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Yongxing Diesel Steam Boiler Certifications

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We Are Your Reliable Partner For Diesel Steam Boiler

We are the supplier of an A-grade diesel steam boiler. Yongxing provides you with high-quality boilers that are safe, environmentally friendly, economical, and cost-saving.

Our diesel steam boiler can satisfy you in all aspects.

  1. All your systems operate automatically, safe and securely, with reliable self-control and protection devices.
  2. Yongxing’s diesel steam boiler is reputable. Each boiler part, as well as boiler auxiliaries, will be delivered to you in the best condition for use. Our after-sales service is online 24 hours a day to solve boiler operation problems at any time.
  3. The performance of our diesel steam boiler is consistent with the characteristics of your heat and steam, and it is well adaptable.
    Our diesel steam boiler has very high sensitivity, fast-tracking, and super stable pressure when your steam use load has large changes.
  4. Our engineer could arrange your boiler location and requirements to help you choose a vertical or horizontal diesel steam boiler.
  5. To achieve high efficiency and fast, low consumption, we choose a fast diesel steam boiler according to your steam supply time requirement, generally in 3-5 minutes can produce steam.
  6. Before that, Yongxing’s engineers will ask you to provide the load curve in order to verify the output and performance of the selected diesel steam boiler to make sure it can meet your use.

Work with us and we will give you the most professional system service.

For more diesel steam boiler information, please refer to the FAQ guide at the bottom of this industry

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Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
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Yongxing Diesel Steam Boiler Quality Control

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Diesel Steam Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

In this place, we will make more FAQs for diesel fired steam boilers. Please read more.

What Fuel Do You Use In Your Diesel Fired Steam Boiler?

Our diesel steam boiler can be adapted to many different fuels. You just need to equip it with different types of burners depending on your fuel. We suggest below some common fuels and their calorific value. Their prices vary, so please choose the right fuel according to your local fuel prices. In general, more users choose diesel.

Different diesel uses different burners.

  • Diesellight oil calorific value 46.04MJ/kg
  • Kerosene oil calorific value 43.11MJ/kg
  • Gasoline oil calorific value 43.11MJ/kg
  • Crude oil calorific value 41.03-45.22MJ/kg
  • Methanol fuel calorific value 30.6-37.7MJ/kg
  • Heavy oil calorific value 39.36-41.03MJ/kg
  • Bitumen calorific value 37.69MJ/kg
  • Tar calorific value 29.31-37.69MJ/kg

Whether you choose an oil or gas boiler, their boiler bodies, as well as auxiliary systems, are the same. The key area that affects the system is the oil burner at the front end. Diesel steam boilers normally use Baltur or Riello burner. Take a 1-ton diesel fired steam boiler for example. You would choose the burner as follows:

Name Light oil burner
Model TBL 85 P
Output Power 2 0 0 ~85 0 Kw
Adjustment method Two-stage fire control
Diesel consumption 16.9 ~ 71 is .6 Kg / H
Motor Power 1.1 kw

Our diesel steam boiler burners will be imported Italian brand, quality assurance, high efficiency, and low pollution, please feel free to buy.

What Is Your Diesel Steam Boiler Consumption Per Hour?

Diesel consumption calculation

  • Diesel steam boiler
    Oil consumption per hour = hourly gas production of oil steam boiler × (heat of oil steam – heat of feed water) / low heat value of fuel oil × thermal efficiency of the boiler.
  •  Diesel hot water boiler 

operating 1-hour oil consumption = water weight(Kg) × specific heat capacity of water × temperature difference (inlet and outlet water temperature difference) / fuel oil heating value × boiler thermal efficiency

The above two are more specific ways, but in fact, we can use the unified formula to make a rough estimate, and then the boiler manufacturer’s engineer will accurately calculate it after the parameters of the boiler are determined.

Diesel steam boiler oil consumption per hour general formula:

1ton diesel steam boiler consumption= 3600 * heat power / diesel calorific value / boiler efficiency

Take a 5 ton steam boiler as an example, its thermal power is 3.5MW, assuming that the diesel calorific value is 42Mj/kg and your diesel steam boiler fuel efficiency is 95%, it can be concluded that a 5 ton boiler needs to consume oil per hour = 3600*3.5/42/0.95, which is about 315.789kg.

Different capacity diesel fired steam boiler fuel consumption(base and supposed as above calculate)

1 ton diesel steam boiler=consumption 65kg. As this, If you have a how many tons of boiler, you just multiply the tonnage by 65kg, then you could get your diesel fired steam boiler one-hour fuel consumption data.

As we are the direct diesel steam boiler manufacturer, we could supply you with the best 1 ton steam boiler price

Following is some data that we make for your quick reference.

  • 1t skid-mounted oil boiler requires 63kg of oil consumption per hour
  • 2t small oil boiler requires 126kg of oil per hour
  • 3t horizontal oil boiler requires 189kg of oil per hour
  • 4t oil-fired boiler requires 252kg of oil per hour
  • 5t oil-fired boiler requires 315kg of oil per hour
  • 6t oil-fired boiler requires 873kg of oil consumption per hour
  • 8t condensing oil boiler requires oil consumption 504kg per hour
  • 10t packaged oil-fired boiler oil consumption 630kg per hour
  • 12t oil-fired boiler 1 hour oil consumption 756kg
  • 15 tons oil furnace requires 945kg of fuel per hour
  • 20 tons oil-fired boiler requires 1260kg of fuel per hour
  • 25 tons of oil-fired steam boiler requires 1575kg of fuel per hour
  • 30 tons of oil-fired boilers consume 1890kg of oil per hour
  • 40 tons of oil-fired boilers cost 2520kg of oil per hour
  • 50 tons of energy-saving oil boiler requires 3150kg of oil per hour
  • 60 tons condensing oil boiler requires 8730kg of oil per hour

How Does Your Diesel Boiler Efficiency?

Diesel steam boiler’s Light Diesel combustion characteristics

Diesel fuel is a liquid fuel, its boiling point is always lower than the ignition point, so the combustion of fuel oil is always in the gaseous state.

After diesel fuel is sprayed into the furnace chamber by atomized oil particles, it is heated by the high-temperature flue gas in the furnace and gasified, and the gasified oil gas meets the oxygen in the surrounding air to form a flame.

A part of the heat generated by combustion is transferred to the oil particles so that the oil particles continue to gasify and burn until the combustion. The smaller the diameter of the oil grain, the faster the oil grain burns.

Similarly, the oxygen required for oil grain combustion can be supplied in time, the faster the oil grain combustion.

Therefore, to improve the combustion efficiency of diesel steam boiler, the following points must be achieved:

1) Improve the quality of atomization, reduce the diameter of oil particles;

2) Increase the relative speed of air and oil particles;

3) Reasonable air distribution.

Diesel Steam Boiler High efficiency

  • Yongxing’s Diesel steam boiler with FGR low nitrogen design saves 35% energy compared to traditional boilers

FGR flue gas recirculation technology (NOx<30mg/m3)

We adopt the German technology “kemen” ultra-low nitrogen gas burner, together with the flue gas recirculation (FGR) technology, about 10%~30% of the flue gas (temperature about 170℃) at the end of the boiler is sucked into the burner inlet through the flue gas duct, mixed with combustion air and then enters the furnace.

Thus, the temperature of the combustion area is reduced, and the concentration of oxygen in the combustion area is reduced at the same time, which ultimately reduces the generation of thermal NOx and achieves the NOx emission of less than 30mg/m3 in the tail flue gas of the boiler.

FGR of diesel steam boiler
diesel fired steam boiler

  • Our diesel fired steam boiler condensing machine helps you to save heat 10~15%.

Conventional boilers emit high-temperature flue gas directly to the atmosphere, which results in a significant waste of heat.

To increase heating efficiency, we retrofit the condenser at the flue gas outlet, where the cold water in the condenser is heated and later returned to the boiler interior.

The diesel steam boiler inlet water temperature is increased, protecting the boiler casing and reducing the heat demand, so your fuel costs are reduced. This is our ultimate aim to increase efficiency.

  • Improving the diesel steam boiler combustion rate

To improve your boiler combustion efficiency, we promote fuel combustion in the boiler furnace regularly as follows.

  1. Air supply and air volume.

A reasonable air supply, according to the different performance characteristics of the boiler combustion process, controls the adjustment of air supply.

  1. Air coefficient.

The boiler chamber air is reasonable also affects the combustion rate, such as excess air coefficient will cause the chamber temperature to reduce the combustion rate, and for other fuel, boilers will also produce more black smoke, in addition, if the excess air coefficient is too low, it will lead to incomplete combustion of fuel.

  1. High furnace chamber temperature.

High furnace chamber temperature is a necessary condition for the rapid combustion of fuel.

  1. Operating load. This should be set under the boiler instructions and should not be allowed to run at too low or excessive a load.

steam boiler diesel consumption

Do You Sell Diesel Steam Boilers In South Africa?

Yes, of course.

South Africa, named after its location in southern Africa, is known as the “Rainbow Nation” and is the second-largest economy in Africa due to its abundance of gold ore.

The construction industry is one of the four major sectors of industry in South Africa, and green construction is widely respected as a new industry.

We are committed to working with new green building materials companies in South Africa. These are factories that address green building parts and integral assembly companies that produce green building components such as Light Steel Frames (LSF), EPS panels, and CLC (Cellulose Lightweight Concrete) that are 50% lighter, more recyclable, and greener than traditional components.

Diesel steam boilers in the production of construction materials, synthesis, and drying require large amounts of steam support. Diesel boiler is the only steam supply equipment in this system, and its performance has a direct impact on the production of concrete.

Yongxing Diesel steam boiler is the first choice of steam boiler in South Africa, replacing the original high pollution and high energy consumption boiler equipment.

Yongxing diesel steam boiler in south Africa adopts the international advanced low nitrogen burner, together with the stratified combustion technology, effectively controlling the emission of harmful gases, the core pollutant NOx emission can reach below 30mg/Nm3, which fully meets the requirements of the South African government on environmental protection index.

Yongxing advanced CNC processing process, submerged arc automatic welding process, 100% radiographic flaw detection, and strict spot inspection control, which greatly prolong the service life of the boiler. One investment to help South African customers achieve 30 years long-term returns.

What Are Your Diesel Steam Boiler Pros?

Diesel Steam Boiler Pros

1, Yongxing diesel steam boiler provides you with significant environmental benefits fuel diesel, natural gas in the boiler chamber combustion quickly and completely, high thermal efficiency.

Compare to natural gas boilers, the thermal efficiency of diesel fired boilers is undeniably the highest, with the most advanced ones reaching 94~99%. The more complete the combustion, the less harmful substances will be emitted.

Oil, gas combustion almost no ash, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide emissions are also very small, so it is called clean fuel or green fuel or environmentally friendly fuel, oil and gas boilers are therefore known as environmentally friendly boilers.

In addition, from coal fired to burn oil and gas, the boiler room stoker’s working environment has greatly improved, getting rid of the original dusty situation. In the words of the stoker worker, it is from “hell” to “heaven”.

Fire Tube System Figure

2、High degree of automation, high safety, and reliability, high degree of self-control of oil and gas boilers. Imported equipment is also equipped with microcomputer control equipment to realize the boiler start-up and shutdown program control, automatic adjustment of combustion, water supply, oil pressure, and oil temperature, air pressure, as well as an automatic protection of high and low water levels, flameout, overpressure, and low oil pressure.

As a result, the work intensity of the stoker is greatly reduced. Operation reliability increases, eliminating the possibility of major accidents in boiler operation and creating favorable conditions for the boiler room to reduce staff and increase efficiency.

  • Small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance of oil and gas boilers do not need to set up complex and large crushing, conveying coal-fired facilities and combustion and dust removal equipment like coal-fired boilers.

Therefore, under the same heat load, oil-fired gas boilers are compact, small in size, light in weight and occupy a small area, which can reduce construction investment. The appearance of oil and gas boilers is more novel and beautiful than coal-fired boilers, which can meet the increasingly high aesthetic needs of modern people.

Since the 1980s, the high-rise civil buildings in large and medium-sized cities have seen greater development. Take Shanghai as an example, since 1998, an average of about one hundred and fifty tall buildings have been built every year, and now there are more than two thousand one hundred high-rise buildings.

The emergence of many high-rise buildings in various places. To its supporting boiler room settings bring a series of new problems, and flexible installation, easy operation of oil and gas boilers in these occasions show great superiority.

Can You Diesel Steam Boiler Last 20 Years?

The service life of a diesel steam boiler depends on its use and management. Only by strictly following the standard process of managing, can you ensure the safe and economic operation of your boiler and achieve its normal service life.
In industrial production, diesel steam boiler is an auxiliary tool, its design, quality, use, maintenance, water quality, and so on will directly affect the service life of the boiler, the longest it can reach 25 years, or even 30 years there are also running diesel steam boiler.

oil gas diesel natural gas fired steam boiler details
Steam Boiler furnace

How Can You Keep The Diesel Steam Boiler’s Long Life? 

Yongxing suggests you start from the following aspects when buying a boiler to help you extend the working life.

  • Examine The Diesel Steam Boiler Material Used

If the material used to make the electric heating boiler is of poor quality, then it is very easy to be corroded, which makes the service life of the electric heating boiler shortened.

The factors that cause aging damage to boiler components and pressurized parts are mainly fatigue, creep, corrosion, and wear.

  1. Fatigue damage is due to long-term alternating load on the part caused by the damage to the material.
  2. Creep is due to the parts continuing to be under the combined effect of high temperature and stress caused by material damage.
  3. Corrosion and wear are due to long-term exposure to corrosive media or dusty airflow parts caused by the effective wall thickness of the thinning of the aging damage.

All the castings of Yongxing boiler meet the first-class standard of the Chinese boiler industry, CE standard of international boiler industry, and ASME requirement of the American industry association. No matter which one, we can meet your needs.

  • Pressurized Parts High Standard Design Code And Standards

  1. Boiler drum Q245R GB713-2008 φ1600×14
  2. Front pipe plate Q245R GB713-2008 φ1600×14
  3. Rear pipe plate Q245R GB713-2008 φ1600×14
  4. threaded flue pipe 20 GB3087-2008 φ57×3
  5. Water-cooled wall pipe 20 GB3087-2008 φ57×3
  6. Collector 20 GB3087-2008 φ159×6
  7. Lowering pipe 20 GB3087-2008 φ133×6
  • Compare Diesel Steam Boiler Overall Design And Use

The same material of condenser and energy saver, the different energy-saving design will also affect the service life of the boiler.

For example, whether diesel steam boiler is 2 return, 3 return or 4 return; whether the condenser separates primary water from system water, protection measures in case of boiler shutdown, protection measures against freezing and water shortage in the heating season, etc.

Diesel steam boiler operation, the user’s use of the way will also affect the service life of the boiler.

best diesel steam boiler overal design

  • Choose A Better Water Softening System

If your water quality is too hard or bad, but without any treatment, it will bring great harm to diesel steam boiler operation.

① Hard water is heated and evaporated in the boiler, which not only provides chemical reaction conditions for impurities in the water but also makes the pot water continuously concentrated and forms limescale. The thermal conductivity of scale is tens to hundreds of times smaller than the thermal conductivity of steel.

Therefore, when the boiler has scale, the heat transfer performance of the heating surface becomes poor, the thermal efficiency becomes low, wasting fuel, damaging the heating surface, reducing the boiler output, the scale will reduce the service life of the boiler.

② Corrosion of boiler water-cooled wall, convection tube bundle and pot barrel, and other components will be caused by poor water quality and corrosion.

Seriously, it directly affects the safe operation of your diesel steam boiler, shortening the service life of the boiler and causing economic losses.

③ Steam and water together, easy to produce water hammer effect, easy to cause damage to the steam system connections; cause steam valves, return elbow parts and superheater corrosion inside.

Therefore, before using the boiler, analyze the local water quality in advance and submit the report to our boiler plant, and we will choose a reasonable water softening treatment equipment according to the softness and hardness of the water.

After diesel steam boiler’s water treatment equipment will be certain filtering, decomposition and other technical treatment of water to eliminate impurities so that it is purified.

Help you achieve to reduce boiler scaling, corrosion and vapor co-temperature, and other undesirable phenomena, extend the service life of the boiler, save fuel, to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler.

The water treatment we are talking about is external water treatment and internal water treatment. Our boiler factory is generally equipped with external water treatment for you.

  • The Frequency Of Maintenance

No matter what type of boiler you have, you should perform regular maintenance on it, and the diesel steam boiler is no exception. After running for a while, you need to clean it and do internal maintenance.

Final Thought

No matter what type of diesel steam boiler you want, our sales staff will do their best to help you. Don’t hesitate, to send your inquiry quickly.

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