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Yongxing Differengt Coal Boiler For Sale

Coal Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
We have a lot of types of coal boiler for sale. These coal fired heaters are expertise to work for different industrials. You can buy the coal boiler with a complete system. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free boiler system.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
The SZL coal fired boiler for sale is around 84% high effiency. A key part we use is a forced air blower. Also named Forced draft fan. It blows air into the chain grate coal furnace. A secondary blower can also be used.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
Small capacity coal boiler working principle is very simple. It is also used for residential heating. Once the coal boiler is installed according to the drawing, your coal fired boilers for sale control cabinet can be used to operate it automatic.

Yongxing Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Certificate

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
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Yongxing Coal Fired Boilers For Sale Introduction

Coal Fired Boilers for Sale – Detailed FAQ Guide


Are you in search of high-efficiency coal fired boilers that last forever? The Yongxing has introduced the new coal fired boilers for sale that come with the all-new design improvements. Not just improvements but also the best 24/7 active customer support that will solve your problems. If you are new to coal boilers, here is a detailed overview and comprehensive FAQ guide to help you buy the best one available.

Overview Of Coal Fired Boilers For Sale

The primary function of a boiler is to create heat energy by using the chemical reaction of fuels. The industry circle specifies the boilers on the fuel it uses. The boilers that use coal to create heat energy are specified as coal burning boilers. However, the Yongxing coal fired boiler for sale supports multiple fuel combustion that include coal, biomass fuel, and also the mixture of coal and biomass.

Types Of Coal Fired Boilers For Sale.

At Yongxing, you get varieties of boilers that best fit your requirements. Following are the four types of coal fired boilers for sale:

  1. DZL Coal Fired Furnace
  2. SZL coal biomass fired steam boiler
  3. DZH coal biomass fired steam boiler
  4. LHG small coal fired boilers for sale

Each boiler type has a unique specification and operating guidelines. To meet the customer needs, Yongxing provides a different specification. Here is the overview of each type of biomass fired steam boiler:

1. DZL Coal Fired Furnace

The DZL coal fired steam boiler for sale is a single-drum vertical chain grate boiler. It uses biomass pellets as fuel and is designed as per the latest technology to maximize efficiency. The Yongxing technology brought the idea to replace coal with biomass. When the boiler uses biomass fuel, it is a substantial economic return for enterprises. In addition, it makes you and your enterprise an excellent waste utilizer.

Moreover, the DZL coal boiler offers fast boosting, a large heating area, and high thermal efficiency. It has a horizontal three-return water-fire tube boiler which means you don’t have to worry about cooling. The Yongxing top-class engineers have designed large furnaces and combustion chambers. Therefore, you can expect complete burning and efficient fly ash settlement.

And for ash removal, the dust coarse steering chamber has been designed at the exit smoke window. It helps you in fast removal of dust, reduction in flue gas emission, and compliance with the national environmental protection regulations.

The DZL biomass boiler can be used in paper mills, feed mills, hotels, institutions, residential heating, heating, food, building materials, etc.

DZL Traveling grate system

2. SZL Coal Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

The SZL coal fired heaters come with double-drum vertical arrangements along with the chain grate. It uses renewable biomass as fuel which means no more waste smoke and gas. The SZL chamber is covered with membrane all wall structure on both sides. Therefore, with this boiler, you see improvement in sealing performance and volume of the heating surface.

For full combustion, the air supply is essential. This double drums boiler is a forced air coal furnace. Hence, the SZL boiler walls (front and rear) have a connection to controllable secondary air. By doing this, the Yongxing engineers ensured improvement in combustion, thermal efficiency, waste generation, and fuel costs. So, it’s a better option for enterprises searching for boilers that have a dual air supply.

The SZL biomass boiler can be used in a clothing factory, catering, food processing, greenhouse heating, petrochemical, building materials, etc.

SZL 10 ton steam boiler

3. DZH Coal Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

The DZH coal fired furnace is a vertical single-drum boiler specially engineered to comply with environmental standards. It uses biomass pallets that are recoverable from the environment’s waste. This design focuses on the reduction of emission of flue gas and improving the enterprises’ fuel costs.

It comes with horizontal three-returns water-fire tubes for better fuel combustion and high thermal efficiency. And for the ash removal, it has a slag exit hole that requires immediate cleaning when filled.

If you are promoting your brand, it’s best to represent your working procedures and equipment as much eco-friend as possible. For that part, Yongxing super environmental-friendly biomass boilers are at the forefront.

The DZH biomass boiler can be used in hotels, dyeing factories, food processing, printing, food mill, catering, etc.

dzh steam boiler system
DZH steam boiler system

4. LHG small coal fired boilers for sale

The LHG biomass boilers are the highly-convenient vertical steam boilers. It comes with fully automatic control for you to be free from the license’s hassle. Like the other three types, it runs on biomass fuel which means that it’s eco-friendly.

Plus, it has a built-in steam-water separator. So, it means that you don’t have to worry about carrying the steam water. And by doing this, Yongxing’s boiler manufacturers ensured to maintain the saturation purity and steam quality.

Additionally, all boilers’ functions and procedures are controllable by one single button. It means that you won’t have to spend more on labor. With a large heating area, super safe combustion chambers, minimum to no pollution technology, and cost-friendly, it has really become the No.1 choice for all industries in China.

The LHG biomass boiler can be used in food processing, dyeing factory, clothing factory, catering, institutions, hotels, residential heating, etc.

wood fired steam boiler LHG 0.5 ton
Coal wood fired steam boiler LHG 0.5 ton

Features Of Fired Coal Boiler For Sale?

Each type of fired coal boiler has different and unique features to comply with customers’ needs. So, let’s discuss the features of each type separately.

DZL Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Features:

  • Efficiency more than 80%
  • Use of unique arch design that forms inverted alpha flames for increasing thermal efficiency
  • The new design of flue gas three-pass cycle
  • Utilizing water-cooled wall structures and membrane walls for improving thermal efficiency
  • Use of threaded smoke pipes for optimizing thermal efficiency and contact area.
  • Large furnace area that reduces heat losses
  • Low heat loss of exhaust smoke
  • Has full automation control and automatic water level balancing
  • Alarms for low and high water levels and interlock protection.
  • Use of two-wing flue design for smooth smokebox flow and stopping the sheet cracks
  • Efficient dust collector to make the boiler comply with national environmental standards.

SZL Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Features:

  • It comes with a double drum layout that helps save operating costs by increasing combustion effectiveness
  • Efficiency more than 80%
  • Automatic handling of overpressure, high and low water level alarms, programmed fortification of flameout, automated water feeding system
  • Artificial adjustment of air amount as per the furnaces’ requirement
  • The front and rear smokebox are engineered using CNC plasma cutting apparatus.
  • High-efficiency convection tube panels
  • Large furnace area for higher thermal efficiency
  • Perfectly aligned front and rear arches
  • High furnace temperature
  • Smooth operations that come with a certain overload limit for reducing failure chances.

DZH Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Features:

  • Boiler operations run smoothly, and low failure rate
  • Latest grate activity design that simplifies the installation and reduces the need for grate maintenance
  • Efficiency more than 80%
  • The product is designed using 304 stainless steel that increases its aesthetic look.
  • The waste ash is re-usable for farmyard manure that helps reduce the operation costs and promote corporate investment.
  • It uses threaded pipes, which have a built-in self-cleaning function that eliminates the need for time-to-time cleaning.
  • The combustion and heat exchanges process does not include slagging and ash accumulation. It helps promote life-long safe operations.
  • The package comes with fully automatic protection controls that include alarming signals for pressure overload, low and high water level indication, water storage protection, motor overload safety, etc.
  • Efficient dust remover that complies with environmental protection standards.

LHG Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Features:

  • LHG is one of the inspection-free boilers that saves you from inspection fees, installation fees, and the hassle of issuing permits.
  • It comes with a three-return fire tube structure that makes it a long-lasting boiler with low maintenance costs.
  • The designs and drawings are reviewed by the provincial special inspection institute and allotted a grade B manufacturing degree.
  • Efficiency more than 80%
  • Fully automatic safety features that include pressure overload signals, flame controllers, high and low water level detection, overheat alarms, water shortage guard, etc.
  • It uses top-quality furnaces that promote complete combustion and comply with environmental protection standards.
  • Equipped with top-of-the-class water level gauge, water pumps, imported pressure controller, and efficient burners that help minimize the failure chances.

How Does Your Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Work?

The coal fired boiler working principle is easy to understand. It is just a series of operations leading to efficient steam generation. For extensive understanding, let’s break down the coal fired boiler working into easy steps:

Step 1: Coal Feeding

The Yongxing boilers use coal as fuel, so they have installed automatic coal feeders for convenience. It means that once you fill the coal feeder, it will automatically feed the coal as per the furnace’s requirement. The automatic coal feed system use gears to transfer the coal from the tank to the boilers’ furnace.

Step 2: Combustion Process

The combustion process occurs in the large furnace area of the fired coal boilers for sale. The furnace area is designed larger to have a space for complete and efficient combustion. When the coal is fed to the boilers’ furnace, the preheated air ignites it, and thus heat is produced.

The highly efficient forced draft fans are installed to push the air into the furnace for igniting the coal. Some air portion of the forced draft fan flows through the air preheater to transfer the exhaust gases heat to the boilers’ furnace.

The whole idea of the air preheater is to use the heat of exhaust gases in order to reduce the furnace’s heat load. Besides raising the furnace’s temperature, the air preheater also helps reduce moisture and produce a cleaner burn.

Step 3: Steam Generation

The fuel combustion in fired coil boilers generates the heat used for converting water into steam. The furnace’s heat is transferred to the liquid and then passes through the preheater. The saturated steam generated might still have moisture and can do corrosive damage to the system. Therefore, the saturated steam is routed back for further heating. Hence, it converts into dry superheated steam, which can be used for different purposes.

Step 4: Waste Removal

When the combustion process is completed, the waste flue gases are routed out. Lastly, the process required is ash removal. The Yongxing boilers use the latest technology for fast ash removal. Its boilers come with slag exit holes where the waste ash is exited out from the system.

Do You Provide The Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Specification?

Yes, we offer specifications for each type of boiler for customers to choose the boiler they need. Our specification manual includes boilers’ overview, diagram, performance features, and technical parameters.

Each boiler type has its own different and unique specification manual. It will guide the users about the correct installation procedure, operating conditions, and maintenance techniques. However, if you need installation service, Yongxing’s top-class engineer staff is ready at your service once you buy the boiler. Plus, if you need installation staff, you can also hire our local installation teams.

For a complete specification manual, click on the type of boiler you need and send us an inquiry.

Figure. DZL coal fired boiler general drawing

What Is The Efficiency Of Your Coal Fired Boilers For Sale?

The Yongxing coal fired boilers for sale are capable of achieving efficiency of up to 83%. The reason for achieving this high efficiency is applying modern technology to the boilers. Following are the factors that contribute to increasing the efficiency of our coal fired boilers for sale:

Coal boiler system

  1. Furnace design

The Yongxing boiler manufacturers have successfully managed to improve the combustion process technology. How did they do that? Very simple, they have achieved the best coal fired heating system by enlarging the furnace volume. By doing this, they have provided maximum space for combustion. And then it helped in the reduction of exhaust smoke. So, this is one of the main factors of getting such high efficiency.

  1. New pipes and drum design

One of the factors contributing to achieving high efficiency is Yongxing boilers’ new pipes and drum design. It provides an excellent connection between vertical longitudinal pipes and horizontal boiler drums. The perfect-calculated curved pipes provide a flexible connection to the drum, resulting in reducing the bulge defects of coal fired boilers. Therefore, by doing so, the boilers’ efficiency doesn’t get disturbed in the middle of the steam generating process.

  1. Boilers additional auxiliaries

For achieving high efficiency, the Yongxing coal fired boilers for sale added additional auxiliaries to the boilers’ design. Following are the efficiency improving add-ons:

  • Economizer

Using the exhaust gas heat for steam generation to reduce the heat load on the boiler.

  • Air preheater

Designed to extract the waste heat resulting from the flue gas exit.

  • Waste heat boiler

For using the flue gases heat in the steam-generating process.

  • Forced draft fan

For supplying air to the preheater, helping in capturing the heat coming out from the flue gases.

  • ID fan

Generates negative pressure for sucking out the flue gases from the combustion chamber

  • Secondary fan

Help support the flames of the combustions chamber, resulting in efficient combustion.

  • Chimney

For fast removal of exhaust gases from the system to the environment.

How Much Does Your Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Cost?

All the boiler types come with different specifications. Therefore, their prices fluctuate. To give you a price overview, the following are price ranges of all types of coal fired boilers for sale:

Boiler Type Cost
DZH coal fired boiler $2500 – $50000
SZL coal fired boiler $30000 – $300000
DZL coal fired boiler $9000 – $100000
LHG coal fired boiler $2500 – $50000

To get an exact price, get yourself a quote now.

How Much Capacity Does Your Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Offer?

The coal fired boilers for sale have different capacities depending on their type.

Boiler Type Capacity
DZH coal fired boiler 0.5 – 10T/0.35 – 7MW
SZL coal fired boiler 4 – 40T/2.8 – 28MW
DZL coal fired boiler 0.5 – 20T/0.35 – 14 MW
LHG coal fired boiler 0.5 – 10T/0.35 – 7MW

If you want to know the exact capacity of your required boiler, you can get yourself a quote with just one click.

Do You Also Provide The Operational Manual With Your Coal Fired Boiler For Sale?

Yes, we provide a unique operation manual for each type of boiler. The operating parameters of each type of boiler are different. Therefore, for DZH, SZL, and DZL, we send the operational manual along with its boiler for customers to know operating guidelines.

The operational manual includes details from starting the boiler to setting it up. It includes specific control settings, an installation guide, and detailed maintenance guidelines. You should thoroughly read the operational manual and follow the guide precisely for the best use. If any problem occurs, you can check the maintenance guidelines to sort it out.

If you don’t understand the operational manual guidelines, you can contact our highly-trained customer support. They will help you understand and even visit your enterprise to install the boiler.

Does Your Coal Fired Boiler For Sale Explode?

Absolutely not. The coal fired boilers for sale are perfectly engineered to be safe from causing explosions. The well-designed cooling system and automatic water balance will always stop the boilers from explosions.

Furthermore, the fully automatic systems are designed to show warnings if the cooling system is not functioning or the water level is below the critical point. Although the boilers are 100% secure, Yongxing has still put alert signals for any unexpected problem.

Is it Cheap to Use a Coal Fired Boiler For Sale?

Yes. As compared to other boilers, our coal fired boiler for sale is designed to be fuel-efficient. With the large furnace design and auxiliary tools, Yongxing manufacturers have managed to design super-efficient boilers.

How is our boiler cheaper to use? The Yongxing Engineers designed large furnace areas for efficient combustion. When the combustion process is efficient, you get to save on fuel prices. Plus, the quick preheaters help reduce the furnace heat load, which is also a brilliant way to decrease the fuel consumption rate.

Also, if you want to save on fuel costs, you should know that the coal fired boilers for sale also run on biomass fuel. So, it is a safe, cost-friendly, and environment-friendly, all-in-one place. And since these fired coal boilers are capable of achieving efficiency up to 83%, you are saving thousands of dollars every day.

What Coal Should I Choose For Coal Fired Boiler For Sale?

The Yongxing boilers offer wide coal adaptability. Following are the recommended coal that you should use for coal fired boilers for sale:

  • Soft coal
  • Anthracite
  • Lignite
  • Rice husk
  • Bagasse
  • Sawdust
  • Molding biomass particles
  • And direct burning fuel, etc.

Do You Also Offer Used Coal Fired Boilers For Sale?

Yes, our products include used coal fired boilers for sale. If you want one, just contact our support team, and you will get the market’s lowest prices for the used boilers. Even though these boilers are specified as used ones, the condition is immaculate as new.

Furthermore, the Yongxing boilers’ testing staff runs numerous tests before bringing it out for sale. Each part and function is well-monitored for reducing the chances of failure. The warranty remains the only difference between a used and a new boiler. The new boiler gets a warranty, and the used one does not.

Let us help you in choosing the most suited boiler. Send your inquiry now. You can contact our 24/7 active customer support team for more information related to used boilers.


The Yongxing coal fired boilers for sale are super-efficient and comply with the national environmental protection standards. So, by choosing our boilers, you show commitment to saving the environment and getting a significant cut on fuel costs. The fully automatic boilers’ system also saves you from hiring a large number of staff.  The boilers system is set to be concentrated on one button.

If there is any other query related to the boilers, you can contact the 24/7 active customer support. Plus, if it is your first time visiting China, you can use our vehicle facilities to visit our boiler factory anytime. So, send your inquiry now.


Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
coal fired boiler for sale
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Sale Video

Check Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Sale Video For Indonesia Customer


Yongxing Coal Fired Furnace Technology Process

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Yongxing steam boiler Boiler drum, front plate, back plate all use Q245R  GB713-2008, spiral tube and downpipes all use 20g, GB3087-2008. Please check the SZL double drum coal fired boiler on production above.
Membrane Wall

We will use a membrane wall for your coal fired boiler. It can be highly improved your coal fired boiler efficiency. Yongxing is aiming to be the best coal fired steam boiler china.



Coal Fired Boiler tube Ends Welding