Chain Grate Stoker, Coal Grate For Chain Grate Stoker Boiler

  • Chain Grate Stoker Capacity Range 2Ton/h~150ton/hr
  • Different Fire Grate Bars For Various Fuels
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Chain Grate Stoker

High Quality & Good Price Chain Grate Stoker

normal chain grate stoker
this type chain grate stoker complete by drive bars, driven bars, and long pins. It is very suitable for AII soft coal and AIII anthracite.
flake type chain grate stoker
Compared with traditional chain grate with normal driven bars, the flake type chain grate stoker system is more suitable for biomass pellets.
Live cor fire bar chain grate
The live core fire grate bars is more better to be used on rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell, and those fuels easy to get cocking.
big shape chain grate stoker
With big shape, long eyes on fire bars, this chain grate stoker shares more better ventilation condition. Help us to improve whole system efficiency.
DZH hand type chain grate stoker
This type chain grate stoker operation is simple. Only need to shake the hand bars by hand. You can use any fuels to feed in.
crossgirder grate stoker
If your project is power station need range upper than 50ton/h, please choose this crossgirder grate stoker. Capacity can get to 200ton/h.

Our Chain Grate Stoker Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Chain Grate Stoker Reliable Quality

Yongxing is a professional and high-quality chain grate stoker manufacturer. Our chain grate stoker working is very smooth and it can serve you a very long lifetime.

Being a chain grate boiler manufacturing factory and supplier in China, we have A1, A2, A3 chain grate boiler design and manufacture license permits. Our company has been dedicated to strict high-quality management and considerate customer service. We will produce all kinds of industrial boilers according to your requirements.

Usually, It assembles in the bottom of the DZL or SZL chain grate boilers. We can burn your coal or biomass pallet and on our coal grate after you feed them into our coal hopper.
Yongxing’s chain grate boiler operates well because we input a performance gearbox with a considerable torque. And under the grate stoker, it has at least 3-8 numbers air plenum.
Shake the handlebar on its side. You can adjust the chain grate stoker’s air amount. By this, We promise enough fresh air on your grate stoker surface.
Don’t underestimate this simple handlebar. Changing air volume is crucial to complete combustion, energy savings, and reduction of flue gas emissions.
Whether you want to buy a new chain grate stoker travelling grate or replace your old chain grate stoker boiler, we can all deal with it. Our engineers support customized design anytime. Call us right now to get an excellent solution!


travelling grate stoker
chain grate stoker boiler
boiler chain grate stoker water pipes
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Chain Grate Stoker Definitive Guide FAQ

A chain grate stoker is a form of mechanical grate stoker for a furnace, consisting of an unending chain that spins and drags solid fuel into the stove.

What is a boiler grate, specifically? The grates are designed in such a manner that air may enter and burn the solid fuel.


What Is Your Definition Of a Chain Grate Stoker?

A mechanical grate stoker is a mechanism that feeds solid fuel into a steam boiler’s furnace, such as coal, coke, or anthracite. After 1900, you widely utilized them on steam locomotives, as well as ships and power plants.

A fireman, stoker, or water tender works to keep a fire going so that a boiler can operate, you can heat a building, or a steam engine may be powered. Much of the work entails considerable physical exertion, such as shoveling coal into the boiler’s firebox.


Processing Flow Of Grate Stoker

Grate stokers work automatically from feeding to ash removal. You could use it for coal steam boiler, coal hot water boiler, coal hot air furnace and etc.

It helps you save coal consumption, manpower meanwhile with high efficiency & steady working condition, less maintenance.

We could design it in different lengths or widths, to let it have different carry capabilities and generate various heat capacities.

You can feed the coal or biomass to the chain grate stoker boilers by the coal feeder. Then, in your boiler combustion chamber, carbon burns, and ash evaporates as the grate moves down the boiler oven.

Skill is essential when inserting scraps, air dampers, and blisters to guarantee clean burning and little unbranded carbon in the ash.

The coal supply hopper reaches all the way to the end of the chain grate furnace.

A coal travelling grate stoker regulates the rate at which carbon enters the stove, the thickness of the coal bed, and the speed of the grate.

When the grate is turned off, some coal remains in the grate and does not completely burn off.

As the bed thickness reduces from front to back, the amount of air required at the carbon feed end increases, while the amount required at the rear of the bed declines.

Check our chain grate stoker animation follows.

What Do You Have Of Chain Grate stoker Design?

The stoker’s primary goal is to feed a consistent amount and thickness of fuel into the furnace while maintaining a constant speed.

The fuel thickness and travel speed must both be between 10 inches and six inches per minute. Each link on the chain is between 1 and 1 1/2 inches in width and weighs around 10 pounds.

The links are strung in a staggered pattern on transverse bars, producing a web that passes over sprockets to generate an available horizontal surface. The chain is made of short, 8 to 12-inch links.

Playford Stoker has a water circulation gate. However, when burning fuels like sisal from twine mills, which is very flammable, such a mechanism is rendered ineffective since the fuel re-ignites and burns the standard kind of gate in a short period.

However, the heat needs are not high enough to warrant this precaution with all the mechanical problems associated with a device of this kind in common usage.

An eccentric shaft-driven slotted feed lever controls the travel rate within narrow limitations. In contrast, a governor on the driving engine or rheostat on a motor-driven installation controls the rate of moving beyond these limits.

It is common for machines to have a 400% speed regulation, which is more than enough for a typical installation.

Any delay here affects enormous goods. Thus parts must be well-designed and well-finished to go together quickly in the field.

Often, you may rework specific parts to reduce the amount of time spent on the project. To that purpose, erectors’ proposals are taken into account and debated, and several helpful design features have resulted as a result.

Parts Of  Boiler Chain Grate Stoker

chain grate stoker

The boiler chain grate main parts include

  • A Fuel Hopper
  • A Gate to control the fuel flow
  • Gearbox
  • A traveling grate
  • Air dampers
  • Ash pull-outs
  • Independent air furnace
  • Sometimes add a VFD control panel with speed control

Chain Grate Stoker Design Advantages:

  • Simple in construction
  • Low cost
  • Self-cleaning
  • Maintenance cost is low
  • It is reliable
  • The rate of heat released can be controlled by the speed of the stoker
  • Ash crushers are not REQ
  • High heat rate of energy released

The key design is rigid, the grate is heated and unstressed, and the beam and chain are not exposed to heat, making them safer and long-lasting.

Our grate has a wide effective surface area, low resistance, and a uniform air volume distribution. Due to rolling friction, low operating torque and low noise are required for chain motions.

You may prevent air leakage and wind between chambers thanks to a strong grate seal. You can also regulate the air volume of each section thanks to the grate’s handy and practical design independently.

Coal does not leak readily through this kind of grate because the pieces overlap and do not fall out, and you can quickly change the grate without shutting down the furnace.

The cross-sectional area of the grate ventilation is substantial, often 10% to 17%, and the combustion is more than adequate. To prevent the back of the grate from malfunctioning in the furnace, it does not have an axle or eagle iron.

Chain Grate Stoker Efficiently Burns And Handles A Wide Variety Of Fuels

  • Easy to install and can integrate with your existing boiler
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • The option of multi-fuel helps in the consumption of available cheaper fuels, hence it helps in reducing the cost.
  • Smoother and faster boiler operation and long life cycle with efficient fuel consumption

8 ton Firewood Biomass Pellet Fired Steam Boiler industrial biomass boiler

2T Biomass Wood Chips Fired Steam Boiler with Chain Grate Stoker Low Pressure

What Is The Chain Grate Stoker Diagram?

What Is The Chain Grate Stoker Diagram

chain grate stoker diamgram1

Traveling grate stoker Low frame

chain grate stoker diamgram-2

Chain Grate Diagram High Frame

Furnaces with adjustable and permanent rows of fire grate bars have sloped grate decks. They’re composed of heat-resistant steel alloys and have tiny passages in their sidewalls to provide the main air supply.

Unburned and burned fuel particles are mixed, and the surface of the fuel bed is continuously replenished by moving the movable portions back and forth horizontally—even distribution of fuel on the grate’s surface.

As the name suggests, these furnaces travel on an unending band of grate bars that move up and down through the combustion chamber.

Spreader-stokers pump fuel into the combustion chamber from a supply end of the chamber, such as screw conveyors, and disperse it across the grate. Compared to moving grate furnaces, in which the fuel bed is moved across the grate, the grate delivers the fuel into the combustion chamber by moving the grate back and forth.

Chain grate stoker boiler benefits from homogeneous burning conditions and minimal dust emissions, thanks to the bed of embers almost imperceptibly steady.

The replacement or upkeep of grate bars is also a breeze.  However, since the bed of embers is not fanned as in moving grate furnaces, it takes longer to burn off.

How Is Your Chain Grate Stoker Working?

The video shows different types of chain grate stoker working conditions.

chain grate stokers working

Chain grate stokers provide solid fuel to furnaces for heat recovery through boiler tubes or other heat recovery equipment. Load a continuous layer of coarse-sized coal onto a moving grate (chain or bar) to use an incandescent coal flame and refractory arches.

The coal is moved horizontally beneath boiler tubes or other heat recovery equipment, and it maintains the flames by forcing an updraft through the surface-ignited coal layers.

The coal’s surface is subsequently ignited by the heat radiation from the coal flame and refractory arches. In the case of an open surface, sprocket-driven chains pull rows of keys strung on bars, whereas, in the case of a closed surface, sprocket-driven chains pull rows of keys strung on bars.

It is possible to burn bituminous coals at temperatures as low as 400° F with a high-luminescence flame that may transport heat to the coal bed and reflect it off the coal surface particles. This is possible because of the rapidly evaporating gases of volatile matter and volatile gases.



What Is The Working Principle Of Chain Grate Stoker?

Coal/Wood Pellets are fed into your chain grate boiler through a moving steel bar grate chain grate stoker at one end.

The coal ignites in the boiler furnace as the grate moves down its length, eventually evaporating as ash at the bottom. Experience is essential for installing the grate, air dampers, and baffles to guarantee clean combustion and little unburned carbon in the ash.

To make the coal-feed end of the furnace completely functional, a coal-feed hopper is required. The coal feeding speed, coal bed thickness, spin speed, and grate rotation speed may all be controlled by the coal grate.

If the coal is not consistent in size throughout the grate’s length, significant chunks will not burn completely. Variable air is needed at the coal-feed and rear ends as the bed thickness lowers.

They distribute stokers mix suspension with grate burning throughout their task. Regular coal feeding keeps the furnace running smoothly.

The minute coal fines burn in suspension, the bigger particles fall to the grate and burn in a very thin, fast-burning coal layer under the grate, generating a very hot and stifling atmosphere.

Interruptions in load are easily accommodated by increasing the firing rate. They are so widely used in industrial contexts.

Throughout the years, several distinct designs have been successful. In order to drive coal down the grate evenly, a spreader feeder is used.

Gravity reciprocating plates and metering chain conveyors are used to input coal into the system. Some of the mechanisms that help transport coal through a furnace include steam and air injection, underthrow and overthrow rotors, etc. Rotor systems may benefit from steam or air.

How Is The Working Of Chain Grate Stoker In Water Tube Boiler?

With a chain grate-type stoker system, it is able to burn bituminous coal-washed singles or smalls efficiently. This combination is ideal for industrial heating and process steam. Water tubed boiler-type water barrier combined with a two-pass fire tube scotch seafaring vessel form a two-pass hybrid boiler vessel.

Compared to typical water tube boilers, this vessel has a bigger steam disengagement area, a greater steam storage capacity, and a larger thermal storage surface.

Also, the expanded water wall membranes along the gasification/combustion chamber sidewalls decrease the demand for refractory materials, which is important when employing highly volatile solid fuels.

For electrical cogeneration applications and specific plants, the process uses, a steam superheater that allows this system to generate hotter steam (an additional 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

Four jaw grate bar

Where Does Your Chain Grate Stoker Use?

Yongxing Chain grate stokers have high heat efficiency and the following features. It’s safe and trustworthy while it’s in use. Stokers with solid structural integrity include those that use a chain grate or moveable grate.

Stoker boilers are classified by the kind of fuel utilized and the method of fuel supply. Stoker boilers are divided into two types: chain-gate or traveling-gate and spreader-gate. The main kinds are:

Because of the constrained working space on a locomotive footplate, the stoker saw its first evolution here. To maximize locomotive power, engineers fed coal into the engine quicker than a firefighter could shovel it.

When operating a locomotive, the stoker would be supplied steam from the central boiler through a small steam engine positioned in or attached to the tender.

The coal used to be shoveled into a hopper by a fireman and then fed through a crusher, where you pellet it before being lifted by a screw or bucket elevator and mechanically dispersed over the furnace’s burning coals by a spreader. Spreaders include steam jets, mechanical arms, and plates that rapidly rotate.

In later versions, a helical screw or steam ram-driven pushers were used to retrieve the coal from the tender mechanically.

What are the maintenance systems of the chain grate boiler?

One kind of industrial boiler equipped traveling grate stoker can improve combustion efficiency significantly. For chain grate boilers to operate safely and reliably, specific maintenance systems must be in place. This section will cover the chain grate boiler maintenance systems.

If the blower and induced draught fan aren’t operating properly, the chain-grate stoker boiler should de-slag as quickly as possible to prevent inadequate pipe ventilation and boiler grate burnout.

The chain grate boiler’s automated control system monitors water level, temperature, water level alert, safety interlock, and display control. You must ensure they perform well.

It is also necessary to analyze other devices such as a water level indicator, drainage device, and supply valve functionality. In order to avoid boiler pipe blockage, the chain grate boiler’s two extra drainage valves must be used every day to discharge sewage.

If the water tank water level is average, the feedwater temperature is appropriate, and the water treatment is functioning well, you should double-check the setup.

Examine whether or not there are any obstructions to the fuel stores, transmission lines, or burning grate.

Chain grate boiler operation

The fuel is supplied into the chain grate boiler by a chain of pivoting arms that press on the grate and shake it as they travel.

The grate may be tilted to one side or the other in order to adjust the fuel-holding surface over the firebox door. The tilt mechanism can be controlled manually or with an electric motor.

An electromagnet that travels back and forth above the grating also shakes it. As the magnet passes over each row of teeth on its way up and down, it briefly pulls them open. When the teeth pass beneath another electromagnet, they are compressed.

Stoker boilers are chain grate boilers. The grate is a series of grates that travel through the furnace and feed the flames with fuel. It can either be moving or stationary. A traveling-grate boiler is another name for a chain grate boiler.

One of the most frequent types of stoker fuelled boilers, chain grate boilers are utilized in numerous power stations and industrial units across the world.

Chain Grate Boiler

The capacity of Chain Grate Boiler: 10-35 t/ 7-24.5 MW 2.5 MPa pressure Bituminous coal and anthracite coal is used as fuel in the SHW Reciprocating Grate Boiler.

Are you looking for a boiler that’s safe, dependable, and efficient? Look no further. Chain grate stoker boiler is made with an advanced three-pass wet back design, using the most complex three return all wet back structure. It also has progressive manufacturing equipment that uses corrugated furnace lights and has multi-chain protection. Water level, steam pressure, and gas pressure are all protected. And before leaving the plant, each boiler was subjected to a thorough examination and testing, including pressure tests and X-ray detection.

The chain grate boiler is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a boiler that can handle large heating areas. Adopting a unique design of a large combustion chamber enhances radiation heating furnace area decreasing boiler size and NOX emissions. It’s also 98% efficient! That means it’s well insulated with threaded pipe, high-effective insulating materials, and an economizer to increase heat transmission and improve boiler thermal efficiency.

Yongxing chain grate boiler is a stoker-fired three-pass boiler with a PLC intelligent controller. It’s perfect for long-term operation in high-temperature, high-humidity conditions, and it can run on any fuel. The steel used in the pressure components is manufactured in strict accordance with Chinese national rules and manufacturing specifications, ensuring that your boiler will survive.

All burners, pumps, water level controllers, valves, and other supporting equipment are from well-known international and domestic businesses. The manhole and hand hole on this chain grate boiler is simple to repair.

Stoker Fired Boiler

Stoker Fired Boilers are classed based on how fuel is fed into the furnace and the kind of grate. The following are the most common types of stokers: Stoker with chain or travel grate. Stoker boiler with a spreader.

Chain Grate Stoker System Conclusion

In recent years, chain grate boilers have become ubiquitous, with the Yongxing chain grate boiler particularly welcomed by consumers at home and abroad for its excellent thermal efficiency and extended service life. Please get in touch with us if you’d like additional information about the product or expert guidance!

The great efficiency of this chain grate stoker and moving grate stoker is its most attractive feature.

Our high-tech organization’s activities include the creation, testing, and distribution of heating systems and electricity. Because of this, the facility offers a comfortable working atmosphere. Because of the positive environment at work, the firm hires highly skilled technicians and well-known engineers.

All our chain grate stoker design is overfeed stoker. Our coal grate equips with regular small grate bars, passive fire grate bar, drive bars, chain grate long pin, and so on.

For biomass or those accessible to cock fuel, we develop plentiful types to match your chain grate stoker Boiler, like small scale chain grate stoker, live-core fire grate bar, step grate boiler, etc.

Meanwhile, our chain grate stoker length, width, and chain grate furnace are all alterable as your different fuels. These help you to burn off them. You will receive a perfect chain grate stoker system. It will guarantee to serve you for 20 years. During this period, you only need to replace the broken grate bars.

If you’re a new user with no prior knowledge of setting up this software, we can help. Our company will respond immediately if its customers can’t install it on their own. You’ll be happy to know that the company also provides its loyal customers with training. Also, you may profit from the servicing and maintenance provided for both the chain-grate and the traveling-grate stokers.

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