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DZH Coal Boiler With Hopper

High Quality & Good Price Coal Boiler

Bottom Ash Handling Coal Boiler
Yongxing DZL coal boiler with hopper is the client's favorite industrial boiler. It has automatic fuel feeding system and pellet boiler chimney for exhaust gases. It is super beneficiary if you want less labors in your industry.
biomass boiler hopper
Our SZL Coal Furnace For Sale has 20t/h steam capacity. It comes with a double water drum design for storing extra water and producing extra steam. It will best fit your industry if your steam requirements are high.
Automatic Pellet Boiler Controller
Yongxing vertical coal/biomass boiler has a fit-in-everywhere design. It comes with a pellet boiler controller due to which it will give you full automatic control with a single panel. It is your best option when you have limited space available.

Our Coal Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

What You Should Expect From Our Coal Boiler With Hopper?

Yongxing boiler group is a respected enterprise and key manufacturer of industrial boilers. We are an approved and certified company that excels in designing top-quality steam generators. We have license permits for manufacturing and installing industrial steam boilers.

Furthermore, we serve our customers with a gun coal boiler that has an automatic fueling mechanism. It can be used for homes as well as industries but it serves better for industrial use. Our coal boilers are equipped with efficient ash removal systems; Fly ash and bottom ash. Both have fully eco-friendly designs and are recyclable.

We manufacture anthracite coal boilers as well. Our boilers’ price is comparatively cheaper than the key stoker boiler prices.

Furthermore, our boiler company assembles auto-feed stokers at discounted prices. You can avail super-efficient auto-stokers that are well designed to lower your boilers’ fuel consumption rate.

Yongxing coal boiler with hopper is the best multiple fuel boiler in the market. It can generate steam by burning wood, biomass, and coal as input. You can get additional parts of the boilers such as a buffer tank for boilers, control systems, and chimneys for the perfect operation.

For more information, you can contact us through email and phone any time you want. We will gladly answer all your queries regarding any boiler.

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Yongxing Coal Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum and furnace

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Yongxing boiler drum chooses Q245R, GB7132008, φ1600×14 Front & back tube plate use same as coal boiler drum.
Thread Pipes
Our coal boiler thread pipes use 20g, GB3087-2008, φ57×3. Steam header, downpipe, membrane wall also use 20g, GB30 87-2008.


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What Is a Coal Boiler with Hopper? – Detailed Explanation

Are you tired of fueling your coal-fired boiler constantly?  You can get rid of this problem by purchasing a Yongxing manufactured coal boiler with hopper. With this type of boiler, you only need to fuel it once. And it will use the coal from the hopper automatically as per the boiler’s requirement.

With a boiler without a hopper, you will need to fuel it every time you want hot steam. This can get hectic and tiring for you. A coal boiler with hopper is the perfect solution to this problem. The type of coal-fired boiler for sale will get the coal from the hopper itself. And you will be relieved of this duty. Below is all the information you might want to know about this particular type of boiler:

What Is Gun Coal Boiler with Hopper?

A gun coal boiler with hopper is a coal boiler that uses an automatic fuel feeding mechanism. It stores the coal in a hopper which is situated above the furnace. As being above the furnace, the coal hopper automatically feeds coal with the help of gravity.

After the coal is fed, it is ignited and starts burning. The temperature of the furnace reduces when the coal is turned into ash. The sensors detect the decrease in temperature. So, the hopper pours more fresh coal for combustion that replaces the ash. The ash is removed and goes to waste.

The gun coal boiler comes with a simple and effective design. It has only two moving parts; furnace chain grate and fan. This allows a simple and efficient operation of the boiler.

Furthermore, our coal boiler with hopper uses a temperature-based control system to input the fuel rather than a time-based system. This feeding control system accounts for the efficient combustion of the coal and assists in reducing heat losses as well.

The gun coal boiler with hopper is moistly used as an indoor coal boiler. Moreover, this way of combustion is highly efficient. You just need to adjust the settings once and it will be good to go. Thanks to our fully automatic control system, the boiler can operate for days even without an operator.

What Is the Fly Ash and Bottom Ash? What’s The Difference Between Them?

The combustion of coal has by-products in the form of coal ash. The coal ash is split into two types:

1.     Fly Ash

This type of ash constitutes most of the percentage of coal ash. They are generated along with flue gases in the coal boiler. Filters and exhaust systems are used to remove the contaminants from the flue gases. The filter systems use electrostatic precipitators that attract the fly ash particles by opposite charges. As a result, the particles are collected in the fly ash hoppers.

fly ash hoppers
Fly Ash Coal Boiler Mechanism

The components of fly ash depend upon the type of coal being burned. These components are harmful to the environment. If they are released into the atmosphere, they cause air pollution and global warming. Therefore, a great percentage of the fly ash from the coal power plant boilers is recycled.

The particles of fly ash solidify when they are combined along with water. It is then used as an ingredient in making concrete and wallboard. The products created by these ashes are stronger than the original product.

2.      Bottom Ash

The bottom ash is the derivative of the combustion that composes 10% of the coal ash. It settles in the lower part of the furnace rather than flying up into the filters. They stick to the sides of the combustion chamber. The bottom ash is moved into the bottom ash hopper in the power plants.

bottom ash hopper in the power plants
Bottom Ash Coal Boiler Mechanism

The residue from the combustion is collected into the bottom ash hopper. Then, the ash is cooled down and moved to the grinder. The grinder crushes the ash into small lumps which can be recycled.

Bottom ash is not as useful as fly ash when recycled because it is toxic. However, when recycled, it can be used for road construction and in cement.

Difference between Fly Ash and Bottom Ash

Fly Ash

  • Constitutes almost half of the coal ash
  • Flies up with the flue gases into the exhaust system
  • Collected in the fly ash hopper
  • Can be removed from the flue gases through electrostatic precipitation
  • After recycling, it can be used for making concrete

Bottom Ash

  • Constitutes about 10% of the coal ash
  • Settles down in the combustion chamber
  • Collected in the bottom ash hopper
  • Moved into the grinder to be crushed into small size
  • Can be used for roads and buildings after being recycled

What Is Our Solution to Bottom Ash Hopper Choking Problem?

We have a very effective solution to the bottom ash hopper choking problem. A detector is used to check the quantity of ash in the hopper. The ash is moved out of the hopper before it is filled fully. This process is called bottom ash handling. We have two systems for bottom handling:

Submerged Conveyor System

The submerged conveyor system receives hot ash or slag from the combustion chamber through a tube. The water cools the ash splitting some of the large lumps. The ash settles down in the conveyer. Then the ash is dewatered and goes into a storage bin using the flight bars.

Dry Bottom Ash System

The bottom ash from the furnace of a coal boiler with hopper is poured down into the belt. On the belt, it is cooled down by fresh air. The air also helps in the complete combustion and the heat produced goes back to the boiler. The ash then moves into the crusher which converts it into small size. Then it is stored in a container ready to be recycled.

Do You Have an Auto Feed Stoker System Coal Boiler?

Yes, we manufacture auto-feed stoker system coal boilers. Our coal boiler with hopper is equipped with an advanced auto-feed stoker system. It not only fuels the boiler automatically but also provides efficient combustion. It will relieve you of fueling the boiler every other day.

The stoker-fired boiler transfers the coal from the hopper to the combustion chamber. It also provides a pathway for the air which assists in the combustion of coal. The heat generated in the process is used to create steam.

Keystoker coal prices
Auto Feed Stoker System

Yongxing company produces high-quality stoker coal boiler with hopper with chain grate as well as spreader grate system. In the chain grate, the coal is poured on the moving chain where it is burned. A spreader stoker burns big lumps in the suspensions and spreads small pieces in the chain for further combustion.

Does Your Coal Boiler with Hopper Have Multiple Fuel Capabilities?

Yes, our coal boiler with hopper has multiple fuel capabilities. Our vertical boiler can use wood, biomass, and coal as input. You can set the boiler to the input you require. Despite using multiple fuels, our boilers are highly efficient. You can get a Yongxing boiler with multiple fuel capabilities at affordable prices than the market.

Biomass as Input

If you set your boiler to become a biomass-fired steam boiler. It uses biomass heating to generate steam. Our multiple fuel boiler also has a biomass boiler hopper that stores biomass pellets. It is also equipped with buffer tanks for biomass boilers to provide additional water storage.

Yongxing provides biomass boiler servicing for our customers as well. The multiple fuel boilers cost is more than biomass boiler cost. But if you get a buffer tank and biomass boiler control system separately, it will cost a lot more than the multiple fuel boilers.

Wood as Input

In addition to biomass, our coal boiler with hopper can use wood as input as well and function as wood chip boilers. Wood fired boiler will then generate heat by burning the wood pellets. As a result, flue gases produce heat and convert water to steam. These gases create high-pressure steam and afterwards, go into the pellet boiler chimney.

Moreover, Horizontal boiler is equipped with a pellet boiler controller that will help you to control the boiler operation. The boiler comes with a 3-tonne wood pellet hopper and goes up to a 10 or 20-tonne hopper and more.

What Is Anthracite Coal Boiler?

Anthracite coal boiler is a coal boiler with hopper that uses anthracite coal as input.  Yongxing Company provides the best and most reliable anthracite coal boilers at prices lower than the market.

This type of coal burns hotter than regular coal and can rise to a temperature of 900 degrees. That’s why this type of boiler generates more heat efficiently. Using this coal, the boiler can generate more steam by using less amount of fuel.

Anthracite coal has spent most of its time underground. It is a shiny black brittle rock. It creates a blue flame when it is burned. Along with more heat, it provides smokeless combustion, and it burns longer than usual.


Yongxing manufactures coal boilers with hopper that uses an automatic fuel feeding mechanism. You would not need to fuel the boiler yourself. The boiler uses the coal as per its requirement from the hopper. In addition to that, we provide a gun coal boiler with hopper that is best for indoor use.

Our boilers use a dry bottom ash system and submerged conveyor system to deal with the coal boiler with a hopper choking problem. These systems get rid of the coal ash by grinding it into small pieces.

Furthermore, we manufacture effective auto-feed stokers and anthracite coal boilers. Moreover, our coal boiler with hopper is capable to use multiple fuels as input. They are equipped to use biomass, wood, and coal as fuel.

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