Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate Pinhole Grate Boilers

Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate Stoker Boilers are not only for big industries. They provide a cost-effective solution for small industrial users too. The Stoker is an efficient boiler with a grate stoking system that allows for complete combustion and lower emissions. The Stoker is a modern-day boiler that uses a grate stoking system to deliver heat to the process or space being heated.

The Stoker Boiler is designed to be used as a primary source of heat for your building or process. It can be used in conjunction with other boilers or heating systems to provide supplemental heat where it is needed most.

  1. The chain grate stoker boiler is used for power plants, chemical industry, and other industries such as heating, water supply, and air conditioning system heating.
  2. The Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate has a wide range of applications, from steam power to electricity generation, oil refining, and petrochemical process heat generation.
  3. The material of this boiler can be selected according to your needs. The most commonly used materials are steel plates and alloy steel plates. We also have the ability to manufacture the boiler according to customer requirements (such as material).

Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate

Chain Grate Stoker Coal Boiler

The chain grate stoker coal boiler is a type of boiler that uses a chain conveyor for feeding coal into the firebox. The chain grate stoker coal boiler is also known as a trommel, or a rotary feeder. This type of boiler is very efficient and can be used for a wide range of applications including power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, and many others.

Chain Grate Stoker Coal Boiler Features

There are many advantages to using this type of boiler design. The biggest advantage is that it uses less fuel than other types of boilers. This means that you will spend less money on fuel each month as well as reduce your carbon footprint by using fewer fossil fuels. Another advantage is that there is less ash produced by this type of boiler design because there are no ashes being produced in the first place! Because there are fewer ashes produced by this type of design there is also less waste water that needs to be treated after use as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions due to burning fewer fossil fuels to produce electricity or heat water for use in industrial processes.

Stoker Boiler

Coal Boiler With Chain Grate

Stoker Activated Boilers are classed based on how fuel is fed into the furnace and the type of grate.

The following are the most common types of stokers:

  1. Chain-grate stoker or traveling-grate stoker
  2. Spreader stoker boiler

Coal is fed into the Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate boiler through one end of a moving steel chain grate. The coal burns as the grate rolls along the length of the boiler furnace before dropping off as ash at the end. To achieve clean combustion with the least amount of unburned carbon in the ash, some skill is required, particularly when setting up the grate, air dampers, and baffles.

Coal Boiler With Chain Grate


These Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate boiler have a fixed grate for burning low-ash fuels.

Pinhole Grate Boiler is a kind of grate boiler that has small-pored surface, high strength and good corrosion resistance. It consists of a grate bottom frame and a plurality of grate sheets arranged on the grate bottom frame; They can be widely used in industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, and so on. The boiler is also called a traveling grate furnace or traveling grate boiler.

Pinhole Grate Boilers are a high quality, robust, and cost effective boilers for biomass fuel.


The Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate boiler is suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.

Pinhole Grate Boiler is available in a vast range of sizes from 30kW to 1MW.

The compact design allows it to be installed in any location that has access to natural gas or other combustible fuel sources.

Pinhole grates are made of high-strength steel plates with a certain thickness and width. They have small pores on their surface to ensure the combustion of solid fuel completely at the same time, while they prevent the flames from burning out through pinholes on the grate surface. Therefore, they have been used in the industries that need high temperature and high pressure steam boilers with low steam loss, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries where there are many kinds of fuels such as coal coke gasification etc.,

The traveling grate furnace is a type of furnace used to heat materials. It consists of a series of parallel bars over which the material is passed while it is being heated.

The grate may be stationary or mobile, with the latter being known as a travelling grate. A common form of traveling grate is a pinhole grate, where holes are drilled in the bars. This allows for better heat transfer to the material being heated. The steam boiler or biomass steam boiler uses a traveling grate (also called a travelling or moving grates) to produce steam from the combustion of solid fuels such as coal, wood chips or peat. It has been widely used since the late 19th century and remains in widespread use even today in many industries.

The Pinhole Grate Boiler Features Include:

  • Steel construction throughout with a stainless steel combustion chamber and secondary combustion chamber
  • Hopper and grate are fabricated from high quality steel plate with rolled edges and flame cut joints. The grate and hopper are electrically heated if required.
  • Stainless steel steam drum with an internal steam sealing flange at the bottom of steam drum which enables easy removal of water condensate during shutdown period without removing steam drum
  • Large diameter fire tubes enable fast heat transfer with low thermal resistance between fire tube wall surface area and hot gases resulting in reduced firing rates and higher thermal efficiencies than conventional fired boilers
  • High efficiency circulating fluidized bed combustion system eliminates gas leakage through the fire door seal into the combustion chamber ensuring complete combustion of all fuels carried on the moving bed of coke particles, enabling.

Pinhole Grate Boiler

What Is Grate In Boiler?

The grate is the part of a steam boiler that supports the fire and allows for the circulation of air. Grates are usually made from metal, but they can also be made from other materials such as brick or clay. The grate is typically located at the bottom of the Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate boiler, but it may also be located on top or on both sides.

The purpose of the grate is to allow air to flow through the firebox, which helps keep it hot enough to combust efficiently. Without this airflow, there would not be enough oxygen available for complete combustion and the Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate boiler would not work properly. Once the grate has been heated by burning coal or wood, it heats up water flowing through pipes underneath it. This creates steam that drives turbines or other machinery in factories and power plants or provides heat for homes and businesses.

Maybe you have still the problem about how the grate support the fuel burnout, more detailed introduction about the working principle can refer to why the boiler grate burnout?

Traveling Grate Furnace

Our company is widely recognized for providing a wide selection of the provided grate boiler is precisely created by employing high-quality factor inputs sourced from trusted market sources. Our chain grate boiler is in high demand around the country, according to industry standards. The supplied grate boiler range is available in a variety of specifications to meet the needs of the clients. We provide this Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate boiler at a cheap price.

Traveling Grate Furnace

PINHOLE GRATE BOILER Important Characteristics

  • Stationary inclined water-cooled traveling grate design with no moving components to eliminate mechanical failures and save furnace maintenance.
  • Steam nozzles for easy on-line ash removal from the grate without lowering Chain Grate Stoker Travelling Grate pressure. Additionally, fuel agitation occurs, resulting in a decrease in unburned carbon loss.
  • A cost-effective and realistic choice for high-capacity pinhole grate boiler.
  • Can accept air temperatures of up to 250°C, resulting in smooth fuel combustion.
  • Capable of burning high-moisture bagasse.
  • An overfire air system generates turbulence and thoroughly mixes the volatile gases, ensuring full combustion.
  • A sufficient number of feeders is required for consistent fuel delivery.
  • All of the aforementioned benefits of suspended burning are realized.
  • Pinhole grate boiler appropriate for low-ash fuels

What Is The Underfeed stoker?

Classification of underfeed stokers with a single retort. The fuel is put in a huge hopper at the front of the furnace in this design. The coal from the hopper is sent to the horizontal trough. The air is provided to the tuyers for mixing the coal with air. The ash plate collects the ash and clinkers.

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