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High Quality & Good Price Commercial Steam Boiler

Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
For commercial boilers, you can install in the basement or on the roof, with a small footprint, high efficiency, and very high commercial value, we are your first choice.
New Custom Designed Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Many factory are committed to large boilers production, but Yongxing is a fully developed boiler company. We have specialized workshop to develop commercial steam boiler.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
0.5 ton is a small-tonnage gas fired boiler commerical. Most of the fuel in commercial boilers is natural gas, and some are electric heating. It is very clean source.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
In daily production, more commercial boilers are used. So it must have super high quality and low maintenance rate. Yongxing China top 3 quality, you can buy with confidence.
Yongxing electric commercial steam boilers for sale uses electricity as energy source. During the energy conversion, no need air and fuel, so no exhaust gas, slag, or waste will be emitted.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Yongxing has a warranty policy for its customers. All Yongxing commercial steam boiler maintenance can provide 1 year free maintenance service, and half year for auxiliary machinery.

Our Commercial Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Commercial Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing is a global leader commercial boiler manufacturer. Choosing the best commercial steam boiler for your facility, our newly designed commercial steam boiler will meet your demand. It has been widely used in various industries and exported to hundreds of countries around the world.

Typically, a commercial steam boiler is usually steam pressurized systems that utilize coal, natural gas, diesel, or electricity to heat water, turn liquid water into steam, then allocated it to buildings or other equipment to provide heating.

Each commercial steam boiler relies on continuous heating cycles. Yongxing supports multiple boilers working together. Even though 10 tons commercial steam boiler, you can be implemented using ten sets modular boiler in series.

Yongxing commercial boilers for sale allows users to add or decrease steam output flexibly.  When you need more steam, control running multiple commercial steam boiler. In opposite, you could open any numbers boiler to meet your needs.

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Commercial Steam Boiler – The Complete FAQ Guide

A commercial steam boiler is used for burning combustible fuel – it’s a pressurized system powered by fuel and electricity. Commercial steam boiler change the composition of water into a gas (steam), which is then distributed as heat throughout an industrial infrastructure.

However, in a commercial setting, commercial steam boiler for sale are primarily used to produce power through a process known as co-generation.

What Types Of Commercial Steam Boilers Are There?

Although there are many commercial boiler brands, industrial steam boilers primarily come in two types –

both of which are designed with unique specifications.

Both types of commercial steam boilers have different configurations that control how they function and affect the overall CRG boiler system.  You can opt for a natural gas commercial steam boiler, which is basically fire tube boilers, and utilize natural gas.

Natural gas commecial steam boiler

Another option is an oil fired boiler that uses different types of oils such as kerosene, waste oil, light, and heavy oil to heat water and generates steam.natural gas boilers

Then there are vertical commercial steam boiler that are smaller yet equally powerful and have short, vertical fire tubes to generate heat quickly.

If you’re looking for an environment-friendly commercial steam boiler, there’s nothing better than commercial steam boiler manufactures that are powered by electricity.

vertical small steam boiler

The electric commercial steam boiler comes with a 4Bar to 10Bar range and can operate on low voltages. Plus, they are typically smaller and safer to use.

What Advantages Does Your Commercial Steam Gas Boiler Have?

There are some main points that you would like to choose us:

  •  Our commercial steam boiler is low pressure or medium pressure. As top commercial steam boiler manufacturers, we obtain A-class commercial steam boiler manufacturing qualification, CE certificate, BV certificate. We promise any commercial steam boiler you choose with the best quality.
  • We make all our efforts to realize the very convenient commercial steam boiler maintenance. Yongxing provides you with various repair accessories when shipping goods, which is enough for your maintenance in the next few years.
  • Yongxing commercial steam boiler efficiency is 2-3% higher than similar boilers. Each of our commercial steam boilers is thermally tested, not only with sufficient thermal output but also super high efficiency. You can significantly rest assured to choose.
  • As Yongxing’s commercial steam boiler design is a minimal size, you are so lucky, and it can install in limited space, such as the roof, basement, etc.

Small Steam Boiler Manufacturer - All Auxiliary Included

Give us an instant quote now, and you will receive a surprise.

How Do You Fuel Your Commercial Steam Boiler?

Natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel is the most commonly used fuel in a commercial steam boiler.

Some government agencies may need electric coils to generate electricity heating water to obtain steam. But for commercial steam boiler, electricity will be relatively electrically efficient. 

We still recommend you use natural gas or biomass as the primary fuel.

Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler ManufacturerCommercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer

Yongxing commercial steam boiler range is vast, such as food factory, hospital, hotel, laundry, paper mill, residential heating, etc. There is one feature of these factories that space is limited.

Are Our Commercial Steam Boilers For Sale And Hot Water Boilers The Same?

Both boilers are designed to do the same thing, but there are some minor differences. For example, a hot water boiler is designed to generate lower temperatures.

Steam boilers are manufactured to generate high temperatures. A commercial steam boiler is far more durable and efficient compared to hot water boilers and is built to power industrial machinery and infrastructure.

Compared to burnham commercial steam boiler manufactures, if you buy from us with an industrial steam boiler from a reputed manufacturer, you’re going to have a product that is 2-3% more efficient.

low pressure steam boiler
vertical LHG low-pressure steam boiler

What Is A Commercial Electric Steam Boiler?

Commercial electric steam boilers are designed to run on electric power and are an environment-friendly, alternative fuel-powered system.

These units are comparatively smaller and can operate on low voltages. A commercial electric steam boiler or industrial steam boilers are designed to be electrically powered and heat commercial buildings and industrial infrastructure.

They’re typically manufactured with a three-phase electric supply. Electric boilers heat water to produce steam – just like gas or oil powered commercial steam boiler, pumping water through pipes around the building.

These commercial steam boiler emit heat using radiators, heat emitters, trench heating, unit heaters, and/or underfloor heating. Hydronic heating systems are also known as commercial steam boilers. Electric commercial steam boiler don’t require flues and are designed to be 99% GCV (gross calorific value) efficient.

electric steam boiler maintance

Can You Calculate The Flow Rate Of Commercial Steam Boiler?

Familiarizing yourself with the steam flow rate can help you determine how efficient your commercial steam boiler is. It’s basically understanding the amount of steam being used to heat a specific area and steam generated per hour. The formula to calculate steam flow rate is:

Feedwater Mass Flow = Steam Mass Flow/ [ 1 – Blowdown Rate]

For example, commercial boiler manufacturers design the systems to produce up to 20 tons of steam per hour.

Can Your Commercial Steam Boiler Use For Residential Purposes?

Commercial steam boiler is only manufactured for industrial use. These units are significantly larger, designed to produce and distribute heat to massive spaces.

This primarily includes commercial buildings, factories, hospitals, universities, hotels, etc. Steam boilers for residential use are smaller and are made to generate steam for a smaller space.

Will A Commercial Steam Boiler Explode?

Explosions only occur if there is a disastrous component failure in the commercial steam boiler. There are two main types of explosions caused by a failed gas fired boiler commercial. One type is the result of malfunctioning or damaged pressure parts of the watersides and steam.

The other is known as a firebox explosion. Although firebox explosions are rare in fuel powered boilers – they’re still a deadly hazard in oil fired steam boilers. But this rarely happens – and will never happen if you opt for a product from a renowned manufacturer.

How Do Electric Commercial Steam Boiler Function?

Commercial electric steam boilers are designed to function by running water via a component that is heated by electricity. The heating element in these boilers is manufactured for maximized surface area. As soon as the water is heated, the steam begins to pass through the pipes and into the factory or commercial building.

electric steam boiler system

Commercial Steam Boiler Function Way

Commercial steam boiler is sophisticated systems, especially when you consider all the parts that are used to make them. However, here’s a simplistic explanation of how a commercial steam boiler works.

Fuel and air inside the boiler combine and heat the water. As soon as the water begins to boil it starts to generate steam. The steam is distributed throughout the pipes and is dispersed as needed.

Moreover, commercial boilers for sale are manufactured with a support capacity of 100 kilograms per hour, with pressure ranges from 4bar to 38.2 bar. Top steam boilers also have an increased heating efficiency of 94% and can be higher. In addition, because vertical steam boilers come with their own water treatment equipment, you won’t have to worry about parts.

One of the best things about electric boilers is that they don’t have plenty of moving parts like traditional gas and oil boilers. This means an electric boiler won’t succumb to frequent breakdowns and won’t require frequent maintenance.

Moreover, fuel based boilers or commercial wood boilers need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years whereas an electric boiler may not have to be replaced at all unless it’s damaged or irreparable.

electric steam boiler-1

How Can You Clean An Industrial Commercial Steam Boiler?

You can rest assured the cleaning process is simple, yet it is wise to get it done by a professional. However, with top-notch commercial steam boiler, you won’t have to worry about cleaning them that often compared to other commercial boilers.

However, industrial boilers are cleaned with chemicals and both water and fuel components must be cleaned for continual efficiency. These are some reasons why you should have your boiler cleaned frequently:

  • When the water reaches a boiling temperature, there are minerals that begin to accumulate around the boiler. If a constant build-up of minerals occurs it’s going to impact the longevity of your commercial steam boiler.
  • Soot will also begin to form on the fuel component. If not cleaned or removed, it’s going to severely impact the rate of combustion of the boiler.

While top-notch commercial steam boiler is designed for long term durability and functionality they are also equipped with mechanisms that prevent soot and mineral build-up, there are still chances that these problems may occur.

So, having your steam boiler cleaned and maintained frequently is going to help prolong the life of your commercial steam boiler.

What Are the Main Steps For Installing Commercial Steam Boiler?

Before having your industrial boiler from commercial boiler brands replaced, renowned manufacturers do a comprehensive survey because the ancillary equipment is typical of the same age. However, technology does often improve, superseding the commercial boiler you have.

This makes it important to have a fresh look at the entire installation process before doing anything else. Here are some important steps that manufacturers take before the installation:

  • Giving a free assessment of your industrial boiler to analyze and determine the scope of work
  • Identifying a range of different options to help replace your current boiler and associated systems
  • Analyzing the range of options will help the company develop a quote for all the solutions that fit your commercial objectives
  • After the quote is approved, the manufacturer will finalize a construction phase and prepare a plan that is agreed upon by you
  • The manufacturer will also consider risk assessments, deriving method statements that will revolve around your requirements
  • After the installation is done, the manufacturer will provide a new manual for maintenance and operations

How Should You Choose a Commercial Steam Boiler for a Large Demand?

If you have a bigger demand, then using a horizontal industrial steam boilers is an excellent option. However, you can also opt for gas fired boilers. Commercial steam gas boiler is just as durable, perform optimally, have strong adjustability, and are somewhat environment-friendly.

You can also opt for a wood fired commercial steam boiler that uses large pieces of wood for a fixed rate of steaming.

Although wood boilers don’t have high heat mechanization because they can’t be fully automated, they’re effective in the sense that you can use a bigger quantity of fuel and low costs. They’re excellent for rural factories and enterprises.

Wood Burning Boiler

Pellet fired commercial boilers are also effective and are innovatively maximized to build a large silo, enabling you to stock a big amount of pellets, adjusting your heating requirements as needed.

How Long Does A Commercial Steam Boiler Last?

Nothing lasts forever, not even high-quality industrial steam boilers. Commercial steam boiler usually lasts up to 20 years. However, if you go for cast iron boilers, they will last you a little bit longer. But cast iron steam boilers aren’t as effective as traditional steam boilers.

electric steam boiler

Moreover, the key to having long-lasting commercial steam boiler is to ensure you frequently have your boilers cleaned and maintained, that is similar with Weil McLain commercial steam boiler.

Keep in mind that if you don’t clean your commercial steam boiler, they will begin to accumulate minerals, which can lead to corrosion, and soot build-up. All of these factors can take years off your commercial steam boiler.

When Should You Have Your Commercial Boiler Inspected?

Is strongly recommended to have your industrial steam boiler inspected every year. Because commercial boiler is in constant use, they will be subject to wear and tear.

Not to mention, mineral and soot accumulation will also play a large role in diminishing the effectiveness and performance of your commercial gas boiler. This is why it’s vital to have the machine inspected promptly. Furthermore, insurance companies also require organizations to have their steam boilers serviced once every year.

What Are Some Important Parts Of A Gas Commercial Steam Boiler?

Every industrial commercial steam boiler part is designed for enhanced efficiency and improved capacity in quality steam boilers. Here’s a good example of the different parts of a gas commercial steam boiler:

industrial package boiler

  • Commercial Steam Boiler – This is where the heat transfer occurs, mixing fluid with fuel.
  • Water tank – After the water is pre-treated via the water softener, it is then stored in the primary water tank of the boiler.
  • Water softener – This is a pre-treatment component that helps make the water less corrosive, removing foreign particles that can generate build-up and accumulation of minerals.
  • Circulation pump – This pump pushes hot water to heating conductors or radiators. Also, the circulation pump also reverts backwater from condensation.
  • Deoxygenation pump – Separates oxygen from water.
  • Feed water pump – Special pump that distributes water into the steam boiler.
  • Burner – Helps pump feed water into a commercial boiler.
  • Condenser – This is fueled by oil or gas, efficiently condensing the water for improved performance.
  • Steam header – Distributes steam throughout the facility or places where you need it. This is the primary steam pipeline.
  • Deaerator – Commercial steam boiler deaerator is designed to remove gases such as oxygen to eliminate corrosion.

Commercial Hot Water Boiler

What Happens If The Commercial Steam Boiler Has Too Much Water?

There is going to be a lot of water flowing in the boiler to create steam. However, whenever there is a drop in water pressure, the steamer’s automatic feeder jumps into action and refills the water using an external filling loop.

This way you can consistently add pressure to your commercial boiler. However, in the scenario where there is an overflow of water in the boiler, it will put a lot of strain on the entire heating system.


In any case, commercial steam boiler plays a very important role in our lives. It is larger than a household boiler but smaller than a large industrial boiler. It fills the gap in boiler demand for small businesses.

Never doubt to contact our sales manager, we will give you the best solution according to your plant.




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