Biomass Or Coal Steam Boiler Ignition Safety Precautions

When it comes to the Coal Steam Boiler Ignition, there are several precautions that must be taken.

Checking Coal Steam Boiler Ignition All Parts

First, it’s important to ensure that the boiler is properly ventilated. In coal steam boiler ignition request the flue must be kept clear and free from any obstructions. Additionally, the boiler should be checked for any potential leaks or cracks.

Inspect the fuel to make sure that it is of good quality and suitable for use in a coal fired boiler. The fuel should also be properly stored and handled with the necessary safety precautions in mind.

The area where the boiler is situated should also be checked to make sure it is free from any fire hazards. It should be free from any combustible materials and there should be an adequate supply of water nearby in case of an emergency.

Take necessary precautions to prevent a coal fire. This means that the boiler should never be left unattended while it is operating and the fire should be monitored at all times.  Additionally, the boiler should be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that it is working properly and safely.

Coal Steam Boiler Ignition

Biomass Coal Steam Boiler Ignition Beginning

Before making coal steam boiler ignition, pay close attention to the accessories and pipework. To perform a thorough inspection, and then water supply work, do not enter the water before the drain valve must be closed. Open the top valve of the upper pot, so that the air in the boiler may be evacuated. The treated water is gently pumped into the boiler via the coal steam boiler economizer, and the incoming water temperature is typically no greater than 40°C.

Because the ignition point of coal is roughly 300°C, another ignition source needs to be used to start the burning. Open the ignition door, add firewood and other igniting materials in front of the grate (iron nails are absolutely banned) to ignite, and open the pilot fan flue gas adjustment door to improve natural ventilation.

After the Coal Steam Boiler Ignition material has burned, adjust the smoke-regulating door and occasionally open the induced draft fan. After the ignition material has been thoroughly burned, gradually raise the grate speed, increase the amount of feed, and then open the blower. Close the ignition door and increase the observation of the fire at the left dial fire hole, suitable dial fire, when the fuel layer is burning strongly.

To ensure that the fuel layer burns correctly, adjust the opening degree of the air door on both sides of the grate. Adjust the blast air volume such that the negative pressure in the furnace chamber stays about 20 Pa. To avoid excessive thermal stress in different parts of the boiler due to different heat, affecting the boiler’s life, the initial ignition from the cold furnace to the water temperature up to the working temperature of the time to 10 12 hours is appropriate, later ignition, except in special circumstances, cooling furnace is not shorter than 5 hours, a hot furnace is not shorter than 1 hour.

Whether the coal steam boiler ignition pressure reaches 0.2 to 0.3 MPa, check to see whether the manhole and the handhole cover are leaking; if so, tighten the bolts on the manhole and handhole cover, and make sure the drain valve is tight and leak-free.

Best Performing Coal Boiler With Hopper


Coal Steam Boiler Ignition is critical to note that when the pressure in the pot rises and the temperature steadily rises, the boiler components should not produce a sound; if there is a peculiar sound, it should be investigated promptly; and, if required, the furnace should be stopped down to examine and correct the issue before proceeding.

Furthermore, during the boiler fire, the water temperature at the coal conservator’s outlet should be monitored; the water temperature should be 40°C lower than the saturation temperature under working pressure; if it exceeds the specified temperature, the valve on the boiler pipe leading to the coal conservator can be closed, and the recirculation valve leading to the coal conservator’s water tank can be opened to feed water to the coal conservator.


It is important to ensure that all safety protocols are followed, such as proper ventilation, proper fuel handling, and regular maintenance. Following these precautions, Yongxing will help to ensure that the operation of a coal fired steam boiler is safe and efficient.

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