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High Quality & Good Price Coal Fired Boiler

Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Normally the szl coal fired boiler design is assembly type. As a lot customer want to make the installation more easy, Yongxing will build furnace well for you in workshop.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing 20tph is a big capacity coal fired boiler for sale. We could send you coal fired boiler diagram and boiler house drawing. Help you to design the best boiler system.
DZL8-1.25-1.6-AII/T 82% coal fired boiler efficiency
We will adopt steam economizer and air preheater for the coal fired boiler working. So our coal fired boiler efficiency is easily to get 82% or more.
DZL8-1.25-1.6-AII/T 82% coal fired boiler efficiency
Yongxing coal fired boiler uses a flake chain grate to help you mechanize feeding. In addition, our boiler feed uniform, stable combustion, and easy control.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
We use two wing type coal fired boiler furnace. This will make the fire into upside down α . The furnace is support any shape coal or biomass that Length≤2M.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
Yongxing manual feeding coal fired boiler doesn’t need uniform feeding. You no need to crush the coal or wood, any size is ok to filled into the furnace for combustion directly.

Our Coal Fired Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Coal Fired Boiler Quality Control

Yongxing boiler group’s main product is a coal fired boiler. We are one of the best 4A class coal fired boiler manufacturers in China. To find the best quality and price of coal fired steam boiler in china, Yongxing is your first choice.

As an industrial coal burning furnace, it differs from your indoor coal firing boiler and small household heater.
1. There is a difference in body shape.
A domestic coal fired boiler is small, with a height of less than 1 meter. Almost all of the feed is manually filled, and the grate is fixed below.
It is possible to adjust the opening of a movable furnace door to fit the size of the fire.The movable furnace door allows you to adjust the size of the burning fire.
2. Bottom grate of coal fired boiler varies.
Coal fired power plants use more chains, coal burning furnaces are larger, and the design is in accordance with coal’s characteristics, with refractory cement masonry arch, so that coal can be ignited and burn more completely.
3. Coal firing power plant combustion is different.
Yongxing coal fired boiler combustion is more efficient and coherent, which is more suitable for industrial power plant boilers with high temperature and high evaporation capacity.

Yongxing could supply you with a lot of different models of a coal fired boiler. Such as

And our common tonnage for your choosing is 2 tons DZL coal fired boiler, 4 tons coal-fired steam boiler, 6~50 tons DZL/SZL coal fired steam boiler.

In the industrial field, Yongxing coal fired steam boilers are more commonly used. The DZL quick loading coal fired boiler design a single boiler drum, longitudinal layout pipes.

To improve the coal fired boiler efficiency, we install the steam economizer in the boiler rear end. Yongxing coal burning boiler side is equipped with the forced draft fan – FD FAN. It provides sufficient air volume to a coal fired boiler furnace so that your boiler can achieve the best-regulated combustion effect.

Our coal fired steam boiler also contains slag removal to help you automatically remove slag.

You could customize any parts freely. Just send inquiries for any of them right now!

Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
biomass steam boiler
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
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Yongxing Coal Fired Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Yongxing steam boiler Boiler drum, front plate, back plate all use Q245R GB713-2008, spiral tube and downpipes all use 20g, GB3087-2008. Please check the SZL double drum coal fired boiler on production above.
Membrane Wall

We will use a membrane wall for your coal fired boiler. It can be highly improved your coal fired boiler efficiency. Yongxing is aiming to be the best coal fired steam boiler china.

Coal Fired Boiler Tube Ends Welding

Your coal fired boiler will be welded smoothly and leak-free.

Double hydraulic test

Our next step will be to perform a hydraulic test, then we will hand weld the membrane wall after the inner coal fired boiler furnace has been welded.

Yongxing then conducts a hydraulic test for the second time. These factors will guarantee that we become your best coal fired boiler manufacturer.

Make all the welding 100% NDT test is our daily work


Coal Fired Boiler: A Comprehensive Expert FAQ Guide

Are you searching for an affordable industrial Coal Fired boiler? With over four decades in the coal fired boiler manufacturing industry, our products are guaranteed to meet all your needs. Here are a few frequently asked questions that will guide you in your search for the most appropriate boiler;

How Does Your Coal Fired Boiler Work?

A utility coal fired boiler produces thermal energy by igniting coal. Yongxing Coal fired boiler works by burning coal in your chain grate stoker, thus heating the whole unit. The water in the boiler will become hot and generate steam which offers heat energy.

Our image below illustrates how our coal fired boiler works.

Coal fired boiler system

Yongxing coal fired boiler is pre-set to run on AII bituminous coal or anthracite with a heat value ranges from 4500-6000 kcal per kilogram.

Even you have a very low calorific value of coal and would like a boiler that can run on it. You don’t have to worry because we could build a big volume boiler furnace, long grate stoker, and secondary fan to support the combustion.

We will assemble a full set of control monitoring instruments for you. The coal fired boiler working is safe and reliable.

A coal fired boiler produces loads of ash during the process of combustion. You have to remove ash at the bottom of the boiler constantly to keep your boiler in good condition. Numerous businesses use Coal Fired Boiler for a wide array of operational functions.

Ash Conveyor
Ash conveyor Dust collector

What is Your Coal Fired Boiler Design?

Our coal fired boiler design has a lot of value places compare to others.

  1. Yongxing adopts the new type of finned threaded smoke pipes, which increases the heating speed by 1/3 compared with the water tube boiler.
    These finned tubes can minimize your coal-fired steam boiler heat loss, and your coalfired boiler efficiency is far higher than similar products.
    fire tubes
  2. Our boiler enhances combustion technology. You will buy it with a very large furnace design, the increased combustion chamber to ensure the coal fired boiler you buy discharges a minimum exhaust smoke concentration.
  3. The vertical longitudinal pipes on both side headers are connected to the upper horizontal boiler drum. It has good flexibility, eliminating the bulge defects of your coal fired boiler.

    pipes welding to drums
    All pipes welded to drums
  4. It often has a very compact body. With the same boiler capacity, you can save 30% of the boiler room area.
  5. Our coal fired boiler covers an extensive load adjustment range. It is ok to supply you with 0-110% load, easy to adjust in your operation.
  6. The Coal fired boiler design is assembly-type. It incorporates a steam economizer and air preheater to minimize energy loss. This means that the coal fired boiler will consume less Coal compared to other boilers of the same type.
Steam boiler with economizer
Boiler With Economizer

Your business success is subject to the effective reduction of operational costs. Our coal fired boiler design will undoubtedly reduce your businesses’ expenses by minimizing coal consumption rates.

However, Yongxing’s design makes your installation process a lot simpler compared to conventional boilers. It also guarantees a compact boiler structure, dependable operation, and maximum durability of your coal fired boiler.

Recently, the world has witnessed a strong consumer push towards the reduction of air pollution. In response to this pressure, the coal fired boiler design meets all environmental protection policies. Why is this important for your business?

Consumers across the globe are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of clean energy emissions. Recent studies have revealed that consumers are more likely to trust and interact with environmentally-conscious businesses. An environmentally friendly coal fired boiler design is beneficial to your business long term since it appeals to consumers.

Do You Also Have Coal Fired Steam Boiler In Coal Fired Boiler?

Yes, coal fired steam boiler is the main part of coal fired boiler. The coal fired steam boiler is a modernized industrial appliance that produces steam, generating heat energy. You frequently need heat energy for your day-to-day commercial heating applications, especially if you run a hospitality business.

Yongxing coal fired steam boiler has a cutting-edge furnace design that enhances fuel combustion. It can achieve a thermal efficiency rate of 83%, which is way above current industry standards. The smoke produced during the combustion process goes into the air through the heating chamber. With our coal fired steam boiler, you don’t have to worry about smoke filling your business premises.

Flake long bar boiler fixed grate manual feeding customized door 2T 4T 6T
DZH coal steam boiler furnace

How To Calculate Coal fired Boiler Efficiency?

The basic formula to calculate coal fired steam efficiency is η= (Energy output)/ (Energy input) X 100. Essentially, you have to divide the overall energy output of your boiler by the aggregated energy input given to it. This 3-D image below shows all the sub-systems of your Coal fired boiler that collectively contribute to your boiler’s overall efficiency.


Coal fired boiler efficiency is a collective efficiency outcome of all constituents that make up the boiler. A coal fired boiler has several sections. If any unit fails to work at an optimum level, it will have a negative impact on the coal fired boiler’s overall efficiency.

Can You Supply The Coal Fired Boiler Specification?

Yes, we supply the coal fired boiler specification for the three types of Coal fired boiler, namely;

The specification of each Coal fired boiler includes a complete product introduction, performance features, a system diagram, and specific technical parameters. Coal fired boiler specification is important because it helps you pick out a boiler that suits your particular needs.


Do You Have A Coal fired Boiler Operational Manual?

Yes, we have a comprehensive Coal fired boiler operational manual for each type of boiler. There are several types of Coal fired boilers, including DZH, SZL, and DZL boilers, among others. Each of them comes with an operational manual that offers detailed, precise boiler operating guidelines

Each boiler has a specific Coal fired Boiler operational manual because the modes of operation tend to vary from one boiler to another. What does your boiler’s operating manual entail?

The manual contains everything you need to know concerning your boiler, starting from setting it up and its control settings. It also provides broad periodic maintenance guidelines to ensure that your boiler is in good condition.

Do You Supply Coal Fired Boiler Chain Grate Boiler?

Yes, we supply a top-of-the-line Coal fired Chain Grate Boiler whose design is tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Our boiler adopts high-performance thermal energy transfer mechanisms. Essentially, its thermal efficiency rate meets all professional standards.

Yongxing’s boilers design team was keen to incorporate several energy-saving tools and guarantee the optimum stability of coal combustion.

The main advantage of the Coal fired Chain Grate boiler is its impeccable safety standards. Before the boiler is cleared for supply, it is put through several quality control measures. The most notable quality measures include strength calculation, hydraulic tests and, a non-destructive test.

Here, Coal fired Chain grate boiler comes with an excellent structure and unmatched insulation standards that effectively reduce energy losses.

What Coal fired Boiler Types Do You Have?

There are three Coal fired boiler types that you can choose from, namely;

Yongxing’s Coal fired boiler meet all professional industry standards and are guaranteed to serve all your needs optimally. The Coal-fired Steam boiler comes in different designs and sizes to suit specific purposes.

For instance, if you run a small business, you can settle for the small coal-fired steam boiler. The large commercial/vertical Coal-fired Steam boiler is ideal for large complex business operations which require energy constantly.

As the name suggests, the Coal fired Hot Water boiler heats water for various uses. This type of Coal fired boiler has several applications, including central heating, greenhouse, buildings, and factory processing. You also have to note that its energy efficiency rates and durability are unmatched.

Yongxing Coal-fired Thermal Oil boiler has a horizontal structure and is ideal for large commercial applications. What advantages do you get when you choose this type of coal fired boiler? It has an incredibly minimal working pressure. Our coal fired boiler is also known for its top-of-the-line safety features and durability. In comparison to other Coal fired boiler types, it is more durable.

Can I Have Your Coal fired Boiler Diagram?

Yes, we can send you a Coal fired boiler diagram. All you need to do is place a request on our website at Our diligent customer support staff will establish communications with you to ascertain your specific needs. A Coal fired boiler diagram plays a critical role in designing the best boiler system for you.

Boiler 3D diagram

Business premises tend to vary in size. Are you concerned that your boiler may not fit into the available space? You don’t have to worry about that at all. We can formulate and supply as different scaled Coal fired boiler diagrams that will help you choose a Coal fired boiler that can fit into your space.

Do You Have A Bag Filter Coal fired boiler?

Yes, we have a Bag Filter for Coal fired Boiler. This Bag Filter effectively prevents dust particle movements and lessens air pollution. A Bag Filter is a long cylindrical woven or felted fabric that acts as a filter apparatus. There are several advantages that you will get from using the Bag Filter Coal fired boiler.

Positioned downstream of your Coal fired boiler, the Bag Filter, also known as Baghouse, separates ash from flue gas. It has a higher dust removal efficiency rate compared to other kits that perform the same function.

It is also important to note that the Bag filter effectively regulates both whole and fine particulate matter. The image below is a simplified schematic illustration of a Bag Filter Coal fired boiler.

How Are Your Coal fired Boiler Emissions?

The coal fired boiler emissions factor ranges from 30mg/Nm3 to 300mg/Nm3. This emissions rate falls within the boundaries of the industry’s recommended standards. Atmospheric emissions from Coal fired boilers can pose several serious adverse effects to human health and the environment. The legislation was put in place to ensure that such emissions are controlled to minimize environmental damage and human health risks.

Our Coal fired boiler emission rates are excellent as far as industry standards and governmental regulations are concerned. You can minimize your boiler emissions by using quality anthracite coal and regular maintenance on your Coal fired boiler. Your coal fired boiler comes with a comprehensive user manual that guides you on ideal operation and avoidance of unnecessary emissions.

What Is The Difference Between Coal fired boiler VS. Oil Fired Boiler?

The difference between a Coal fired boiler versus an Oil-fired boiler is pretty straightforward. A coal fired boiler uses Coal, whereas an Oil-fired boiler uses oil. Coal is ignited to generate thermal energy. It would be best to use a specific type of Coal known as anthracite Coal in your coal fired boiler.

In an Oil fired boiler, you have to use light oil, diesel, gasoline, heavy oil, or waste oil. Oil fired boilers are more costly to operate and maintain than coal fired boilers because Coal is cheaper than oil. You also have to note that Coal fired boilers are more environmentally friendly than oil fired boilers. Coal fired boilers have better harmful emissions control devices than Oil fired boilers.

How To Choose A Coal fired boiler in China

Coal fired boilers are less costly compared to natural gas boilers. Consequently, they have established dominance in China’s industrial boiler market. As a potential buyer, there are several kinds that you can choose from.

However, considering there are several manufacturers, you need to be very keen when choosing a coal fired boiler in China. If you select a coal fired steam boiler haphazardly, you might end up with a boiler that does not serve you optimally. How exactly do you choose it?

The first thing you need to do is consider the quality of the boiler over its price. Here are some features that you need to watch out for when choosing one;

  • The boiler should be able to supply the maximum quantity of steam with minimal fuel consumption
  • Coal Boiler should be cheap to install and run
  • It should be able to meet the load’s fluctuation rapidly
  • It should be able to start quickly
  • An ideal boiler should occupy a small floor space

Why Should We Buy From You, Not Other Coal fired Boiler Manufacturers?

Yongxing’s main product is Coal fired boiler. We currently boast of over 40 years of experience in the boiler manufacturing industry. Our dedication to excellence in Coal fired boiler manufacturing has propelled us into the list of the best Coal fired boiler manufacturers in China.

The prices of Yongxing’s Coal fired boilers are pretty affordable compared to the costs of our competitors. We have also guaranteed the quality of our coal fired boilers by incorporating several features, including;

  • Installing the steam economizer at the boiler’s rear end to improve the efficiency of the boiler
  • Equipping our boilers with the forced draft fan which suppliers sufficient air volume to the coal fired boiler furnace
  • Installing a cutting-edge slag removal chamber that helps you to remove slag automatically without much effort

Unlike most of Yongxing’s competitors, we offer free customization for any parts of your coal fired boiler. As our customer, you are welcome to visit our boiler factory anytime. The factory is located near Zhengzhou Airport. If it is your first time in China, our staff will pick you up from the airport and take you by car to our factory. As an established coal fired boiler manufacturing Company, Yongxing values its customers and is willing to provide complete deluxe guidance.


To get a complete specification of your Coal fired boiler, navigate to the specific boiler of Yongxing and send an inquiry.

Our highly-trained customer support staff will provide a complete Coal fired boiler specification guide in an instant. Send Your Inquiry Now.

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