5 Best Electric Boiler Manufacturers in 2023

Choosing the right boiler for your industry can be challenging. The market is snowballed with a variety of options. Many different types of systems are available in various models. Recently, a relatively newer type of boiler has emerged for industrial applications. And that is none other than the commercial electric boilers system. 

electric boiler manufacturers

But the question is also the same with these systems. Which electric boiler manufacturers are the best? No need to look further because this guide will tell you the ideal options for your industrial purpose. So, let’s get started!

Why Do You Need Electric Boiler?

Electric steam boiler are highly effective for small to medium-scale commercial and industrial purposes. Although they were introduced primarily for domestic uses, their capabilities have upgraded over time.

Moreover, these boilers are energy-efficient as they don’t utilize oil or gas. Fossil fuels have less resistance against cold and harsh weather conditions. Thus, electricity works as an excellent substitute. 

Electric boilers are the ideal option if your industry is not connected to a gas network. These systems are also space-efficient as they don’t need extra area for oil storage. 

Benefits Of An Electric Boiler

Regardless of the electric boiler manufacturers, you get the following benefits of the system:

  • An electric boiler doesn’t make a noise like a traditional gas or steam system.
  • It doesn’t occupy as much space as larger oil and gas boilers.
  • You can link it to a solar system to minimize energy costs and maximize efficiency.
  • Since no gases are involved, you don’t have to worry about environmental damage, like carbon monoxide leaks, unlike coal fired steam boiler.
  • Electric boiler systems don’t require frequent maintenance as they don’t use fossil fuels. 
  • These boilers are comparatively more portable, with fewer components and compact size. 
  • The electric boiler installation is way more straightforward thanks to its simple build with no condensate pipeworks.

Top 5 Electric Boiler Manufacturers

You will find tons of electric boiler manufacturers in today’s environment. However, not all of them are capable of installing in industries.. 


But you don’t have to look further! Here are the best electric boiler manufacturers in 2023 you should know:

1. CleaverBrooks

CleaverBrooks is one of the most popular electric boiler manufacturers USA. It has tons of solutions in its electrical category. You will find vertical steam and hot water systems. Depending on your industrial needs, they also have a wide range of horizontal steam boilers. 

However, their strength is undoubtedly the company’s electrode boiler. It is the standout in its traditional systems. This boiler works with high voltage and is available in a jet type. Their electric systems are useful for various industries, including manufacturing, chemical, commercial, and healthcare. 

CleaverBrooks expands on its boilers’ catalog with its burners and controls. The manufacturer offers boiler systems and dedicated equipment for rentals. You will also find planning, education, and training to handle complex systems with this company. 

2. YX Boiler Factory

Operating from China, Yongxing Boiler Factory is the ultimate solution provider for electric boilers. It is one of the few manufacturers with solutions for large and complex industries. The company offers systems ranging from 1 to 10 tons, including gas, oil, steam, water tube, fire, biomass steam boiler and rice mill boilers. 

Our electric boilers are available in a wide variety. You will find superior options from 350 to 1400 KW. We have horizontal as well as vertical electrical boilers with a clean steam output. We are among the few that offer maintenance and environmental protection with its rentals. 


Our industrial electric boilers come with a generator to ensure it never goes down. With a backup on your side, you can continue your industrial processes without interruptions. 

YX Boiler Factory is one of the most reliable manufacturers. Along with high-quality systems that fulfill the high-end demands of an industry, we offer the following services:

  • Free Installation services on-site with a team of highly skilled engineers. 
  • Free spare parts to ensure your boiler has a longer lifespan.
  • 24/7 customer service to respond to queries and solve occurring problems.
  • All boilers with 1-5 years of warranty to support your issues.
  • Rentals and sale services are available at factory prices, cutting intermediate costs.

We are not limited to boiler systems but offer many more products. That includes grate bars, reciprocating grates, strokers, oil heaters, burners, AutoClave, and industrial electric steam generators. Thus, it is an all-in-one solution to fulfill all your industrial needs.

3. Fulton

Fulton is among the most prominent boiler manufacturers in Europe and USA. Although it is headquartered in New York, it serves as a multi-national company. It offers several industrial and commercial solutions with its boiler systems.

You will find many electric boilers in Fulton’s steam systems catalog. Generally, their size range falls between 1.2 to 100 BHP. However, this manufacturer is also one of the few with a hybrid boiler system. It can work with several fuel options, including propane, natural gas, or electricity. 

Fulton’s convenience is top-notch as it serves a wide range of industries. Its solutions are suitable for commercial purposes, oil processing refineries, government facilities, manufacturing, utilities, and healthcare. 

4. Unilux Advanced Manufacturing

Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, shortly known as Unilux, is headquartered in New York, USA. This boiler manufacturer is quite popular due to its vast library of options. It offers many electric systems in its high-pressure and low-pressure steam options. You will also find the traditional old-school hot water boilers here. 

Unliux has many more products than just boilers and boiler equipment. They offer replacement tubes and tanks, along with custom-engineered solutions. It is one of the only manufacturers that provide on-site assembling. Hence, you don’t have to contact a third-party installer and spend more bucks on that. 

5. Electric Heating Company 

Commonly known as EHC, Electric Heating Company is one of the best electric boiler manufacturers UK. The company has a wide range of electric options, especially in its combi boiler category. They are known for their free delivery, customer support, and money-back guarantee. 

Along with electric boilers, the manufacturer has electric radiators and cylinders. EHC offers training and guidance for installers, educating on-site engineers. Although the manufacturer has many options, most are helpful for small-scale industrial and commercial purposes. Thus, their solutions might not meet your complex and large-scale demands. But even in its limited capacity, EHC has a wide range of products, from electric boilers to heat pumps. 

 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Electric Boiler

Regardless of the electric boiler manufacturers, here are 5 tips you need to consider before buying an electric boiler:

1. Energy Supply

The energy supply matters the most, especially when choosing a boiler for your industry. An electric boiler works with your building’s electricity supply. Generally, homes have a single-phase system that requires smaller systems.

On the other hand, industries and commercial buildings have a three-phase electrical supply. Thus, you should choose an electric boiler accordingly to fit your needs.

2. Output Capability

The output capability or rating matters just as much as the electricity supply. It shows the potential of a system and whether it is capable enough to support your building or not. Typically, a domestic output rating is significantly less, ranging from 12 to 15 kW. But that’s not the case with industrial needs. These systems must be capable of providing an output of 350 kW or even higher, depending on the building and operations.

3. Application

The application of an electric boiler is directly linked to its heating power. If you want higher efficiency, review your requirements. Knowing if you wish to radiate, heat a floor, or prepare hot water is crucial. This simple tip will help you decide the best option to suit your needs. 

4. High Efficiency

Always choose the boiler and electric furnace manufacturers that offer 100% energy efficiency. Although electric boilers are comparatively less efficient than heat pumps, they can reach high efficiency. The best option will give you an optimal output rating and the lowest possible energy consumption. 

5. Installation Costs

Getting quotes from multiple electric boiler manufacturers is best before deciding on one option. It will help you compare different prices and get a better understanding. The costs can vary depending on your required system size, output rating, fuse size, and energy supply. 

Also, the boiler type can affect the pricing. Note that electric systems are available in combi, system, stem, and heat-only categories. 

Pro-tip: It is highly recommended to choose a manufacturer that covers installation, like Yongxing boiler factory. We provide free installation as an after-sales service. Moreover, we also offer free maintenance and repairs. So, you wouldn’t have to look for third-party services. 


Knowing the best electric boiler manufacturers can shortlist your options. As a result, you only have to go through these five options. We highly recommend considering your requirements before deciding on a manufacturer. 

If you want a complete package with customer support, installation, maintenance, and warranty, go for YX Boiler Factory. Their extensive library of different electric boilers can suit all your industrial requirements and present efficient solutions. Combine that free spare parts, and you have the best manufacturer. Contact now to get a best electric steam boiler price quote and buy a high efficiency steam boiler and system!


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