The Best Electric Steam Boiler Price: A Practical Guide 2023

Have you been thinking about electric steam boilers for your business and don’t know where to start? Well, you landed just in the right place. The use of electric steam boilers has been on the rise recently. Primarily because they rely on electricity rather than combustion to generate heat, making them more efficient.

electric steam boiler price

Additionally, they are a cheaper and cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. Electric steam boilers give you the double benefit of energy optimization and decarbonization. However, before discussing an electric steam boiler price, let’s first discuss the working and efficiency of electric boilers. Let’s get started.

Working on Industrial Electric Steam Generator

Electric steam boilers are heat generators that traditionally run on electricity rather than burning fuel. The heat then transfers to the water, converting it into steam under constant pressure. These boilers’ bodies typically house all the valves and equipment required to interface with the process and the electric resistors.

A steam boiler works by heating water in a tank. A heat exchanger heats the water before it is piped to the steam boiler to begin heating the steam. After that, the steam is directed onto a steam turbine to produce energy.

Application of Electric Steam Boilers

  1. The washing and ironing industry— Dry cleaning equipment, a dryer, a washer, a dehydrator, an iron, etc.
  2. The industry of electroplating cleaning uses heated, constant-temperature cleaning pools as well as acid and plating baths;
  3. Water supply, steamed rice, and sanitation in canteens in hotels, businesses, and institutions;
  4. Biochemical—Emulsifying apparatus, mixers, interlayer pots, fermentation tanks, etc.;
  5. Packing equipment—The label machine established a standard machine for usage;

Electric Steam Boilers. Are they Worth It?

You might be thinking, “Are electric boilers any good?” Well, there are many factors you need to consider besides electric steam boiler price. Let’s throw a light on them.

electric steam boiler prices

Efficiency of an Electric Steam Boiler

You might ask, “Are electric boilers efficient?” In short, yes. They are effective at turning water into steam, which also helps you save money on your electricity bill. Just 10% of the energy an electric boiler consumes is lost in this process, compared to 25% to 60% with other heating systems like gas or oil heaters.

High-efficiency Electric Boiler; Is It Expensive to Run?

Electric steam boilers are far less expensive to operate than coal-fired boilers. They are also more affordable than oil or gas-fired ones due to their excellent thermal efficiency rating (the amount of energy used versus how much is produced).

While electricity prices vary across the country and depend on where you live, the average price per kilowatt-hour is about $0.12. As a result, you’ll be able to heat your place of business with less energy while still getting the same amount of hot water as if you employed a different system.

Power Consumption of an Electric Steam Boiler

A commercial electric boilers‘s electricity consumption is influenced by several variables, including the boiler’s size, effectiveness, frequency of use, and power rating.

For instance, if you have a large electric steam boiler with a 70% efficiency rating and only use it occasionally during peak heating hours (during cold weather), your average monthly cost will be close to $50. This is because your average monthly electricity bill is lower than most other customers living in warm regions and frequently using their boilers.

On the other hand, if you live in a cold region and continuously operate your electric steam boiler, you must set aside at least $100 monthly for your energy bills. This will cover your heating and other expenses, including electricity, lighting, and equipment.

Electric steam boiler vs. Gas Boiler; Which One is Better?

An electric steam boiler is more effective, quieter, and cleaner than a conventional gas steam boiler.

Since electric steam boilers heat water using electricity rather than gas, they are more efficient than gas boilers as less fuel is lost through the flue pipe. This indicates that you are heating your place of business with less energy.

In fact, up to 30% of your energy may be lost as waste heat through an open flue pipe if you have a gas boiler. This percentage can be as low as 1% with electric steam boilers.

industrial electric boiler manufacturers

Electric Steam Boiler Price

Electric steam boiler price is determined by its size and other characteristics. A steam boiler typically costs between $25,000 and $15,000. However, the price may vary depending on size and other factors.

For instance, an electric steam boiler with a tank capacity of 100 liters will be more expensive than one with 50 liters. Also, if your water heater only has one outlet and you simply want extra outlets, then be ready to pay more for those features.

Industrial Electric Steam Boilers’ Price

Boilers with large, high-capacity packages cost between $255 and $345 per horsepower.

For a better understanding, let’s discuss the industrial electric steam boiler price in detail.

1.     Industrial Hot Water Electric Steam Boiler Price

In electric hot water boilers, the exhaust gases are on the shell side and pass around the surface of the tubes to impact the temperature of the water inside. Water tube boilers can handle a higher internal pressure than firetube boilers’ chamber shells and are used in industries with high steam pressures. These steam boilers have steam pressures that can reach 3,000 psi or even higher.

For an electric steam boiler price, you can get a low-pressure boiler with a thermal efficiency of 92% for about $85,000. Also, for an efficiency of 99% and a steam pressure of 0.7 MPa, you should have $99,000 in your pocket.

2.     Industrial Fire Tube Boiler Price

The combustion gases move within tubes and heat the water in a fire tube boiler. They are classified according to the number of passes and times gas circulates in the vessel to heat the water.

For an electric steam boiler price, a low-pressure, 3000 kg fire-tube steam boiler with a working pressure of 125 MPa can cost you around $10,000–100,000. In contrast, a fire-tube boiler with an operating pressure of 3.8 MPa can cost you $10,000.

Best Residential Electric Steam Boiler Price

A residential boiler’s price is associated with its BTU (British Thermal Unit) output and is determined by size. An efficient household boiler unit with an 80,000 to 200,000 BTU output costs $2,700 to $7,700 or even more without installation.

Boiler Replacement Cost

A high-efficiency boiler costs roughly $7,500 to replace a basic gas boiler, which costs about $4,000. This cost estimate often includes the old unit and any required lines and wiring for the new system to function correctly.

Best Electric Boiler

As mentioned earlier, a few factors make industrial electric steam boilers better than the rest. According to our research, these are the ones we found to be most appealing. Let’s discuss their features and specifications.

1.  Normal Pressure LDR  Electric  Boiler

Here again, the electric steam boiler price may vary depending on many factors. A low-capacity boiler, on the other hand, can cost around $20,000 in general. A high-capacity boiler, on the other hand, can cost $300,000 or more. For your help, we narrowed down our findings to one boiler only. Let’s take a look.

It’s a high-efficiency, energy-saving boiler that meets international quality standards.

industrial electric boiler

Product Specifications

  • Steam output: 0.12-0.17 T/h
  • Rated Power 120-720 KW
  • Heat efficiency of 98%
  • Rated Steam pressure 95/70 C

Product Features

  • Noise-free, environmentally friendly, and with no pollution.
  • CE and CCC argument indicators to guarantee product reliability
  • Some accessories include international brands, such as Siemens.

2.    WDR Electric Boiler

There’s a wide range of electric steam boiler prices. A low-capacity boiler can cost up to $2,000, while a high-capacity boiler can cost up to $26,000. Here again, we’ll help you with an example.

best residential electric boiler

With an extended in-service life, the WDR electric boiler is reliable, easy to operate, and efficient.

Product Specifications

  • Rated steam output: 0.3-2 T/h
  • Rated pressure: 0.7-1.25 Mpa
  • Rated steam pressure:171-194 C
  • Rated power: 216-144 KW

Product Features

  • Low noise
  • Stable operation
  • Improved service life
  • Separate control cabinet for furnace body to avoid heat aging
  • Automatic detection of circulating pump to meet daily water requirements.

Where to Purchase Electric Steam Boilers?

An electric steam generator price may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. To get the most out of your purchase, it’s best to purchase boilers from reliable residential and industrial electric boiler manufacturers. Even better if you consider one that excels at producing boilers specifically. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before purchasing steam boilers, including size, power consumption, pressure, and volume.

A qualified professional engineer is often required when installing steam systems in industrial environments. This ensures the design, installation, and operation are appropriate and safe. Therefore, it’s best to contact a reliable manufacturer.

You can contact us for the best electric steam boiler price. We also provide after-sale service to ensure everything goes well from purchasing to installing.

Final Thoughts

Electric steam boilers have the potential to be your next purchase. They are noiseless, produce no pollution, and are more efficient than other industrial steam boilers available on the market. Now, the electric steam boiler price greatly depends on your requirements. Whether you require it for residential or industrial use determines the cost. The steam boiler can be between $255 and $345 per horsepower for industrial purposes. However, for residential purposes, they can cost you around $2,700 to $7,700.  Be sure to learn a little about an electric steam boiler price and contact a  good manufacturer, and you won’t regret your decision.


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