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High Quality & Good Price Electric Industrial Boilers

Electric steam generator can fit into very smaller areas, due to it is smart construct and requires less auxiliary. Because its simple heating method, electric steam boiler is very safe.
LDR0.3-0.4/0.7 Vertical Type Electric Steam Boiler
Yongxing’s vertical electric steam boiler adopts thick and high-efficiency insulation materials, with is running with extremely low heat loss and a thermal efficiency of 98%.
WDR2-1.25 Industrial Electric Steam Boiler Economical
The advantages and disadvantages of electric industrial boilers are all electric energy. If the boiler operates at night time, our electric steam boiler can save user 50% cost.
Electric heating steam boiler, using electric energy, is one of the three clean energy sources in the world. The boiler has 0 pollution and is absolutely environmentally friendly.
WDR2-1.0 Industrial Electric Boiler Price For Large Hotel
Large hotels have more rooms to heat up, Yongxing’s electric heating boilers can quickly heat up, efficiently reach the set working temperature & pressure in a short time.
LDR0.5-0.7 Easy Maintenance electric steam boiler for sale
All electrical components adopt renowned brands like Schneider or Siemens, and components can be customized according to your different power supply.

Our Electric Steam Generator Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Electric Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

As one of professional electric boiler manufacturers, Yongxing mainly provides customers with different industrial steam generators. Generally, we have two types. They are vertical LDR and horizontal WDR electric steam boilers.

We can provide customers with 0.4Mpa, 0.7Mpa, 1.0Mpa medium, and low voltage electric steam generator boilers in terms of pressure.

The industrial electric boiler models we support are LDR0.1-1T/0.12-0.7MW, WDR0.3-4T/0.24-2.8MW. For larger models, please contact our engineers in advance.

We will design and customize the industrial steam generators individually for you. Under normal circumstances, our electric steam boiler industrial can support 203V ~ 440v, 50 ~ 60hz different voltages, Hz.

Yongxing’s LDR and WDR industrial electric steam boilers use electric power as heating energy, and they do not produce exhaust gas, waste residue, waste, etc. It not only improves the working environment of workers but also provides you with very clean steam. Yes, it is a very popular electric steam boiler for sale.

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Yongxing Electric Steam Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Electric Steam Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Electric Steam Boiler Reliable Quality
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Yongxing Electric Steam Boiler Quality Control

Electric pipes
Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
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Electric Steam Boiler Users

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Steam Boiler

Industrial Electric Steam Boiler is very useful in the production of steams in various industries. From chemical, manufacturing, schools, laundry, and other sectors of the economy, the benefits of these boiler types are quite enormous.

One of such industrial steam boilers that are helping businesses streamline processes and produce hot water fast is the Industrial electric steam boilers.

These boilers are particularly designed for commercial and industrial applications. This article takes a look at all the details you need to know about industrial electric steam boilers in order to make better buying decisions.

What Is An Electric Steam Boiler?

Commerical electric boilers are applied in industrial settings for the production of both low- and high-pressure steam using electricity. They are otherwise known as industrial steam generators for sale. Normally, the customer prefers an electric steam boiler for industrial use.

These industrial electric steam boilers are designed to convert electrical energy to thermal energy. This conversion is based on the efficiency of the boiler.

A high-quality commercial electric steam boiler has an average of 97% efficiency that enables the excellent conversion of electric energy to thermal energy.

Industrial electric steam boilers are applied in the chemical and food industry as well as in hospitality businesses, garment factories, hospitals, schools, and power plants.

Electric steam boiler

How Do Your Electric Steam Boiler Work?

As mentioned above, the operation of electric steam boilers is the conversion of electric energy to thermal energy. The electric energy is converted to steam by initially running electricity through a heating element to produce heat. The heating element creates heat through resistance working as a resistor.

The heat produced in the resistor is then applied to create steam by passing water from a holding tank or system over or close to the heating element. The water boils and produces saturated steam. The saturated steam is transported in pipes away from the body of the boiler and applied as required.

Steam produced in electric steam boilers is typically condensed into water and channeled back into the boiler. Constant pressure is required for the production of saturated steam.

As such, constant pressure is maintained in electric steam boilers. Even with a small electric steam boiler industrial, constant pressure is maintained for the most efficient results.

What Are The Parts of  Your Electric Steam Boiler?

The three main parts of an industrial electric steam boiler are the combustion chamber, burner, and heat exchanger.

  • Combustion chamber:
    Electric energy is converted to heat in the combustion chamber. This is where the heating chamber is located. An electric steam boiler for sale typically has a cast iron combustion chamber.

wdr electric steam boiler inner system

  • Heat Exchange:
    After the heat is generated in the combustion chamber, it is sent to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is made up of several passages through which the water is filtered. After the water is filtered around the combustion chamber, it is sent to the radiators with the separation of the heat energy from the water.
  • Burners:
    Burners are the components of steam boilers that initiate the combustion reaction.
    The purpose of the component is to signal the need to produce heat to the combustion chamber, sending the necessary signals to the combustion chamber.

Which Are Your Commercial Electric Steam Boilers?

Several types of electric steam boilers are commercially available. The commonest options include resistance heating element boiler, induction boiler, electrode boiler, and infrared broiler.

 LDR Electric Steam Boiler

These industrial electric steam generator for sale works using different systems. For example, electrode boilers produce steam applying the resistive and conductive properties of water. The types of electric steam boilers also have different efficiencies and capacities.

Horizontal Electric Steam Boiler

Horizontal and vertical electric steam boilers can also be described as the types of generators based on the design. Both the vertical and horizontal steam boilers are easy to maintain and operate.

Pros And Cons Of Your Electric Steam Boiler

According to experts, one of the strong appeals of electric boilers over fuel-heated boilers is the cost-effectiveness, as electric boilers are more cost-effective than fuel-heated boilers.

The cost-effectiveness of electric steam boilers is, particularly in the installation costs. Since they require less equipment, the costs of steam boilers can be significantly lower than those of traditional electric steam generator.

The environmental friendliness of electric steam boilers is another notable appeal. The size of the boilers is also an important advantage as industrial electric steam boilers take up smaller spaces making them more suitable for certain applications. A small electric steam boiler could be gotten for specific applications.

electric steam boiler

On the other side, some of the downsides of industrial electric steam boilers are related to the costs. This is because of the associated costs of generating electricity. There are no agreements on the cost of electricity and how much of a drawback it is to the application of electric steam boilers.

What Is Your Electric Steam Boiler Design?

At Yongxing Boiler Group, our commercial steam boilers are designed for the highest level of efficiency and achieve the desired performance in their different applications.

The design features of our boilers that ensure the highest efficiency include high-quality materials for the most minimal energy consumption and heat loss.

Other notable design features of our boilers are the automatic memory failure function, the efficient assembly and disassembly, and the monitoring and inspection systems.

Overall, our commercial electric steam boiler design is adapted for the best performance in the different ways they are applied.

Yongxing Electric Steam Boiler Reliable QualityYongxing Electric Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

What Are Your Electric Steam Boiler Characteristics?

Although our electric steam boiler has many advantages, we are assured that the industrial electric steam boiler price is very affordable. And you can also enjoy our CCC and CE quality protection. Our industrial electric boiler price is 1/3 of European and American electrical appliances.

The Electric Steam Boiler Performance Characteristics:

1. Its body adopts high-quality thermal insulation materials, which reduces heat dissipation and reduces energy consumption.

2. Yongxing industrial electric steam boiler is perfectly combined with the electric control device, which realizes the integration of mechatronics and reduces the floor space for you.

3. The electric heating tube is connected with the furnace body with flanges, convenient for disassembly and assembly, and very convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Electric pipes

4. At the same time, you can see that our industrial electric steam boiler has an automatic memory failure function on the control system, which is very convenient for maintenance and inspection. 

The control panel uses a digital LCD, an English interface display, and a graphical operating interface. You can directly view the equipment operating parameters through the screen during use.
Electric steam boiler system

5. Yongxing electric steam generator boiler adopts a hierarchical loading or unloading design to effectively protect your boiler’s small heating elements, reduce the impact on the local power grid, and extend the electric steam generator’s service life boiler.

6. The essential point is that Yongxing’s heating device uses ceramic electric heating tubes. We are confident in increasing your electric steam generator boiler thermal efficiency up to 99%.

What Are The Problems With Electric Steam Boiler?

Common problems associated with the application of electric steam boilers include the development of lime deposits and corrosion. The quality of water particularly influences the occurrence of these problems.

When deposits develop in boilers, they can cause issues with the automated control features. Corrosion typically develops due to high temperatures in the boilers. When solids and liquids develop in the boiler, corrosion can also result.

However, these problems associated with commercial electric steam generators can be adequately managed with a proper maintenance schedule. Corrective and preventive maintenance plans can be effected to manage these problems.

Who Are The Best Electric Steam Boiler Manufacturers?

The best steam boiler manufacturers incorporate essential features that guarantee the highest level of productivity. At Yongxing Boiler Group, we develop solutions to specifically cater to the needs of our clients.

Our boiler solutions include those designed to be used in hotels, heat generators for small areas, and economical steam boilers. We also develop environmentally friendly boilers and those that require easy maintenance.


What Is Your Electric Steam Boiler System?

We design electric boiler systems with two basic designs. These designs are the horizontal WDR and vertical LDR electric steam boilers. Our boiler systems are available in different voltage forms, including low and medium pressure systems.

Our boilers are designed according to basic features. The system features can also be designed according to the client’s preference. Since our boiler system uses electricity and not fuel sources, it is a clean system that can particularly improve the quality of the working environments.

electric steam boiler system

Do You Also Have Electric Steam Generator For Autoclave?

It has a large electric heating steam boiler that can be used for concrete steam curing for the AAC autoclave.
The difference between the electric heating steam boiler and other boilers is that as long as the electricity is stable, the steam is stable and the pressure is stable as well.
With autoclaves, stable pressure can help users achieve better steam curing results.

What Is The Best Industrial Electric Steam Generator?

Electric steam boilers are popular and have gathered a lot of attention in recent times. The different commercial electric steam boilers available at Yongxing Boiler Group are made of high-quality material and are some of the best options on the market.

Our industrial electric steam generators designed for small spaces are known for their smart construction, minimal auxiliary requirement, and simple heating method. Our vertical steam generators are particularly known for their high-quality production material and high efficiency.

We also designed steam boilers to be highly economically friendly by saving fuel sources, applying electrical energy over the different fuel sources. It is also notable that our steam boilers are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained in their different locations.

What Is Your Commercial Electric Steam Boiler Price?

Our focus is on producing the best quality of solution and customers incurring the most minimal costs. All our solutions are developed with affordability in mind. If you are interested in finding out any industrial electric boiler price, reach out to us.

We create the designated properties as well as custom features needed for the core operations. Irrespective of your desired type and specification of boilers, we have an affordable and high-quality option waiting for you.

Why Is Your Electric Steam Boiler Not Turning On?

If you own a high-quality electric steam boiler that is a product of a notable manufacturer like Yongxing Boiler Group and notice that it is not turning on, you should get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.

Industrial Boilers that are not properly serviced could not come on. If your boiler is not coming on, it may need servicing. Get the heat generator serviced, and establish a proper servicing schedule to keep the boiler in top form.

When your boiler does not come on, also remember to check whether the switch has been turned on and whether the gas bill has been paid.

A boiler not coming on could be an issue associated with the pressure as well as the thermostat, condensate pipe, and the pilot lights. Leaks in the boiler system could also prevent it from turning on.

What Is Your Electric Steam Boiler Maintenance?

Our team provides maintenance services for our steam boiler solutions. Our electric steam boiler after-sale service includes maintenance services that could come free or at the most cost-effective prices.

Every commercial steam boiler solution we produce comes with a warranty period that ranges from one to five years.

During this period, boiler repairs are carried out for free. If the warranty period elapses, you can also get the required maintenance and repair from our team.

We offer regular maintenance services for industrial steam boilers located close to us sending a local maintenance team. If the boiler is located far away from us, we will partner with a local maintenance team to service it.

electric steam boiler maintance

What Are Your Electric Steam Boiler Accessories?

Our boilers are equipped with the best quality of accessories. Should you need a replacement, we will get it to you at the best prices available.

Industrial electric steam boiler auxiliaries needed for our solutions include electric heating elements which we could make available to you for free or for a low factory price.

  • Stainless steel heating elements

Yongxing stainless steel heating tubes, grade 304, have a long life, it is ok working over 60,000 hours. The electrical components used are all “China’s well-known trademarks” and they have 3C compulsory certification.

Some accessories also use internationally famous brands such as Siemens, which have a long service life and are safe and reliable.

SS304 eletric steam boiler elements

  • Fully automatic electrical control cabinet

Our Electric steam boiler has an advanced set of automatic protection mechanisms, including power supply protection, leakage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and water shortage protection.

electric Steam boiler cabinet


  • Load operation room.

Reasonably arranged heating room with low load.

Support frequent opening and closing, low load operation in different application fields, flexible and changeable! It can be operated at a minimum of 30% load.

Heat energy is electricity, which is more environmentally friendly

Using electric energy, it runs quietly, without noise, is clean, pollution-free, and meets environmental protection requirements.

electric steam boiler parts

What Is Your Electric Steam Boiler Efficiency?

We develop steam boilers according to the different parameters. The pressure of the heat generators we design includes 0.4, 0.7, and 1.0 Mpa. These boilers are also available in both medium and low-voltage forms.

Our boilers are designed with parameters such as 203 to 440 V and 50 to 60 Hz. The two models of boilers available at Yongxing Boiler Group are WDR0.3-4T/0.24-2.8MW and LDR0.1-1T/0.12-0.7MW.

What Is Your Product’s Quality Compared To Fulton Electric Steam Boiler?

We provide the same quality as a Fulton electric boiler.
We have obtained the 3CCC certification, the best product electric steam boiler manufacturers in China, and the EU CE certification.
Moreover, we have obtained the national A-level qualification for manufacturing electric steam generator boilers.
They are strong guarantees of our high quality and in keeping with international standards.
We can use Siemens accessories as auxiliary equipment.

Do You Offer Electric Boiler Installation?

Experts are required for the installation of commercial electric boilers. Our in-house team of A-class experts provides installation services for the different types and capacities of boilers that we make.

Our all-encompassing services include installation as this is essential for the operational efficiency of the boiler. We will send our team to handle your installation needs.

What Are The Uses of your Industrial Electric Steam Boiler?

Our commercial electric steam boilers are designed for diverse applications across different sectors. They can be applied in the food industry as well as the chemical and garment industry.

We design heat generators according to the client’s needs and requirements. As such, all our solutions reflect their applications. For example, we design big capacity boilers for large hotels. We also design boilers according to space requirements while maintaining efficiency.

Electric steam boilers for small spaces typically have fewer accessories and have a smart construction.

Do You Offer Packaged Electric Steam Boiler?

Yes, we do offer customized small electric steam boilers and Fulton electric steam boilers. Our available heat generator products include environmentally friendly boilers, vertical type electric steam boilers, economical industrial boilers, and boilers for small spaces.

For over 40 years, we have been in the business of providing high-quality boiler solutions. We develop boilers designed to cater to needs across the different sectors, from the food industry to the hospitality and chemical industry.

Electric steam generators are essential tools and should be developed exactly according to their desired specifications. We equip our clients with the exact boiler they desire for maximal operational efficiency.

electric steam boiler-1

Why Should We Choose Your Industrial Electric Steam Boiler?

If you choose our industrial electric steam boiler, it means you also got the following:

1. Yongxing’s small electric steam boiler is low noise, stable operation, convenient operation, and high thermal efficiency.

2. Both of our LDR and WDR electric steam boiler adopt the separation electric control cabinet out of the furnace body. This design can avoid the problem of heat aging of the components and improve your industrial electric steam boiler service life.

3 Our electric steam boiler for sale body adopts a special boiler steel plate, and the longitudinal and circumferential welding seams are all automatic welding. To ensure the boiler quality you buy, our team will conduct an X-ray inspection on each weld.
electric boiler

4. Also, Yongxing industrial electric steam boiler can also automatically track and detect the circulating pump and start and shut down the hot water circulating pump according to the outlet water temperature. 

Implement super-strong automatic adjustment for your boiler operation. It can meet the needs of daily work.


Electric steam boiler is a must-have for all industries. They are eco-friendly and promote a clean environment. However, these electric boilers for sale are sometimes pricey and this is why you need to contact us at Yongxing Boiler Group.

We offer highly efficient, durable, and high-quality industrial electric steam boilers that are customized to meet your business needs. Get in touch.




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