DZH Manual Type Coal Wood boiler

DZH type hand-fired Coal Wood boiler biomass boiler is an energy-saving and environmental protection heat energy equipment. Our boiler supports combustion molding biomass fuel, combustion coal, and coal+biomass mixed power.

Compared with traditional coal-fired boilers, Yongxing coal fired boilers have wide fuel adaptability and have a safe and reliable operation, low failure rate, simple process, perfect protection function, high thermal efficiency. These can significantly improve your production efficiency.

  • Capacity: 0.5-10T/0.35-7MW
  • Fuel: AII soft coal, agricultural and forestry waste, bagasse, molding biomass particles, wood logs, palm shells, coconut shells, etc
  • Application: Food processing, hotel, catering, food mill, printing and dyeing factory, and other industries


  • DZH manuel type coal biomass boiler

DZH coal wood boiler Introduction

DZH hand-fired biomass coal wood boiler boiler is a single-pot vertical biomass boiler

Our boilers are arranged in a horizontal three-way fire-water tube arrangement, the new furnace design maximum extent to promote fuel combustion so that the thermal efficiency of 88%.

After fuel combustion, the flue gas is treated by the economizer, air preheater, and other equipment, then enter the dust collector. 

Finally, the flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere by the chimney. The remaining small amount of ash residue falls into the slag outlet and can be used as fertilizer for crop growth.

Yongxing Coal Wood boiler can use crop processing biomass particles such as straw, sawdust, peanut shell as fuel. Compared with ordinary coal fired boilers, waste gas emissions are significantly reduced.


Meanwhile, our boiler has the advantages of high automation level, safe and stable operation, perfect protection function, and so on. It is a wise choice to buy our boiler.

DZH Coal Wood boiler working system

Equipment name

1. Boiler body

2. Water tank

3. Deaerator feed water pump

4. Economizer

5. Cyclone-dust removal

6. Steam cylinder

7. Chimney

8. Deaerator

9. Water softener

10. Feed water pump

11. Economizer water pump

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Coal Wood Boiler Pros

1. After using an advanced mobile grate, you can reduce the workload during the process of grate installation and maintenance.
2. The coal wood boiler operates smoothly with a low failure rate.
3. The threaded smoke pipe used inside the boiler has a self-cleaning function, which reduces the workload of cleaning inside the furnace.
4. The burned ash can be used as farmland fertilizer, effectively reducing your investment.
5. There will be no ash accumulation and fuel coking during boiler operation and heat exchange process to ensure effective and stable operation of the boiler.

DZH hand fired boiler
6. The dust collector is designed in the tail flue to ensure that the smoke emission meets the environmental protection requirements.
7. The boiler control system has various protection functions, such as ultra-high steam pressure protection, high and low water level alarm, motor overload protection, power failure automatic protection, and water shortage protection in the boiler.

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DZH Manual Type Coal Fired Boiler Datasheet

Model Capacity Rated pressure Saturate steam temperature Boiler thermal efficiency Design of fuel Maximum transport weight Maximum transport size
T/h) Mpa % KG MM
DZH0.5-1.25-T 0.5  











Mixed fuel or Biomass fuel

9000 3300x2000x2656
DZH1-1.25-T 1 13000 4500x1800x2800
DZH2-1.25-T 2 21000 4900x1900x3255
DZH3-1.25-T 3 23000 5200x2000x3300
DZH4-1.25-T 4 24500 5830x2150x3480
DZH6-1.25-T 6 26000 7740x3770x3440



DZH Manual Type Coal Fired Boiler For Different Industry

Yongxing steam boiler in the textile factory is mainly used for extraction, disinfection, drying, curing and other processes.
You could uses the DZH manual type coal fired boiler to heat and cook all kinds of food.
In the Printing and Dyeing Mill, the DZH boiler can be used to drying cloth and improve pigment activity .

Customer Cases

Steam is used in many processes of feed production, such as granulation, tempering, drying, and disinfection. Kunming Deda Feed Co., LTD. Mainly engaged in mixed feed and concentrated feed processing and other businesses. The steam boiler has a rated evaporation capacity of 2t/h and a steam temperature of 194℃.

It adopts an integrated chain grate stoker design, which reduces the workload of installation and maintenance of the grate. In addition, the boiler produced by our company has the advantages of full fuel combustion and high combustion efficiency.


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