Your Informative Guide To Commercial Electric Boilers 2023

Being an industrialist, reduced efficiency of boilers and higher energy bills have always been a nightmare to you. Then comes the problem of greenhouse emissions, making things even worse. Well, not anymore! Commercial electric boilers have been specifically designed to produce higher efficiency. They solve your problem by offering fast response times and precise temperature control. Let’s not forget how these boilers are a clean alternative to other fossil fuels!

Yet these aren’t the only upsides to commercial electric boilers. Before we dive deeper, let’s discuss what this article will cover. We’ll start by discussing the basics of these boilers and the main things to consider before purchasing them. Depending on their life spans and prices, you’ll learn if buying them is worth it. Let’s get going.

What are Commercial Electric Boilers?

Commercial electric boilers, also called industrial electric steam boilers, are small heating systems. They use electricity to warm up places like big homes, offices, and factories. They work like regular boilers that use gas or oil but use electricity instead. They heat water and send it around the building to warm it, just like a radiator heats a room. These robust electric boilers work well and are very efficient, saving energy. They don’t even need chimneys.

And the good news is, they help with the environment too. By using them, we can cut down on pollution and help the planet. Plus, if they’re powered by clean sources like wind or solar energy, they’re even better for the Earth. So, if you want an efficient and eco-friendly heating system, a commercial electric boiler could be a great choice.

Commercial Electric Hot Water Boilers 

You might wonder when an electric boiler becomes a “commercial electric boilers.” It’s not set in stone, but in the boiler world, any boiler with an output of over 50 kW is usually called commercial. There’s no strict rule for when they become industrial, either.

What’s important is that commercial electric hot water boilers use energy to make safe and clean hot water for heating. This doesn’t involve burning stuff, so there’s no risk of gas leaks, fumes, or carbon monoxide. Electric water heating technology has improved, too, making the water heat up faster and stay warm consistently in heating systems. It’s a safer and more efficient way to keep places warm.

Is It Worth Getting Commercial Electric Boilers?

Commercial Boilers

Commercial Electric Boilers

In simple words, Yes, it’s worth getting commercial electric boilers and electric steam generator.

It is unquestionably worthwhile since it uses less electricity and costs less to operate than a gas appliance. This makes sense since electric boilers are typically more efficient than gas ones. Due to their efficiency, they also have a lower carbon footprint. This is true when you consider how much energy is required to produce and transport fossil fuels like natural gas.

Top 6 Things You Should Know About Commercial Electric Boilers

To decide whether these boilers are worth your money, let’s look at the points no one tells you about.

1.    Efficiency of Electric Boilers

Commercial electric boilers are thought to be 100% efficient. A conversion from BTUH or MBH to KW is typically shown in boiler manufacturer literature. Those graphs display 100% efficiency.

Despite being effective, 100% might be an overstatement. Even after the insulation, some air is lost to the surroundings. The boiler itself, as well as the metal pieces, require some energy to heat. However, 96% would be a fair number to use. The efficiency of a hydronic boiler might vary by manufacturer but is typically between 95% and 97%.

2.    The Heating Element Size

There are a few things to know about the electric parts of a hydronic boiler. The components need to be field replaceable and separable. There will be a failure of the heating element with time. To ensure it lasts a long time, most manufacturers use Incoloy 800 to cover it. This material keeps the piece from getting damaged by rust while still being affordable.

Imagine the heating element as a really hot surface surrounded by water. The chemicals in the water might stick to the component and create a coating. This happens faster on more minor, high-power elements than on larger, lower-power ones.

Here, we measure how much power is used compared to the size of the element’s surface. It’s called ‘watt density.’ To keep the element working well for a long time, it’s best to aim for a watt density of no more than 75 watts per square inch. Some manufacturers suggest even less, like 50 watts per square inch. This helps the element last longer without any issues.

3.    Space Required

Commercial electric boilers tend to be larger than the gas-fired condensing boilers you use. To ensure you have enough space for the boiler, get the measurements early. Here are a few instances of a boiler with three million BTUs.

Manufacturer Series Type Boiler
Bryan Gas Fired FF-3000 35” X 93” X 75”
Aerco Gas Fired BMK-3000 28” X 68” X 78”
Bryan Electric 900BH 59” X 84” X 82”
Cemline Electric VB200FTB900 60” X 60” X 91”


4.    Space Required Element Control and Staging

Elements in electric boilers are turned on and off gradually to maintain the desired temperature. This is referred to as stepped control. The controller should also modify the order in which the parts are triggered to ensure equal wear. A good boiler specification should mention this staging control to help you in decision-making.

5.    Maintenance and Water Quality

You might believe commercial electric boilers need no maintenance because there isn’t a burner. This is not the case. As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, the safety controls should be checked to ensure proper operation. The elements should be inspected for damage regularly. The system’s water should be treated similarly if it uses a gas-fired appliance.

6.    Conversion of BTUH to KW for the Boiler Size

It would help if you remembered this simple mathematics to convert BTUH into KW for the boiler size. It goes like this:

  •     To convert BTU to kW, multiply by 0.000293.
  •     To convert kW to BTU, multiply by 3414.

Commercial Electric Boilers: Electricity Usage and Life Span

Electric Boilers

Do Commercial Electric Boilers Use a Lot of Electricity?

Electricity is often more expensive than natural gas. One reason for this is the costs of generation and distribution. Another one is that giant firms, rather than government agencies, privately own most power facilities. An average commercial gas boiler requires only 1-3 kWh/MBTU. Whereas, the average commercial electric boiler uses 4-8 kWh per million BTUs (kWh/MBTU).

How Long Do Commercial Electric Boilers Last?

That depends on the kind of boiler, how well it was built, and how you maintain it. If properly constructed and cared for, electric steam boilers can last up to 20 years. They are less long-lasting than gas or oil versions (which can last more than 30 years). Hence, examining how much use you anticipate getting out of your new boiler before replacing it with a different kind is crucial.

How Much Does an Industrial Electric Steam Generator Cost?

The size of the boiler and whether an indoor or exterior casing is required, among other things, affect the electric steam boiler price. A smaller business electric boiler might cost between $1,500 and $3,000, whereas a larger one might cost up to $10,000. These boilers are priced somewhere between gas-fired and oil-fired boilers.

This costs considerably more than gas-fired and oil-fired boilers. Still, it has  advantages over other commercial heating options. These include being quieter, having better heat distribution, and requiring less maintenance.

Commercial Electric Boilers Manufacturers

Considering electric commercial boilers, it’s crucial to make informed decisions. Manufacturers can vary in reliability and quality, impacting the boiler’s longevity and efficiency. YX Boilers Group emerges as a standout choice, renowned for its dedication to excellence. Their boilers blend cutting-edge technology with meticulous engineering, ensuring peak performance and energy efficiency.

commercial electric boiler cost

Moreover, what truly sets them apart is their customer-centric approach. YX Boilers Group provides comprehensive assistance, from initial selection to post-sales support. Their commitment to exceptional service and top-notch products makes them a reliable partner for your heating needs. Amid the diverse options, prioritize quality and consider YX Boilers Group for a seamless experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, industrial electric boilers serve you in various ways. They provide the desired efficiency along with zero emissions and little maintenance. However, it is crucial to consider a few things and not believe everything the manufacturers claim. For instance, remember that commercial electric boilers need maintenance, and their efficiency is less than 100%.

Nevertheless, when purchasing boilers, it’s crucial to consider trusted manufacturers who are honest in their claims. You can contact us for the best commercial electric boilers and customer service. Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your heating systems; order your favorite boiler now!

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