by the valve, resulting in complete fuel combustion and better thermal and combustion efficiency, lessening the cost of fuel and generation of waste.

On top of that, this steam boiler has high automation, stable and secure operation, ideal protection application, and so much more! With all these features to offer, it has become an option for most businesses.

Performance features and how to repair the chain grate damage

  • The convection design facilitates high heat transference effectiveness, and it is reliable enough for boiler steam grate efficacy.
  • The back and front smokebox have CNC plasma cutting leading to a neat and good-looking appearance.
  • Generous drum capacity and complete interior paraphernalia
  • This chain grate steam boiler runs without complications and has a specific overload working ability.
  • The back and front arcs are matched correctly; the furnace arc’s coverage is huge, thus the high temperature of the furnace.
  • The air can be adjusted artificially, thus calling for different burning stages, and fuels in every plenum, and consistency of the lateral wind suction, thus guaranteeing complete burning.
  • It has a practical cross-section ratio; from upper pipe and falling surface, combustion is also stable.
  • Lastly, Our boiler has a twin-drum structure that ensures high combustion proficiency and 5 to 10 % savings in operational expenses.

DZL coal biomass fired steam boiler 



The DZL chain grate steam boiler is designed by YongXing boiler. It is a one-drum erect chain grate steam boiler fueled using biomass pellets and is part of a new generation of highly proficient and energy-saving steam boilers.

Biomass fuel is the perfect renewable energy source and huge output amount annually. It can be the perfect substitute for a coal-fired steam boiler which reduces expenses for your business.

Besides, waste usage can bring significant economic savings. Hence, with this chain grate steam boiler, you can easily achieve the dual unity of social and economic benefits.

Additionally, it comes with the benefits of high efficacy, fast boosting, and a huge heating area. Again, this chain grate steam boiler is a level three-return boiler equipped with a water-fire tube.

Thanks to the upgraded combustion technology, it’s engineered with high efficacy and energy returns in mind to guarantee complete fuel combustion.

Another benefit this steam boiler comes with is the spacious furnace and combustion compartment. This is because it is conducive to fully burning and settling the fly ash.

At the exit, the window is the coarse dust separation navigating compartment. As the name suggests, it plays the role of dust removal, lessens the release of flue gases, and makes this chain grate steam boiler meet the standards of the national environment protection.

Performance features

  • Threaded pipe heat transference promotes thermal proficiency and lessens energy consumption.
  • Again, the threaded pipe situated in the chain grate steam boiler shell reduces exhaust loss and leakage.
  • Incorporating the membrane water wall promotes the heat transference effect and coefficient, which reduces heat loss.
  • The rear flue has a dust collector to guarantee that the dust released meets environmental protection requirements.
  • This boiler’s welding seams have cutting-edge, submerged, automated welding tech to guarantee its quality.
  • This chain grate steam boiler adopts high automation and has low and high-water level notification, low-level water interlock protection, and automatic water adjustment.
  • The monitoring and control functions are complete, thus rendering the boiler’s operation reliable and safe.
  • With the formation of a noticeable “a” flame, the high-tech arch design encourages the combustion of inferior coal and promotes its adaptability.
  • The steam boiler chain grates apply a new kind of small-scale grate, adding an unmatched safety ring to stabilize the grate, make it reliable, and promote combustion efficacy.
  • The structure of the twin-wing flue facilitates the smooth entrance of the flue gas to the front smoke box. This way, it maintains the same temperature as the preceding tube sheet, and you can avoid the tube sheet crack instigated by stress.

Reciprocating Chain Grate Stroker

Leaning reciprocating grate


  • A step-design reciprocating chain grate stroker steam boiler garbage incinerator mostly resolves the issue that the present mobile grate cannot properly turn over the garbage, leading to incomplete burning of the garbage.
  • This traveling grate boiler features a slag outlet, pusher, steel frame furnace body, hopper, grate assembly, shut, re-burner booster, secondary combustion compartment, furnace compartment, etc. These coal boiler grates are always horizontal and equipped with a ladder drop. Again, this chain grate steam boiler is split into drying and preheating chambers, combustion chamber, and burning section:
  • The ladder drop is positioned between the combustion zone grate and the dry zone.
  • Numerous detached grate plates link the surface of the grate. The adjoining grate plates overlap down and up, while a specific grate ow is fixed, and the other grate plates row reciprocates.
  • When it comes to the furnace, it is controlled automatically, is highly effective and mechanized, and is easy to use. This chain grate steam boiler is most suitable for enterprises.


  • The horizontal reciprocating grate’s height is a bit low compared to an inclined grate’s, thus efficiently saving the boiler room’s area and reducing the cost of installation and maintenance.
  • In the level reciprocating grate, via this chain grate steam boiler, the coal layer can be covered evenly on the grate, and the interior connection of this coal-fired steam boiler grate is somewhat tight; thus, there is no air leakage. Thanks to the area, the wind speed via the coal boileris pretty uniform, and the cola ash content after burning is reduced considerably.
  • The wave-shaped coal steam on the level reciprocating grate comes in handy, and the surface area stands at 30% to 50% more spacious than the horizontal grate’s surface area. For this reason, the flue gases` flow rate out of the coal steam is slightly slow; thus, the amount of fly ash is less.
  • The combustion proficiency of coal is somewhat high, so the temperature in the furnace is extremely high, and the combustion process is rather efficient, allowing the coal with high coking properties can burn efficiently. Besides, this coal steam boiler can burn cohesive biomass fuels, which significantly boosts the malleability of the grate to fuel.
  • Lastly, the dust removal and fuel preparation process in this coal-fired steam boiler chain grate are straightforward, and the overall expenses are affordable. Again, the maintenance of this chain grate steam boiler is simple and cheap.

reciprocating grate boiler

What Is The Capacity Of Your Chain Grate Steam Boiler?

Typically, the capacity of a chain grate steam boiler is the weight measurement within a given timeframe, normally an hour. The weight measurement can be provided in tons, kgs, or pounds, depending on your situation.

The weight of the steam is sourced from the weight or volume of water converted to steam in the chain grate steam boiler. Seeing as the steam is compressible gas, the steam’s weight could be different owing to pressure. Again, water is a non-compressible liquid; thus, it stays a relatively constant weight.

Since the volume of the water entering the chain grate steam boiler is easier to weigh than steam exiting the boiler, the weight of the water is utilized to measure the chain grate steam boiler’s capacity.

This figure is adjusted for the chain grate steam boiler operating pressure and feed water temperature. However, a plausible chain grate steam boiler should host a minimum capacity of 10 liters of water, and thus its minimum working pressure should stand at 3.4Kgf/cm.

Your Chain Grate Steam Boiler Accepts What Kind Of Fuel?

Chain grate steam boilers can be classified into various categories depending on the fuel used and capacity. Typically, chain grate steam boilers have one drum water and fire tube boiler, and the chain grate is the combustion tool. However, there are those with twin drums that are much more efficient in terms of savings and combustion.

So, in terms of capacity, there are;

  • Double-drum chain grate steam boilers
  • Single drum chain grate steam boilers

When it comes to fuel, chain grate steam boilers typically use three types of fuel; biomass, wood, and coal. So, you have:

The chain grate biomass-fired steam boiler has a wide range of useable biomass fuels like wood pellet waste cloth, bagasse, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, straw, cotton seeds, and coconut shell.

Plus, to prevent coking and boost combustion efficacy, it adopts an exceptional twin secondary air design to better the conditions of the biomass fuels.

On the other hand, coal-fired steam boilers use coal as the only fuel and are more expensive to operate compared to a biomass-fired chain grate steam boiler. Again, a chain grate coal-fired steam boiler is more costly to use than a wood-fired chain grate steam boiler.

Again, wood-fired chain grate steam boilers use wood, like the hardy outdoor wood boiler grates, ideal for home use. With companies like Jensen wood boiler grates, you can find a reliable chain grate steam boiler for your home.

Well, there you have it, all you need to know about chain grate steam boilers. Hopefully, this piece has helped you choose the most suitable steam boiler to go for.


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