FGZCS Double Sockets Autoclave

The double sockets autoclave is a new product developed and produced by our company to attract advanced technology from China and abroad, combined with domestic pressure vessel indicators, and has a top domestic level.
It is mainly composed of an autoclave body, kettle cover, support, valve instrument, and safety accessories. It is the best pressure vessel equipment for steaming and curing building materials such as aerated blocks and thermal insulation asbestos boards.

  • Capacity: Customized
  • Fuel: Saturated steam condensed water
  • Application: Rubber products, wood drying, building materials, anti-corrosion treatment, heavy metal smelting, medicine, etc


The double sockets autoclave is a large-scale, heavy-weight, and large-scale quick-opening pressure vessel. Our company developed a new product to attract advanced technology from home and abroad and combine domestic-related indicators.

The double sockets autoclave is a double doors autoclave used for aerated concrete blocks, pipe piles, lime sand bricks, coal ash bricks, microporous calcium silicate boards, new lightweight wall materials, thermal insulation asbestos boards, and high-strength gypsum.

For large pressure vessels where building materials are steam-cured, the hydrothermal reaction of CaO—SiO2—H2O is completed in the Autoclave to make the body more rigid.

This Autoclave usually needs to cooperate with the boiler to complete the steaming work, and it is the necessary equipment for the steaming of building materials.
Its structure is straightforward, mainly composed of an autoclave body, kettle cover, support, valve instrument, and safety accessories. It is widely used in glass steaming, heavy metal smelting, rubber products, wood drying, and anti-corrosion treatment.



Designed Features

1. Yongxing autoclave has advanced design and rigorous manufacturing technology. The autoclave door is sealed with imported rubber seals produced by professional manufacturers, improving the sealing performance and extending service life.

2. The use of manual and automatic safety interlock protection devices facilitates workers’ operation and ensures workers’ safety.

3. In addition to the conventional steam distribution pipes and guide rails, the kettle’s inner parts are also specially equipped with a sealed steam anti-wash cover and a water delivery cover.

4. With ANSYS, finite element analysis and calculation for the autoclave and the autoclave body ensured the autoclave performance’s safety and reliability and increased the service life.

5. All pressure parts is automated welding, with 100% automatic welding of main welds and 100% X-ray flaw detection to ensure quality.

6. The production and organization are flexible. You can utilize the production capacity of the autoclave to the maximum. The autoclave can increase the output without being restricted by the production area.

7. The through-type autoclave can enter the autoclave at one end and leave the kettle at the other end, which reduces the time for the body to enter and exit the kettle and improve production efficiency.

Through-type Autoclave

ModelBody diameterRated lengthRated working pressure Rated temperatureRated


Design temperatureWork



length L(m)

Width (m)Height (m)
FGZCS 1.0-1.65xLΦ1.65Customized11831.1187Saturated steam, condensed waterL+0.652.6192.595
FGZCS 1.3-1.65xLΦ1.651.31951.4198L+0.652.6192.595
FGZCS 1.0-2.0xLΦ2.011831.1187L+0.92.9653.225
FGZCS 1.1-2.0xLΦ2.01.11871.2192L+0.92.9653.225
FGZCS 1.3-2.0xLΦ2.01.31951.4198L+0.92.9653.225
FGZCS 1.5-2.0xLΦ2.01.52011.6204L+0.92.9653.255
FGZCS 1.3-2.2xLΦ2.21.31941.4197L+1.33.2883.43
FGZCS 1.5-2.2xLΦ2.21.52011.6204L+1.33.2883.43
FGZCS 1.3-2.4xLΦ2.41.31941.4197L+1.563.1543.917
FGZCS 1.5-2.4xLΦ2.41.52011.6204L+1.563.1543.917
FGZCS 1.3-2.5xLΦ2.51.31951.4197L+1.563.2544.017
FGZCS 1.5-2.5xLΦ2.51.52011.6204L+1.563.2544.017
FGZCS 1.3-2.68xLΦ2.681.31941.4197L+1.7543.284.143
FGZCS 1.5-2.68xLΦ2.681.52011.6204L+1.7543.284.143
FGZCS 1.3-2.85xLΦ2.851.31941.4197L+1.7543.584.493
FGZCS 1.5-2.85xLΦ2.851.52011.6204L+1.7543.584.493
FGZCS 1.3-3.0xLΦ3.01.31941.4197L+1.84.5374.66
FGZCS 1.5-3.0xLΦ3.01.52011.6204L+1.84.5374.66
FGZCS 1.3-3.2xLΦ3.21.31941.4197L+1.94.745.131
FGZCS 1.5-3.2xLΦ3.21.52011.6204L+1.94.745.131

Superior FGZCS Autoclave For Different Industry

Yongxing steam boiler in the food factory is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing, cooking and other processes.
You could uses LDR electric steam boiler to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity.
In the chemical industry, fermentative tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier need to be equipped with steam boiler.

Customer Cases

Henan Tengfei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production and sale of heavy-duty hammer crushers, impact crushers, and jaw crushers.

In order to meet the needs of customers for the production of aerated bricks, the company needs to purchase an autoclave and its own equipment to form a production line for customers.

After careful inspection, the company believes that Yongxing Boiler is a trustworthy company, so it delegates the project to Yongxing Boiler.

According to actual production needs, Yongxing provided them with 6sets FGZSS1.3-2×26.5 through-type autoclave. This autoclave has manual and automatic safety interlock protection devices to ensure the safety of operation.

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