Coal Boiler, Industrial Coal Steam Boiler Manufacturer

  • Yongxing coal boiler saves energy of 10%~20%
  • Suitable for all kinds of Coal & Biomass
  • Low price & operation cost
  • Coal Furnace Going green & environmental protection
Coal Boiler, Industrial Coal Steam Boiler Manufacturer

High Quality & Good Price Coal Boiler

Coal Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing 6 ton coal furnace with hopper, it is ok to generator steam 6000kgs per hour, boiler pressure 1.25Mpa~2.5Mpa. We could also supply coal boiler types of coal hot water boilers.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Compared with dzl boiler, our 20 ton / h wood coal boilers for sale produced by membrane water wall. You will get two cylinder drums for this coal boiler types.
Steam boiler
Hand type 6000kgs / h steam output can also meet your big steam demand. We will help you to save investment at least 30% for the coal stoker boilers.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Our boiler operation pressure is 12.5bar, but we could generator you 4000kgs steam at saturate steam temperature 194℃.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
This is a small steam coal boiler. As class A coal boiler manufacturers, we always prepare it in stock. We could delivery it soonest once you have urgent request.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
For big traveling grate boilers, we will use small scale grate bars. Once your fuel is easy to cock or with high temperature, this type coal steam boiler is your first choice.

Our Coal Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Coal Boiler Reliable Quality

Whatever you need for an industrial coal boiler, we can supply you with different capacity coal boiler types. You will find we are the most professional industrial coal steam boiler manufacturer in China. 

Yongxing Boiler‘s reasonable and low-cost coal boiler accessories & boiler auxiliary system is the first reason you choose us!

Let’s introduce our SZL double drum industrial coal-fired steam boiler and some advantages to you.

  • Yongxing chain grate stoker has wide fuel adaptability. It is suitable for bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal, lignite, etc.
  • The yongxing combustion-supporting fan system adopts an independent sub-chamber and scientific sealing structure. It prevents air leakage and improves the boiler house environment for your work.
  • The secondary air intake disturbs the flue gas in the coal boiler furnace to ensure that your fuel volatilizes and burns completely.
  • As your actual working conditions, the Yongxing coal steam boiler can customize the feeding system, slag discharge system, and exhaust gas treatment system, and effectively improve your benefits.
  • Yongxing will select a suitable PLC control system for you, with the most advanced boiler components, and make your coal boiler operate fully automatically, saving labor.

However, Yongxing upholds the principle of small profits but quick turnover. Yongxing will supply all boiler auxiliary machines at the factory price.

We promote your coal boiler system with high quality and the lowest price. Send an inquiry now!

travelling grate stoker
chain grate stoker boiler
boiler chain grate stoker water pipes
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Yongxing Coal Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum and furnace

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Yongxing coal boiler drum chooses Q245R, GB7132008, φ1600×14 Front & back tube plate use same as coal boiler drum.
Thread Pipes
Our coal boiler thread pipes use 20g, GB3087-2008, φ57×3. Steam header, downpipe, membrane wall also use 20g, GB30 87-2008.


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Coal Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

Yongxing provides you with a professional coal burning furnace. This guiding main focus of the provided information. You can find the different capacity coal boiler types by contacting us. The first reason you should choose us is the low-cost boiler accessories and auxiliary boiler system. Focus on the FAQ guide to remove your queries to us.

What Is A Coal Boiler?

In simple, It is mainly for coal fired steam boiler, which is industrial machinery that uses coal as fuel, absorbs the coal heat, and turns the hot water into steam. Your coal will burn on the chain grate stoker and generator heat. This heat conduct to upper pipes and drums, you will get steam finally.

In the heating industry, coal acts as the standard fuel source. Our coal boiler supplied several different types of coal:

  • lignite coal
  • anthracite coal
  • AII bituminous coal

If you want a steam boiler for industrial applications, then coal is the best fuel to use the coal boiler. You can burn it completely in comparison to the bricks. This fuel source tends to ground to a fine powder in industrial applications. A combustion reaction between coal and air operates the coal steam boiler.

What Are Your Coal Boiler Types?

Being the best 4A class coal fired boiler manufacturer in China, Yongxing Boiler Group provides you with the best coal boiler. We provide you with different models. These models include a coal fired steam boiler, coal-fired hot water boiler, and coal-fired thermal oil heater. In these coal boiler types, we mainly provide DZH, DZL, and SZL. These boiler types are discussed below:

1. DZH wood coal boilers for sale

DZH is a single drum coal boiler that comes with both a water tube and a fire tube. The convection heating area is the two wings of the furnace. You will see a spirally corrugated tube in the drum.

Its furnace structure provides you with high efficiency. You can find this coal boiler suitable for many industrial applications and manufacturing processes.

DZH 4ton industrial wood fired steam boiler (equipped moving grate and economizer)

DZH coal fired steam boiler is useful in industrial applications. You can use these boilers in Textile, Food, Chemicals, Plastics, Rubber, Paper, Wood, and other industries applications. The DZH coal boiler type we provide includes:

  • DZH6-1.25-All Active Boiler Grate.
  • DZH6-1.25-All 1.25Mpa wood coal boilers for sale

2. SZL Double Drums Coal Boiler With Hopper

SZL outdoor coal boiler with hopper is a chain traveling grate with a double furnace in line. It comes with a convective heat-exchange surface design that provides a high heat transfer rate.

You’ll get good steam quality because of the reasonable water circulating system, larger water content, and steam space.

SZL Double drum coal boiler
coal boiler

Our coal boiler operates smoothly and has the potential for overload. A large convection surface provides this smooth operation. It is suitable for you for many industrial and manufacturing processes.

Some of our SZL coal boiler steam boilers include:

3. DZL Single Drum Coal Boiler

You’ll get DZL wood coal boilers for sale that have a quick-loading coal fired boiler design. It comes with a single boiler drum and longitudinal layout pipes.

It provides you with sufficient and steady capacity with rapid warming and high heat efficiency. The radiated heating area is the water wall tubes at the left and right sides of the furnace.

dzl coal steam boiler

You can use DZL coal steam boilers in different industries. The industries include Chemical plants, Textile plants, Food and Beverage, Cement Plant, and Garment manufacturing. Other industries include Paper Plant, Printing, dyeing mill, Fertilizer plant, Feed mills, and many others.

Some of our DZL coal boilers include:

What Is Your  Coal Fired Boiler Design?

We design the coal boiler drum, front plate, and backplate of Q245R, GB713-2008. The spiral tube and downpipes are 20g, GB3087-2008. You will enjoy our coal furnace safe and reliable design of different model coal fired steam boilers.

For our newest design, we use a membrane wall to provide high-efficiency

membrance wall

You get one that is made suitable for molding particles, mixed coal, and soft coal.

Some of the advantages that our design of coal steam boiler provides include:

  • Coal Furnace Smoke Concentration

We provide you with enhanced combustion technology in our steam boiler design. Your steam boiler comes with an increased combustion chamber. This chamber ensures that you get one that discharges the minimum exhaust smoke concentration.

  • Hard Coal Boiler High Heating Speed

The design includes a new type of finned threaded smoke pipes. We adopt this to increase the heating speed. In comparison with tube boilers, this method increases the heating speed by 1/3.

  • Coal Stoker Boiler Low Heat Loss

The coal boiler design for you will include finned tubes that ensure minimized heat loss. With these finned tubes, the efficiency of the design gets far higher than other products.

  • Industrial Coal Boiler High Flexibility

We connect the vertical longitudinal pipes on both side headers to the upper horizontal boiler drum. This is to ensure good flexibility in your design. The connection also eliminates the bulge defects in your boiler.

  • dzl Boiler Great Compactness

The design of the coal boiler for sale we provide for you is very compact. You can save the boiler room area with the same capacity. The design also covers an extensive load adjustment range of 0-110% load.

How Does Your Coal Boiler Work?

Our boiler has coal as its fuel. There is a water-containing vessel in a steam boiler that generates heat by coal into steam in your boiler.

It transfers this heat into pipes and then directs it to the point. Through these points, the coal-fired steam boiler runs your industrial equipment. Converting water into heat using coal is the basic idea of the coal-fired steam boilers you use in your applications.

  • Mechanism of the System

In the working of your industrial coal fired steam boiler, there are few mechanisms. There are separate parts of the system at different points.

  • Coal Stoker Boiler Heat Source

The heat source will be in a separate area from the water vessel for heat conversion. There is a connection between the heat source with the vessel and the metal rods. These rods play the main part in converting the water into steam by heating it with the help of your coal source.

  • Coal Fire Back Boiler With Vessel

After converting water into steam, it gets in the vessel or dome in the above section. From this vessel, it gets out of the boiler.

Before steam exits the system, the dome condenses the steam. It does the function of condensing to build up pressure. You may require pressurized steam to run your application. In those processes, it is the main part.

  • Coal Stoker Boiler Safety Valves

There are some safety valves in the boilers for your safety. These valves ensure that the boiler releases excess steam to avoid explosions. Your system also contains a chimney that is there to ensure heat escapes.

What Do You Do To Warranty Your Coal Boiler Quality?

We ensure the coal boiler you buy process strictly accord with our following way.

  • Steel sheet blanking, circle round, tube plate drilling, Yongxing all adopt advanced CNC processing technology, reduce assembly stress of your pressure components, and prolong your coal steam boiler lifetime.
  • Longitudinal and girth welding boiler adopts an advanced automatic submerged arc welding process to ensure the dzl boiler you buy with the best welding quality.
  • If you add our silencer to the forced draft fan and induced draft fan, you will get a coal steam boiler that runs at ultra-quiet 80dB.
  • The unique fire grate bar ensures that your traveling grate runs smoothly. Our boiler chain grate stoker will test run 72 hours before delivery to ensure the chain grate looseness is moderate and does not deviate.
  • A strict quality inspection ensures that every boiler you buy is safe and secure. Yongxing’s every industrial coal boiler for you is 100% longitudinal and girth weld radiographic, altogether avoiding unqualified welds.
  • Yongxing set up seven points for different quality inspection personnel to sampling, respectively. Unqualified products are repaired directly. Your boiler is enjoying Yongxing’s 40 years of production technology on welding and drilling.
  • We equip with reasonable air distribution and a large combustion surface, therefore, your coal boiler heat efficiency will be 5%-15% higher than the conventional coal steam boiler.

What’s The Different Between Your DZ Boiler & SZL coal boiler?

Compared with the traditional dzl boiler, Yongxing SZL type boiler has added a horizontal pot in the rear end. If the DZL can only provide a maximum of 8-10 tons of steam, then Yongxing SZL coal steam boiler will give you 6ton to 40ton of steam per hour.

Can I Know More of Your DZL Coal Boiler?

The DZL series by Yongxing includes quick-installed boilers. We can provide you with horizontal three-pass water and fire-tube chain grate boiler. You can burn medium-quality bituminous coal in these boilers.

  • Automated Ones

We can provide you with fully automated DZL chain grate steam boilers. The automated one includes a boiler slag conveyor, biomass fuel feeder, and other things. Our DZL automated boiler comes with 0.5-20T/0.35-14MW capacity.

  • Structure

We provide you with a DZL boiler with a body with a single drum longitudinally arranged. The threaded pyrotechnic tube in the drum forms a convective heating surface. You can see the boiler and water-cooled walls on both sides. These sides form the furnace radiation heating surface in the DZL boiler we provide you.

  • Use in Different Industries

You can use steam boilers in different industries, including:

        1. Food Industry

If you want to get coal-fired steam boilers for your food industry, then we can provide them. We provide steam boilers that you can use in a food factory for different purposes. You can use it for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, and others.

       2. Petrochemical Industry

Yongxing provides you with fired steam boilers for the petrochemical industry. You can use these DZL steam boilers to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity. If you want to get a steam boiler for the petrochemical industry, this helps you make different applications.

      3. Chemical Industry

DZL coal-fired steam boilers that we provide you are also for the chemical industry. You can use these steam boilers for the fermentative tank, reaction kettle, and sandwich spot. For other applications like a mixer, emulsifier you can use our DZL boilers.

What Unique SZL Coal Boiler Design Can You Offer?

According to the different tonnage, the Yongxing SZL coal steam boiler set a different number of independent air chambers under the chain grate. The wind can be reasonably allocated by different combustion conditions to ensure that your coal steam boiler fuel combustion is sufficient.

SZL coal boiler gives you a greater combustion chamber and combustion area, so it needs an exemplary configuration into the wind.  We provide you with an independent secondary fan.

The air volume and pressure are easy to control and adjust, effectively increasing the flue gas disturbance in the furnace, ensuring your fuel volatilization completes combustion.

Because Yongxing uses a grading air supply, a particular furnace arch structure can make Nox emissions equal to 100 mg/m3. 


Our latest design has a unique biological feeder, and uniform feeding biomass pallet, also to prevent tampering. If you buy an industrial coal boiler, you can also choose to add layers for the coal hopper.

Yongxing takes the lead in using an arched tube plate and threaded pipe structure, increases the coal steam boiler’s heat conduction, and thoroughly protects its rear end tube plate. The steel pipe cutting, threaded pipe & convection tube processing adopts advanced digital control technology.

According to different biomass, we ever make a lot of numerical simulations. It operation thermal efficiency can reach above 90%.

In addition to the rationality of our coal boiler design, the boiler you purchase will be manufactured with Yongxing’s most advanced production equipment.

SZL coal steam boiler processing is advanced, exquisite technology to ensure your coal boiler each part quality.

Please Introduce Your Best Coal Boiler for Sale

Some of the best coal boilers that we provide you at the best prices include:

  • SZL Series
    SZL6-1.25/1.6/2.5 Coal Steam Boiler

SZL coal burning furnace design is an assembly-type boiler. To make the installation easier for the customers, we built the furnace well for you in the workshop. In this SZL boiler, you get a steam capacity of 4 t/h. It has a working pressure of 1.25/1.6 and 2.5 MPa.

  • SZL10-1.25/1.6/2.5 Coal Steam Boiler

You get a steam capacity of 10 t/h in this SZL steam boiler. It has a working pressure of 1.25/1.6 and 2.5 MPa.


  • DZL Series
    DZL8-1.25-1.5 Coal-Fired Boiler

This product is from the DZL series, in which you get a steam capacity of 8 t/h. It has a working pressure of 1.25-1.5 with 82% thermal efficiency of a coal-fired boiler.

         DZL 15-1.6/2.5 coal burning furnace

Another product from the DZL series that we provide has a steam capacity of 8 t/h. It has a working pressure of 1.25-1.5 with 82% thermal efficiency of a coal-fired boiler.

  • DZH Series
    DZH6-1.25/1.6 Coal-Fired Boiler

This product is from the DZH series in which we use two wings type coal-fired boiler furnace. The furnace of this coal steam boiler can support any shape of coal or biomass that has a length ≤ of 600mm. You get a steam capacity of 6 t/h in this steam boiler. It has a working pressure of 1.25/1.6 MPa.

         DZH2-1.25/1.6 Ton Coal Steam Boiler

Another product that we sell from the DZH series includes this one. It doesn’t need uniform feeding as it is a manual feeding coal boiler. In this one, you don’t need to crush the coal as you can fill the furnace any size. You get a steam capacity of 2 t/h. It works at the pressure of 1.25/1.6 MPa.


Do You Have A Small Steam Coal Boiler?

Yes, we can provide small steam boilers for industrial use, capacity from 100kgs/h to 1000kgs/h. The structure is a vertical, small body, and makes it an all-in-one design. Take little space, you could use it in different industrial applications. If you want to get an industrial-level small steam boiler, contact us right now.

Does Your Boiler Belong To Industrial Coal Boiler?

Yes, our boilers belong to industrial coal boiler. If you want to get for your industrial applications, you can go to our website and contact us.

We provide coal-fired steam boilers for industries including Food, chemicals, Plastics, Rubber, Paper, Wood, and others.

Why Should We Buy From You, Not Other Coal Boiler Manufactures?

The reason why is that our designs provide you with many advantages compared to the other Coal Boiler Manufacturers. Yongxing provides you steam boilers with A-class standards, CE, and also has ASME, SGS water test, and BV coal boiler manufacturer verification.

The following are the things that are the reasons why you should buy from us:

  • We provide you with 12 months warranty on our coal-fired boiler body. You get a warranty of 5-years for WNS, SZS natural gas, and oil-fired boilers bodies.
  • In the hydraulic test of 25 minutes, the steam boiler parts keep their pressure stable. At ten times the designed pressure, we hydro-test the steam boilers before selling you. The boilers remain in good condition.
  • We provide you with higher quality products at the best prices, which makes you the best choice.
  • Being top-class coal boiler manufacturers, we provide you with the best product. We strictly follow safety regulations during the production process.

Do The Coal Boilers NZ Have A Ban?

Coal Boiler nz will phase out from December 2021. The coal- a major source of emissions also as part of its transition away from fossil fuels.

Well, It’s not really like that. This ban will only apply to newly constructed coal furnaces that operate at low and medium temperatures, so industries with high-temperature requirements can continue burning coal.

For this type of industry, such as steel, coal can still be used as long as it has an emission reduction plan. These projects will demonstrate their pollution-free, low-emission properties.

For more, Yongxing suggests more models here.


Yongxing provides coal steam boilers for industrial levels. You can get our boilers to run your industrial applications. You can get different types of boilers that you can use for different industrial purposes on our site.

We design our coal steam boiler in a way that provides you with different advantages. Hence, we are the best choice with all the benefits or services mentioned above in the article.

Supply you CE A-class quality, and the best keystoker coal boiler prices, feel free to send us a quote right now!

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