Coal Biomass steam generator

Yongxing Coal Biomass fired Steam Generator is a fully automatic system, specially developed in response to traditional steam generators’ high energy consumption. Supervision-free steam generator. It has the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance, fast steam production, etc. we can help you save 30%-80% of operating costs compared with oil, gas, and electric heating boilers.

  • Capacity: 20-1000 KG/H
  • Fuel: Biomass particles/coal/firewood, etc.
  • Application: Catering, food, pharmacy, canteen, disinfection, bathing, planting, etc.

Biomass steam generators are widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises due to their low operating cost, inspection-free, high degree of automation, automatic and intelligent operation, convenient use, no special supervision, and good steam quality.

This steam generator generates a heat source by burning biomass particles from agricultural and forestry waste.

It then heats the water in the inner tank to the required parameters to continuously generate steam, used in food processing, biochemical industry, textile printing, dyeing, laundry washing, feed production, concrete curing, etc.

LHG steam generator


Designed Features

1. Yongxing uses biomass pellets as fuel, saving a lot of fuel costs compared with natural gas and electricity.

2. The structural layout is reasonable, the fuel can be wholly smokeless and wholly burned during the combustion process, and the exhaust gas emission indicators meet the national policy requirements.

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3. The combustion heat efficiency can reach over 96%, and it can continuously generate steam.

4. The intelligent microcomputer operation reduces workers’ labor intensity and saves labor costs.

5. Important parts are provided with inspection holes convenient for later maintenance and repair.

6. The built-in steam-water separator ensures the quality of steam and solves steam carrying water.

YY(Q)W Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler-2

7. The low water level protection device can detect the water level change in the generator body at any time to avoid dry burning.

8. Complete protection devices, such as pressure, water shortage, and other multiple protection devices, ensure the steam generator’s safe and reliable operation.

LHG Steam Generator

Model Unit LHG0.05-0.4 LHG0.1-0.4 LHG0.2-0.4 LHG0.3-0.7 LHG0.5-0.7 LHG0.7-0.7 LHG1-0.7
Rated steam output KG/H 50 100 200 300 500 700 1000
Rated steam pressure Mpa 0.4/0.7 0.4/0.7 0.4/0.7 0.4/0.7 0.4/0.7/1.0
Steam temperature 151/171 151/171/184
Feeding water temperature 20
Heat efficiency % ≥86
Fuel Biomass pellet/coal/wood chips
Electric power V 220
Fuel Biomass KG/H 10 20 35 56 95 134 185
Coal KG/H 8 15 31 46 77 108 153
Wood KG/H 13 23 42 63 115 142 210
Connect size Main steam DN 15 20 20 25 40 40 50
discharge DN 25 25 25 40 40 40 40
Chimney DN 133 180 219 273 273 313 325
Single pipe water volume L 20 20 25 25 29 29 29
Transfer weight T 0.67 0.9 1.2 1.46 2.6 3.6 4.5
Outer size L MM 1300 1500 1600 1800 2200 2400 2600
W MM 800 900 1000 1300 1500 1600 1800
H MM 1600 1800 2000 2000 2200 2200 2400


Superior LHG Coal Biomass steam generator For Different Industry

Yongxing coal biomass steam generator in the food factory is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing, cooking and other processes.
You could uses LHG Coal Biomass steam generator to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity.
In the chemical industry, fermentative tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier need to be equipped with steam boiler.

Customer Cases

Steam is inseparable from the ironing, dyeing, and shaping of clothes. Therefore, the steam boiler is an essential piece of equipment in the laundry factory.

In response to the country’s call for environmental protection, energy-saving, and emission reduction, a laundry factory in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, decided to eliminate the original coal-fired steam boiler and introduce an LHG1-0.7-T biomass-fired steam generator.

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