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Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
For fire tube boilers, most of them are diesel and gas types. The boiler wave furnace and threaded pipes are not filling water, but filling with flames and high-temperature flue gas.
We specially design and produce medium pressure fire tube boilers, and we are the top 3 fire tube boiler manufacturer in China. You don't have to worry about boiler safety issues.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
The smoke tube boiler tubular number direct affect the boiler efficiency. Yongxing adopts a sufficient number of smoke tube boiler pipes to achieve your high-efficiency boiler needs.
SZS is a D-shaped furnace firetube boiler. Yongxing leave a large furnace door and a special fixed grate is installed, so the boiler can simultaneously fuel gas + biomass with unlimited shapes.
SZS10-2.5-YQ Dual fuel Industrial Condensing Boiler A Class
Yongxing SZS fire tube boiler internal structure adopts a membrane wall water-cooled wall, which is compact overall, occupies a small area, and catch 100.05% fire tube boiler efficiency.
LHS500 kg - 0.7 Steam Boiler
LHS vertical fire tube boiler, capacity between 0.1-2ton, equipped with spoiler, you can buy a high thermal efficiency, low water quality requirements with long service life

Our Fire Tube Boiler and Fire Tube Boiler Parts Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
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Yongxing Fire Tube Boiler Reliable Quality

After 40 years of development, Yongxing has been China’s top 5 fire tube boiler manufacturer. Here you can choose whether our water-tube boiler or fire-tube boiler or fire tube boiler parts.

If you want to use firetube boilers in industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, schools, government agencies, public buildings, hospitals, etc..

It would be great if you could send us the fire tube boiler diagram that corresponds to your usage scenario. Our engineer will be able to give you a satisfied design together with fire tube boiler pdf. Meanwhile, customers can easily understand the working principle of fire tube boiler.

According to our experience, more than 90% of customers will choose firetube boilers. Yongxing vertical smoke tube boiler 0.1-1000kgs/h, horizontal 3 pass fire tube boiler 1-20 tons per hour.

Compared to similar water tube boilers, In Yongxing you enjoy a more advanced design to lower your operating costs. Our vertical fire tube boiler has a single large flue, it has a lot of small fire tubes, by which it can offer a far greater heating surface area for your whole system.

Yongxing fire-tube boilers are smaller in design. They have a larger water volume than similar size water-tube boilers, only need a short time to bring up to operating temperature from a cold start. Fire tube boilers are suitable for pressures less than 350 psi.

If you need firetube boilers production, installation, maintenance, and other services, Yongxing Boiler is your trusted fire tube boiler manufactures.

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Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
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Fire Tube Boiler – The Complete FAQ Guide

The origin of industrial boilers has been traced to a significantly long time ago. These commercial generators that come in different types play a critical function in several industries such as chemical, manufacturing, schools among other places.

Today, industrial firetube boilers can now be classified broadly according to the mode of operation. They include fire and water tube boilers. This article takes a look at all you need to know about industrial fire tube steam boilers. Read on

What Is A Fire Tube Boiler?

Boilers are divided into fire and water tube steam generators according to the way that they produce steam. Both fire and water-tube industrial steam boilers have tube systems.

The fire tube industrial steam boilers for sale have horizontal tubes placed in the drum which heat the water through the convection to generate steam or hot water. These types of industrial steam generators for sale are very effective and used across different industries.

fire tube horizontal tubes

What Is Your Fire Tube Boiler Efficiency?

At Yongxing Boiler Group, our industrial fire tube boiler for sale has great efficiency of up to 100%. The efficiency of all our firetube boiler types also depends on their features and accessories.

However, we guarantee you that you will only have commercial steam generators that produce steam and hot water fast and also meet your company’s needs when you choose our services.

fire tube boiler efficiency

How Much Do Commercial Fire Tube Boiler Cost?

The cost of our industrial fire tube steam boiler is usually determined by so many factors. However, our focus at Yongxing boiler group is to deliver a highly productive boiler at a cost-effective price.

To determine the cost of your packaged fire tube steam generator, we will take into consideration your business needs and create a design that is suitable for you. We also put into consideration the cost of installation at your site, maintenance costs and other accessory costs too.

What Is Your Fire Tube Boiler and Fire Tube Boiler Parts Design?

  • Horizontal fire tube boiler

Horizontal fire tube boiler design is wet back type three return. The high-temperature flue gas flows in the furnace of the boiler and along the threaded pipe in the fire tube.

All fire tubes are in direct contact with hot air, also the fire tube is immersed in the softened water and turns the water outside the tube into steam. 

fire tube boiler in direct heating

  • Vertical fire tube boiler

Well for vertical fire tube boiler smoke resulting from the combustion flows through a pipe to heat the water or gas, which mixture outside of your vertical fire tubes.

The fire tube boiler and firetube boilers pressure tank is usually vertical or horizontal cylindrical. As  fire tube boilers is the most substantial practical pressurized part.

fire tube boiler vertical tubes

The configuration of fire tube boilers influences their design. At Yongxing boiler Group, our fire tube commercial boilers are designed for maximum thermal efficiency. All our fire tube boiler are made of high-quality materials to meet your business needs.

They require a certain amount of safe fire tube boiler components to prevent mechanical failure. The safety valves release steam before the pressure increase. We can shield you from any possible danger at all times.

Our Fire Tube boilers most especially have great thermal efficiency and they are capable of lasting you for more than 30 years. They are indeed worth every money spent in purchasing one.

What Are The Types Of Fire Tube Boiler?

  •  Horizontal Return Tubular (HRT) boilers

This design is one of the oldest designs of fire tube boilers. Even though this design has been around for a while.

This fire tube boiler design includes the tubes, shell, and tube sheet. The tube sheets of these boilers are located at the two ends of the shell. The tubes then connect the tube sheets.

Typically, this fire tube boiler parts is mounted above a furnace, whether masonry or steel. After materials are burned, the fire tube boiler of the combustion exit the furnace area and go through the tubes.

From the tubes, the product of the combustion goes through the fire tube boiler opposite and then the chimney.


  • Scotch boilers

The scotch boiler is otherwise known as the scotch marine boiler. This type of boiler has a furnace that is a large-diameter tube. The furnaces may be more than one, although most modern fire tube boiler have a single furnace.

Based on the arrangement of the tubes and baffles, scotch boilers can have two-pass, three-pass, and four-pass mechanisms. It is assumed that the efficiency of this industrial boiler is directly proportional to the number of passes. We should mention that condensation could result if the combustion products become too cold.


Scotch boilers can be further classified based on their design of the end closure that is opposite the burner. Alternatives for water cooling include refractory and fire brick.

  • Firebox boilers

The firebox commercial steam boilers include the locomotive boilers where the combustion product passes a single time.

There are also firebox boilers with two and three pass mechanisms. The characteristic feature of this boiler type is the furnace, which could be partially located in the boiler, is typically water-cooled.

Firebox boilers for sale are one of the commonest boilers used for the heating of water or the production of steam.

  • Vertical fire tube boiler

These industrial steam boilers are designed with a bottom furnace and have lower and upper tube sheets, between which tubes run. Vertical boilers are typically one-pass boilers.

On each side, there may be a water-cooled jacket. The furnace could also be enclosed in masonry. Based on whether the top sheet is located above or below the waterline, these boilers are further classified into the wet-top and dry-top categories.

If the sheet is above the water level, it falls into the dry-top category and vice versa. The common applications of vertical fire tube boiler are in the dry-cleaning industry.

vertical fire tube boiler

How Is Fire Tube Boiler Maintenance?

Our fire tube steam generators are built and installed using the best industrial practices to ensure that they are durable and last longer. After the installation process at your site, we will inform you of all the necessary steps to take in order to ensure that this fire tube boiler lasts long.

We also create a clear maintenance schedule for your commercial boilers. From time to time, our team of technicians will come onboard to carry out maintenance and servicing of your commercial steam generator too.


What Are The Parts Of Your Commercial Fire Tube Boiler?

Industrial Fire tube boilers for sale are made up of mountings and components that play important roles in their operations. Fire tube boiler parts and functions are as follows:

  • Safety valve

Safety valves are part of fire tube boiler as a measure of controlling the high pressures that are generated. Because of the significant energy associated with high pressures, losses could be common, and the safety valves are designed to minimize the occurrence of the losses.

A safety valve installed on a fire tube boiler is designed in such a way that if the desired pressure is exceeded, the safety valve opens to prevent the dire consequences of the increased pressures.

The prescribed safety limit is described as the withstand capacity. To ensure that furnace are adequately protected, they are equipped with at least two safety valves.


  • Fire Tube Boiler Water level indicator

As the name indicates, the water level indicator tells the water level at all times. The water level of fire tube boilers influences the pressure buildup. If the water level exceeds the optimum, excess pressure build-up can lead to explosions.

Water level indicators are fitted on the shell of the fire tube boilers, and operators use them to monitor water levels continuously.


  • Steam stop valve

The steam stop valve is the component of the firetube boiler that works to ensure that steam levels are kept at desired levels at all times.

An efficient steam stop valve ensures that throughout the operations of the boiler, wet heat is appropriately sent to the superheater for reheating and that the reheated steam is appropriately sent to the shell.

With a steam stop valve, the proper flow of steam in a fire tube industrial steam boiler is ensured.

  • Pressure gauge

Pressure gauges are the components of the fire tube boilers for indicating the pressure level within the device. Usually, pressure gauges are installed at the boiler top. It indicates pressure in different units including kgf/cm2,, and PSI.

The modern pressure gauges installed in fire tube boilers measure the pressure with the help of a transducer and send the signal to the display unit.

  • Fire Tube Boiler Feed check valve

This valve is for ensuring that feed water travels in a single direction. These valves are installed to keep water from returning in a different direction. They are thus described as no-return valves.

We should mention that, apart from their core components and mountings, fire tube industrial steam generators are fitted with accessories. The installation of these extras is for improving boiler efficiency. The common accessories of fire tube boilers include the superheater, air pre-heater, and economizer.

fire tube boiler parts

How Does The Commercial Fire Tube Boiler Work?

The Commercial Fire Tube Steam Generator has a system of tubes filled with combustion gas. These horizontal tubes are usually placed in the drum.

Our boiler burner heats the tubes within the drum, and the tubes heat the water through convection. The tubes are typically located around the water vessel.

The design of a fire tube boiler is such that when the water gets to the desired temperature, it is circulated, and steam is generated based on the pressure difference.

Do You Offer Fire Tube Boiler Installation?

Yes, we do.

At Yongxing Boiler Group, we do not only build your commercial boilers from scratch, but we also deliver and install these boilers at any location of your choice.

We also provide you with the necessary boiler accessories and safety tips to ensure the efficient working of your industrial boilers for sale.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Industrial Fire Tube Boilers?

Choices of devices, tools, and operations should be based on a consideration of the pros and cons. We will be highlighting the pros and cons of fire tube boilers to help you understand why these boilers could be preferred.

1. Pros of fire tube boilers

  • Simple design: We have already highlighted the basic design of these boilers, simple and cost-effective designs. The simple design of these boilers influences the cost of installation.
  • Low maintenance cost: The simple design particularly makes the development and maintenance costs of the boilers below, making them cost-effective options.
  • Designed for a wide range of applications: Fire tube boilers are suited for a wide range of applications, especially in small-scale operations. The boilers are commonly applied in schools as well as other small-scale business operations like dry-cleaning businesses.
  • Easy to use: Highly skilled operators are not necessarily needed for these boilers. This is one way in which the costs of operations of these boilers are minimized.
  • Another way in which the costs of operations of these boilers are reduced is in the fact that the treatment of the feedwater is not necessary.

2. Cons of industrial fire tube steam generator

  • Pressure limitation: The pressure limitation of these boilers could be considered a pro. A maximum pressure level of 20 bar could apply to fire tube boilers.
  • Load fluctuation issues: Load fluctuation issues could arise with these boilers. To avoid load fluctuation issues, several measures and components are incorporated into the design and operation of fire tube boilers.

What Are The Uses Of Your Industrial Fire Tube Boiler?

As mentioned above, commercial fire tube steam boilers have an extensive range of applications. They are particularly applied in small-scale operations where the power requirement is not very high.

The common industries and sectors where fire tube boilers are applied include railway and marine. It is notable that these boilers are also applied in settings such as schools and dry-cleaning outfits for the production of steam.

A particularly common small-scale application of fire tube boilers is in the heating of homes and buildings.

Water Tube Commercial Boilers Or Fire Tube Boiler? Which Is The Best?

Before getting a fire tube steam industrial boiler, or water tube it is vital to have a good understanding of the following features.

  • Mode of operation

A core difference between both types of boilers that could be applied in deciding the more suitable option is the mode of operation.

Fire tube boilers produce steam by passing gas through tubes that are in the midst of the water.

  • Design

Another core difference between both commercial boilers is design. Fire tube boilers have a highly compact design. The construction of fire tube boilers is more compact than that of water tube boilers.

  • Ease of use

Apart from the simple design, the operation of fire tube boilers differs from that of water tube boilers in that it is particularly easy to use.

Operators of commercial fire tube steam furnaces do not need extensive training to understand it. This is not the case for water tube boilers.

  • Low cost

The low costs of operations and maintenance of fire tube boilers are notable and an important difference to consider between fire tube boilers and their water tube counterparts.

  • Temperature

Fire tube boilers and water tube boilers operate at different temperatures and pressures. The temperatures and pressures of the water tube commercial steam boilers are higher than that of the fire tube versions.

  • Load fluctuation

In choosing between both commercial boilers, also consider the load fluctuation features. Load fluctuations are better handled in water tube boilers than fire tube boilers.

Because of this tendency, manufacturers could incorporate peculiar features for improved load fluctuation control in fire tube boilers.

Do You Offer Packaged Fire Tube Boiler?

Yongxing Boiler Group offers customized industrial boilers for sale. We look at your business needs and create a design that is most suitable for your company.

The design and delivery of your industrial package boiler take just about 30 days. Get in touch today with our team of expert technicians to get started.


Why Choose Our Fire Tube Boiler?

Following are the advantages of our boiler parts and functions:

1. Our fire tube boiler for sale has ultra-high heat transfer efficiency. 

2. Yongxing boiler adopts corrosion-resistant special steel, and each boiler we provide enjoys an ultra-long boiler life. 

3. There are two movable smokebox doors in front and back, which can be overhauled at any time. Reduce the difficulty of boiler maintenance.

4. We guarantee that your fire tube boiler has an excellent control system. It can control the circulating pump according to the water temperature and start and suspend the water cycle. 

5. Committed to improving the fire tube boiler efficiency, your boiler is equipped with a steam condenser at the rear, with a thermal efficiency of 100% or more.

Can You Supply Skid-mounted Fire Tube Boiler?

Our company will undertake packaged skid boiler solutions.

You don’t need to worry about transportation here. Our design superior offers customized, fully modular, skid-mounted units vertical/horizontal fire tube boiler

We will pack the fire tube boiler more and more congested with skid packages, such as skid-mounted steam boiler, skid-mounted industrial hot water boiler, skid-mounted thermal oil boiler, etc. Especially as the one of best hot water boiler manufacturers, the skid-mounted hot water and boiler and common type sell well in China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

All our efforts are dedicated to design you an easy “single lift” installation fire tube boiler. Contact us to get the best price.


No doubt, industrial fire tube boilers for sale play an important role in every organization. If you are in search of a reputable fire tube boiler manufacturer then you should opt for the Yongxing boiler group.

We are the best fire tube boiler manufacturer you will find online and offline. Our boilers are designed to be highly efficient and last for a long time. We have a team of expert technicians available daily to create a suitable design for your business, Get in touch.



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